Washington benefits from access to abundant low-cost energy, and its significant renewable energy resources, especially hydroelectric power, are major contributors to the state’s economy. Washington is the nation’s largest producer of hydroelectric power and is home to one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world. The Columbia River, second only to the Mississippi in volume of water flow among the nation’s rivers, enters Washington near the state’s northeastern corner and flows in an arc through the eastern half of the state. It forms much of the boundary between Washington and Oregon and drains all of eastern Washington and the western slopes of the Cascade Range south of Mt. Rainier. The river provides water for vast hydroelectric projects including the Grand Coulee Dam, the largest hydropower producer in the United States. The state’s climate ranges from the rainforest in the extreme western part of Washington, where the heaviest precipitation in the continental United States occurs, to near desert conditions in areas east of the Cascade Range. Crop residues from Washington’s agricultural areas in the east and those from the state’s western forests provide ample biomass resources, and many areas of the state are conducive to wind power development. The state has few fossil fuel resources, but it has the only crude oil refining capacity in the Pacific Northwest. Washington is also the only Pacific state other than California that generates nuclear power.

Washington in 2019, generated 78% of its electricity from carbon-free sources, including hydropower (62%), nuclear (8%), other renewable energy, mostly wind (8%) . Gas and coal make up the rest.

In May 2019, Gov. Jay Inslee signed a law requiring that 100 percent of the state’s electricity come from clean energy sources by 2045, becoming the 4th state to commit to entirely clean energy, following Hawaii, California and New Mexico (there are more now). The law also mandates structural changes to the way the state’s utilities do business, and includes bill reductions as well as weatherization, energy efficiency, and “direct customer ownership in distributed energy resources.” This measure required utilities to eliminate coal as an energy source by the end of 2025 as the first step toward the governor’s goal.

Inslee also signed a bill that seeks to make large commercial buildings more energy efficient. Another establishes new minimum efficiency and testing standards for certain appliances, including portable air conditioners, showerheads, and water coolers. In order to be sold in the state, several of the appliances covered under that law, including computers and computer monitors, must meet the state’s efficiency standards if they’re manufactured in or after 2021. Inslee also signed a measure that restores a sales tax break for electric vehicles.

Individual counties and cities within Washington are also moving to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels with the purpose of helping the state reach its 2045 goals:

  • In 2019 Seattle’s Mayor Durkan issued an Executive order committing the city to new actions supporting the goals of Seattle’s Green New Deal, such as requiring all new or substantially altered municipal buildings operate without fossil fuels. By early 2021 she transmitted a proposedupdate to the energy code, further electrifying buildings using clean energy and restricting fossil fuels for most business use.
  • In October, 2021, King Countyproposed changes to its building codesthat would ban new gas-based heating and water heating in some buildings
  • In July 2021, Whatcom countybecame the first such jurisdiction in the US to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure, following a lengthy battle over the impact of oil refineries on the local community.

Washington endured triple digit temperatures in the summer of 2021 with Bellingham, hitting a high of 100F for the first time on record.

Disappointingly, Washington State voters rejected carbon-pricing proposals in 2016 and 2018.

Washington is one of twenty-four states, along with Puerto Rico, committed to the U.S. Climate Alliance, which is working to implement policies that advance the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Washington identifies 16 areas ‘overburdened’ by air pollution

By Venice Buhain 01/03/24
Sixteen geographic areas around Washington are “overburdened” by air pollution, doubling the risk of early death for residents who live in those places, according to a report released last week by the state Department of…
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Two PNW tribal nations sue oil companies over costs of climate change

By Isabella Breda 12/21/23
Major oil companies for decades deliberately sought to downplay and discredit scientific warnings about the central role of fossil fuels in causing climate change, alleges two lawsuits filed this week by the Makah and Shoalwater…
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$2.2 Billion later—the Climate Commitment Act’s promise for Washington communities

