Nevada is probably most famous for the lights and luxury of Las Vegas—the city receives 42 million visitors this year. However, Nevada has many claims to fame. It is also the driest and most mountainous state in the country and is home to over 150 mountain ranges not to mention over 3 million people. It spans nearly 110 square miles.

As Nevada is already the driest state in the nation, it is extremely vulnerable to extreme heat and drought. Nevada’s Reno is the fastest-warming city in the US. By 2050 the state is projected to see about 50 heat wave days per, up from 15 in 2000, and 30 days that reach dangerous levels. Already in the summer of 2019, Las Vegas had to set up shelters and temporary cooling stations to help people escape the intolerable heat. Wildfires are also of concern here.

These changes are putting an extreme strain on Nevada’s water supply. As in other places around the world, warmer temperatures shift rain patterns so that rain storms often become more intense even as they are less frequent. As snowpack melts earlier in the Spring, it also evaporates more quickly. The result of these combined forces is dried-out land and shrinking bodies of water.

Formed by the Hoover Dam in 1935 and fed by the Colorado River, Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country, has dropped 143 feet since 2000, is now just 37% full with an estimate of 34% by the end of 2021. So disturbed by the water scarcity, representatives of seven Western states ( Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico) and the federal government signed a landmark deal already in 2019, laying out potential cuts in water deliveries through 2026 to reduce the risks of the river’s reservoirs hitting critically low levels. 25 million people rely on Lake Mead and, as the first round of water cuts take place, hardest hit will be the agricultural and tribal communities. As Nevada’s Director of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources admitted at the time, Nevada has already reached critical mass in terms of its water supply and is seeking ways to pump in water from out of state.

And, there is another danger: more than four-fifths of Nevada’s land is owned and managed by the federal government—a higher share than in any other state—and one of the nation’s largest federal hydroelectric facilities, the Hoover Dam –normally producing 2,000 megawatts of hydropower—enough electricity for nearly 8 million Americans, is delivering 25% less as Lake Mead is diminished, affecting several states, including California, Arizona and Nevada, all of which get energy from the dam. If the lake loses another 175 feet, water will no longer flow through the Hoover Dam.

Nevada is not a major energy-producing state — in 2019, 85% of the energy consumed in Nevada came from out-of-state. Most of its electricity comes from natural gas, which fuels about 65% of its consumption, with 28% of Nevada’s electricity generated from renewable energy. It ranks second in the nation in electricity generation from geothermal energy and fourth in utility-scale generation from solar.

Nevada is also taking concerted steps towards addressing climate change. In 2020 Governor Steve Sisolak signed an executive order that required collaboration across state, private, and tribal partners to create a State Climate Strategy. And, in June 2021, the legislature approved a sweeping clean energy bill that aims to accelerate construction of a massive transmission project, increase spending on electric vehicle infrastructure and require that the state join a regional transmission organization (RTO) by 2030. Nevada also has a first-of-its-kind hybrid geothermal-solar power plant, which combines geothermal power with solar PV and solar thermal generation.

Nevada is one of twenty four states, plus Puerto Rico, committed to the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of governors committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Environmentalists See Nevada Supreme Court Ruling Bringing State’s Water Management ‘Into the 21st Century’

By Wyatt Myskow 01/31/24
The Nevada Supreme Court unanimously ruled last week that the state can restrict new groundwater pumping if it will impact other users and wildlife, a decision that strikes a blow to the plan of a…
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Efforts to reduce greenhouse gases questioned a year after state’s climate strategy taken offline

By Amy Alonzo 01/26/24
The effects of carbon emission-induced climate change are visible all around Nevada. Warming daytime and nighttime temperatures. Ongoing Colorado River water shortages. Earlier spring snowmelt. More erratic rainfall.
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Nevada Supreme Court Affirms Protecting Water for Wildlife

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled today that the state has a right to manage groundwater for the preservation of senior water rights and the public interest, including wildlife.
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NV Energy not looking out for customers, say energy industry reps

