Tennessee, land of country music and smoky mountains, is home to 6.83 million people over 42,144 square miles. Tennessee’s geography is extremely unique, with the Appalachian and Great Smoky Mountains by the eastern North Carolinian border and a relatively flat half by the Mississippi River to the west on the Missouri and Arkansas border. Tennessee is sandwiched between the milder-climates of states like Kentucky and Virginia and the Deep South climate of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Tennessee has 10 official state songs. The first is “My Homeland, Tennessee,” adopted in 1925, but the most famous one is “Rocky Top,” adopted in 1982

Tennessee is an interesting case when it comes to climate change. Natural cycles and sulfates in the air prevented much of Tennessee from warming during the last century. Sulfates are air pollutants that reflect sunlight back into space, preventing the greenhouse effect. Now, sulfate emissions are declining and Tennessee is warming.

Annual precipitation in Tennessee has increased by 5% since the first half of the 20th century. However, rising temperatures cause increased evaporation, so although rainfall is expected to continue to rise, the total amount of water running into rivers or recharging ground water each year is likely to decline 2.5-5%. Droughts are likely to be more severe because periods without rain will be longer, and very hot days will be more frequent.

When rainfall increases but periods without rain get longer, flooding is inevitable. Flooding is already becoming more severe. Since 1958, the amount of precipitation falling during heavy rainstorms alone has increased by a full 27% in the Southeast, and the trend is likely to continue. 

Severe droughts and more hot days reduce farm yields, especially in the western half of Tennessee. These hot days will particularly impact corn and soybeans, two major cash crops. Warmer temperatures are also likely to reduce the productivity of dairy and other cattle farms.

Another less obvious problem with droughts and rainstorms is damage to Tennessee’s river trade. During droughts, the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Corps of Engineers release water from dams to keep the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers navigable. These rivers support $35 billion in annual shipping. The agencies try to keep channels at least eleven feet deep, because lower river levels can force barges to carry smaller loads, which increases transportation costs.

Tennessee’s government leaves something to be desired in terms of climate change legislation. The state’s current governor has made statements in the past against climate change, equivocating, “There are a lot of studies that have had a lot of different outcomes,” when asked if he believed that climate change was real. However, former Tennessee governors and local state authorities have taken minor action. In 2009, Tennessee commissioned an assessment of the impacts of climate change on the state (though it was mandated by Congress). The city of Memphis did highlight climate change adaptation in its GreenPrint area study in 2015, which spells out a vision for the greater Memphis region over the next 25 years. However, as of now, the state of Tennessee has no climate change adaptation plan

In energy consumption, Tennessee ranks among the top one-third of the states and near the median of energy consumption per capita. The transportation sector alone accounts for 30% of the state’s energy usage. Manufacturing takes slightly under another 30% of the state’s consumption, and most of the rest of the state’s energy goes to heating and cooling in the residential sector.The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) owns more than 90% of Tennessee’s electricity generating capacity, including 19 hydroelectric dams, seven natural-gas fired plants, four coal-fired power plants, two nuclear power plants, and one pumped-storage hydroelectric plant. TVA also has one wind farm and seven small solar farms. Nuclear power accounts for 44% of the state’s generation. Coal accounts for 23%, natural gas at 20%, and hydroelectric power at 12%. All of the rest (1%) of Tennessee’s generation came from other renewable power sources. Biomass makes up the majority of that 1%, with solar energy making up the rest.

Time to Wake Up: Climate Change in Tennessee


Tennessee weather in 2023 was defined by winter heat, destructive winds and drought

By Caroline Eggers 01/05/24
January was more than 7 degrees warmer than normal, and February was nearly 8 degrees warmer. The months were part of Nashville’s third-warmest winter on record, despite an Arctic freeze in December 2022. This caused…
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Tennessee sues BlackRock investment agency, claims it misled customers in climate change initiatives

By Camruinn Morgan-Rumsey 12/19/23
Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti filed a lawsuit against BlackRock Inc. Monday, claiming the investment company misled Tennessee customers about how it’s fighting climate change, violating consumer protection laws
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Energy Secretary celebrates steps towards TVA nuclear power

By Benjamin Pounds 12/06/23
U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm visited the site of a possible first-of-its-kind nuclear reactor for the Tennessee Valley Authority in Oak Ridge, Tenn. on Tuesday.
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People are absolutely ‘livid’ about this deceptive new Tennessee law: ‘Name it what it is. Bribery’

