Kansas is home to 3 million people, and to the windiest city in the United States, Dodge City, where wind speeds average 14 mph. Literally flatter than a pancake (topographers conducted a comparison), Kansas averages 61 tornadoes every year. Over 87% of the state’s 81 thousand square miles is farmland, allowing Kansas to produce enough wheat per year to bake 36 billion loaves of bread.  

Increasing heat and its accompanying droughts pose a dangerous threat to the entire Great Plains region, and Kansas is already seeing these effects of climate change. Having already seen a rise of at least one degree Fahrenheit over the past century, Kansas currently averages about 35 extreme heat days per year which are expected to double by 2050. As the aquifers become depleted, experts have called the long-term sustainability of the Great Plains into question—Kansas farmers could see crop yields decline by nearly 24% by 2050. Additionally, Kansas’s threat from wildfire is expected to quadruple by midcentury 

There is good news, however, as Kansas converts its high winds into energy. By 2019, wind energy accounted for 41% of the state’s energy production giving Kansas the second-highest share of wind power generation after IowaRenewables, by April 2020, were responsible for more than 50% of net electricity generation, with nuclear, coal-fired, and natural gas-fired making up the rest. Natural gas and coal continue to constitute the significant proportions of Kansas’s energy consumption. Consuming more gas and coal than it produces, it draws on considerable reserves of both nonrenewable resources. 

 Industry (34.8%) and Transportation (25.1% are the primary consumers followed by Residential (20.6% and Commercial (19.5%). 

 In 2009, the Kansas Renewable Energy Standards Act set a goal of generating 20% of the state’s energy from renewable resources by the year 2020, which the state has cleanly surpassed. The revenue from wind energy production and economic growth for rural communities has driven continued growth in the industry. This growth has continued even in the absence of legislation incentivizing the renewable industry. Kansas has not developed a statewide climate adaptation plan, either.  

In the meantime, Kansas City has taken the lead, creating a Regional Climate Action Plan (CAP), with an ambitious set of interrelated strategies to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. There is also an interim net zero goal focused on local government operations (by 2030), energy generation (by 2035), and homes and buildings (by 2040).


As Groundwater Dwindles, Powerful Players Block Change

By Christopher Flavelle 11/24/23
From a small brick building in Garden City, Kan., 13 men manage the use of groundwater across five million acres in the southwest corner of the state, some of the most productive farmland in America…
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Kansans worry about climate change as wind energy remains untapped

By Alexandra Middlewood 09/18/23
Last month a state district court judge in Montana ruled in favor of young environmental activists — ranging in age from 5 to 22 — and their claim that the state of Montana was violating…
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Kansans rally to pressure Evergy into keeping green energy promises

By Rachel Mipro 09/13/23
Closing the city’s coal-based power plant will be the first step toward holding the state’s largest utility company accountable for keeping green energy goals, climate change activists said at a Tuesday demonstration.
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First Scorched, Then Soaked: Weather Whiplash Confounds Farmers

By Mitch Smith 08/09/23
This single field, just 160 acres of Kansas dirt, tells the story of a torturous wheat season.
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Heat, humidity kill hundreds of US cattle during world’s hottest month

By Tom Polansek 08/07/23
Hundreds of cattle died in Iowa from extreme heat and humidity in late July, the state and livestock producers said, as the world recorded its hottest month ever.
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Downtown KC could feel up to 11 degrees hotter. Check out new heat island map

By Katie Moore 07/26/23
As temperatures soar in the Kansas City metro, some areas will feel more than 10 degrees hotter because of the heat island effect, according to a new analysis by Climate ....
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Heat puts KC Streetcar out of service for weeks. Are rails vulnerable to climate change?