By Dana Gentry 12/19/23
NV Energy is failing to get the best deals for its customers, resulting in higher than necessary rates, according to experts who say compared with other electric utilities in the west, the company is lagging…
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Governor Lombardo prioritizes gas, eroding Nevada’s climate plan

By Keriann Conroy 12/18/23
Governor Joe Lombardo has eroded Nevada’s robust climate plan, one year into his first term. From appointing a fossil fuel executive to head the Office of Energy to pulling the state out of the U.S.…
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A diversified and balanced approach to energy is working for Nevada

By Dwayne McClinton 11/28/23
Affordable, safe and reliable energy is the backbone of our state’s economy. It not only provides essential services to Nevadans but also serves as a magnet for new businesses, new industries and new jobs.
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National report tracks huge costs of climate change in Southwest

By Jeniffer Solis 11/27/23
A new national climate assessment paints a dismal picture of the Southwest over the next decade, as the rapidly warming climate drives food shortages, intensifies droughts, floods, wildfires, diseases, and jeopardizes public infrastructure like roads…
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As Groundwater Dwindles, Powerful Players Block Change

By Christopher Flavelle 11/24/23
From a small brick building in Garden City, Kan., 13 men manage the use of groundwater across five million acres in the southwest corner of the state, some of the most productive farmland in America…
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Climate change allows diseases to spread into the Mountain West

By Kaleb Roedel 11/21/23
The fifth National Climate Assessment says mosquitoes and ticks are spreading because of milder winters. Mosquitoes can carry West Nile virus and dengue fever, and are moving into northern Wyoming and southern Nevada. Ticks can…
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New Climate Assessment Study defines need for equity in solutions

By Richard Bednarski 11/18/23
Winter is just around the corner and a rather robust El Niño is in place. Along with record-high ocean temperatures, there is uncertainty about the season’s weather. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has forecasted…
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Confronting climate change impacts, tribes prepare and persist

By Jeniffer Solis 09/28/23
It can take up to a century for a piñon pine to produce the soft sweet seeds that birds, squirrels and other small mammals rely on for food. The Walker River Paiute Tribe has held…
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Renewable energy efforts in Nevada could be a double-edged sword

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Nevada, where the Inflation Reduction Act is encouraging a boom in lithium, solar, and geothermal projects. The Department of Energy has tracked $10.5 billion of new battery and…

EDF Renewables seals PPA for 125 MW of solar in Nevada

EDF Renewables North America on Tuesday announced a deal to off-take power from a portion of its 300-MW Bonanza solar and battery storage project in Nevada to utility Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA).

As community solar spreads nationwide, Nevada’s ‘modified’ system lagging behind

The idea of “community solar” — expanding access to solar energy to people who don’t have the ability or financial means to install rooftop panels — is gaining traction nationwide. Households and businesses buy into…

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm touts need for Nevada renewable energy production

The nation needs to double the size of its electric grid to get to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, according to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, and renewable energy production in Nevada will be critical…

Feds advance four solar projects in Nevada, and more in surrounding states

More utility-scale solar development is on the horizon for Nevada’s deserts after federal land managers announced the advancement of four proposed solar projects in the state Wednesday.

Nevada partners with Denmark to explore renewable energy powered industrial parks

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo signed a Declaration of Understanding with Denmark regarding establishing a renewable energy powered industrial park, his office announced on Tuesday.


Brandon Morrison, director of sustainability with Resorts World, says yes. His evidence: The 3,500-room property recently announced it is now powered by 100% renewable energy.

More solar, geothermal development planned on NV public lands — and likely some conflict too

Last week, the Department of the Interior announced it is advancing 15 renewable energy projects across the West, adding to a growing number of development projects on public lands in the region.

New NV transmission line will slash energy costs, says White House

Cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable electricity may be in Nevada’s future after the White House vowed to deliver the largest electric grid infrastructure investment in U.S. history.

