New Mexico, the Enchanted State, is home to 2 million people and its 121 thousand miles include deserts, mountains, forests, and rivers. First colonized by Spain and,  it became a US territory in 1853, and finally a state in 1912. The Pueblo peoples have lived in what is now New Mexico continuously for over 1000 years, and today Pueblo lands span over eight counties and more than 2 million acres

Extreme heat presents an urgent threat to New Mexico and, along with it, droughts and wildfires. By the end of this century, summers in Carlsbad Caverns National Park are projected to be 13 degrees hotter. The number of days per year with dangerous levels of heat is expected to double in New Mexico, which has the second highest child poverty rate in the country. With warmer temperatures, demand for water will increase while its availability will decrease. Like the direct health effects of extreme heat, water insecurity will affect the most vulnerable the most acutely. Native communities, in particular, face extremely dangerous conditions as 30% of the people on Navajo Nation must haul water to meet their daily needs. This is yet another example of the fact that those who have contributed the least to climate change are most acutely impacted, a phenomenon that like colonization, many have argued, constitutes genocide. 

The industrial sector and transportation sector account for the vast majority of New Mexico’s net energy consumption, ranking in the top 25% of states according to per capita use. The residential sector, by contrast, ranks in the bottom third of states by per capita consumption. New Mexico is one of the top natural gas producers in the US, and in 2018 accounted for 4% of the country’s natural gas production. New Mexico has three active coal mines that collectively account for 1% of the total mined coal in the US. Within the state, coal continues to be the main source of electricity accounting for, in 2018, 40% of New Mexico’s electricity, the first time that it had been below half. The potential of wind and solar energy in New Mexico is extremely promising, and wind energy accounted for almost a fifth of the state’s electricity use in 2019

In May of 2019, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the Energy Transition Act, which set a path for the state to transition away from coal. The ETA set a state-wide renewable energy standard of 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 80% by 2040. In 2019, New Mexico’s Interagency Climate Change Task Force presented initial recommendations for statewide climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. The report focuses on greenhouse gas reduction, public health, emergency preparedness and management, and water availability.

New Mexico is one of twenty four states, plus Puerto Rico, committed to the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of governors, created in 2017, committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Despite Rules, New Mexico Oil and Gas Producers Keep Polluting

By Jerry Redfern 03/17/23
Driving around the Permian Basin in early February, it was impossible to miss. New Mexico has increased its oil production tenfold since 2010 and was the first major oil-producing state to surpass its pre-pandemic output…
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Task force releases plan to manage water amid climate change

By Scott Wyland 02/10/23
A state task force released a report Friday outlining actions that government leaders, communities and individual users can take to better manage New Mexico’s water supply, which is expected to decrease sharply as the climate…
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199 drilling permits blocked

By Joseph Winters 02/08/23
Tribal nations and environmental groups in the U.S. Southwest scored a victory last week when a federal appeals court rejected nearly 200 new oil and gas drilling permits in the Greater Chaco region of New…
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Study says New Mexico turning blind eye to several large polluters in climate change policy

By Megan Myscofski 02/05/23
New Mexico lawmakers are leaving many large polluters out of climate change policy, according to a new report from the University of New Mexico and PSE Healthy Energy, a nonprofit research institute. And many of…
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The “Law of the River” at the heart of the Colorado River crisis

By Hayley Smith and Ian James 02/03/23
It’s a crisis nearly 100 years in the making: Seven states — all reliant on a single mighty river as a vital source of water — failed to reach an agreement this week on how…
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As the Colorado River shrinks, Washington prepares to spread the pain

By Christopher Flavelle 01/27/23
The seven states that rely on the river for water are not expected to reach a deal on cuts. It appears the Biden administration will have to impose reductions.
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Oil leases in New Mexico could worsen climate change, should be canceled, lawsuit argues

By Adrian Hedden 01/27/23
A lawsuit challenged thousands of acres of public land leased to the oil and gas industry in southeast New Mexico, amid pressure from environmental groups in the state to see the federal government tighten restrictions…
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In California’s Imperial Valley, farmers brace for a future with less Colorado River water

By Ian James 01/27/23
Just north of the California-Mexico border, the All-American Canal cuts across 80 miles of barren, dune-swept desert. Up to 200 feet wide and 20 feet deep, the canal delivers the single largest share of Colorado…
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The Colorado River is overused and shrinking. Inside the crisis transforming the Southwest

