New Hampshire


New Hampshire, the Granite State, rests on land native to the Abenaki and Pennacock tribes, displaced during colonization beginning in the 1600s. New Hampshire became the first of the colonies to create a constitution and declare independence from Britain. Home to just 1.4 million people, New Hampshire covers almost 9 thousand square miles.

Summers in New Hampshire are becoming hotter and muggier and extreme heat days are expected to quadruple by 2050 — from 10 to more than 40 days per year. One consequence of hotter temperatures is the increase in the severity of storms. Since 1958, precipitation in New Hampshire from heavy storms has increased by 70%. Average precipitation in New Hampshire is likely to continue increasing in winter and spring but remain relatively consistent through summer and fall. As snow melts earlier and water evaporates more quickly, soil will be left drier by summer and fall. New Hampshire ranks fourth nationally in terms of state ski revenue per capita, but that industry is threatened as winters warm. Across the country, ski areas are facing a decline in the length of the season by as much as 50% by 2050.

Officially, New Hampshire has a little more than 18 miles of Atlantic coastline, a small strip between Massachusetts’s and Maine’s more well-known coasts. However, the Department of Environmental Services recognizes 235 miles, which includes estuarian shoreline. Estuaries feed into wetlands, which are an important natural defense against coastal flooding. Humans have been filling wetlands for development since the 1800s, and as climate change promises sea level rise, especially along the Atlantic where the coastline is sinking, these New Hampshire residents are becoming increasingly vulnerable. 5,000 people live at risk of coastal flooding in New Hampshire today and that number is expected to increase to 7,000 by 2050.

New Hampshire’s rugged and varied terrain offers plentiful natural resources to the state, including some of the highest winds ever recorded, and New Hampshire was the site of the nation’s first attempt at a commercial wind farm. However, renewable resources supply only about 1/6 of the state’s electrical generation and biomass and hydroelectric facilities provide most of that with nuclear energy occuping the largest share of New Hampshire’s energy generation. In 2019, 60% of the state’s generation came from one nuclear power plant. Natural gas supplies about 20%. Two coal-fired electricity generating stations are still in use in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s leadership has taken decisive steps towards confronting challenges presented by climate change. The state’s Climate Action Plan was finalized in 2009, which provided wide-ranging recommendations including a call for the creation of a separate adaptation plan and the initiation of an interdisciplinary Energy and Climate Collaborative. A number of legislative efforts have continued to build on this plan, including a 2016 mandate for the Department of Environmental Services to update and summarize coastal flooding trends. However, an overarching and comprehensive planning piece of legislation has yet to be passed, and neither has legislation targeting emissions reduction. Such a bill got its first hearing at the beginning of 2020.


Large New Hampshire solar projects face delays trying to connect to power grid

By Sarah Shemkus 03/06/24
When conveyor belt manufacturer Wire Belt opened its new facility in Bedford, N.H., last fall, the company looked forward to saving money and fighting climate change with a 2,400-panel solar array installed on the roof.
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It’s time for Northeast to prep for floods like those that hit this winter. Climate change is why

By Patrick Whittle 02/15/24
After back-to-back storms lashed the Northeast in January, rental properties Haim Levy owns in coastal Hampton, New Hampshire, were hammered by nearly two feet of water, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage…
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It’s Time for Northeast to Prep for Floods Like Those That Hit This Winter. Climate Change Is Why

By Patrick Whittle 02/15/24
After back-to-back storms lashed the Northeast in January, rental properties Haim Levy owns in coastal Hampton, New Hampshire, were hammered by nearly two feet of water, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage…
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Farm relief funds in NH would counter climate change-related crop damage

By Kathryn Carley 02/12/24
Two proposed relief funds for New Hampshire farmers aim to recover losses from climate change-related weather events.
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NH officials share draft climate priorities that could shape investments to come

By Mara Hoplamazian 02/07/24
New Hampshire’s plan to take action on climate change is getting its first update since 2009. State officials are highlighting incentives and support for electric vehicles, public transportation, energy efficiency, heat pumps and workforce development…
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N.H.’s primary pushed the GOP to fix acid rain. Climate change is another story.