By Robert A. Cronkleton 07/14/23
Crews are nearing the halfway point in making track repairs to the Kansas City Streetcar rail that buckled in the heat on the Fourth of July, but it will be another week or two before…
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Learning to live with toxic algal blooms in Kansas

By Michael Pearce 07/10/23
A deadly bacteria could be awaiting Kansas livestock, pets and wildlife in the ponds where they drink. Scientists say it’s one of the deadliest organisms in the world.
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Hot, dry, windy events on the rise in Kansas wheat fields

By Lauryn Higgins 07/10/23
Close to harvest time, in late spring, the wheat fields of Kansas are usually swaying in the warm air like ocean waves. But not this year. “We knew last fall when we planted, we would…
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Thanks to federal tax credits, it’s boom time in the Midwest for carbon dioxide pipelines

By Jacob Fischler 07/04/23
Thousands of miles of carbon dioxide pipelines planned in the Midwest have been spurred, in part, by a major expansion of federal tax credits in Democrats’ 2022 climate law.
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Oddly Correct Coffee Bar in Kansas City combats climate change through composting

By Cassie Wilson 05/09/23
From lattes, to espressos, to cold brews, Oddly Correct Coffee Bar in Kansas City, Missouri, has mastered the art of a cup of joe — but that morning jolt could be in jeopardy.
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Kansas City’s big role in the electric revolution

By Greg Payne 04/13/23
The global push for electric vehicles and the use of renewable energies has the Kansas City region at the forefront of a trending revolution.
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Kansas City inching closer to building new solar energy array by KCI

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is proposing legislation that could bring a solar energy farm near the Kansas City International airport. It's a concept the city has been working on since 2021 and conducting a…

$1.2 Million Pumped Into Kansas Energy Projects

The director of the Kansas Energy Program says a federal grant program that has pumped more than $1.2 million into the state since 2016 has helped to improve the economic viability of agricultural producers and…

More people, companies in KC installing solar panels a year after Inflation Reduction Act signed

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the U.S. solar market installed 6.1 gigawatts of solar capacity in the first quarter of 2023. That's enough to power more than 4-million homes and a 30% increase…

Kansas and the Nation Need a Better Grid, Transmission Lines

Our nation, and Kansas, can make all the renewable energy, nuclear energy, or any power it wants, but if the wires aren’t there to get power to customers, making power just doesn’t matter.

Kansas City, Kansas customers hit with power, water rate hike

The Board of Public Utilities adopted two rate hikes during its meeting Wednesday. Board members said the increases are necessary because it’s electrical system needs $180 million in improvements to address the way it produces,…

Panasonic plant will require so much power, Evergy will seek rate hike in Kansas

Evergy plans to ask for a rate increase in Kansas next year to help pay for the additional infrastructure required to meet the Panasonic battery plant’s massive anticipated demand for electricity, after state regulators decide…

Kansas City wins gold in LEED for Cities rating

Kansas City is part of a global network of nearly 130 local governments using the framework to track progress of sustainability, net-zero and equity objectives.

Castillo Engineering Partners with BioStar Renewables for Kansas Solar Project

Castillo Engineering, an electrical design and engineering firm, has announced a partnership with BioStar Renewables, a national leader in financing, engineering, procurement, construction, and asset management, for a 15 MW solar project in Kansas. The…

Kansas Conservation Series: Dodge City Biogas Facility Transforms Waste Into Renewable Energy

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. is continuing his conservation series highlighting Kansans’ voluntary efforts to take better care of the environment. Stories will be released throughout the 2023 Farm Bill legislative process.

Kansas City, Missouri, seeking to be green leader in Midwest, working to reach carbon neutral goal by 2040

By Cassie Wilson 04/20/23
"What I am genuinely worried about is once we get all these folks from all over the world to come to Kansas City and see our city, eat our food, meet our people, you’re going…

Henderson Engineers Delivers Sustainable Operations for New Terminal at Kansas City International Airport

The newly opened $1.5 billion single terminal is powered by Henderson-designed building systems that are big on energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Wind farms are transforming the Kansas landscape. Here’s an effort to tone down their lights

Kansas has nearly 4,000 turbines, many taller than the Statue of Liberty. People see blinking lights for miles, but now radars can help preserve the night skies.