Tribal activists reject the Nevada mine Biden hails as a key to clean energy

A huge lithium mine under construction in northern Nevada is at the center of a dispute over President Joe Biden’s clean energy agenda. The administration says the mine will produce battery material needed to meet…

Lawmakers pass bill seeking accountability from NV Energy

Last-minute legislation designed to provide reliability and price stability to NV Energy’s customers passed the Senate Monday after passing the Assembly unanimously on Saturday. Last-minute legislation designed to provide reliability and price stability to NV…

Nevada Aims to Plug Vehicles into Renewable Energy

With bipartisan support, Nevada's legislature passed a bill that would help the state drive on cleaner, cheaper electricity. Senate Bill (SB) 448 (Brooks) would speed the approval of transmission lines needed to move low-cost, renewable…

NV Energy fluffing up renewable energy sales in reports, says state’s consumer advocate

Nevada’s Consumer Advocate Ernest Figueroa says NV Energy is fudging the percentage of electricity sales it reports from renewable energy sources in an annual report filed with the Public Utilities Commission, and would not meet…

Lawmakers weigh more rigorous regulatory planning for NV Energy, Southwest Gas

With less than one week until the end of the 2023 legislative session, lawmakers heard two bills on Tuesday that would bring more scrutiny to each of the state’s largest utilities’ — NV Energy and…

Interior moves ahead with renewable energy projects in the West, Nevada

The Department of the Interior announced this week it is moving forward with the permitting process on several renewable energy projects in the West, including some in Nevada.

Can Nevada’s mining industry help fuel the transition to renewable energy?

Nevada’s mining industry is poised to be a key player in the energy segment, and the state’s leading trade organization has tapped a familiar face as it looks for a permanent leader.

Nevada Resolution Seeks to Bring Renewables to Yucca Mountain

A Nevada lawmaker is urging the federal government to use Yucca Mountain, once proposed as a nuclear dumping ground, as a site for renewable energy.

Nevada lithium mine might doom rare wildflower, conservationists say

In the early hours of June 1, 2019, a pair of scientists trekked up a desert hillside to visit a rare wildflower for the first time. "I'll never forget it as long as I live,"…

Geothermal developer wants to delist endangered Nevada toad

In an unusual move that could pit two Biden administration agencies against each other, the developer of a planned Nevada geothermal power plant says it intends to sue U.S wildlife officials to overturn the endangered…

Nevada approves $333 million natural gas plant as historic drought pressures state’s power grid

Nevada’s largest electricity provider has been approved for a $333 million project to develop a natural gas plant north of Las Vegas, as extreme drought conditions put mounting pressure on the region’s power grid.

Nevada to add gas plant as drought tests US West power grids

Utility regulators in Nevada gave the state’s largest power provider clearance to start work on a $333 million project to build a natural gas plant in the state for the first time in nearly 15…

Discover the Largest Solar Farm in Nevada (And What Lives Around It)

Also known as the Silver State, Nevada attracts people from all over the world for many reasons. The state is famous for its flashy casinos, tourist attractions, desert landscapes, and beautiful views of Lake Tahoe.…

Major Pumped-Hydro Storage Project Moves Forward in Nevada

A Utah-based energy developer has filed a final license application for construction of a major pumped-hydro storage project in Nevada. rPlus Hydro on March 8 said it made the filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory…

Building maps to help geothermal energy and greater sage-grouse coexist in Nevada’s sagebrush country

A U.S. Geological Survey study finds that geothermal energy development contributes to population declines of greater sage-grouse. A new tool can help managers and energy developers consider impacts to the iconic bird when siting new…

‘Silicon Valley of lithium’: Nevada mine breaks ground

What could become the nation’s largest lithium mine broke ground in Nevada this week, positioning the political swing state as a likely leader in pumping out battery minerals critical for making electric vehicles and meeting…

Tesla gets $330M tax deal for Nevada expansion, truck plant

Tesla won more than $330 million in tax breaks from Nevada on Thursday for the company's commitment to a massive expansion of its sprawling vehicle battery facilities east of Reno, including the construction of a…

BYD helping light up Las Vegas with renewables using massive 543 MWh energy storage system

BYD has announced plans to implement a 543 MWh Cube Pro liquid-cooled energy storage system (ESS) in Las Vegas, expected to begin commercial operation before year’s end. The Chinese automaker and battery specialist shared that…

Let’s make geothermal energy boom in Nevada

When you think about renewable energy in Nevada, it’s natural to focus on solar energy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, our state has “the greatest solar power potential in the nation.”