By Ian James and Molly Hennessy-Fiske 01/26/23
The Colorado River begins as melting snow, trickling from forested peaks and coursing in streams that gather in the meadows and valleys of the Rocky Mountains. Like arteries, its major tributaries take shape across Colorado,…
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A river guide’s view of Lake Powell’s decline and the depths of the Colorado River crisis

By Ian James 01/26/23
Muddy water whizzed past as John Weisheit steered a motorboat upstream in the Colorado River. He revved the engine as the boat sped around a bend and up a riffle.
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Energy and environment bills to watch during New Mexico’s 2023 Legislative Session

Adrian Hedden 01/19/23
Protecting New Mexico from pollution while shifting the state away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy were among key priority of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her supporters in the legislature.
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New Mexico HVDC transmission line to carry 4 GW of renewable energy

By Anne Fischer 01/18/23
New Mexico North Path will help unlock a share of what its local energy authority has estimated is $11 billion of untapped renewable energy investment potential in the state.
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New Mexico oil drilling permits thwarted by tribe, greens

A federal appeals court said the government inappropriately ignored the dangers of hazardous air pollutants when issuing permits to drill oil and gas wells in northwestern New Mexico, in what environmental groups say is a…

There’s almost unlimited clean, geothermal energy under our feet. New tech could help unleash that potential in New Mexico.

Canadian company Eavor Inc. drilled an 18,000-foot well bore this past fall in southwest New Mexico to prove it could hammer its way through deep-underground, hard-granite rock to reach previously untapped geothermal energy.

New Mexico lawmakers advance bill to fund response to climate change, extreme weather

A bill addressing climate change in New Mexico with the expenditure of millions of state funds passed out of its first committee Monday on a 7-2 vote by lawmakers.

Powerful clean-energy line to crisscross NM

A $2 billion, 400-mile clean-energy transmission line planned for northern New Mexico became an official “public-private” project this week, significantly boosting its development prospects.

New Mexico Is Riding A Breeze

Having only recently christened its biggest wind power project to date, New Mexico is poised for new investments that are primed to vault the state into a leadership position in wind energy generation. Regulatory approvals…

Regulatory approval for SunZia Transmission paves the way for a Southwest renewable energy corridor

Pattern Energy Group, a renewable energy developer, announced its SunZia Transmission project received the approval of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to build a 550-mile high voltage direct current transmission line from New Mexico to…

EPA’s revised methane rule would impose tougher fossil fuel measures

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a revised version of its proposed methane rule Friday that would impose tougher measures on the fossil fuel industry than an earlier draft of the regulations aimed at curbing the…

New Mexico projects set to get $230 million in funding from Congress

New Mexico residents stand to benefit from a $1.5 trillion federal spending bill signed Tuesday by President Joe Biden — with more than $230 million designated for about 85 projects throughout the state. The omnibus…

Will Pattern Continue Investments in New Mexico after Western Spirit Wind?

Gwynne Ann Unruh is an award-winning reporter formerly of the Alamosa Valley Courier, an independent paper in southern Colorado. She covers the environment for The Paper.

New Mexico AG Joins Coalition In Defense Of Federal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards For Light-Duty Vehicles

Attorney General Hector Balderas, as part of a coalition of attorneys general and cities and counties, filed a motion Tuesday to intervene in defense of federal greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) standards for light-duty vehicles.

NM wind project creating the ‘Route 66 of renewable energy’

Guadalupe, Lincoln and Torrance counties are now collectively supporting the electricity needs of nearly 1 million people through a massive new wind farm and transmission line in central New Mexico.

Hydrogen power demanded by New Mexico governor via executive order, despite objections

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is trying again to establish her state as a national leader in “clean” hydrogen energy, directing her cabinet agencies to seek funding and projects to grow the sector as…

New Mexico, coalition of mountain west states sign MOU to develop a regional clean hydrogen hub

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Thursday joined the governors of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming in announcing that they will compete jointly for a portion of the $8 billion allocated in the federal Infrastructure Investment and…

Pattern Energy begins operations at New Mexico wind projects

US-based renewable energy firm Pattern Energy Group has completed and begun commercial operations at its Western Spirit Wind suite of power projects in New Mexico.