By Altinay Karasapan 12/15/23
What a historic year 2023 has been for climate action in Washington! The transformational Climate Commitment Act went into effect in January, creating the nation's second economy-wide program to cap emissions and invest in clean…
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WA adopts new rules to phase out fossil fuels in new construction

By Isabella Breda 11/29/23
It will soon become nearly impossible to install fossil-fueled appliances to heat new homes and businesses in Washington.
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‘Superuser’ states devour climate grants as others get nothing

By Thomas Frank 11/13/23
A federal climate grant program has been monopolized by five large states that together have collected half of its money, highlighting an uneven disbursement of government funding that often leaves poorer regions with less financial…
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An Innovative Financing Model Is Ensuring Everyone Can Afford a Heat Pump

By Yessenia Funes 11/08/23
The world just suffered through the hottest October on record amid a year of unprecedented heat. That includes searing temperatures in the Pacific Northwest this past summer. While not as extreme as 2021, when a…
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Clean energy, not expanding gas pipeline, is WA’s future

By The Seattle Times editorial board 10/30/23
In the fight against climate change, Washington has led by example. State lawmakers have mandated phasing out fossil fuel emissions by 2045 and created one of the few carbon pricing systems in North America to…
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Landfills in Washington and Oregon leaked ‘explosive’ levels of methane last year

By Joseph Winters 10/26/23
Landfills in Oregon and Washington repeatedly exceeded federal standards for methane emissions last year, according to documents obtained by an environmental group.
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Washington state governor requests federal aid for survivors of August wildfires

By Lisa Baumann 10/06/23
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has formally requested federal aid and a major disaster declaration to help people recover from deadly wildfire destruction in August in the eastern part of the state.
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WA’s carbon-pricing auctions collect nearly $1.5 billion as allowances reach record price

By Amanda Zhou and Isabella Breda 09/06/23
The price of Washington’s carbon emission allowances reached an all-time high in the state’s fourth auction last week, with revenue from the program nearing $1.5 billion in its first year.
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What Happens When the Heat Repeats?

By Kylie Mohr 08/24/23
For two years now, scientists, shellfish managers, and tribes have been working to understand how the heat dome that settled over the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2021 affected the places where the ocean…
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Washington State Ferries Starts Conversion to Hybrid-Electric Power

Washington State Ferries (WSF), the largest operating public ferry system in the U.S., is following the European model by converting its operation to hybrid-electric power to decarbonize inland waterways transportation. The company awarded its first…
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$2.2 Billion later—the Climate Commitment Act’s promise for Washington communities

By Altinay Karasapan 12/15/23
What a historic year 2023 has been for climate action in Washington! The transformational Climate Commitment Act went into effect in January, creating the nation's second economy-wide program to cap emissions and invest in clean…

Energy & Environment

Washingtonians care deeply about preserving and protecting our clean water and air for our families and future generations. Washington is among the leading states in the fight against climate change and growing the state’s clean…

WA wins e-fuel and hydrogen power pledges at Paris Air Show

On the opening day of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee announced that California-based clean energy startup Twelve plans to set up an industrial facility in Moses Lake to…

Twelve announces plans to scale production of sustainable aviation fuel made from CO2 in Washington State

Twelve’s E-Jet fuel is produced using the company’s carbon transformation technology, which uses only renewable energy and water to transform CO2 into critical chemicals and materials conventionally made from fossil fuels. With up to 90%…

Oil demand projected to peak before 2030 thanks to shift toward renewable energy

Global oil demand is slated to peak before the end of the decade, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency, a milestone it attributes to investments in clean energy sources, particularly for…

Solar Panels in Washington: Do Incentives Make Them Worth It?

Washington state's coastal areas are notorious for clouds and rain. Whether that reputation is deserved or not, it raises questions for those looking to get their energy from the sun.

