In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which aims to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions through a rollout of clean energy infrastructure, in 2018. The Long Island Power Authority’s board voted in May 2020 to authorize community choice aggregation, allowing municipalities to decide how they electricity it procures is derived.



Lazy Point Farms

Lazy Point Farms are created to provide the structural, educational, and logistical support needed to advance the future of sugar kelp farming on Long Island. Whether you are an aspiring kelp farmer, an existing shellfish…

What Can and Can’t Be Recycled?

A simple guide to what can and can't be recycled

Organic Soil The Natural Alternative

Long Island Compost has made a name for itself in the organic soil industry by crafting custom blends from natural materials and doing its part to repurpose compost into sustainable substances.

Long Island Green Homes – Long Island Green Homes

Long Island Green Homes is a non-profit collaborative partnership of Long Island Towns, community organizations and Molloy College funded primarily with a grant awarded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to help…

Become a USGBC-LI Member

Yearly membership is as little as $25 a year for students. Your membership entitles you to discounts, free materials and many opportunities to meet others in the Long Island Green Building community.

Visit this dairy farm turned carbon-neutral Conservancy preserve and office

True to its name, Uplands Farm Sanctuary in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, retains the appearance of an old dairy farm, complete with a silo and open meadows that were once cattle pastures. Today, the…

South Fork

BOEM has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the South Fork Wind Farm and South Fork Export Cable Project. The following documents are available for your viewing.

Why Wind?

The local case for offshore wind energy.

NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities

On August 3, 2016, Governor Cuomo announced the launch of the Clean Energy Communities program, a $16-million initiative to help local governments across the state reduce energy consumption and drive clean energy use in their…

Clean Energy Communities Grants – Remaining Awards

This dashboard provides regularly updated information on the number and amount of remaining grants in each region by community size. Select your region to view the grants available for your community. Grants are available to…

Governor Cuomo Announces 30-Day Amendment to Accelerate Renewable Energy Projects and Drive Economic Growth as Part of Nation-Leading Climate Agenda

Legislation to Create Office of Renewable Energy Permitting Office Will Streamline Process for Environmentally Responsible and Cost-Effective Siting of Large-Scale Renewable Energy Projects Across the State Legislation to Speed Up Progress Towards the State Mandate…


An in-depth evaluation of 19 municipalities and solar policies on Long Island.

New York State Announces First Ever Offshore Wind Energy Awards

Nation-leading Program Sends Powerful Message To Launch Offshore Wind Industry.

Our Forum on Coastal Resiliency on Long Island

On Monday, December 9th, the New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (NYLCVEF) and Stony Brook University’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) hosted an educational forum on coastal resiliency strategies.


New York lawmakers weigh a budget plan for a fully public Long Island electric utility

By Molly Ingram   03/17/22  
The New York State Legislature included in its budget proposals a measure that would create a state committee that would explore restructuring the Long Island Power Authority.

L.I. contractors group opposes all-electric bill

By Tom Carrozza   03/10/22  
A seismic shift in construction could be on the horizon for contractors throughout New York if state lawmakers pass the so-called “all-electric building” acts.

Suffolk announces $1 million for coastal resiliency projects

By Rachelle Blidner   03/02/22  
Suffolk County officials announced Wednesday they will spend $1 million to plan coastal resiliency projects to counter the impact of stronger storms and increased flooding resulting from climate change.

More than 1,000 LED Streetlights Installed in Port Jefferson, New York

By Austin Tannenbaum   03/02/22  
The nearly $2.4 million upgrade, implemented and financed by the Power Authority, saw more than 1,100 decorative and cobra head style street lights replaced throughout the village with energy-saving LED fixtures. Additionally, the village has…

Long Island’s Offshore Wind Farm Plans Take Root

By Timothy Bolger   03/01/22  
After years of planning and debate, offshore wind farm developers recently took several big steps forward in a half dozen projects in various stages of development off the coast of Long Island.