By Laurelle Stelle 12/05/23
In April, Tennessee adopted a law that requires the state government to consider planet-overheating methane gas a “clean” energy source, Heated reports.
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Tennessee Congressman Says Not to Worry About Global Warming Because It ‘Was 29 Degrees’ on Halloween

By Charlie Nash 11/03/23
Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) dismissed concerns about climate change on Thursday by assuring colleagues that while the summer may have been hot, “it was 29 degrees” when he went trick-or-treating with his children on Halloween.
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Report: Shelby County Among the Most Vulnerable to Climate Change

By Toby Sells 10/03/23
That’s according to the new U.S. Climate Vulnerability Index, developed in partnership between the Environmental Defense Fund and Texas A&M University. The study shows, basically, which areas of the country will suffer the most as…
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New data tools show how vulnerable Tennessee is to climate change

By Anita Wadhwani 10/03/23
A new online tool measuring 184 categories of public data shows that large swathes of Tennessee are highly vulnerable to climate change.
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New federal dashboard tracks heat-related health emergencies

By Anita Wadhwani 09/05/23
Nearly one in four Tennessee counties is experiencing higher-than-average number of heat-related health emergencies, according to new federal dashboard that maps emergency medical services responses to heat-related illnesses.
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US air quality today: AQI maps show Chicago, Detroit among cities impacted by wildfire smoke

By Gabe Hauari 07/17/23
Poor air quality has returned in large portions of the country and is expected to linger through the early portion of the week, according to the National Weather Service. Smoke from Canadian wildfires is projected…
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Tennessee, Georgia land $45 billion of private investments aided by new federal incentives

Vice President Kamela Harris flew into Chattanooga in April to herald what she said was a new era of American-based manufacturing and green investments, including the country's biggest solar panel manufacturing facility that is projected…
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Replace fossil fuels — with more fossil fuels? That’s one major utility’s plan.

By Katie Myers 05/19/23
Austin Wall was attending an environmental law conference at the University of Tennessee not long ago when, during a discussion of natural gas pipeline projects, a map appeared on the screen and gave him a…
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Environmental groups pan TVA proposal to replace Kingston coal plant with natural gas facility

By Anita Wadhwani 05/16/23
The Tennessee Valley Authority released a draft proposal on Friday that calls for replacing its Kingston coal-fired plant with a natural-gas facility, a move to swap one fossil fuel for another that disappointed but did…
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Tennessee Solar Incentives, Tax Credits And Rebates Of 2024

With an average of 207 days of sunshine per year, Tennessee is a great place to install solar panels. Going solar can yield long-term savings on your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint. However,…

Tennessee Solar Tax Credits, Incentives and Rebates (2024)

Tennessee solar incentives are limited compared to other states. However, the Volunteer State gets plenty of sunshine throughout the year, which can make photovoltaic (PV) panels more productive and lead to higher energy bill savings.

Climate Change Action Moves Ahead Across Tennessee

Climate problems are starting to find solutions, from solar panels at the Memphis Zoo to state officials readying for potential millions of federal dollars to reduce air pollution.

Energy Companies Invest Combined $300M In Tennessee

Two energy companies will bring a combined $300 million in capital investments to Tennessee. Type One Energy Group, a stellarator fusion energy company, will establish its headquarters in Tennessee, along with bringing research and development…


The machines that turn Tennessee’s Raccoon Mountain into one of the world’s largest energy storage devices—in effect, a battery that can power a medium-size city—are hidden in a cathedral-size cavern deep inside the mountain. But…

Solar energy is on the rise in Tennessee

Despite rapid growth in solar energy over the past decade, Tennessee has only begun to scratch the surface of its solar potential. According to data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and compiled in the…

Tracking Tennessee’s fossil fuel expansion in 2023 — and a few climate wins

Earth is about to finish the hottest year on record — and it was marked by deadly heat, droughts, floods and disease outbreaks. Marine heat waves covered nearly half the planet, and the global ocean…

Memphis says no to new gas in favor of solar power

In a win for West Tennessee communities, Memphis Light Gas and Water scrapped a proposal to build new dirty gas plants and says it will instead invest in solar power and battery storage. At a…

Nuclear will be part of the clean energy future. Tennessee plans to lead in building ‘small’ reactors.