Pattern Energy completes New Mexico wind project

Pattern Energy officials announced Thursday that the Western Spirit Wind project has started commercial operations. The company had billed it as the largest single-phase construction of renewable power in the U.S.

BLM lease sale seeks to expand geothermal energy in New Mexico

As part of an effort to increase renewable energy, the Bureau of Land Management will hold a virtual geothermal lease sale this fall for three parcels totaling nearly 4,000 acres. These parcels are located in…

10,000 solar panels: New Mexico State-El Paso Electric collaboration to power campus

Aggie Power celebrated its final stages of construction with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday.

Renewable energy transition faces roadblocks in New Mexico

As alarms increase about the horrors of climate change, New Mexico and the nation are hustling to accelerate renewable energy efforts.

Dick Spotswood: No debate, moving to electric vehicles will eliminate harmful carbon emissions

By Dick Spotswood 06/26/21
When I was a kid growing up in San Francisco, my father and I rode the Municipal Railway’s No. 47 Van Ness electric trolley bus to the Civic Auditorium to see Autorama. That was General…

New law designed to increase New Mexicans’ access to solar power

By Robert Nott 04/10/21
“I love what a solar array looks like,” said Bellof, executive director of the nonprofit Coalition of Sustainable Communities NM. “I love what it represents: capturing free solar energy — renewable, free solar energy.”

New Mexico Enacts 98 Percent Gas Capture Rule

By Blake C. Jones 04/02/21
After two years of rulemaking, and more than a year of public comments, on Thursday, March 25, 2021, New Mexico’s Oil Conservation Commission (OCC) unanimously approved new regulations on natural gas emissions that require New…

Renewable energy projected to grow

By Alisa Boswell-Gore 03/27/21
The U.S. Energy Information Administration released a report last month highlighting its projections that the U.S. electricity generation mix made up of renewables will have doubled by 2050. That's also when 42% of the nation's…

New Mexico Senate passes Clean Fuel Standard Act

By Erin Voegele 03/15/21
The New Mexico Senate on March 11 voted 25 to 14 in favor of a bill that aims to establish a Clean Fuel Standard that would require a 28 percent decrease in the carbon intensity…

Preparing for Climate Change in New Mexico

This page provides an overview of the steps New Mexico is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

New Mexico Energy Policy and Implementation Plan

Governor Martinez and outgoing Cabinet Secretary David Martin have developed a State Energy Policy and Implementation Plan. The primary purpose of this plan is to harness New Mexico's abundant resources in a way that grows the state's economy. New…

New Mexico Energy Roadmap Project

Following the release of the 2015 New Mexico State Energy Policy and Implementation Plan, staff at the Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department's (EMNRD) Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) began to look for ways…


climate health and equity implications of large facility pollution sources in New Mexico

In 2019, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued an executive order establishing a goal of cutting New Mexico greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 45 percent by 2030.1 In parallel, the state legislature enacted the 2019…

Global Low-Carbon Energy Technology Investment Surges Past $1 Trillion for the First Time

London, January 26, 2023 – Global investment in the low-carbon energy transition totaled $1.1 trillion in 2022 – a new record and a huge acceleration from the year before – as the energy crisis and…

New Mexico Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

Over the past decade, utilities, companies, and residents around New Mexico have invested in solar power to save money and increase reliance on green energy. The state has invested $2.3 billion in solar energy, and…

New Mexico State Profile and Energy Estimates

New Mexico is home to the forested peaks and valleys of the southern Rocky Mountains, high plateaus of the Great Plains, and spectacular desert canyons and mesas. In addition to its dramatic vistas, the state…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

New Mexico’s Climate Threats

Explore graphics, interactives and news about New Mexico's climate threats.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in New Mexico

Between 2017 and 2019, New Mexico experienced one drought and two severe storms. The damages of each event led to losses of at least $1 billion.