McMorris Rodgers Introduces Bill to Unleash Clean, Reliable Hydropower Through Innovation and Licensing Reform

Eastern Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) today introduced the Hydropower Clean Energy Future Act to expand clean, renewable, reliable, and affordable hydropower production in America, as well as to promote the innovation of the…

Inslee signs slew of laws aimed at moving Washington to clean energy

Inslee signed a slew of laws related to moving the state closer to zero emissions at Horn Rapids Solar Farm in Richland Wednesday morning. The solar energy production and storage facility was established in 2020…

As Washington ratchets down emissions and shifts to a renewable energy grid, heat pumps are about to have a huge moment

While engineers and environmental activists have been aware of the climate-friendly potential of heat pumps for years, recent efforts to aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions are bringing the appliances to the forefront of home heating…

Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association Submits Application for US Dept. of Energy Regional Hubs Funding

The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association (PNWH2) submitted its full Funding Opportunity Application to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today in a bid to become one of the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs under the Infrastructure…

The numbers are in: Washington’s carbon credit auction raised nearly $300M

Washington state's first ever carbon credit auction raised nearly $300 million, according to the Department of Ecology. This is the first year Washington has implemented its new cap-and-invest program. The first auction for those credits…

Washington bill could help ease renewable energy development tensions

In the Pacific Northwest, conversations about renewable energy can get pretty heated. Residents often raise concerns about fragmented wildlife habitats, disturbed cultural resources, and cluttered viewsheds.

RECAP: McMorris Rodgers Showcases Eastern Washington’s Clean Energy Innovation

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) yesterday welcomed Benji Backer, President of the American Conservation Coalition, to highlight how Eastern Washington is leading the way to secure a cleaner American energy future. Together, the two traveled…

Supporters tout bill adding climate change to Washington’s growth plan as way to reduce emissions

Legislation that would add climate change resiliency as a goal to Washington state’s Growth Management Act drew mostly supportive comments at Tuesday’s public hearing before a Senate committee.

Failing to plan for climate change is planning to fail

More than 1 million new residents have arrived in Washington state over the last decade. To accommodate this growth, and to meet aggressive emissions reduction targets, state and local governments must plan together.

Why officials in the Pacific Northwest are only now deciding how to regulate crypto mining

In a county of just over 100,000 residents, sitting directly below the Grand Coulee Dam, 13 crypto mining operations — think warehouses stacked with networked computers continuously working on complex math equations to earn bitcoin…

Washington Considers Mandating Electric School Buses by 2035

Proposed legislation in Washington state would require school districts to purchase emission-free school buses beginning in 2035, although distance limits and lack of charging infrastructure are potential obstacles.

Washington State Implements Major Programs To Reach Climate Goals

Two climate-related regulatory programs affecting business and industry in Washington state took effect on January 1, 2023. First, the Climate Commitment Act introduces an economywide emissions cap-and-invest program. Second, the Clean Fuels Program will regulate…

Chelan Commissioners Discuss Climate Change Bill In Legislature

Chelan County Commissioners are looking over bills in the state legislature, including one to update the planning framework for climate change.

Washington needs outside help to meet green-energy law

Washington’s climate ambitions rely heavily on undeveloped technology and other states, a Senate committee heard Friday during a hearing on the state’s energy production.

The Climate Commitment Act: Washington’s path to carbon-neutrality by 2050

In 2021, the Washington Legislature passed the Climate Commitment Act, a sweeping bill that directs Ecology to develop and implement a statewide cap-and-invest program to cut carbon pollution.