University of Kansas Opens Welcome Center, Powered by Latest Technologies in Energy Infrastructure Donated by Black & Veatch

More than a century since two University of Kansas (KU) engineering graduates launched Black & Veatch, that global critical infrastructure solutions leader has donated renewable energy infrastructure that now powers the university’s new welcome center…

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $20.9M for Clean Water Infrastructure Upgrades Through Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in Kansas

The funding will support Kansas communities in upgrading essential water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure that protects public health and treasured water bodies. Nearly half of this funding will be available as grants or principal forgiveness…

Kansas ranks in top 5 for wind power in the US. What’s ahead for renewable energy?

Kansas ranks in the top five states in the U.S. for wind power, generating enough renewable energy last year to power about 3.2 million households, according to a report released Wednesday


IN THE SHADE of a mango tree, Mamadou Ngulo Konaré recounted the legendary event of his childhood. In 1987, well diggers had come to his village of Bourakébougou, Mali, to drill for water, but had…

Johnson County solar farm siting standards will have regional consequences for environment, equity

The onerous restrictions proposed most recently by the Johnson County Planning Commission could amount to a de facto ban on large solar farms. The draft guidelines shorten the duration of the conditional use permit, double…

Climate anxiety? Kansas City urban farmers work toward a solution

Kansas City urban farmers operate Compost Collective KC, which has the goal of keeping food waste out of landfills to ease problems associated with climate change.

New microgrid technology launched by mges in kansas city and around the world: alternatives to russian energy

A leading Kansas City-based new technology company—MGES—is about to launch a new solar microgrid system. Solar microgrids are becoming more relevant than ever.

Meta Picks Kansas City For $800M Hyperscale Data Center

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has selected the Kansas City region for a new $800 million hyperscale data center. The nearly 1 million-square-foot facility will be located in the Golden Plains Technology Park,…

Kansas City presents Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan to public

"We are striving to be one of, if not the most progressive and aggressive cities in the country when it comes to fighting climate change," KCMO City Manager Brian Platt said.

Fort Riley US Army housing gets 350 additional solar installations

Corvias,the project developer is a solar installer headquartered in East Greenwich, RI. Corvias has been a partner for 20 years to the US Military under the Department of Defense’s Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) program.…

Spirit AeroSystems Converts to Renewable Energy in Kansas

Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. (“Spirit” or “Spirit AeroSystems”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SPR), today announced the conversion to 100% wind-generated electricity at the company’s headquarters in Kansas, USA. This major…

Evergy announces plan for large solar farm near coal plant in Kansas City

The electric utility serves 1.6 million customers in Kansas and Missouri. Half of the energy produced at the solar farm will go to serve that entire base. The other half will be reserved for nearly…

Net Zero Kansas City Region by 2050

The Kansas City Regional Climate Action Plan (CAP) aims to transform the metropolitan area into a more resilient, equitable and healthy community. An ambitious set of interrelated strategies will help to mitigate climate change by…

JoCo on the Go: Climate action plan

On JoCo on the Go, episode #103, hear about the Kansas City Regional Climate Action. We’ll talk to Johnson County Department of Health and Environment’s Brian Alferman about the role Johnson County played in the…


Kansas State Profile and Energy Estimates

Kansas stretches more than 400 miles from east to west and has considerable crude oil, natural gas, and renewable energy resources. The state's broad plains rise gradually from about 600 feet above sea level at…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Kansas

Between 2017 and 2019, Kansas experienced two flooding events, seven severe storms, and one drought. The damages of these events led to losses of at least $1 billion.

An increase in stagnant summer air is expected to continue across the U.S.

An increase in stagnant summer air is expected to continue across the U.S.