By Michael Kranish 01/21/24
Thirty-six years ago, Republicans in the first-in-the-nation primary battled to prove they had the deepest commitment to the day’s most contentious issue: the acid rain poisoning New Hampshire’s lakes, rivers and forests.
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How climate change is, or isn’t, a factor for young Republicans ahead of the NH primary

By Mara Hoplamazian 01/15/24
On a warm December night, in a backroom of a Manchester brewery crowded with prospective voters, Chris Barnard was trying to get presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy on the record about his views on climate change.
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When El Niño and climate change collide: What it means for a New Hampshire winter

By Hadley Barndollar 01/11/24
The Granite State may have been pummeled by a good ol’ snowstorm on Sunday, but the 50-degree temperatures, rain, and flooding emergencies that followed a few days later were quick reminders that winters here are…
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Climate Change Behind Sharp Drop in Snowpack Since 1980s

By Morgan Kelly 01/10/24
Snow is one of the most contradictory cues we have for understanding climate change.
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New England storm aftermath: Shoreline flooding, evacuations, and washed-out roads

By Emily Sweeney and others 01/10/24
A pounding rainstorm that lashed the region overnight caused extensive flooding along the coast Wednesday, washing out roads, engulfing vehicles, and forcing evacuations in Rhode Island and Hampton, N.H. The storm dropped several inches of…
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2023 weather in New Hampshire marked by floods, freezes, tornado

By Hayley LaPoint 12/29/23
New Hampshire weather in 2023 was marked by extraordinary flash flooding, a tornado touchdown, huge fluctuations in temperatures that caused serious problems for agriculture and other impactful events.
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A climate change education resolution in New Hampshire

By Glenn Branch 12/22/23
New Hampshire's House Resolution 30, prefiled on December 11, 2023, would, if adopted, urge the legislature "and by extension the department of education [to] consider compiling and disseminating climate education curricula to school districts so…
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Carbon Credits Transform NH Forest Management: Economic Shifts and Legislative Debates

For centuries, monetary value in forested land was realized through timber harvests. Today, climate change introduces a new economic player: carbon credits, turning forests into valuable carbon sequestration assets. This shift is causing a stir…

Unitil begins work on Kingston solar array, first in NH owned by a regulated utility

Unitil has begun site work on New Hampshire’s first regulated utility-owned solar array located on 36 acres of vacant land in Kingston.

ReVision: Community solar farms give everyone access to renewable energy

For those people with rooftop solar panels, sun-generated electrons help power their lights, refrigerator and everything else that requires electricity. If they don’t use all that they’ve generated, the excess power goes into the electric…

NH Business: NH communities buying own lower priced power. Electricity providers must soon get 25.2% from renewables

Right now, different energies such as nuclear, natural gas, hydro, biomass, wind, coal, solar and others are what is used to power the Granite State.

Five years later, New Hampshire’s community power law is reshaping the electricity market

Member towns in New Hampshire’s year-old Community Power Coalition are reaping the benefits of banding together to buy electricity on their own.

EV parking, ESG investing and the energy grid: lawmakers look to NH’s energy future with different visions

Competing visions for New Hampshire’s energy future were the centerpiece of several legislative hearings in Concord this week.

Grants would help less affluent New Hampshire towns invest in public solar projects

New Hampshire’s energy department is preparing to road-test a grant program meant to help disadvantaged cities and towns access the environmental and financial benefits of solar power.

2024 means renewed energy, environment debates for NH lawmakers

New Hampshire lawmakers will spend the next several months vetting and voting on more than 1,000 bills, many of which could impact the state’s course on climate change, the environment, and energy policy.

New Hampshire climate and energy bills to watch in 2024

After a year marked by wildfire smoke, intense rainfall and a warmer than normal fall and start to winter, climate change is affecting the way Granite Staters live.

Vt., NH projects win $2M in grants for clean energy, food production

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing millions of dollars into clean energy and food production in Vermont, New Hampshire and across the country

New Hampshire Nuclear Subsidy Could Eclipse Renewables, Clean Energy Advocates Warn

An upcoming legislative proposal to define New Hampshire’s Seabrook nuclear station as clean energy risks undermining solar and wind in a state that is already falling behind other jurisdictions in renewable energy development, local climate…

Want to contribute your thoughts to NH’s new climate plan? Here’s how.

New Hampshire is in the process of updating its climate action plan for the first time since 2009, and opportunities for Granite Staters to engage with the process are coming up.

Sullivan County considers renewable energy offer that could cut costs

Sullivan County Commissioners gave County Manager Derek Ferland the go-ahead on Tuesday to negotiate a contract with a solar energy project that could lower the electric bill at the county complex in Unity.

