In 2013 East Hampton, a municipality of approximately 22,000 residents, committed to becoming “a leader in sustainable energy policies and practices by substantially reducing energy consumption through conservation and energy efficiency while significantly increasing the use of renewable energy technologies.” By 2015, they added an Energy Sustainability Committee with the task of advising the Town on reaching the renewable energy goals spelled out in a newly created Climate Action Plan.

By 2021, under the leadership of Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc, a number of the extraordinary actions have moved forward, often recommended by the committee, and passed by the town with much important support coming from the Town’s Natural Resource Department:

  • The Accabonac Solar Farm, the first megawatt solar farm on the South Fork, was completed.
  • A collaboration with the New York Power Authority resulted in the installation of solar energy systems at municipal buildings.
  • A utility battery storage facility was completed in Montauk – the second such facility on Long Island.
  • Legislation was authorized for Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allowing the Town to explore the potential for procuring renewable power from an alternative supplier. FYI: LIPA is currently holding this up.
  • Gas and diesel powered leaf blowers have been banned –from May 20 to September 20.
  • Solar powered, off-grid lighting has been installed in the Amagansett Village parking lot.
  • Fleet Efficiency Policy was established to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles for the municipal fleet.
  • Electric charging stations have been installed, from 12 fast chargers in Montauk (at no cost to the Town) to Level-2 stations at Town Hall and the Amagansett Village parking lot.
  • Climate Emergency Declaration was unanimously adopted in 2021 with the goal of viewing all Town decisions through the lens of climate change.
  • Also in 2021, an easement agreement with the South Fork Wind Farm was signed and a resolution to approve the Host Community Agreement between the Town and the South Fork Wind Farm was passed, which, when the final approvals come through from the NYSPSC and BOEM, will yield $29 million in payments over 25 years to the Town and the Trustees.

BOEM's review of the South Fork Wind Farm, a 15-turbine, 132 MW project, with a cable landing in Wainscott, a hamlet within the Town of East Hampton, was complete and approved in January, 2022 and construction began immediately.  Orsid operations are scheduled to begin at the end of 2023 powering 70,000 New York homes.

Francesca Rheannon, Host of Sustainable East End, opens this video on coastal erosion interviewing Kevin McAllister. It continues as Alec Baldwin and Cate Rogers join Kevin in the discussion. For more information, visit DefendH20.org



Town of East Hampton Climate Action Plan

Accelerating climate change continues to escalate the need for communities and municipalities to develop strategies combating current challenges to local infrastructure and the projected intensity of impacts on community assets, natural resources and public health. The…

East Hampton Comprehensive Energy Vision

Accelerating climate change continues to escalate the need for communities and municipalities to develop strategies combating current challenges to local infrastructure and the projected intensity of impacts on community assets, natural resources and public health. The…


Draft Coastal Assessment Resiliency Plan Report

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South Fork

BOEM has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the South Fork Wind Farm and South Fork Export Cable Project. The following documents are available for your viewing.

South Fork Wind

South Fork Wind brings unparalleled experience to Long Island. This offshore wind farm will be the first to connect in New York State and help the Town of East Hampton meet its 100% renewable energy…

Drawdown East End

Drawdown East End is a grass roots, non-partisan organization that inspires and supports our communities to actively engage in solutions to reach drawdown.*  Our vision is to achieve drawdown and reverse global warming by 2050…

Win With WIND

We are private citizens of the South Fork of Long Island who believe that becoming the first communities in New York State to be powered by offshore wind is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity that should…

Energize East Hampton

The Town of East Hampton’s 100% renewable energy goals require a diversified portfolio of energy technologies and approaches.

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Three: The Way Forward

The men and women who work in the recycling industry describe it these days in bleak terms. From a business standpoint, recent market changes have made it much harder for recycling vendors or any entity…

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Two: The Work Of Recycling

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What Happens To Our Recycling, Part One: The Recycling Myth

A steady parade of plastic water bottles, tin cans, empty yogurt containers and countless other “recyclable” items, either fully or partially obscured by the thick stew of garbage—and perhaps even still imprisoned inside unopened garbage…

Renewable Energy Long Island

Renewable Energy Long Island (reLI), established in 2003, is a membership-based, 501-c-3 not-for-profit organization promoting clean, sustainable energy use and generation on Long Island. reLI is committed to transitioning Long Island to a 100% renewable…

Accabonac Solar Farm

The Accabonac Solar Farm (ASF) in Springs is the first megawatt scale solar farm on Long Island’s South Fork.

Clean Energy Communities

Town of East Hampton is named a New York State Clean Energy Community for completing 4 high impact action items, becoming eligible for a $100,000 grant.