Washington’s Decisive Decade An Emerging Roadmap for Transportation Decarbonization & Cleaner Air

With the transportation sector accounting for 45% of the state’s emissions, it will receive the majority of upcoming investments from the Climate Commitment Act (CCA). We are firmly in the Decisive Decade for transportation decarbonization…

Avista outlines goal to serve 80% of Washington customers renewable energy starting in 2022

Avista Utilities has filed a plan with state regulators that describes its goals and progress toward clean energy. The Spokane-based subsidiary of Avista Corp. filed the Clean Energy Implementation Plan, or CEIP, on Friday with…

King County Starts to Take Baby Steps on Natural Gas Ban as the World Burns

The week before last, King County Executive Dow Constantine took a swing at natural gas (or, as environmentalists prefer to call it, “fracked gas”) by proposing changes to county building codes that would ban new…

Local Avista customers can expect to see lower utility bills as company sets aggressive renewable energy goal

If you live in Adams County, your Avista utility bill likely occupies a portion of your monthly budget. However, the amount money you set aside for the Spokane-based utility company should begin to shrink starting…

Northwest Power and Conservation Council Sets Aggressive Targets for Renewable Energy

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has published its draft 2021 Northwest Power Plan, which will guide the development of the Bonneville Power Administration and the regional power grid through 2027.

Washington state county is first in US to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure

A county in Washington state has become the first such jurisdiction in the US to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure, following a lengthy battle over the impact of oil refineries on the local community. In…

SB 5022 – 2021-22

Prefiled for introduction. Jan 11 First reading, referred to Environment, Energy & Technology. (View Original Bill)

SB 5126 – 2021-22

Prefiled for introduction. Jan 11 First reading, referred to Environment, Energy & Technology. (View Original Bill) Jan 19 Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy & Technology at 10:30 AM. (Committee Materials)

HB 1091 – 2021-22

Prefiled for introduction. Jan 11 First reading, referred to Environment & Energy. (View Original Bil

Inslee signs climate change legislative package

Gov. Jay Inslee signed a historic climate change legislative package today during a three-stop tour through King County. The governor signed the Climate Commitment Act, environmental justice legislation, a clean fuels standard and bills related…

Washington State plans to phase out new gas cars by 2030

By Adele Peters 05/11/21
The U.K. plans to ban new fossil-fuel-powered cars by 2030. The Netherlands and Germany have the same goal. Now the state of Washington plans to follow, making it the first in the U.S. to move…

Washington state passes bill with goal to phase out gasoline cars

Washington state lawmakers passed a bill on Thursday setting a target to stop sales of gasoline-fueled vehicles there beginning in 2030, five years sooner than California. The target is not a firm mandate and is…

SB 5126 – 2021-22

Concerning the Washington climate commitment act.

HB 1091 – 2021-22

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel.

Washington state passes bill with goal to phase out gasoline cars

By Reuters 04/16/21
Washington state lawmakers passed a bill on Thursday setting a target to stop sales of gasoline-fueled vehicles there beginning in 2030, five years sooner than California.

Washington State plans to phase out new gas cars by 2030

By Adele Peters 04/15/21
The U.K. plans to ban new fossil-fuel-powered cars by 2030. The Netherlands and Germany have the same goal. Now the state of Washington plans to follow, making it the first in the U.S. to move…

Washington leaders hope to get piece of $2 trillion funding for infrastructure, climate efforts

By King 5 Staff 03/31/21
WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is expected to unveil a $2 trillion plan Wednesday afternoon to boost infrastructure, create more jobs and fight climate change. Washington state leaders hope the plan will bring more funding to…

Washington leaders hope to get piece of $2 trillion funding for infrastructure, climate efforts

By King 5 Staff 03/31/21
 President Joe Biden is expected to unveil a $2 trillion plan Wednesday afternoon to boost infrastructure, create more jobs and fight climate change.

Mayor Durkan Transmits Legislation to Ban Fossil Fuels for Heating in New Construction to Further Electrify Buildings Using Clean Energy

Following the State Environmental Policy Act process, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced that she has transmitted to City Council the proposed update to the energy code that would further electrify buildings using clean energy and…

BILL SB 5116

Supporting Washington's clean energy economy and transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future.