What Climate Change Means for New Mexico

New Mexico’s climate is changing. Most of the state has warmed at least one degree (F) in the la st ce ntury. T hroughout the s outhwestern Unit ed States, heat w aves are b…

State-by-State: Climate Change in New Mexico

New Mexico’s climate is already changing. Most of the state has warmed at least one degree Fahrenheit in the last century. New Mexico can expect increasing frequency and intensity of heat waves, reduced snowpack and reduced…

New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority

The New Mexico legislature created RETA in 2007 making it  one of the first independent state authorities in the nation to  facilitate the licensing, construction and financing of high voltage transmission lines and energy storage projects, allowing delivery…

Environment New Mexico

Environment New Mexico is a citizen-based environmental advocacy project of Environment America. Our professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results…


Proposed Utility Merger Generates Wariness in New Mexico

By Roz Brown   09/27/21  
PNM is New Mexico's largest electric generation, transmission and distribution utility, serving more than 530,000 customers around the state.
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Fueled by climate change, costly Southwest drought isn’t going away

By Rong Fu and others   09/21/21  
With absent rainy seasons, depleted snowpack, widespread heat waves, unprecedented wildfires and low reservoirs, the American West has experienced an extraordinary drought since early 2020. To inform and prepare Americans for droughts like this one,…
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New Mexico presents rule to reduce fossil fuel pollutants

By Scott Wyland   09/20/21  
State regulators on Monday presented a proposed rule to curb fossil fuel emissions that cause ground-level ozone, a pollutant that can be harmful to public health and the environment.
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Drought tests centuries-old water traditions in New Mexico

By Susan Montoya Brian   09/18/21  
At the edge of a sandstone outcropping, Teresa Leger Fernández looks out on the Rio Chama. The river tracks a diverse landscape from the southern edge of the Rocky Mountains through rugged basalt hillsides, layers…
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New Mexico lawmakers call on Congress to end oil and gas ‘subsidies’

By Adrian Hedden   09/18/21  
An estimated $121 billion in federal “subsidies” go to the oil and gas industry in Congress’ budget reconciliation bill being debated in the U.S. Capitol.
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New Mexico oil and gas must be curbed to address climate, health impacts, study says

By Adrian Hedden   09/16/21  
Oil and gas emissions in New Mexico continued to worry public health advocates and environmentalists as both the state and federal government sought to tighten restrictions on air pollution from fossil fuel development.
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Santa Fe group home to go solar, save money

By YCC Team   09/15/21  
In Santa Fe, New Mexico, a group home called Casa Milagro provides permanent housing for people who have struggled with homelessness and mental illness.
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USDA invests in renewable energy projects in New Mexico rural communities

By Headlight Staff   09/14/21  
U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the Department is investing $464 million to build or improve renewable energy infrastructure and to help rural communities, agricultural producers, and businesses lower energy costs in…
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New Mexico’s key environmental regulators seek budget bumps to fund climate change efforts

By Adrian Hedden   09/04/21  
New Mexico’s upcoming 2022 Legislative Session comes at time of transition for the state’s energy industries – which serve as a major economic driver for the state’s economy.
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New Mexico panel considers future of coal-fired power plant

By Susan Montoya Brian   08/30/21  
New Mexico's largest electric provider wants to transfer its share of a coal-fired power plant to an energy company backed by the Navajo Nation, but environmentalists argue that approving the deal would prolong the life…
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Governor signs 30×30 executive order

By Hannah Grover   08/25/21  
Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed an executive order Wednesday that aims to set aside 30 percent of the state’s lands and waters by 2030 for conservation and another 20 percent for climate stabilization.
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What Is a Megadrought?

By Henry Fountain   06/23/21  
The Western United States is locked in an extreme drought this year that is one of the worst on record. But for a large part of the region the only thing that makes this year different is…
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Xcel Energy sets new regional wind energy records

Boosted by strong production from Xcel Energy’s new Sagamore Wind Project in New Mexico, wind energy accounted for more than half the region’s electricity supply in March and reached a new hourly peak production of…
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New Mexicans weigh in on methane as EPA considers new rules

By Hannah Grover   06/18/21  
Dozens of New Mexicans issued warnings about the current and future impacts of climate change this week as they urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to adopt a new rule that would lead to significant…
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Can the sun solve New Mexico’s energy conundrum?