In Oak Ridge, the place where the first electricity from nuclear power was generated, the Tennessee Valley Authority is planning to build what may become the nation’s first mini nuclear plant.

Tennessee’s military department is planning to fund flood preparedness tech — including a ‘mesonet’

The Tennessee Department of Military requested about $5 million during a budget hearing with Gov. Bill Lee last week to develop “flood preparedness tools.”

Tennessee is drafting its first-ever plan to cut climate pollution. The state wants your input.

In the next few months, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation will complete two firsts for the state.

State Developing “Volunteer” Climate Action Plan

Tennessee officials are devising the state’s first-ever climate action plan thanks to federal funds through the Inflation Reduction Act.

Tennessee has the fastest-growing clean energy workforce in the nation — and no, it’s not all because of EVs

Tennessee has the fastest-growing clean energy workforce in the nation — and it is not just because of all of the new electric vehicle manufacturing plants.

C2 Energy Capital Completes Solar Project at Tennessee Landfill

C2 Energy Capital LLC, an investor in renewable energy and storage assets, announced the completion of its largest solar project installed on a landfill in Tennessee. C2 Energy Capital provided financing and support services for…


Tennessee State Profile and Energy Estimates

Tennessee stretches almost 500 miles across from the state's eastern border with Virginia and North Carolina to its western border at the Mississippi River. Tennessee's westernmost city, Memphis, is one of the world's busiest hubs…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Tennessee

Between 2017 and 2019, Tennessee experienced five severe storms, two floods, one winter storm, one tropical cyclone, and one freeze. The damages of each event led to losses of at least $1 billion.

State-by-State: Climate Change in Tennessee

Tennessee is vulnerable to droughts, floods and reduced hydroelectric potential

Climate Change Impacts On Tennessee

The earth’s climate is changing because of excess carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere, generated when fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas are burned. This extra carbon traps more heat, like a greenhouse,…

‘climate change; Sustaining Tennessee’

Vanderbilt engineers play role in Tennessee climate change report.

Climate change in Tennessee

While climate change is often talked about in the future tense, our climate is already changing in both averages and the number and intensity of extremes. Tennessee has recently experienced both record flooding and unprecedented…

Tennessee’s Climate Threats

Explore graphics, interactives and news about Tennessee's climate threats.

What Climate Change Means for Tennessee

Tennessee’s climate is changing. Although the average temperature did not change much during the 20th century, the state has warmed in the last 20 years. Average annual rainfall is increasing, and a rising percentage of…

Working on climate change research

A recent Roane State graduate is researching climate change and the microorganisms that contribute to it.

Climate change study finds big changes for Tennessee cities in 2080

A new study examining climate change and potential future impacts found depending on where you live in Tennessee, the climate could see some big changes.

Stories from the Renew Tennessee Campaign

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy started the Renew Tennessee campaign back in 2018 with goals of lowering utility bills for Tennesseans most in need, increasing access to clean, renewable energy, and putting the “public”…

The Perils of Climate Change in Tennessee

Growing up in the Upstate area of South Carolina, my family and I oftentimes made the short trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, the most visited of all the national parks. We would play in…


TN Groups Call To Action for TVA Pivot To Clean Energy

By Danielle Smith   05/15/23  
Environmental groups in Tennessee have an urgent call to action for the Tennessee Valley Authority to cut fossil-fuel emissions and replace their coal plants with renewable energy.
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Climate misinformation is becoming law

By Arielle Samuelson and Emily Atkin   05/11/23  
It was a big deal when Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a law designating methane gas as “green energy” in January. The bill’s passage was covered by local news, national news, industry publications and glossy…
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The Tennessee legislature blocked climate action this year — again. And other environmental bills you may have missed.