State Agency Plans, Local and Regional Plans

This page provides an overview of the steps Washington is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Preparing for a Changing Climate: Washington State’s Integrated Climate Response Strategy

By taking action now to respond and adapt to changing climate conditions, Washington can significantly limit the damage and reduce the long-term costs of the climaterelated impacts that are expected to grow in number and…


Cap-and-Invest rules finalized

Washington state reached a major climate action milestone today as the Department of Ecology announced it has finalized Cap-and-Invest regulations:

Washington’s Decisive Decade An Emerging Roadmap for Transportation Decarbonization & Cleaner Air

With the transportation sector accounting for 45% of the state’s emissions, it will receive the majority of upcoming investments from the Climate Commitment Act (CCA). We are firmly in the Decisive Decade for transportation decarbonization…

Washington D.C. Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

The nation’s capital has over 16,000 homes powered by solar energy. Washington D.C. derives over 43 percent of its energy from solar sources. The cost of solar panels has lowered by 43 percent over the…

To accelerate the transition to a clean economy with prosperity for all

Clean & Prosperous Washington is a team of business leaders working along with labor, tribes, environmental organizations, and social justice advocates to enact and implement smart climate policies in Washington state. We inform approaches to…

Washington State Profile and Energy Estimates

Washington benefits from access to abundant low-cost energy, and its significant renewable energy resources, especially hydroelectric power, are major contributors to the state's economy. Washington is the nation's largest producer of hydroelectric power and is…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

Aji P. v. State of Washington

Our Children’s Trust has supported youth plaintiffs in Washington since 2011, most recently in the youth-led constitutional climate case, Aji P. v. State of Washington. Thirteen youth plaintiffs from across the state of Washington filed…

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The State of Climate Adaptation in Public Health An Assessment of 16 U.S. States

EcoAdaptpartnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council to assess the state of climate adaptation planning and implementation for climate-related threats to public health in 16 U.S. states.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Washington State

Between 2017 and 2019, Washington experienced two major wildfires. The damages of these events led to losses of at least $1 billion.

State-by-State: Climate Change in Washington

Washington is vulnerable to increased heat, ocean acidification, increased wildfire risk and sea level rise

Air & Climate

Washington faces serious impacts to its snowpack, infrastructure, and water supplies as the climate changes and temperatures climb. Protecting our state's fish, farms, and communities from the impacts of climate change is a priority for…

Climate and Health in Washington State

At the Washington State Department of Health, we're working with partners to reduce and respond to the effects of climate change on people's health. The information below describes how climate change can have an impact…

2019 Biennial Energy Report

The 2019 Biennial Energy Report provides the governor and legislature an analysis of energy issues affecting Washington citizens and businesses, along with an update on recommendations made in the last state energy strategy. At this…


Landmark Washington gas ban survives legal challenge

By David Iaconangelo   08/08/23  
Gas utilities and homebuilder groups in Washington state are asking a district judge to dismiss their legal challenge to the first statewide mandate for electric heat pumps in new buildings — a move that could…
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Hop on the bus

This week an all-electric double-decker bus will embark on a cross-country trip from Newark, CA to Winter Garden, FL, powering up exclusively at public chargers along the way.
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WA gas prices now highest in U.S.; some experts point to new climate legislation

By Isabella Breda and Manuel Villa   06/21/23  
Prices here have been steadily climbing since January, reaching $4.91 per gallon of regular gas on average this week, surpassing the Golden State, the longtime national leader at the pump, according to a Seattle Times…
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Transcript Zero Episode 41: How Three US Governors Approach Climate Action

By Oscar Boyd and Akshat Rathi   06/08/23  
National climate policy gets regular attention, but local and regional governments can make a bigger difference, especially in large countries like the US, India and China. This week, Akshat Rathi speaks with three U.S. governors…
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Washington state hits the brakes on landmark gas ban

By David Iaconangelo   05/25/23  
The delay raises questions about whether additional cities will stand by their efforts to wind down natural gas use in buildings after a key federal court ruling.
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We’re About to See a Rare and Record-Setting May Heat Wave