New Laws Help NV Reach Clean-Energy Goals, Limit Air Pollution

Some Nevada laws going into effect this year aim to move the state's clean-energy goals forward and help reduce air pollution.

BLM to study latest massive Nev. solar project

The solar farm is one of three projects proposed for about 40 miles west of Las Vegas that together could power about 520,000 homes.

Approval in Nevada for large-scale solar-plus-storage projects to replace coal

With the North Valmy Generating Station in Winnemucca, Nevada scheduled for retirement, utility NV Energy needs to replace it by 2025. The company signed contracts with renewables developer Primergy to purchase two solar-plus-storage facilities totalling…

Nevada ranks in the top 10 states for biggest solar economy

Solar panels have become normalized among landscapes, spotted everywhere from the open spaces of deserts to rooflines of dense residential areas. Installed on rooftops, covered carports, parking lots, and even closed landfills, solar accounted for…

Pilot project in Nevada aims to convert oil wells into geothermal producers

Geothermal development company Transitional Energy announced that it was selected to receive a $2,500,000 award from the U.S. Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO). The award is to support the transition of hydrocarbon wells…

City of Las Vegas building projects are designed to save energy, water

Enter any building owned by the city of Las Vegas — take City Hall, for example — and know that the bright lights and cool air have been powered by 100% sustainable energy since 2016,…

Visualizing the Global Demand for Lithium

With the ongoing shift to electric vehicles (EVs) and clean energy technologies, governments and EV manufacturers are rushing to secure their supply chains as demand for lithium soars.

NV Energy Foundation awards $246K in energy grants to 4 nonprofits

The NV Energy Foundation announced this month it awarded $246,000 in Clean Energy Access for Nevada (CLEAN) grants to four Nevada nonprofits: Envirolution, Faith Organizing Alliance, Las Vegas Indian Center and Make the Road Nevada.

‘We live in a desert. We have to act like it’: Las Vegas faces reality of drought

By Oliver Milman 07/09/21
Investigator Perry Kaye jammed the brakes of his government-issued vehicle to survey the offense. “Uh oh this doesn’t look too good. Let’s take a peek,” he said, exiting the car to handle what has become…


During Nevada’s recently concluded biennial legislative session, Senator Pat Spearman sponsored Senate Concurrent Resolution 10, a measure that would have mandated a study to explore new energy resources in Nevada. The legislation died quietly in…

Nevada Pushes Accelerator On Renewables, Transmission Lines

Nevada upped its bet on renewable energy when Gov. Steve Sisolak signed legislation speeding the development of a $2.5 billion electric transmission line through the heart of the state.

Nevada passes clean energy bill requiring state to join RTO, accelerating $2B transmission project

The Nevada legislature on Monday approved a sweeping clean energy bill that aims to accelerate construction of a massive transmission project, increase spending on electric vehicle infrastructure and require that the state join a regional transmission…

Solar-plus-batteries chosen to replace 522MW Nevada coal plant

By Andy Colthorpe 06/03/21
Nevada utility NV Energy has proposed building two large-scale solar-plus-storage plants to replace a coal plant as part of the company’s triennial Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) filing.