Slipping Away: Homeowners, Officials Buy Time As Escalating Effects Of Climate Change Threaten East End

By Michelle Trauring   01/25/22  
For centuries, the world has known one type of refugee: those who leave their homes behind due to war, violence, conflict or persecution, often risking their lives in the pursuit of safety. In recent years,…

Offshore Wind Energy — Rich With Opportunity, For Oil Giants And Utilities Alike

By Ken Silverstein   01/24/22  
Offshore wind energy is an untapped resource in the United States. But it is now being uplifted — the product of favorable policies by the Biden Administration and the desire by some producers to start…

South Fork Wind Receives Final Approval from the U.S. Department of Interior to Start Construction on New York’s First Offshore Wind Farm

South Fork Wind, New York’s first offshore wind farm, has received approval of the project’s Construction and Operations Plan (COP) from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), which is…

LaGuardia Community College to launch offshore wind training

By Rachel Vick   01/19/22  
LaGuardia Community College is preparing to support the next generation of green energy workers from Queens as part of New York State’s efforts to expand offshore wind production.

PSEG delivery charge up 4.5% starting this month

By Mark Harrington   01/18/22  
Customers opening their PSEG Long Island bills this month will see 4.5% increases in their delivery rates and monthly service charges for 2022, even as LIPA says bills will be flat or lower overall for…

National Grid and Town of Hempstead to Develop One of the First Green Hydrogen Blending Projects in the Country

National Grid and the Town of Hempstead, today announced a joint project to build one of the first and largest clean hydrogen projects in the country, to decarbonize networks. The HyGrid Project located in Point…

South Fork Wind wins federal OK, launching union jobs at ProvPort

By Mary Serreze   11/26/21  
The Ørsted/Eversource project will power New York homes, but the turbine foundations are being fabricated in Rhode Island.

Biden administration approves first offshore wind farm to supply power to New York

By Dino Grandoni   11/24/21  
President Biden’s administration greenlit a major offshore wind project to supply power to New York, arriving as part of a broader push to build out renewable energy and tackle climate change.

Another Yes for South Fork Wind Farm

By Christopher Walsh   11/24/21  
The South Fork Wind farm took another step toward fruition on Monday when the New York State Public Service Commission approved its developers’ environmental management and construction plan.

LIPA-PSEG Contract Draws Criticism

By Christopher Walsh   11/18/21  
A Nov. 9 announcement that the Long Island Power Authority and the New York State Department of Public Service had agreed on a new management contract with PSEG Long Island came with reassuring words from…

LIPA customers could see 2.3% hike in delivery charge, says 2022 budget

By Mark Harrington   11/16/21  
LIPA customers will see a 2.3% increase in the delivery charge portion of their bills next year, but the utility is projecting that lower usage and other factors could ultimately lead to bills that are…

After tornadoes, Long Island looks elsewhere for help with cleanup

By Keldi Ortiz and Rachelle Blidner   11/15/21  
Damage from weekend tornadoes spurred Long Island leaders Monday to look beyond Nassau and Suffolk for help softening the likely financial blow.

Ready to Kelp: How the ‘Kelp Bill’ Unlocked a Potential Game Changer in the Climate Fight

By Scarlett Buckley   11/09/21  
Kelp, a species of seaweed sometimes called “the rainforest of the sea,” could be a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change. Despite this, the commercial cultivation of kelp in Long Island, New York…

Long Island flood insurance premiums will rise for most homeowners but some will see big price cuts

By Jonathan LaMantia   11/05/21  
Three in four Long Island homeowners insured under the National Flood Insurance Program will see their premiums rise next year, while a smaller contingent will see their annual bill cut by $1,200 or more.