By Andrea Thompson   05/12/23  
It may still be spring, but baking summer heat is about to hit the famously comfortable Pacific Northwest and western Canada. Starting this weekend, the heat wave will send temperatures soaring 20 to 25 degrees…
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Even as he prepares to leave office, Jay Inslee is pushing for climate action

By Brady Dennis   05/04/23  
In an interview, the Washington governor talks about his role helping to shape state and national climate policies and why his focus on slowing Earth’s warming is as much personal as professional....
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New suite of climate laws continue path to 100% clean energy future

Washington’s path to 100% clean electricity by 2045 becomes clearer as Gov. Inslee and lawmakers celebrate achievements of this year’s legislative session
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Washington’s climate action a source for optimism this Earth Day

By Governor Jay Inslee   04/22/23  
Earth Day is a global call for leaders to forge ahead with climate action. Never has that call been louder, with the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report projecting dire consequences for the…
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Washington’s updated building codes seen as vital tool to fight climate change

By Lauren Ellenbecker   04/09/23  
Updating building codes might just be one of Washington’s most promising tools in combating climate change.
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Washington cities could soon be required to plan for climate change as they manage growth

By Samantha Wohlfeil   03/30/23  
For more than 30 years, Washington communities have been required to formally plan for the future, with the state's Growth Management Act directing local governments to limit sprawl and focus population growth within existing urban…
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How a small island got world’s highest court to take on climate justice

By Michael Birnbaum   03/29/23  
The small Pacific island nation of Vanuatu won a major victory to advance international climate law Wednesday after it persuaded the U.N. General Assembly to ask the world’s highest international court to rule on the…
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Pink snow is alive in the Cascades, and it’s affected by climate change

By Jack Belcher   03/28/23  
It’s not a trick of the light and you are not going crazy, pink snow does exist. In the spring and summer months, snow in Whatcom County’s mountains can turn pink.
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USDA to spend $197 million to prepare for wildfires brought on by climate change

By Dinah Voyles Pulver   03/20/23  
Federal officials announced $197 million in grants on Monday to help more than 100 communities and tribes across the nation become more resilient to wildfire.
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WA First in Nation to Bring Climate-Change Education to Classrooms

By Eric Tegethoff   03/13/23  
In science teacher Ali Coker’s sophomore biology class, students became farming activists attending a G7 summit. Coker wove in facts about food insecurity, and by the end of the week, her pupils were writing plans…
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WA’s first greenhouse-gas-allowance auction raises estimated $300 million

By Isabella Breda   03/07/23  
Washington’s first auction of greenhouse-gas pollution allowances raised an estimated $300 million in a closely watched sale as companies, consumers and the Legislature get their first glimpse of the cost of emitting in the state.
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Seattle hospital puts patients under without overheating the planet

By John Ryan   02/21/23  
Doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital say they’ve managed to tame one of the hospital’s biggest environmental impacts. The gases used to sedate patients are extremely powerful at trapping heat and disrupting the global climate.
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The WA cranberry farmer trying to turn the tides of Washaway Beach

By Sarah Trent   02/10/23  
David Cottrell of North Cove has thrown hay bales, stumps and $400 of rocks at the rising coastline. His experiment caught the eye of global experts.
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Grant dollars are seeding the urban forestry push in Washington

By Hannah Weinberger   02/10/23  
As climate change reveals the importance of urban trees, residents in a Tacoma neighborhood with sparse canopy coverage are breaking ground themselves.
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WA will need more clean energy from other states by 2050

By Paige Browning and Katie Campbell   02/08/23  
Washington state aspires to be a leader in clean energy, but its wind, solar and other renewable energy sources can only produce so much.
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Climate change could turn Seattle into an umbrella city

By Christine Clarridge   01/31/23  
Seattle has long been known for its umbrella-shunning ways, but more extreme weather and heavier rain may put that ethos to the test....
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A New Climate Planning Tool for Local Governments