State-by-State: Climate Change in Kansas

Kansas is vulnerable to increasing heat, drought, and severe storms which threaten agricultural and economic productivity and human health

The Nature Conservancy in Kansas

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. For more than 30 years, we’ve worked in Kansas to do just that. We've permanently protected 141,021…

Climate Look

Understanding Long-Term Climate Changes for Kansas city

Health and Climate Change in Kansas (July 2019)

Few issues are as politically charged as climate change. According to many recent surveys, a majority of Americans believe that climate change is occurring, while opinions vary as to whether or not it is caused…

Climate Change 101: A Kansas City Scientist Explains What’s Going On

That's according to Doug Kluck, a regional climate services director for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He also spent 18 years with the National Weather Service as a researcher and forecaster.

The Migration to Renewable Energy: Our Greener Future

The Amazon is burning. Greenland is melting. Little wonder that the United Nations has declared climate change the defining issue of our time. Reducing our carbon footprint has never been so crucial.

Kansas Makes Good Use Of Wind Power, But Other Renewables … Not So Much

Kansas and other Plains states produce the majority of the nation’s wind energy. While that’s mostly because the area has the highest average sustained wind speeds, the leading wind states have put in place regulatory…

Electric Energy Sources

It is created by converting primary sources of energy such as fossil (oil, coal and natural gas), nuclear, wind, solar and hydropower into electricity.

Kansas Renewable Energy Standard (RES)

The Renewable Energy Standards Act (RESA) (K.S.A. 66-1256, 66-1257, and 66-1259) establishes a statewide renewable energy standard for Kansas. The renewable energy standard for Kansas is a voluntary goal that 20% of a utility's peak…


Kansas attorney general craves law making state-funded ‘ESG’ investment policies illegal

By Tim Carpenter   03/07/23  
Attorney General Kris Kobach and State Treasurer Steven Johnson tag-teamed testimony Tuesday in support of legislation undermining influence in Kansas of investment strategists applying environmental, social and corporate governance litmus tests to analysis of market…
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Kansas coalition eager to end utility company monopoly on self-contained solar projects

By Tim Carpenter   02/20/23  
KCC claims bill may push electric costs to small business, residential customers
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Land Is Power, and the Osage Nation Is Buying Theirs Back

By Rachel Adams-Heard   10/12/22  
Raymond Red Corn remembers every bit of the drive up to Kansas to buy back his people’s land. Red Corn, who was the assistant principal chief of the Osage Nation, had gotten up early one…
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Missouri ranks 7th in electric vehicle use, but access to charging remains a key barrier

By Meg Cunningham and Others   05/23/22  
Beto Lugo-Martinez is a grassroots activist who advocates for clean air. A big part of his work is fighting the expansion of “gas guzzling” vehicles and making sure that historically underserved communities receive infrastructure updates,…
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History of challenges adds to current stresses for Kansas farmers and their communities

By Dave Kendall   04/03/22  
Kansas farmers, ranchers and rural communities are dealing with challenging conditions these days. Stress is high and uncertainty abounds. Farming has never been easy, but there are a lot of variables at play now that…
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As fertilizer pollutes tap water in small towns, rural Kansans pay the price

By David Condos   03/29/22  
Haviland’s drinking water had failed a state safety test. It had more nitrate than federal limits allow. And as mayor of this small town east of Dodge City, it was his job to help the…
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Activists question whether Kansas City draft climate plan really puts most vulnerable at its heart

By Laura Ziegler   03/28/22  
“This plan, while appearing as a good first step, is not as equitable as it claims to be,” said Laela Zaidi, a leader of Sunrise Movement KC. “It discusses building upgrades, renewable energy and electric…
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Kansas bill targeting property tax breaks for wind farms fails in committee vote

By Allison Kite   03/18/22  
Another in a series of bills criticized as an effort to end development of wind farms in Kansas failed to make it out of committee Thursday. The bill was introduced by Sen. Mike Thompson, a…
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Kansas City’s latest climate report says ‘bolder action is required’ to depend less on cars

By Carlos Moreno   03/17/22  
Kansas City officials want community feedback on a plan to reduce the city’s carbon emissions. The Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan examines six primary action areas – ranging from creating programs to grow and share…
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Kansas impasse shows green energy opposition has lost steam