By J. Weston Phippen   06/18/21  
The blue van turned onto the pitted road, and for miles the tallest objects on the horizon were the brush and yucca. Soon, signs appeared with arrows that pointed to dirt trails with curious names…
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PRC says community solar projects cannot be approved until rules are completed

By Hannah Grover   06/17/21  
While the Community Solar Act does not go into effect until June 18, investor-owned utilities have been receiving applications, and at least one of the utilities has expressed uncertainty about how to process such applications…
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Climate change stresses El Paso area power grid

By Danielle Prokop   06/16/21  
As El Paso experiences a long-term heat wave with temperatures climbing above 100 degrees during an extreme drought, concerns increase about whether West Texas and parts of New Mexico could be without power at times.
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EPA to repeal controversial water rule impacting New Mexico

By Scott Wyland   06/15/21  
U.S. regulators aim to repeal a contentious Trump-era rule that stirred fierce opposition from conservationists and many New Mexico leaders because it removed most of the state’s water from federal protection.
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New Mexico Climate Change Task Force Seeks Public Input Through New Online Survey

By Carol A. Clark   06/13/21  
The New Mexico Climate Change Task Force encourages the public to participate in a new survey as the state seeks input to guide their ongoing climate work.
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Prairie chickens are dying out on the Great Plains.

By Juliet Eilperin and Joshua Partlow   05/27/21  
The Biden administration called for new protections under the Endangered Species Act for an iconic bird of the Great Plains on Wednesday, a move with major consequences for the oil and gas industry.
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Where does New Mexico stand in the path to net zero emissions by 2050

By Hannah Grover   05/25/21  
The state of New Mexico has emerged in recent years as a leader in policies aimed at reducing emissions amid the climate crisis, but at the same time it has seen an increase in oil…
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Turning NM coal ash into green products

By Kevin Robinson - Avila   05/24/21  
 A Canadian company wants to turn San Juan County into a manufacturing hub for “green cement” by recycling coal ash with innovative clean- processing technology.
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New Mexico has the potential for 100% clean energy in our lifetimes

By Chenoa Scippio and Serena Cumber   05/24/21  
In the conversation about climate change and global warming, there is one thing that is always missing: environmental ethics. Environmental ethics is rooted in indigenous knowledge and traditions, which have been developed by observing, listening,…
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Mitigating Climate Change in the American Southwest Includes Draining Lake Powell

By Craig Axford   04/24/21  
The American Southwest (consisting of all or part of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah) receives less precipitation than any other region in the United States. In his 1986 book Cadillac Desert, the environmental…
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New Mexico is experiencing climate change in the form of drought

By Hannah Grover   04/10/21  
Hydrologist Katrina Bennett describes extreme weather events like droughts and floods as the way that human societies experience climate change. These events are immediately noticeable and can have rippling impacts, including economic repercussions.
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New law designed to increase New Mexicans’ access to solar power

By Robert Knott   04/10/21  
“I love what a solar array looks like,” said Bellof, executive director of the nonprofit Coalition of Sustainable Communities NM. “I love what it represents: capturing free solar energy — renewable, free solar energy.”
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New Mexico debates impacts to oil and gas as Biden rolls out $2 trillion spending package

By Adrian Hedden   04/09/21  
President Joe Biden’s attempts to mitigate climate change continued to see mixed reviews from New Mexico leaders as the President sought to reduce pollution by slowing fossil fuel production – a major driver of the…
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New Mexicans Lead on Climate

By Leah Cantor   04/07/21  
For Richard Moore, co-director of the Los Jardines Institute in Albuquerque, the fight for social justice is inseparable from the fight for clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.
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City council passes two renewable energy transition commitments, including all electric vehicles

By Michael McDevitt   04/06/21  
The Las Cruces City Council passed two resolutions during its Monday meeting to advance its goal of increasing renewable energy use citywide and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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PNM’s plans for the future include reduced baseload power and increased renewable energy

By Hannah Grover   04/02/21  
New Mexico’s largest electric utility is planning to reduce its baseload power while increasing power generated by renewable sources and possibly adding natural gas generation with turbines capable of producing power from hydrogen.
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Solar power on the rise in New Mexico as U.S. Sens. Heinrich, Lujan tout energy transition

By Adrian Hedden   03/29/21  
Scientists at Sandia National Laboratory were poised to develop technology that could lower the cost of solar energy as the industry continued its growth in New Mexico.
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Experts predict bad year for New Mexico wildfires

By Victoria Traxler   03/28/21  
Wildfire experts in Northern New Mexico are urging the community to prepare for a hot, dry summer with potentially worse conditions than previous years, and they say the idea of a wildfire “season” is slowly…
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Renewable energy projected to grow

By Alisa Boswell- Gore   03/27/21  
The U.S. Energy Information Administration released a report last month highlighting its projections that the U.S. electricity generation mix made up of renewables will have doubled by 2050. That's also when 42% of the nation's…
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Debate over New Mexico oil and gas industry regulations gets national spotlight