By Matt Rogers   01/18/23  
Washington State is experiencing multiple climate impacts from climate change, and these are expected to intensify in the future, including more frequent and severe heat extremes, reduced spring snowpack, sea level rise, higher stream temperatures,…
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Biden wants ‘green’ economy, but talks fail to revive key aluminum plant

By Steven Mufson   12/16/22  
An equity fund, unions and Washington’s governor all wanted to restart an idle factory needed for the auto industry, but a federal power agency has balked
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‘Atmospheric river’ bringing rain, wind, snow to PNW

An atmospheric river is bringing strong to damaging winds, heavy rain and below-normal temperatures for the Puget Sound region from Thursday evening through Saturday morning, the National Weather Service said. Snow in the passes is…
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Here’s Where the U.S. Is Testing a New Response to Rising Seas

By Christopher Flavelle   11/02/22  
The van carrying tribal officials veered off the coastal highway, away from the Pacific and onto a dirt path hidden by cedar and spruce trees. After climbing an old logging road, it emerged into a…
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Carbon auctions will bring WA more money than predicted

By David Kroman   10/19/22  
Washington state is likely to collect more than twice as much money from a new carbon credit system over the next three years as originally estimated, possibly setting the Legislature up to spend more on…
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Seattle, a city known for rain, has received barely a drop since early June

By Jennifer Gray   10/18/22  
After a slow start to summer in Seattle – with temperatures consistently running below normal for the month of June – a huge change happened in July and the city has been sizzling since. “Sunday…
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Washington finalizes historic cap-and-invest plan to slash carbon pollution

Today, Washington is one step closer to drastically reducing the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global climate change, as Ecology finalizes regulations for the state’s first cap-and-invest program.
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‘We Can’t Let the Kids Go Outdoors’: Our New Reality on the West Coast

By Emma Pattee   09/21/22  
We were at Lake Chelan in Washington, on our first big post-pandemic vacation, with our 3-year-old and our 6-week-old baby. Overnight, the wind had brought wildfire smoke from fires in Idaho and Montana. I woke…
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Seattle utility aims to make electric vehicle charging more accessible

By YCC Team   09/09/22  
“The city of Seattle is a relatively older city for the West Coast. And many of our neighborhoods were built before the mid-20th century when the automobile became dominant,” he says. “And so many of…
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Gov. Jay Inslee Is Taking a Well-Earned Climate Victory Lap

By David Wallace-Wells   08/31/22  
The landmark Inflation Reduction Act isn’t even a month old, and though internecine fights continue about its estimated value and likely impact, at the policy level the climate saga appears to have already moved on.…
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Heat, Water, Fire: How Climate Change Is Transforming the Pacific Crest Trail

By Rowan Moore Gerety   08/31/22  
In the desert near Agua Dulce, north of Los Angeles, hikers along the Pacific Crest Trail who reached mile marker 502 encountered a cistern of water that smelled bad and tasted worse, with a dead…
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The Gas Industry Is Pumping Money Into A Tiny Local Race To Crush A Climate Champion

By Alexander C. Kaufman   07/30/22  
By the time Alex Ramel took office in 2020, his fellow Democrats controlled Washington’s House of Representatives and had already divvied up the work on electric vehicles, clean fuels and carbon pricing. So the new…
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WA wildfire prompts evacuations for people in 50 homes

People in about 50 homes near a wildfire in central Washington were told by law enforcement to leave their homes immediately on Tuesday afternoon. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office said at about 2:45 p.m. that…
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UW, Seattle Public Library, Seattle Public Utilities collaboration uses VR goggles to visualize sea level rise in Seattle

By Hannah Hickey   06/14/22  
“Creative, interactive communication tools like virtual reality experiences offer a powerful way to spark conversations and action around climate change by helping show how a global-scale issue shows up in a very real way in…
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A first step toward high-speed rail in the Pacific Northwest

By Melissa Santos   06/10/22  
Washington state is ponying up $150 million to plan a high-speed rail line connecting Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, British Columbia — although there's still a long way to go before the project becomes reality.
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Inslee: Feds need to increase nuclear waste cleanup funds