By Caroline Eggers   04/28/23  
While some states are confronting climate change head on, Tennessee has been blocking actions that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Google using new Tennessee solar farm to power facilities, including data center

Google is turning to the sun to power its data centers and is using a new solar farm in West Tennessee to supply the green energy for its facilities in the Tennessee Valley, including its…
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Tennessee officials ‘flip switch’ on 100 MW Obion Co. solar project to power Google data centers

By Hannah Saad   04/25/23  
Representatives from several businesses and utility groups ceremoniously flipped the switch on Tuesday to celebrate the completion and activation of the Skyhawk Solar project, a 100 megawatt energy project in northwestern Tennessee that will power…
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Why Tennessee Expulsions Matter for Climate Action

By Yessenia Funes   04/13/23  
The GOP expelled two young Black lawmakers from their seats in Tennessee. The Frontline shows why this is a climate justice issue.
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Building codes affect health and climate. A Tennessee bill would block cities from updating them.

By Caroline Eggers   03/20/23  
Many cities are tackling emissions with better energy codes, but a new bill in Tennessee would effectively block this policy tool — preventing cities from requiring developers to construct healthier and more efficient homes and…
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Is natural gas ‘clean energy’? Tennessee lawmakers want you to think so.

By Caroline Eggers   03/15/23  
This refrain is a classic argument for the fossil fuel industry, and it is how Tennessee lawmakers are persuading the state legislature to rebrand natural gas as “clean energy.”
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Tennessee environmental expert weighs in on Chattanooga’s ‘Climate Action Plan’

By Abbey Walton   03/12/23  
He plans to reduce the current carbon footprint while building a more sustainable city and preserving natural resources by limiting the amount of waste sent to local landfills.
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Tornado season is underway, but it’s difficult to predict how many twisters will hit Middle Tennessee

By Anna Gallegos-Cannon   03/08/23  
The 2020 tornadoes gave Middle Tennessee a firsthand look at just how powerful and destructive the wind can be. With tornado season now underway, should residents expect one of these strong storms every year?
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Report: TVA Clean-Energy Transition Could Create Jobs, Save Billions

The nation’s largest public utility, the Tennessee Valley Authority, could create thousands of new jobs, improve public health, and help meet President Biden’s climate pledge if it transitions to 100% clean energy by 2035, according…
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Mississippi River mayors eye federal funds to fight effects of climate change

By Keely Brewer,   03/06/23  
A coalition of more than 100 Mississippi River mayors are pushing for more investment in natural infrastructure, ecosystem restoration and disaster resilience. The Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative (MRCTI) released its policy platform during…
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Federal and Tennessee leaders back plans for more nuclear power in state

By Dave Flessner   03/03/23  
Federal and state leaders are pushing plans to build a new type of nuclear reactor here that they claim could provide a clean source of power and an economic development tool for Tennessee. The initiative…
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Analysis finds Renewables cheaper than all Southeast coal plants

By Maggie Shober   03/02/23  
Energy Innovation has released updated analysis comparing the cost of continuing to operate coal plants to replacing them with solar, wind, or batteries. The results are clear: continued reliance on coal is expensive, and each…
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Tennessee Residents Have Sky-High Electric Bills. Energy Efficiency Can Help

By Emma Johnson   02/17/23  
In Knoxville, Tennessee, a small nonprofit called the Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development, or SEEED, has recently finished building something big: a new solar home. In addition to 12 rooftop solar panels, the home has…
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Solar Alliance signs contract for $1.8 million solar project in Tennessee

By Solar Alliance Energy Inc.   02/13/23  
Solar Alliance Energy Inc. (‘Solar Alliance’ or the ‘Company’) (TSX-V: SOLR), a leading solar energy solutions provider focused on the commercial and utility solar sectors, is pleased to announce it has signed a contract for…
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Small Modular Reactors: A Solution for Tennessee’s Energy Crisis?

By John M. Dabbs   02/13/23  
The season's winter storms and freezing temperatures in Tennessee have brought the state's electricity grid to its knees, with widespread rolling brown-outs and black-outs affecting millions of residents. This crisis has raised questions about the…
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Government Accountability Office criticizes TVA preparations for climate change

By Adam Goldstein   02/11/23  
Extreme weather patterns have sparked several improvements to the climate resiliency of Tennessee Valley Authority electrical infrastructure over the past two decades. However, a report from a government watchdog found the huge utility still has…
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Governor wants Tennessee to become nation’s leader in developing next generation of nuclear power

By Dave Flessner   02/10/23  
Tennessee should position itself as the nation's leader in developing the next generation of nuclear power, according to Gov. Bill Lee. In the state where the power of the atom was first harnessed at the…
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100,000 Green Jobs Announced Since US Adopted Climate Law, Study Finds