City of Reno Sustainability and Climate Action Plan

In February 2016, Governor Sandoval joined a bipartisan group of seventeen governors to announce the Governor’s Accord for a New Energy Future. This state-led initiative enables participating states to work together to capture clean energy…

State of Nevada Status of Energy Report

In February 2016, Governor Sandoval joined a bipartisan group of seventeen governors to announce the Governor’s Accord for a New Energy Future. This state-led initiative enables participating states to work together to capture clean energy…


Cross-Tie Transmission Line

The Cross-Tie Transmission Line is a proposed 500-kilovolt (kV) line connecting Utah and Nevada. The approximately 214-mile line would go into service in 2027.

Nevada State Profile and Energy Estimates

Known as the Silver State, Nevada is rich in mineral deposits, particularly gold and silver. It is also rich in renewable energy resources. Nevada is part of the Basin and Range region where iconic buttes…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The State of Climate Adaptation in Public Health An Assessment of 16 U.S. States

EcoAdaptpartnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council to assess the state of climate adaptation planning and implementation for climate-related threats to public health in 16 U.S. states.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Nevada

Between 2017 and 2019, Nevada experienced one severe wildfire and two intense droughts. The damages of these events led to losses of at least $1 billion.

State-by-State: Climate Change in Nevada

Nevada is vulnerable to increasing heat, melting snowpack, droughts, and wildfires

NV Solar Residential

We provide information, technical support and customer service to homeowners that want to make the switch to Solar Power. Our Solar Energy Consultations are free of charge.

A Nevada Climate Change Calculator

The NV 2050 calculator helps users discover what would happen if we continued on the path we are currently on, if we made a major effort to switch to renewable energy and if we landed somewhere…

Nevada Natural Heritage Program

The Climate Change Program at the Nevada Natural Heritage Program, a contributing member of the NatureServe network for connecting science with conservation across the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Nevada Climate Change Portal

Seeking to provide cloud-like “research-as-a-service (RaaS)”, the focus of this project is to advance the quality and quantity of infrastructure and data collection for climate, hydrological, and ecological information pertaining to the state of Nevada.…

Renewable Options: Nevada

This overview provides a starting point by providing insight into state market and regulatory context that impacts the renewable energy procurement options available. Options that are available within each state are highlighted and introduced. As…


America just hit the lithium jackpot

By Ross Andersen   09/14/23  
About 16.4 million years ago, magma surged through a raised mound near Nevada’s present-day border with Oregon and began spreading an unholy orange glow outward over the region. At the time, landscape-spanning lava flows regularly…
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Climate activists protested at Burning Man. Then the climate itself crashed the party

By Vanessa Romo   09/07/23  
This year's Burning Man bacchanal started and ended with a traffic jam in the Nevada desert.
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Trapped by rain and mud, attendees at Burning Man fest bear down, and many party on

By Finn-Olaf Jones and Anna Betts   09/03/23  
Thousands of people at the Burning Man festival, an annual carefree celebration of art, music, and counterculture vibes in a remote patch of Nevada desert, remained stranded there Sunday after torrential rains turned roads and…
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The Federal Bureau of Reclamation Announces Reduced Water Cuts for Colorado River States

By Wyatt Myskow   08/15/23  
Federal officials announced Tuesday they would be easing water cuts on the Colorado River next year following a wet winter that has now given the Southwest some breathing room as users continue to negotiate long-term…
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Iconic Joshua trees burned by massive wildfire in Mojave Desert

By Nouran Salahieh and Mary Gilbert   08/02/23  
A massive fire burning through the desert in California and southern Nevada has scorched tens of thousands of acres in a biodiverse national preserve and torched its iconic Joshua trees.
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Solar sprawl is tearing up the Mojave Desert. Is there a better way?