By Nicholas K. Geranios and Ted Warren   06/03/22  
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who has recently criticized the slow pace of cleaning up the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, toured the former nuclear weapons production site on Thursday and said more federal money is needed to…
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First all-electric heating mandate for buildings passes in Washington state

By Emily Pontecorvo   04/26/22  
The State Building Code Council voted 11-to-3 on Friday to adopt a revised energy code that requires most new commercial buildings and large multifamily buildings to install electric heat pumps. The Council will consider a…
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Heat Pump Heads Rejoice: Washington State Now Requires the More Efficient Systems

By Lauren Leffer   04/26/22  
Washington is now the first state in the country to mandate energy-efficient (and possibly fossil fuel-free) electric heat pumps, over traditional furnaces and water heaters. The rules apply in new commercial and multifamily residential buildings…
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DNR Launches First-in-the-Nation Carbon Project, Protecting Forests and Creating Over a Million Carbon Offset Credits

Project will preserve 10,000 acres of Western Washington’s most ecologically valuable forests; generate millions of dollars in revenue for schools and counties throughout the state...
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Inslee to sign Washington landfill emissions reduction bill

By Megan Quinn   03/25/22  
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is scheduled to sign HB 1663 on Friday. The law would make methane emissions monitoring and capture requirements more strict at certain landfills in the state.
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2,300 acres near Everett now under ‘Protection Zone’ for kelp, eelgrass

By Cody Miller   03/21/22  
Washington state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is working to conserve a large area of habitat for kelp and eelgrass, a type of seagrass, near the mouth of the Snohomish River by establishing a “Protection…
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British Columbia and Washington state aim to develop transboundary Nooksack flooding prevention and response initiative

By Washington Governor   03/15/22  
British Columbia Premier John Horgan and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee are announcing further bilateral cooperation between B.C. and Washington state to build a sustained and ongoing transboundary initiative to address Nooksack River flooding prevention and…
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Food Waste Is a Climate Change Solution Some Washington Republicans and Democrats Can Agree on

By Isabelle Kempe   03/14/22  
Reducing food waste while helping food-insecure Washingtonians is a climate change solution that many of the state's Democrats and Republicans can agree on, as illustrated by HB 1799, a bill that passed in the Legislature…
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Washington State Budgets $1.6 Million for Study and Removal of Toxic Lights

By Lulu Ramadan   03/14/22  
Washington state lawmakers are set to dedicate $1.5 million to removing toxic fluorescent lights from schools and another $125,000 to studying environmental hazards and creating new standards to protect students from exposure to harmful substances.
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More than 50% of Washington experiencing moderate to exceptional drought

By Cody Miller   03/05/22  
Following a general lack of precipitation in January and February, the current drought across the Pacific Northwest is likely going to intensify with severe impacts expected for some regions.
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Q&A: Gov. Jay Inslee’s Thoughts on Countering Climate Change in the State of Washington and Beyond

By Ariel Gans   03/04/22  
Last year, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who ran an historic—if unsuccessful—climate-centered campaign for president in 2019, signed two major climate initiatives into law, as part of his state’s Climate Commitment Act.
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Snow season in popular northern Washington region disappearing amid climate change, wildfires

By Chris Daniels   02/28/22  
If the environment is the spine for the Methow Valley, it almost had its back broken in the past year. While it is still standing, the threat has made residents here start to think about…
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World, including WA, not adapting fast enough to climate change, U.N. report warns

By Nicholas Turner   02/28/22  
Climate change is becoming irreversible and the world, including Washington state, is not doing enough to stop it. That was one of many takeaways among local authors of a sobering report published Monday by the…
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What new projections of sea level rise mean for Puget Sound and the WA coast

By Nicholas Turner   02/26/22  
Sea level rise will affect each area of the planet in a unique way, but new projections are helping researchers and lawmakers in Washington state identify which coastal communities are most vulnerable.
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