Another power line proposed to carry electricity from Quebec through New Hampshire

Five years after Northern Pass was rejected by the state, another proposal is on the books to bring Quebec hydropower through New Hampshire but this time along a different route – passing through Dunbarton instead…

Sununu announces support for proposed transmission lines for Canadian hydropower

Gov. Chris Sununu expressed his support today for a proposed electric transmission project that could bring hydropower from Canada into New England through Vermont and New Hampshire.

Community power programs are launching in New Hampshire. How could they help stop climate change?

Keene was one of the first cities in New Hampshire to adopt commitments to 100% clean energy, in 2019. But then came the challenge of following through.

House Turns Down Renewable Energy and Climate Change Bills

Utilities and fossil fuels did well Thursday in the House while renewable energy and preventing climate change did not.

Community power programs to launch in 14 New Hampshire towns, offering cheaper electricity than major utilities

Community power was made possible under a 2019 change in state law that allows municipalities to buy electricity for their residents instead of traditional utility companies, giving customers another option for prices and other services.

NH House spars over climate and energy bills. Here are the latest votes.

On full display at the State House this week was the persisting staunch divide between Republicans and Democrats on matters of climate change and energy – in a state that remains the only one in…

Tensions run high over future of energy facility siting in New Hampshire

Decisions regarding the permitting of new energy facilities could change hands in New Hampshire if lawmakers choose to dissolve the state’s current process and move responsibilities to the Public Utilities Commission.

Town Meeting 2023: Residents of several towns to vote on community power

This year, voters in several towns have the option to adopt the concept of community power, which is aimed at pooling customers’ collective buying power to negotiate the best available electricity rates while also giving…

New Hampshire may explore offshore wind workforce training center

The anticipated development of wind power off New Hampshire’s coastline will require a workforce likely numbering in the thousands.

NH Climate Activists Applaud ‘Community Power’ Movement

More Granite Staters are expected to get their electricity from renewable energy sources this spring, as so-called "community power" programs continue to expand.

How NH lawmakers are addressing high energy prices this session

As the cost of energy remains higher than ever for many Granite Staters, state lawmakers are considering a variety of efforts to ease the burden on ratepayers.

Democrats pass three bills after briefly gaining majority in New Hampshire House

Democrats briefly gained a majority in the New Hampshire House Thursday and passed a handful of bills – the latest example of the precarious control over the chamber this session.

New renewable technologies are being explored in NH

Green hydrogen, renewable natural gas, activated carbon: These are some of the new technologies that are being looked into in New Hampshire in an effort to save money on energy, increase self-reliance on home-grown renewable…

City panel endorses Keene’s community power plan

Keene’s community power plan, a key part of the city’s goal to reach 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030, will head to the City Council next month after receiving a unanimous recommendation from a committee…

List of New Hampshire State and Local Regional Plans

This page provides an overview of the steps New Hampshire is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

The New Hampshire Climate Action Plan

Over the course of a year, through a process that engaged over 125 stakeholders and received input from over 200 citizens, the 29 members of Governor John Lynch’s Climate Change Policy Task Force developed this…


Biden-Harris Administration selects National Grid’s Twin States Clean Energy Link as part of $1.3 billion commitment to build out nation’s transmission infrastructure

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced Twin States Clean Energy Link, National Grid’s proposed transmission project to support New England’s climate, clean energy, and energy security goals, has been selected as one of…

New Hampshire State Profile and Energy Estimates

New Hampshire is one of the smallest states in the nation, but its landscapes range from ocean beaches to rugged mountains, and its mountains, rivers, and forests hold plentiful renewable energy resources. The state is…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in New Hampshire

Between 2017 and 2019, New Hampshire experienced one winter storm. The damages of the event led to losses of at least $1 billion.

State-by-State: Climate Change in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is vulnerable to increasing temperatures, floods and droughts, and a shorter winter. New Hampshire’s climate has already warmed by two or three degrees Fahrenheit in the last century. Increasing temperatures are causing spring…

Renewable Energy

​Learn about renewable energy options, identify possibilities for your community, and implement a project to generate clean energy while also saving money.

Sustainable Energy Division

The Sustainable Energy Division was created in 2008 to assist the Commission in implementing specific state legislative initiatives focused on promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency and to advance the goals of energy sustainability, affordability…

Renewable Energy

Information from the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission on the state's progress on renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Incentives

A list of programs available to New Hampshire residents who have installed or are interested in installing a renewable energy system for their home or small business.