By Carly Wanna   02/06/23  
Between last August, when President Joe Biden’s landmark climate bill became law, and the end of January, companies have announced more than 100,000 clean energy jobs in the US, according to an analysis released Monday…
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The TVA is dumping a mountain of coal ash in Black south Memphis

By Darryl Fears   08/19/22  
MEMPHIS — It’s rare for a Black community to notch a win against a large industrial polluter, but that’s what happened on this city’s south side. Residents stood up to a proposal by two oil…
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Biggest Gasoline Pipeline in the U.S. Reports Spill, a Year After Notorious Cyberattack

By Molly Taft   07/13/22  
There’s more trouble with the Colonial Pipeline: The nation’s largest gasoline pipeline reported a spill in Tennessee in early July, adding onto more than a year of public problems with the company, from a catastrophic…
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Utility TVA targets 10 GW of solar by 2035

By Ryan Kennedy   05/05/22  
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which serves 10 million people across an 80,000 square mile territory in the southeast US, released its fiscal year (FY) 2021 report on sustainability, revealing progress towards climate goals and high…
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Rivian taps Nashville’s Clearloop for solar energy

By Katelynn White   05/04/22  
Electric automaker Rivian and Nashville-based solar company Clearloop are partnering on a new solar energy production facility.
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TVA’s reckless gas plans threaten communities, customers, and the climate

The Tennessee Valley Authority is the largest public power utility in the nation – and it is planning to recklessly spend billions of dollars on new gas plants and pipelines. This massive, generational investment in…
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Tennessee certified gas plan sidelined over FERC’s reluctance to review criteria

By Maya Weber   05/02/22  
Just days before Tennessee Gas Pipeline was hoping to offer a new pooling service for gas from producers certified to meet methane intensity standards, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected the company's proposal.
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TVA plans to replace Cumberland coal plant with another fossil fuel

In 2021 TVA announced it would shutter the Cumberland coal plant. Last week, TVA proposed to lock customers into paying for fossil gas to replace it, without fully exploring efficiency and renewable energy. TVA's decision…
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As renewable energy opportunities grow, East Tennessee invests in solar power

By Silas Sloan   05/01/22  
People went crazy for toilet paper at the start of the pandemic, and it became a commodity that seemed as valuable as gold. Harvey Abouelata saw a run on another in-demand product: solar panels.
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Flooding concerns halt Fairview development

By Anita Wadhwani   04/21/22  
For months, residents of Fairview showed up to local government meetings, armed with photographs of flooded basements and overflowing culverts.
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Wildfire near Smoky Mountains prompts mandatory evacuations

Firefighters sought to get a handle Wednesday on a wildfire spreading near Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, amid mandatory evacuations as winds whipped up ahead of a line of strong storms forecast to…
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Largest Federal Utility Chooses Gas, Undermining Biden’s Climate Goals

By Lisa Friedman   03/18/22  
The nation’s largest federally owned utility plans to invest more than $3.5 billion in new gas-burning electric plants, despite President Biden’s commitment to swiftly move away from fossil fuels and eliminate greenhouse gases from the…
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Never Waste a Crisis: How a Tennessee Bill Silences Communities in the Name of Energy Security

For the latest installment in this never-waste-a-crisis ethos, you only have to look at what’s happening right now in the Tennessee state capitol. With the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine unsettling global energy markets and inflation…
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Tennessee senator accuses Biden of treating ‘climate change as a god’

By Jenny Goldsberry   03/15/22  
Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn called out President Joe Biden on Tuesday for "bowing to all of this environmentalism as a religion and climate change as a god."
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Battered and Flooded by Increasingly Severe Weather, Kentucky and Tennessee Have a Big Difference in Forecasting

By James Bruggers and Caroline Eggers   02/24/22  
Tammy Shaw and her granddaughter, Hope Collier, were trying to find an escape path when water started spilling under their doors.
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University Of Tennessee Accelerator Will Help Clean Energy Startups Develop Climate-saving Tech

By Becca Wright   02/14/22  
The Knoxville-Oak Ridge corridor is adding another resource to help make the region an innovation hub for clean energy companies. The University of Tennessee Spark Innovation Center is recruiting early-stage, high-growth startups for its Spark…
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Climate change and tornadoes in Tennessee