By Sammy Roth   06/27/23  
High above the Las Vegas Strip, solar panels blanketed the roof of Mandalay Bay Convention Center — 26,000 of them, rippling across an area larger than 20 football fields.
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Tribal activists oppose Nevada mine key to Biden’s clean energy agenda as ‘green colonialism’

By Matthew Daly   06/20/23  
Just 45 miles (72 kilometers) from the Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation where Daranda Hinkey and her family corral horses and cows, a centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s clean energy plan is taking shape: construction of…
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Biden administration advances two renewable energy transmission projects in Nevada

By Zack Budryk   05/25/23  
The Interior Department on Thursday announced the advancement of two new proposed renewable energy transmission projects in Nevada, which are collectively projected togenerate about 8 gigawatts.
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Western States Finally Strike Colorado River Deal. But The Hard Work Has Only Just Begun

By Alejandro De La Garza   05/24/23  
t one of Los Angeles’s main water treatment plants a few miles north of the Port of Los Angeles, a small-scale facility is demonstrating what might be part of the solution to the region’s water…
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States near historic deal to protect Colorado River

By Joshua Partlow   05/17/23  
After nearly a year wrestling over the fate of their water supply, California, Arizona and Nevada — the three key states in the Colorado River’s current crisis — have coalesced around a plan to voluntarily…
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Here’s how Nevada lawmakers are pushing for environmental justice

By Paul Boger   04/19/23  
Climate change is happening. Last year, a report said the number of days above 115 degrees in the Las Vegas area might grow ten times in the next 80 years, about 40 days a year.…
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Clark County Goes All-In on Community Sustainability and Climate Action Plan

The Clark County Commission today adopted the All-In Clark County Community Sustainability and Climate Action Plan to address climate change impacts in Southern Nevada. Increases in extreme heat days, drought conditions, wildfires and flash flooding…
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A wet winter won’t stave off the Colorado River’s water cuts

By Joshua Partlow   04/03/23  
The abundant snow in the Rocky Mountains this year has been a welcome relief, but is not enough to overcome two decades of drought that has pushed major reservoirs along the Colorado River down to…
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From ‘forever chemicals’ to septic tanks, lawmakers weigh new environmental laws

By Daniel Rothberg   03/24/23  
About one-third of the way through the 120-day biennial legislative session, lawmakers have introduced dozens of bills affecting the management of water, wildlife and the environment. In this week’s newsletter, we break down some of…
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How NV tribes are saving Lahontan cutthroat trout from extinction

By Jeniffer Solis   03/23/23  
Thousands of captive-raised specimens of the largest cutthroat trout species in North America are released into Pyramid Lake every year, but despite the trout’s size and might, they are also one of the most threatened.
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Nevada to add gas plant as drought tests US West power grids

By Rio Yamat   03/23/23  
Utility regulators in Nevada gave the state’s largest power provider clearance to start work on a $333 million project to build a natural gas plant in the state for the first time in nearly 15…
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Biden creates two new national monuments in Nevada and Texas

By Steve Holland   03/22/23  
U.S. President Joe Biden created two new national monuments, in Nevada and Texas, on Tuesday and launched an effort to consider expanding protections for all waters around remote Pacific islands southwest of Hawaii.
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Secretary Haaland Applauds President Biden’s Designation of Avi Kwa Ame National Monument in Nevada

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland today applauded President Biden’s designation of Avi Kwa Ame National Monument in southern Nevada. Located at the confluence of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, the national monument will protect…
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USDA to spend $197 million to prepare for wildfires brought on by climate change

By Dinah Voyles Pulver   03/20/23  
Federal officials announced $197 million in grants on Monday to help more than 100 communities and tribes across the nation become more resilient to wildfire.
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Las Vegas water agency seeks power to limit residential use

By Associated Press   03/14/23  
Nevada lawmakers are considering a remarkable shift in allowing the water agency that manages the Colorado River supply for Las Vegas to limit single-family residential use in the desert city and surrounding county.
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Nevada lawmakers eye plan to restrict Las Vegas water supply, citing climate change: ‘Worst case scenario’

By Michael Lee   03/13/23  
Nevada state lawmakers are considering a plan to give water authorities the power to limit the amount of water available for residential use. "It’s a worst case scenario plan," Democratic Assemblyman Howard Watts of Las…
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Who gets harmed as the Colorado River changes?