Energy Sustainability Committee

The Energy Sustainability Committee (ESC) was appointed in 2013 by the East Hampton Town Board to assist the Town in its participation in the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Climate Smart Communities Program.


Bridgehampton Child Care Center Offers Program on Wind Farm Work Opportunities

By Elizabeth Vespe   09/27/22  
Currently, three offshore wind projects are slated to be constructed off the eastern end of Long Island. With that in mind, program managers and mentors from the Bridgehampton Child Care...

Town Adopts Coastal Plan

By Christopher Walsh   09/08/22  
By a 4-to-0 vote, the East Hampton Town Board adopted the Coastal Assessment Resilience Plan, known as CARP, into the town’s comprehensive plan last Thursday. The town completed CARP “in recognition of the need for…

Court Rebuffs East Hampton Appeal To Lift Court Order Halting Proposed Limits On Airport Activity

By Michael Wright   08/31/22  
A state court has declined to hear an appeal by East Hampton Town to lift a temporary restraining order blocking the town from imposing planned flight restrictions at East Hampton...

A Site for Wind Farm Work

By Christopher Walsh   08/25/22  
The subcontractor that will perform the onshore cable installation for the South Fork Wind farm plans to use an approximately one-acre area at the end of an abandoned East Hampton Airport runway, adjacent to Industrial…

South Fork Farmers Adapt as Drought Persists

By Christopher Gangemi   08/25/22  
While much of the South Fork of Long Island is now in a severe drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, many East End residents have not changed their watering habits despite warnings from the…

Coalition Urges Town to Buy Wainscott Sand Pit

By Christopher Walsh   08/17/22  
A coalition has formed to stop the proposed redevelopment of the former Wainscott sand and gravel pit into a 50-lot commercial and industrial subdivision and to advocate instead for East Hampton Town to purchase the…

Coastal Resiliency Plan Well Received

By Christopher Walsh   08/11/22  
The East Hampton Town Board held a public hearing last Thursday on the adoption of the Coastal Assessment Resiliency Plan, which highlights a spate of ominous predictions as to how climate change will impact the…

E-Bikes Ride A Legal Side Street Between Bicycles And Motorcycles

By Michael Wright   07/27/22  
The growth in popularity of electric bikes — bicycles with electric motors that can propel them at speeds up to 30 mph — has presented police agencies around the country,... more

Something Missing in Airport Documents?

By Christopher Walsh   07/21/22  
In a charge amplified in a New York City tabloid on Friday, attorneys for plaintiffs who have so far thwarted the East Hampton Town Board’s plan to privatize East Hampton Airport have claimed that the…

Daggers Fly In Court Filings Over Legal Tactics In East Hampton Airport Lawsuits

By Michael Wright   07/20/22  
One of the groups of plaintiffs in the gaggle of lawsuits challenging East Hampton Town’s attempts to impose new restrictions on flights into East Hampton Airport has asked a judge to kick the town’s two…

A ‘Tax the Rich’ Climate Protest Shuts Down the East Hampton Airport

By Alexandra Tremayne-Pengelly   07/11/22  
Demonstrators demanding higher taxes for wealthy Hampton residents, who they claim are responsible for increasing inequality and climate emissions, blocked entrance to the East Hampton airport this morning. No flights were delayed.

Going Greener in the Home

East Hampton Town may get a lot greener if a proposal to phase out fossil fuel stoves, heating, and cooling systems is adopted. The change anticipates one recommendation to the State Legislature that would prohibit…

Push for All-Electric Could Be Big Jolt for New Construction

By Christopher Walsh   07/07/22  
East Hampton Town’s Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee has recommended to the town board that all building permits for new residential and commercial construction issued after Dec. 31 require that all appliances, including heating and…

Wind Farm Developers Ink Plan For Protecting Endangered Whales During Construction Of South Fork Wind

By Michael Wright   06/28/22  
The developers of South Fork Wind announced on Monday that they have signed a new agreement with three national environmental protection groups to bolster protections for endangered North Atlantic right... more

Guestwords: At War With Ourselves

By Biddle Duke   06/09/22  
I often imagine what I’ll say to my grandchildren 20 years from now, when we can no longer eat shellfish from our harbors because of lawn and garden chemical runoff and septic contamination (some shellfish…

If Town Can’t Change Airport, It May Close It

By Christopher Walsh   06/08/22  
What was once unthinkable now looks increasingly possible, as the airport that many residents say has vastly exceeded its historical function and is destroying their quality of life may finally be grounded, perhaps permanently.