Heavy rains help to expand ‘dead zones’ in Long Island Sound, scientists say

By Joan Gralla   10/08/21  
Too much rain and still way too much nitrogen were the twin causes of this summer’s overly abundant algae blooms and critically low-oxygen dead zones in Long Island’s fresh and saltwater bodies, an annual report…

Wind is the leading source of renewable energy

By Bonface Landi   09/30/21  
In a SUN DAY Campaign review of energy production and consumption data, as provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), it was determined that America was slowly shifting towards renewables. The domestic production and use…

Queens elected officials sign letter to the governor urging her to stop National Grid rate hikes

By Julia Moro   09/29/21  
Queens elected officials joined others to call on Gov. Kathy Hochul to review the recent decision by the Public Service Commission (PSC), which approved a raise in monthly gas bills for 1.9 million downstate National…

Army Corps proposes raising 14,000 South Shore homes to avoid flooding

By TRD Staff   09/29/21  
In the race to prevent damage and destruction from the rising tide of climate change, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a recommendation: raise 14,000 homes along Long Island’s South Shore. The plan is…

$20 million construction projects aim to protect Nassau County from flooding

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran was joined by state officials Tuesday in announcing a number of construction initiatives designed to protect thousands of South Shore homes and businesses from storm surge and tidal flooding. The…

Rep. Maloney Calls on the State to Shut Down Ravenswood Power Plant Smokestack

By Allie Griffin   09/27/21  
Congress Member Carolyn Maloney is calling on state officials to shut down a smokestack at a Long Island City power plant that is the biggest polluting plant in New York. Maloney joined residents of the…

Congressman Suozzi Hosts Long Island Offshore Wind Supply Chain Conference

By Chris Boyle   09/24/21  
As a committed environmentalist and pro-labor and business advocate, Congressman Tom Suozzi (D – Long Island, Queens) organized a conference with industry leaders from prominent wind energy companies, labor and environmental groups, and local manufacturers…

Is Long Island ready for wind power?

By Mariana Dominguez   09/23/21  
On Sept. 16, the Bureau of Ocean Management (BOEM), part of the Department of the Interior, held its first of three virtual meetings on the Sunrise Wind Scoping Project. BOEM is taking public comment on…

During Climate Week, Governor Hochul Announces Opening of Environmental Education and Resiliency Center at Hempstead Lake State Park

During Climate Week, Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the opening of the $8.3 million Environmental Education and Resiliency Center at Hempstead Lake State Park in Nassau County. The 8,000-square-foot center offers hands-on learning on the…

LI Labor, Business Leaders Discuss Off Shore Wind Opportunities

By Briana Bonfiglio   09/21/21  
Long Island’s wind farms will create at least 6,800 jobs with annual salaries averaging $100,000.  That’s according to NYSERDA — New York State Energy Research and Development Authority — the state agency overseeing five offshore…

Leaders look to foster LI as ‘wind supply chain powerhouse’

By Adina Genn   09/02/21  
Leaders on Long Island continue to advocate fostering the region into a “wind supply chain powerhouse.” At an industry conference on Friday at LIU Tilles Center, leaders assembled from government, wind energy companies, labor and…

Hochul: Climate Change To Blame As Long Island, Connecticut Feel Harsh Effects Of Ida

By Davis Dunavin and Desiree D'Iorio   09/02/21  
Heavy rainfall and flash floods from the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought the Long Island Railroad to a standstill, while parts of Connecticut saw near-record rainfall and widespread outages. New York Governor Kathy Hochul met…

‘It’s a miracle crop’: the pioneers pushing the powers of seaweed

By Alexandra Talty in Montauk   08/26/21  
Kelp can clean New York’s polluted waters, tackle climate change and is sustainable – but growers need a law change first. Motoring out of Montauk Harbor aboard a research vessel, Sean Barrett waves hello to…

‘Just a matter of time’: Climate change forecast dire for Long Island

By Matthew Chayes   08/14/21  
Climate change is literally making Long Island shorter. And narrower. Continued erosion is just one of the local impacts of human-caused, greenhouse gas emissions and the consequent shifts in the weather that’s changing the planet,…

Experts: Long Island could see ‘very strong increase’ of flooding in two decades

By Brianne Ledda   07/23/21  
A new study has predicted more frequent high tide flooding on U.S. coastlines in the mid-2030s, exacerbated by climate change-induced sea-level rise and tidal patterns influenced by the moon’s 18.6-year cycle. Based on this study,…

Pew and Partners Submit Updated Petition Seeking Immediate Protection for Right Whales

By Peter Baker & Katharine Deuel   07/22/21  
In June 2020, The Pew Charitable Trusts petitioned the secretary of commerce to take emergency action to protect right whales from entanglement by closing high-risk areas to fishing gear with ropes, and since then, the…

Why is the air quality so bad? Here are some answers

By Matthew Chayes   07/21/21  
Blame fires out West for hazy skies in the East. Here are details on why Long Island's air quality is so bad — and when it’s expected to get better.