By Jennifer Pitt   03/09/23  
National and regional media love a good fight, and lately a day doesn’t pass without a major news story or op-ed focused on Colorado River disagreements, particularly amongst the seven states of the Colorado River…
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Legislature proposes excessive heat protections for workers

By Jeniffer Solis   03/07/23  
Extreme temperature significantly affects workforce health during sustained high temperatures, and worker exposure to excessive heat has only increased in the last decade.
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Nevada lawmakers reintroduce bill aimed at restoring Lake Tahoe

Senator Cortez Masto mentioned the law has delivered millions in federal funding to Lake Tahoe since it originally passed in 2000, supporting environmental protection and habitat restoration programs across the basin.
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How Inflation Reduction Act is turbocharging clean energy future for Nevada, US

By Camden Lang   02/17/23  
I represent one of the many hired from the oil and gas industry who now work in the booming clean energy industry. Before making the switch, I worked as an operations engineer in North Dakota…
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Female Energy Secretary Claps Back After Nevada Governor Questions Whether She ‘Actually Understands’ Science

By Virginia Chamlee   02/10/23  
"Big words can be intimidating, I understand," Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm, only the second woman to hold the title, said in response to Gov. Joe Lombardo's comments
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All eyes are on water, but Nevada faces other environmental threats

By Paul Boger and Kristen DeSilva   02/08/23  
When we talk about environmental issues in Nevada, we often focus on one thing ... water. That makes sense: The mega-drought we’re in has dropped Lake Mead to levels unseen in almost 90 years.
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Colorado River crisis is so bad, lakes Mead and Powell are unlikely to refill in our lifetimes

By Rong-Gong Lin 11 and Ian James   02/06/23  
The snowpack in the Sierra Nevada is the deepest it’s been in decades, but those storms that were a boon for Northern California won’t make much of a dent in the long-term water shortage for…
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Shrinking Colorado River hands Biden his first climate brawl

By Annie Snider   02/04/23  
A fracas among the seven states along the drought-stricken Colorado River is forcing the first major reckoning for the Biden administration over who should bear the pain of adapting to a changing climate.
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The “Law of the River” at the heart of the Colorado River crisis

By Hayley Smith and Ian James   02/03/23  
It’s a crisis nearly 100 years in the making: Seven states — all reliant on a single mighty river as a vital source of water — failed to reach an agreement this week on how…
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Desalination and conservation are the answer to drought

By Ron Aryel   02/01/23  
The Colorado River is in a state of crisis — which means the seven states and Mexico that rely on its water are in trouble, as well. Last summer, a lack of precipitation and meager…
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As the Colorado River shrinks, Washington prepares to spread the pain

By Christopher Flavelle   01/27/23  
The seven states that rely on the river for water are not expected to reach a deal on cuts. It appears the Biden administration will have to impose reductions.
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In California’s Imperial Valley, farmers brace for a future with less Colorado River water

By Ian James   01/27/23  
Just north of the California-Mexico border, the All-American Canal cuts across 80 miles of barren, dune-swept desert. Up to 200 feet wide and 20 feet deep, the canal delivers the single largest share of Colorado…
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The Colorado River is overused and shrinking. Inside the crisis transforming the Southwest

By Ian James and Molly Hennessy-Fiske   01/26/23  
The Colorado River begins as melting snow, trickling from forested peaks and coursing in streams that gather in the meadows and valleys of the Rocky Mountains. Like arteries, its major tributaries take shape across Colorado,…
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A river guide’s view of Lake Powell’s decline and the depths of the Colorado River crisis

By Ian James   01/26/23  
Muddy water whizzed past as John Weisheit steered a motorboat upstream in the Colorado River. He revved the engine as the boat sped around a bend and up a riffle.
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Rising Flood Risk in Las Vegas: Study Reveals Interaction of Climate Change and Urban Development

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, with its rapid urbanization and desert landscape, is highly vulnerable to flooding. For this reason, flood managers have built an extensive system of drainage ditches and detention basins to protect the…
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U.S. to lend ioneer $700 million for Nevada lithium mine