By Tommy Lopez   03/26/21  
New Mexico’s oil and gas industry continues to be in the national spotlight after former congresswoman and current Interior Secretary Deb Haaland spoke during a national public forum Thursday.
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Sandia Labs to build solar power testing center in New Mexico

By The Associated Press   03/26/21  
Sandia National Laboratories has been awarded a $25 million contract to build, test and operate a new solar power test facility on its campus in New Mexico.
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Energy, environment bills see mixed success during New Mexico’s 2021 Legislative Session

By Adrian Hedden   03/23/21  
Bills that sought to enact stricter regulations on the oil and gas industry while protecting the environment and encouraging a transition away from fossil fuels were numerous during New Mexico’s 2021 Legislative Session.
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Governor asks Biden for credit on NM climate change efforts

By Dan Boyd   03/15/21  
 Citing heartburn over hefty possible revenue losses, Gov. Michelle Lujan is asking President Joe Biden to give New Mexico a break when it comes to crafting new federal policies on oil and natural gas leasing…
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Senator Heinrich looks to protect New Mexico energy jobs

By Alyssa Meisner   03/15/21  
 U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is inviting U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to visit New Mexico to see first-hand the important national security work…
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New Mexico Democrats continue fight against climate change through legislation

By Adrian Hedden   02/01/21  
New Mexico’s efforts to fighting climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions could be augmented if a State House bill was passed and signed into law. Introduced by a group of House Democrats, the Climate…
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A river used to run through it: how New Mexico handles a dwindling Rio Grande

By Di Minardi   01/12/21  
The Rio Grande used to flow freely, but now in Las Cruces, humans, fish and plants are vying for water in the arid landscape
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The Southwest’s Race Against the Climate Clock

By Laura Paskus   01/08/21  
In the coming years, as human-caused warming continues, New Mexicans will face even more dire conditions. And while some New Mexico lawmakers plan to introduce bills on solar energy, prescribed fire and statewide greenhouse gas…
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New Mexico utilities look ahead to renewable energy mandates

By Susan Montoya Bryan   01/07/21  
A solar project meant to provide 10% of Gallup’s electricity for the next two decades is falling short of expectations, highlighting just one of the challenges as investor-owned utilities and rural electric cooperatives across New…
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CFE admits falsifying document but maintains green energy caused blackout

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has admitted falsifying a document it used to back up its claim that a wildfire in Tamaulipas contributed to last week’s massive power outage.
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States & Cities Are Driving Climate & Clean Energy Progress

By Kit Kennedy   01/06/21  
And despite the continual crises and President Trump’s desperate efforts to turn back the clock on climate and clean energy in the United States, states, cities, and communities continued to demand and lead the fight…
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Lawmakers: New Mexico energy law needs to protect customers

By Susan Montoya Bryan   01/05/21  
Three Democratic state lawmakers who initially supported New Mexico’s landmark energy law are proposing changes to protect utility customers from significant rate hikes in the future.
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Lawmakers: New Mexico energy law needs to protect customers

By Susan Montoya Bryan   01/05/21  
Three Democratic state lawmakers who initially supported New Mexico’s landmark energy law are proposing changes to protect utility customers from significant rate hikes in the future.
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Massive 1GW New Mexico order for GE Renewable Energy

By Andrew McCorkell   01/04/21  
GE will supply 377 turbines from its 2MW platform to Pattern Energy's 1,050MW Western Spirit wind complex in New Mexico, which is due online by the end of the year.
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Changes to New Mexico clean energy law on agenda

By Robert Nott   01/04/21  
Just two years ago, state political leaders, environmentalists and labor unions pushed for the Energy Transition Act, which required the state’s major electric utilities to get 100 percent of their power from carbon emission-free sources…
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Pattern Energy moves forward on wind farms, transmission line through New Mexico

By Ron Davis   01/04/21  
After closing on financing, Pattern Energy Group LP has broke ground on new wind farms and a new transmission line to help power New Mexico.
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Microgrid feasibility study underway to connect Aspen airport, RFTA, public works

By Curtis Wackerle   01/04/21  
Pitkin County, Holy Cross Energy and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority are studying the feasibility of developing a microgrid to connect a cluster of public facilities near the airport so that they could be powered…
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