Climate change a “non-issue” in Hamptons despite exceptional vulnerability

By Laura Euler   07/12/21  
Sea levels are rising. Catastrophic storms are increasing. Temperatures are soaring to unprecedented highs.

LIPA: Green energy to dominate LI electric grid by 2030

By Mark Harrington   07/10/21  
Nearly 70% of Long Island’s electricity will be generated by renewable sources including wind and solar energy by 2030, according to a newly released timeline for meeting state mandates to retire the region's fossil-fuel power…

LIPA, PSEG reach terms on new contract

By Mark Harrington   06/29/21  
LIPA and PSEG Long Island have reached a tentative contract settlement that would keep the New Jersey-based power service provider in place until at least 2025 while instituting new controls and accountability measures to address…

New York passes flurry of legislation in wake of frustrations over PSEG Long Island storm performance

By Scott Voorhis   06/25/21  
New York lawmakers earlier this month passed five pieces of legislation that impose new requirements on the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and its service provider, PSEG Long Island.

Video Simulation Shows What Empire Wind Project, Off Long Island And N.J., Will Look Like From Shore

By Carolyn Gusoff   06/22/21  
Offshore wind power is coming to New York for the first time, and it would be the largest wind farm in the nation to date.

Biden’s offshore wind bonanza is coming to New York and New Jersey

By Emily Pontecorvo   06/14/21  
Until recently, it looked like the best chance of climate action from the Biden administration was going to be an infrastructure bill making its way through Congress.

A new ‘set it-and-forget it’ crop may help LI’s aqua farmers — and its bays, too

By Mark Harrington   05/07/21  
In the murky green shallows of Moriches Bay, Paul McCormick steps from his oyster skiff to walk in knee-deep water to a section of his aqua farm that holds promise for a new industry on…

Recap: Advancing Wind & Protecting Wildlife Webinar

On April 21, together with Citizens Campaign for the Environment, we held an event on Advancing Wind and Protecting Wildlife. The event focused on how offshore wind energy projects can be built without causing any…

Orsted, Eversource pledge $5 million to Stony Brook University for wind-farm research

By Mark Harrington   04/27/21  
The developers of two offshore wind-farm projects slated to provide power to Long Island have pledged $5 million in research funding for a Stony Brook University energy center. Orsted, the Danish energy giant, and its…

LIPA to consider replacements for PSEG, officials say

By Mark Harrington   04/27/21  
A LIPA task force will recommend that the utility’s board explore two primary alternatives to PSEG managing the Long Island electric grid, including gauging interest from new suitors to replace the embattled company, officials told…

Wind Farms Will Not Sprout Off South Fork, But Fishermen Are Not Assuaged

By Michael Wright   04/21/21  
The federal government for the first time last week formalized areas of the Atlantic Ocean off Hampton Bays and Westhampton as possible zones for future offshore wind farm development — though the agency said that…

Architect Wayne Turett’s Greenport home is one of the first passive houses on the North Fork

By Lauren Parker   04/09/21  
Wayne Turett’s modern Greenport house, overlooking North Fork nature and Sterling Harbor Basin, is truly an architect’s home.

Activists Rally to Support Climate Bills

By Pam Robinson   04/08/21  
Climate change activists took their message to several Long Island legislators on Wednesday, including U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi, D-Huntington.

State of the Bays? It’s Not Good

By Christopher Walsh   04/07/21  
The effects of climate change are manifesting on Long Island, while excessive nitrogen loading from wastewater poses a material threat both to coastal ecosystems and human health.