By Ernest Scheyder and Others   01/14/23  
The U.S. Energy Department said on Friday it will lend ioneer Ltd (INR.AX), up to $700 million to build its Rhyolite Ridge lithium mining project in Nevada, a major step forward in President Joe Biden's…
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Burning Man latest foe of ‘green energy’ project in Nevada

By Scott Sonner   01/12/23  
Add Burning Man to the list of plaintiffs challenging one of the growing number of “green energy” projects in the works in Nevada.
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Biden pledges to designate Avi Kwa Ame monument in Nevada honoring tribes

By Daniel Rothberg and Others   11/30/22  
For more than two years, leaders of Native American tribes, local environmentalists and Nevada lawmakers have called on the Biden administration to protect about 450,000 acres of land as a national monument at the southern…
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In Nevada, a tribe and a toad halt a renewable power plant

By Dino Grandoni   10/31/22  
An Adele song blasted from a stereo. Workers put up a fence near a massive heat exchanger and other equipment awaiting assembly here in the Nevada desert. After about a decade of grinding its way…
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Lake Mead water crisis is exposing volcanic rock from eruptions 12 million years ago

By Rachel Ramirez   10/12/22  
Lake Mead’s falling water level has exposed several shocking things in recent months – previously sunken boats, old war ships and human remains. Now scientists are reporting a new discovery on Lake Mead’s dry bed:…
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Facing ‘dead pool’ risk, California braces for painful water cuts from Colorado River

By Ian James   09/04/22  
California water districts are under growing pressure to shoulder substantial water cutbacks as the federal government pushes for urgent solutions to prevent the Colorado River’s badly depleted reservoirs from reaching dangerously low levels.
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The Fight Over The Colorado River’s Water Is A Symbol Of The Larger Climate Crisis

By Alejandro De La Garza   08/29/22  
There’s something familiar about the high stakes water use drama playing out in the U.S. Southwest. The mighty Colorado River serves as an economic artery of the region, powering massive hydroelectric dams and supplying water…
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A New Round of Colorado River Cuts Is Announced

By Henry Fountain   08/16/22  
With water levels in the Colorado River near their lowest point ever, Arizona and Nevada on Tuesday faced new restrictions on the amount of water they can pump out of the river, the most important…
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Due to climate change, Nevada says goodbye to grass

By John D'Amelio   08/07/22  
In Las Vegas, Nevada, it's come to this: climate change has helped make water ever more scarce, so under a new Nevada law, the grass has got to go. "When we look at outdoor water…
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See How Far Water Levels in Lake Mead Have Fallen

By Winston Choi-Schagrin   07/22/22  
In 2000, Lake Mead was full of deep, midnight-blue water that flooded the banks of the rivers that fed it. But 20 years later, it has shrunken drastically. And its basins are lighter, too, almost…
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A Painful Deadline Nears as Colorado River Reservoirs Run Critically Low

By Henry Fountain   07/21/22  
States in the Colorado River basin are scrambling to propose steep cuts in the water they’ll use from the river next year, in response to a call by the federal government for immediate, drastic efforts…
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The world’s longest-lived trees couldn’t survive climate change

By Sarah Kaplan   07/14/22  
The trees had stood for more than 1,000 years. Their sturdy roots clung to the crumbling mountainside. Their gnarled limbs reached toward the desert sky. The rings of their trunks told the story of everything…
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Shocking Photos Show Lake Mead’s Historically Low Water Levels

By Molly Taft   07/12/22  
Stranded boats, desiccated fish, and no water on cracked ground that once made a shoreline. That’s the new business-as-usual for Lake Mead, where the West’s punishing drought and chronic water overuse have combined to render…
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Lake Mead Water Levels Dropping, Could Soon Be at Dead Pool Level

By Robyn White   07/07/22  
Lake Mead, a reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, is drying up because of the ongoing drought in the western United States, France 24 reported. The water moving through the Hoover…
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