‘Actually not an oxymoron’: For some young Republicans, climate and environment are top issues

By Hadley Barndollar   12/07/23  
The sight of young Republicans gathering with a presidential candidate over beer, appetizers, and a conversation about the environment may appear as a paradox.
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NH develops first plan to deal with cyanobacteria, as climate change fuels more blooms

By Mara Hoplamazian   12/04/23  
The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has created its first plan to address cyanobacteria blooms in the state’s lakes and ponds.
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New England’s decades-old shrimp fishery, a victim of climate change, to remain closed indefinitely

By Patrick Whittle   12/02/23  
New England's long-shuttered shrimp business, which fell victim to warming waters, will remain in a fishing moratorium indefinitely, fishery regulators ruled on Friday.
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Climate Action in New Hampshire

Warmer winters and hotter summers. Extreme storms and severe drought. Invasive pests and struggling wildlife. Here in New Hampshire, and throughout the Northeast, the signs are unmistakable: our climate is changing. The average temperature has…
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National Climate Assessment shows extreme precipitation has increased most in the Northeast

By Mara Hoplamazian   11/20/23  
The threats from human-driven climate change detailed in the Fifth National Climate Assessment, released last week, are numerous. But in the Northeast, one stands out: increasingly intense rain and snow.
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How the Inflation Reduction Act is helping to jumpstart New Hampshire’s long-stalled climate plan

By Sarah Shemkus   06/30/23  
New Hampshire — long an outlier among New England states on climate action — is on its way to creating a new climate plan for the first time in 14 years. The state budget adopted…
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NH’s first ban on food waste becomes law in win for composting

By Amanda Gokee   06/23/23  
For Albert Diemand, it all began with a composting toilet. One barrier is that composting services for food waste aren’t readily available throughout New Hampshire. Even for residents and businesses that want to compost, it…
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Climate change could drive migration to New England. Some communities are starting to plan.

By Mara Hoplamazian   05/18/23  
As climate change fuels extreme weather and rising sea levels in the U.S. and across the globe, parts of New England could become havens of safety for those fleeing fires, heat, and floods.
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Dover won’t start NH community power program for lower electric bills yet. Here’s why.

By Ian Lenahan   05/17/23  
The city’s bid to lower electricity bills for residents and expand access to renewable energy sources through the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire is on pause following a City Council vote.
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Roads are drying out after NH’s wet week. But with climate change, flooding could be an increasing problem.

By Mara Hoplamazian   05/05/23  
New Hampshire’s roads are starting to dry out after a wet week. But as climate change brings more precipitation and the chance of stronger storms, communities are starting to face increasing flooding risks and new…
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Portsmouth, N.H., is putting together its own climate action plan

By Amanda Gokee   05/04/23  
To report on climate change in New Hampshire is to be told over and over again just how far behind the state is compared to its neighbors.
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New Hampshire sits out on $3.6B Northeast clean hydrogen hub proposal

By Hadley Barndollar   04/13/23  
Much of the Northeast joined together last week in submitting a whopping $3.62 billion proposal to the federal government in hopes of becoming a regional clean hydrogen hub. Missing from the announcement was New Hampshire.
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NH joins regional effort to strengthen emergency response to climate change, other crises

By Hadley Barndollar   03/02/23  
As interconnected crises related to climate change, infectious diseases, and human-made hazards are increasing in complexity and frequency, New Hampshire is joining a new regional response meant to bolster resilience and training.
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Renewable Energy: The future for New Hampshire

By Sarah Donovan   02/27/23  
With the New England region warming at one of the fastest rates in the world due to climate change, a transition to more renewable energy is essential to reduce greenhouse gases and further warming.
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Gulf of Maine sees second-hottest year on record, report shows, ‘getting to the edge of habitability’

By Sonel Cutler   02/24/23  
Already one of the fastest-warming bodies of water in the world, the Gulf of Maine recorded its second-hottest year ever in 2022, another ominous indicator of how global warming threatens the rich marine world off…
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Warm winter puts long-running NH ice fishing derby on thin ice

By Mara Hoplamazian   02/17/23  
Usually, the event involves bob houses dotting Lake Winnipesaukee, spectators gathering on the ice, and a kid’s fishing clinic. But this year, thin ice kept most of the big lake off limits. Derby competitors were…
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Atmospheric Rivers ushered in record rain and snow to parts of the West; Much of the Northeast had a record warm January

The average temperature of the contiguous U.S. in January 2023 was 35.2°F, which is 5.1°F above average, ranking as the sixth warmest January on record. New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and…
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Boston Is Losing Its Snow Wicked Fast