Devon Yacht Club Charts Course for Higher Ground

By Christopher Gangemi   06/01/22  
Citing the threat of erosion, the Devon Yacht Club, a private club and marina founded in 1908 on a 13-acre parcel of land along Gardiner’s Bay in Amagansett, is seeking to move to higher ground.

East Hampton Airport Holiday Traffic Up Over 2021

By Michael Wright   06/01/22  
East Hampton Town had hoped that Memorial Day weekend 2022 would be the first sliver of a summer season in which it was able to tamp down the din of aircraft traveling to and from…

Three to Six Major Storms Are Predicted in 2022

By Christopher Walsh   06/01/22  
Forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center predict an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season, which started yesterday and extends through November.

East Hampton Airport in a Holding Pattern

By Christopher Walsh   06/01/22  
Air traffic to and from East Hampton Airport was typically brisk over the Memorial Day weekend, the temporary restraining order granted by a New York State Supreme Court Justice having halted the town board’s plan…

Aviators Accuse East Hampton Town Of Contempt As ‘New’ Airport Becomes Reality Despite Court Ruling

By Michael Wright   05/25/22  
East Hampton Airport has continued to operate largely as always this past week — but attorneys for East Hampton Town and the plaintiffs in three lawsuits seeking to block the... more

Using Old Technology, Reel Quiet Mowing Was Ahead Of Its Time

By Brendon J. O' Reilly   05/19/22  
In recent years, one village after another on the South Fork has restricted or seasonally banned the use of gas-powered leaf blowers as residents fed up with the noise, dust and fumes that leaf blowers…

Turmoil on Ground After Judge Blocks Airport Changeover

By Christopher Walsh   05/19/22  
After a months-long effort to craft a plan to address an explosion in quality-of-life complaints regarding air traffic to and from East Hampton Airport, the airport's planned deactivation on Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. did not…

Urge Adoption of Coastal Resiliency Plan

By Christopher Walsh   05/19/22  
An environmental analyst in the East Hampton Town Natural Resources Department and the president of Concerned Citizens of Montauk urged the town on Tuesday to adopt the Coastal Assessment and Resiliency Plan, released in draft…

East Hampton Airport Closure Blocked As TRO Is Issued By Judge

By Michael Wright   05/18/22  
A state judge on Monday afternoon issued a temporary restraining order blocking East Hampton Town’s plans to temporarily close East Hampton Airport at midnight on May 17. State Supreme Court... more

Helicopters vs. Homeowners: A Very Hamptons Fight

By Sarah Maslin Nir   05/13/22  
With the serene beaches of the Hamptons soon 3,500 feet below his box-fresh white sneakers, Rob Wiesenthal, the chief executive of Blade, a by-the-seat helicopter charter company, boasted how the service could slice above the…

An Ominous Outlook for Coastal Areas

By Christopher Walsh   05/05/22  
The currently projected range of sea level rise “will transform East Hampton into a series of islands with permanent submergence of low-lying areas as early as 2070.” That is the ominous conclusion that leads a…

A Hamlet In Crisis

By Staff Writer   05/04/22  
It shows what town researchers who developed CARP have found to be the expected condition of the eastern half of East Hampton Town in 2070, less than 50 years from now, if efforts to combat…

One Man Sees Montauk As A Fortress On A Hill, And Perhaps The Higher Ground That’s Needed

By Michael Wright   05/02/22  
Among the many vexing issues facing town planners and elected officials as they try to gameplan “managed retreat” in Montauk away from the sea is where, exactly, to retreat to. In a hamlet study, consultants…

Express Sessions: Remaking Montauk In The Face Of Rising Seas

By Michael Wright   05/02/22  
The future of Montauk’s downtown and the long shadow of rising sea levels was the focus of a panel discussion with experts in coastal dynamics and community leaders at the... more

Remember, Leaf Blowers Are Regulated

By Christopher Walsh   04/29/22  
Like helicopters and jets, leaf blowers have long been the bane of many a South Fork resident’s existence, each one a portable spewer of pollutants and source of ear-splitting noise. But in towns and villages…

‘Picture Of Vulnerable’: Montauk At Center Of Climate Change Concerns

By Michele Trauring   04/28/22  
A century ago, a smattering of about 50 wooden shacks dotted the water’s edge in Montauk. They were home to 300 people, mostly commercial fishermen from Nova Scotia and their families, who transformed the alcove…

Express Sessions: Montauk, On The Front Lines Of Climate Change, Must Begin To Plan Ahead

By Michael Wright   04/20/22  
The Express News Group’s Express Sessions series will return to Montauk on April 28 for a conversation with community leaders, business owners, town officials and environmental experts about how the hamlet should plan to guard…