By Adam Tamburin   12/14/21  
Scientists are pointing to increasing signs that climate change is altering tornado outbreaks in ways that appear to make them bigger and more damaging, Axios' Andrew Freedman reports.
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Vanderbilt contributes to smart interstate infrastructure venture

By Cedric Dent Jr.   09/13/21  
A new traffic management system for Interstates 24 and 40 paints a futuristic picture of Nashville embracing its emergence as a tech hub with interstate traffic that runs on data at least as much as…
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Enexor Selected by 100+ Accelerator to Mitigate Climate Change

Enexor BioEnergy, LLC, of Franklin, Tenn., the renewable energy and carbon conversion solution for organic, biomass, and plastic waste problems, announced that it has been selected into the prestigious 100+ Accelerator to find solutions to…
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Emails, docs show TVA’s ties to fight against federal regs

By Sean Reilley   09/13/21  
The statement from the Tennessee Valley Authority’s chief executive sounded straightforward. In “no instances,” Jeff Lyash assured members of Congress two years ago, had the federal power giant given a utility industry trade group the go-ahead…
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New solar farm Clearloop breaks ground, preparing to power Jackson homes with solar energy

By Angele Latham   09/03/21  
Clear blue skies and golden sunlight greeted attendees of Thursday’s groundbreaking ceremony of Jackson’s newest renewable energy source, Clearloop solar farm.
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This startup helps build solar farms where the grid is dirtiest

By Adele Peters   08/31/21  
Tennessee is a fairly sunny state. But it has three times less solar power than comparatively cloudy Oregon, in part because policies in Oregon—a state that’s aiming for 100% renewable electricity by 2040—give more support. Adding a…
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See how much of its wind energy potential Tennessee uses

By Stacker   08/31/21  
Wind power is generated when kinetic energy from turbine propellers is converted to mechanical energy.
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How Government Decisions Left Tennessee Exposed to Deadly Flooding

By Christopher Flavelle   08/26/21  
The floods that killed at least 20 people in Tennessee last weekend arrived with shocking speed and force — seemingly a case study of the difficulties of protecting people from explosive rainstorms as climate change…
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A Tidal Wave of Water and at Least 21 Deaths as Floodwaters Ravage Rural Tennessee

By Rick Rojas and Michael Levenson   08/26/21  
 In one moment, Rickey Larkin saw the creek running behind his home spill over its banks. The next, he said, he was engulfed by an ocean. His pickup was carried away by the currents. Then,…
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‘Our People Need Help’: Devastation in Tennessee, as Experts Warn of Flooding Risks

By Rick Rojas, Winston Choi-Schagrin and Tariro Mzezewa   08/25/21  
With floodwaters rising rapidly, 15-year-old Lilly Bryant and her older sister managed to find some wooden debris to cling to, but it offered only short-term relief. The makeshift raft hit a tree and split in…
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The Floods In Tennessee Aren’t Freak Accidents. They’re A New Reality

By Rebecca Herscher   08/23/21  
The rain fell fast and hard in Middle Tennessee over the weekend, harder than it has ever fallen before. Up to 17 inches of rain inundated parts of the state in less than 24 hours…
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Tennessee’s 10 Biggest Climate Polluters

By Carolene Eggers   08/16/21  
The United Nations’ latest report on climate change says planetary warming has caused widespread and rapid changes to Earth’s oceans, ice and land surface. The continued rise in global temperatures caused by the burning of fossil fuels…
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Enthusiasm for cycling soared in Memphis during the pandemic, shows little sign of slowing

By Lucas Finton   07/08/21  
Many Memphians who started putting their feet to the pedals during the early parts of the pandemic might have picked up a long-lasting hobby. During much of the last year, heightened demand for bicycles led many local shops…
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New Tennessee solar farm to provide Facebook data center with 110MW of renewable energy

By Dan Swinhoe   05/20/21  
A new $140 million solar farm in Shelby County, Tennessee is to power Facebook’s data center in the state. The Tennessee Valley Authority this week announced a partnership with Facebook and energy company RWE Renewables…
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Kerry aims to talk US back into a lead role in climate fight

By Ellen Knickmeyer   01/26/21  
From a wood-paneled library in his Boston mansion, new climate envoy John Kerry is talking the U.S. back into a leading role in global climate action, making clear the nation isn't just revving up its…
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