By Katherine J. Wu   12/19/22  
My first winter in Boston, the last patches of snow on my street didn’t melt until late June. It was 2015, the year the city broke its all-time record for annual snowfall: 110.3 inches, more…
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USDA Rural Development distributing millions of dollars in Vermont and New Hampshire

By John Hawks   12/16/22  
he Vermont and New Hampshire United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development distributing millions of dollars to rural communities through climate initiatives. “If we can reduce our energy bills, people have more money to spend…
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N.H. is getting warmer and wetter, says new statewide climate change assessment

By Mara Hoplamazian   06/30/22  
Heavy rains. Less snow. Up to 60 days of extreme heat, every year by the end of the century. New Hampshire’s 2021 climate assessment, released Wednesday, paints a grim picture of the state’s future, unless…
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Cow burps drive global warming. Scientists think feeding them seaweed could help

By Walter Wuthmann   04/22/22  
On a recent winter afternoon, a long line of brown Jersey cows lined up for feeding time, jostling for position.
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New Hampshire regulators approve new EV charging rates for Unitil, Liberty and cut demand charges in half

By Robert Walton   04/12/22  
The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission on Thursday approved new electric vehicle charging time-of-use rates for Unitil and Liberty Utilities, and directed Eversource Energy to file similar rates after the utility's managed charging proposal was…
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Groups urge bigger targets, more equity as RGGI states consider changes

By Lisa Prevost   12/21/21  
As the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, known as RGGI, undergoes a thorough review by participating states, environmental advocates are demanding more ambitious emission reduction targets and a mandate for equitable distribution of the revenues.
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Top Biden official meets Sen. King in Portland to talk renewable energy

By Edward D. Murphy   09/10/21  
U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Friday praised Portland-based Ocean Renewable Power Co. as one of the companies that can lead the country to meet a goal of 100 percent clean energy within the next…
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NH Delegation Applauds $479,961 NOAA Grant for UNH to Bolster Coastal Resilience Research

Chair of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee that funds the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH) and Congressman Chris Pappas (NH-01) applauded the announcement that NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal…
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New Hampshire Recognizes Clean Energy Week 2021

By Citizens for responsible energy solution   09/09/21  
New Hampshire Governor Christopher Sununu has issued a proclamation recognizing September 20-24, 2021 as Clean Energy Week in the state in conjunction with the fifth annual National Clean Energy Week (NCEW).
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Tough times for NH’s organic farmers

By Cassidy Jensen   09/06/21  
New pests driven north by climate change. Drought followed by record-breaking rain. Large competitors that charge lower prices while capitalizing on a trendy label.
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Amid Utilities Commission Delays, Newly Formed N.H. Energy Dept. May Give Governor More Policy Influence

By Julia Furukawa , Peter Beilo , Annie Ropeik   08/31/21  
New Hampshire has a state Department of Energy for the first time, as of the summer. The new agency will work with Gov. Chris Sununu and the Public Utilities Commission to make and carry out…
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Regulators approve sale of NH’s largest commercial wind farm

Granite Reliable Power wind farm in Coos County will be bought by NextEra Energy Partners from majority owner Brookfield Renewable Energy, the Caledonian-Record reported Wednesday. The farm will be owned by NextEra subsidiary Tusk Wind Holdings LLC.
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Renewable Energy Bills Signed into Law in Derry

By Paula Tracy   08/26/21  
Calling it a “603 win for clean energy” Gov. Chris Sununu signed two bills into law Thursday morning that focus on advancing renewable energy initiatives.
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Study: Climate Change Will Bring Heat To N.H. That Hurts Outdoor Workers And Wages

By Annie Ropeik   08/17/21  
Extreme heat will likely begin to threaten New Hampshire’s outdoor workers and their millions of dollars in earnings in the next few decades because of climate change, according to a new study by the Union…
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New Hampshire towns face choices under state’s energy aggregation law

By David Thill   07/30/21  
New Hampshire cities and towns will soon be able to play a bigger role in deciding where their energy comes from, but first they have a choice: join forces or go it alone.
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Offshore wind energy and job growth: When will New Hampshire make its move?