Wind Farm Asks For New Site To Store Soil, Water Removed From Wainscott Trenching

By Michael Wright   04/20/22  
South Fork Wind has applied to use a vacant industrial property between Three Mile Harbor Road and Springs-Fireplace Road as a temporary storage site for soil and water removed from the ground during the digging…

Destructive Algae Blooms Persist In East Hampton Waters

By Michael Wright   04/13/22  
Stony Brook University researchers who have been monitoring the tidal waters and ponds around East Hampton for a decade said that the summer of 2021 saw some of the highest... more

Sea’s Rising, The Ocean’s Coming In

By Michelle Trauring   04/06/22  
Almost 400 years ago, settlers discovered an idyllic peninsula along the coast of the Eastern Seaboard, its countryside cared for by five Native American tribes. They acquired land, built modest... more

Aviation Industry Warns East Hampton Town Officials: Airport Closure Won’t Work

By Michael Wright   03/23/22  
Aviation industry advocates this week said that they do not believe that East Hampton Town’s proposal to close East Hampton Airport for 33 hours in mid-May and re-open it as a legally “new” airport will…

Wainscott Residents Sue to Stop Wind Cable

By Christopher Walsh   03/17/22  
As construction of the onshore portion of the South Fork Wind farm proceeds in Wainscott, a lawsuit filed in United States District Court last week seeks to halt that work, claiming its potential to spread…

Comment Deadline on Scope of Airport Assessment Is Friday

By Christopher Walsh   03/17/22  
Friday at 4 p.m. is the deadline for public comment on the scope of a draft environmental impact statement associated with the May 17 deactivation of East Hampton Airport and the opening, 33 hours later,…

Wind Farm Cable Work Begins In Wainscott

By Michael Wright   03/02/22  
Ørsted contractors last week took the first major work on the installation of the conduit that will eventually conceal the South Fork Wind power cable beneath Wainscott roadways — the same day a judge dismissed…

NY Gov. Hochul Announces Start of Construction of New York’s First Offshore Wind Project

Building on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM) January issuance of the Final Sale Notice for the New York Bight, the recent key offshore wind contract milestone, and the State of the State announcement…

Governor in Town for Wind Farm ‘Groundbreaking’

By Christopher Walsh   02/12/22  
Gov. Kathy Hochul and federal Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland were among the dignitaries on hand at LTV Studios in Wainscott on Friday for the ceremonial groundbreaking on the South Fork Wind farm, New…

Groundbreaking Held For New York’s First Wind Farm Project

By Carolyn Gusoff   02/11/22  
There was a milestone Friday in New York’s move toward clean energy. A groundbreaking was held in East Hampton for a major offshore wind project. It’ll be only the second in the nation.

East Hampton Town Reviews Priorities in 2022 Capital Plan

By Christopher Walsh   02/10/22  
A new, online portal through which East Hampton Town residents could interface with town staff in departments like planning, code enforcement, animal control, and the town clerk is among the projects in a first draft…

Prep Work for Wind Farm Cable Underway

By Christopher Walsh   02/10/22  
The contractor for the developers of the South Fork Wind farm is continuing to remove some vegetation within the Long Island Rail Road right of way this week, in advance of the onshore construction that…

On the Quality of Our Bays

By Christopher Walsh   02/10/22  
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has announced a virtual public information session next Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. about a new water quality study of Long Island Sound embayments.

Town Eyes Renourishment Of Beaches In Bridgehampton And Sagaponack

By Kitty Merrill   02/09/22  
Environmental consultant Aram Terchunian of the firm First Coastal Corporation asked the question during a work session discussion of erosion control districts in Bridgehampton and Sagaponack. Answering his own question, he said the project performed…

Wind Farm Cable Work To Begin In Earnest; Governor Reportedly To Visit For Groundbreaking

By Michael Wright   02/09/22  
The wind farm developer Ørsted plans to break ground this week on the first steps in the trenching that will eventually conceal the power cable from the South Fork Wind, the first offshore wind farm…

F.A.A. Raises Doubts on East Hampton Airport Reopening

By Christopher Walsh   02/05/22  
The East Hampton Town Board has hit turbulence on its plan to briefly close East Hampton Airport and reopen it four days later as a private-use facility with restrictions on flight activity, after receiving a…

FAA Tells East Hampton ‘Temporary’ Airport Closure Has Issues, But Town Stays Course For Now

By Michael Wright   02/04/22  
A Federal Aviation Administration official last week tried to throw a speed bump in East Hampton Town’s path for re-classifying East Hampton Airport at the end of this month by closing it down for three…