By Ian Lenahan   06/01/21  
 With a gentle breeze blowing through and the Sarah Long Bridge in the backdrop, Rep. Chris Pappas, D-New Hampshire, gathered with state leaders at the New Hampshire State Port Authority to discuss the state’s role…
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Rhode Island, Maryland, New Hampshire: Battery storage emerges in US’ lesser-heralded states

By Andy Colthorpe   05/19/21  
There are perhaps four or five US states which have become prolific in their deployment of battery energy storage systems. The growth of large-scale battery systems in places like California, Hawaii, Texas, Arizona and New…
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Dartmouth study shows renewable energy enhances power grid’s resilience

By Julie E. Bonette   05/13/21  
Integrating renewable energy into the U.S. electric power system would enhance the grid’s resilience, meaning a highly resilient and decarbonized energy system is possible, according to new research from Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering.
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Support grows for offshore wind development on Seacoast

By Benjamin Domaingue   05/07/21  
With the Biden administration aiming to expand renewable energy projects along the East Coast, research from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) shows high support from coastal recreation visitors. Recreation, which accounts for nearly $1.5…
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Somssich-Wells: New Hampshire’s energy future: A path forward

By Peter Somssich and Ken Wells   04/28/21  
Today, energy costs NH residents a lot of money! The annual amount we pay for electricity and heating fuel for NH homes is $1.9 billion, more than $2,000 per NH adult. But that only accounts…
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Federal Grant Will ‘Green Up’ Banks of Merrimack River To Guard Against Floods, Pollution

By Annie Ropeik   04/28/21  
A new federal grant aims to protect the Merrimack River from climate change, pollution and development pressures in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The U.S. Forest Service says the Merrimack River watershed is one of the…
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Home buyouts may be one solution to the climate change flooding on Cape Cod

By Doug Fraser   04/26/21  
Blish Point residents Miriam and Herb Kronish lost a car to a prior flood. So when they found their house surrounded by water in January 2018, the couple got in their car and drove it…
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How Risk From Climate Change Will Reshape Flood Insurance In N.H. and New England

By Annie Ropeik   04/24/21  
People living on and off the coast of New England will soon be at a greater risk from flooding due to heavier rain and rising seas caused by climate change. Global warming will put more…
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As New Hampshire Warms, UNH Studies Effects Of More Freeze-Thaw Cycles

By Rick Ganley, Annie Ropeik & Mary McIntyre   04/21/21  
In New Hampshire and much of New England, climate change is already causing a lot more of what's sometimes called winter whiplash -- rapid freeze-thaw cycles, from unusually warm to bitter cold and back again…
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The environmental benefits of going solar

By Julia Westbrook   04/20/21  
In honor of Earth Day, let’s shine a light on the ways that adding solar panels to your home or business makes a big difference for our planet (and some surprising ways it saves us…
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‘It’s My Future’: A New Generation Of Young Climate Activists Takes The Helm In New Hampshire

By Annie Ropeik   04/20/21  
By the time today's teenagers turn 50, New England's climate will feel very different. Under current warming trends, states like New Hampshire will have shorter winters with less snow. Some coastal areas will be underwater.…
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Ice Out: How N.H.’s rite of spring has become a symbol of climate change

By Stephanie Hanes   04/08/21  
For the past few weeks, Dave Emerson has been taking off from his airstrip on the southern side of Lake Winnipesaukee, flying his Cessna across this largest lake in New Hampshire, and looking – very…
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Keene City Council approves plan to meet ambitious clean-energy goals

By Paul Cuno-Booth   01/21/21  
The Keene City Council on Thursday adopted a sweeping plan to transition the city to 100-percent renewable energy in the coming decades.
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Peterborough talk to help kick off campaign for clean-energy goals

By Mia Summerson   01/21/21  
PETERBOROUGH — A grassroots group that wants to see Peterborough transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 will host a panel discussion tonight, launching its campaign to pass a warrant article at town meeting…
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Offshore wind project raises questions for lobstermen

By Anne Berleant   01/18/21  
ELLSWORTH — A Gulf of Maine offshore wind power initiative Maine Governor Janet Mills rolled out late last year has raised concern in the lobster fishing community, with Maine Lobstermen’s Association Executive Director Patrice McCarron telling…
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N.H. Would Spur Major Offshore Wind Development, Under Planned Bill

By Annie Ropeik   01/01/21  
State senators are working on a bill that would have New Hampshire spur the development of major offshore wind projects and other renewable energy in the region.
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Climate Change Made 2020 Another Of New Hampshire’s Hottest-Ever Years

By Annie Ropeik   01/01/21  
This past year was another of the hottest years on record in New Hampshire, as the warming trends of climate change continue -- faster in this region than many others, especially in winter.
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Why I Still Don’t Want to Talk About Net Metering

By D. Maurice Kreis   12/28/20  
Earlier this year, at the conclusion of a public talk I gave in Dover about my work, a member of the audience raised her hand and asked me the secret of my success as Consumer…
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