By John Hanna   03/17/22  
Efforts to propel Kansas’ renewable energy future are at a standstill, mired in legislative stalemate. At its center is a former TV weather personality who is using his chairmanship of a key committee to promote…
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Kansas farmers are planting more cotton as climate change redraws agricultural maps

By David Condos   03/09/22  
Cotton farming is inching north into the Midwest. Climate change combined with dwindling water resources and new infrastructure means states like Kansas are becoming cotton country.
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‘This is punitive’: Kansas Senate committee considers poison pill wind energy bills

By Allison Kite   02/14/22  
A series of bills professing to protect rural residents from industrial wind claim to bring transparency, limit abuse and enact safety measures to protect against the supposed health hazards of turbines.
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Green energy firms face new push in Kansas to restrict them

By John Hanna   02/04/22  
Green energy companies and environmentalists are fighting a revived push in the Republican-controlled Kansas Legislature for stricter limits on wind turbines and solar farms in a state where renewable resources account for nearly half the…
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Kansas generates second most electricity from renewable energy

By Sarah Motter   10/28/21  
Kansas has been ranked as the state with the second-highest share of electricity generation from renewable energy. Boost Kansas says October 25-29 marks America’s first Clean Power Week and Kansas officials, energy and business stakeholders…
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USDA to invest over $78K in Kansas renewable energy projects

By Sarah Motter   09/10/21  
U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says the Department will invest $464 million to build or improve renewable energy infrastructure and to help rural communities, agricultural producers and businesses lower energy costs in 48…
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Wichita City Council Forms Environmental Concerns Board

After months of advocacy by activists, the Wichita City council has voted to establish a board to advise the council and city staff on environmental concerns, climate change and economic economic vitality. The council voted…
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K-State experts outline climate change effects on Kansas, tips to reduce impact

By AJ Dome   08/28/21  
A Kansas State University distinguished professor and Nobel Prize recipient says “time is running out” for people to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change. Chuck Rice, university distinguished professor of agronomy, said…
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Work to repurpose wind turbine blades spotlights Kansas as green economy leader

By Shawna Bethell   08/24/21  
The Kansas Reflector welcomes opinion pieces from writers who share our goal of widening the conversation about how public policies affect the day-to-day lives of people throughout our state. Shawna Bethell is a freelance essayist/journalist…
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Some Kansas communities are paying more to fix stinky water from blue-green algae. Climate change is to blame.

By Brian Grimmett   08/21/21  
Climate change makes Flynn’s job harder. It’s triggering days of triple-digit temperatures and more times when the breeze takes a holiday. That, in turn, breeds ever bigger blooms of blue-green algae.
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Summer Days In Missouri And Kansas Turning Dangerously Hot For Outdoor Workers

By Alex Smith   08/18/21  
In the next few decades, climate change will cause more than two weeks every summer to become too hot to safely work outside. A new study argues that quick action is needed prevent that number…
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Kansas set to lead nation in renewable energy

By Sarah Motter   08/03/21  
Boost Kansas, an initiative of the American Clean Power Association says in 2020, the renewable energy industry had an exciting year, and Kansas is a leader with success in wind and solar energy developments. It…
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Electric vehicle chargers will soon go up on street light poles in Kansas City

By YCC Team   06/23/21  
Many people who own an electric vehicle also own a home, so they can install a charger in their garage or driveway. But that’s usually not an option for people who rent. “If you are…
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Kansas energy sector: renewable can co-exist with oil industry

By Kimberly James   06/12/21  
Kansas is well-positioned to grow its workforce in the renewable energy sector. More than 4,500 people are employed by clean energy jobs in Wichita, which has the most renewable energy jobs in the state. Kansas…
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Yakima City Council Talks Climate Change Tuesday

By Lance Tormey   05/18/21  
When the Yakima City Council meets on zoom on at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday the council will talk about creating a future resolution in support of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and to committing the City…
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Seaboard Energy builds renewable diesel plant in Hugoton, Kansas

By Seaboard Energy   05/17/21  
Seaboard Energy, a division of Seaboard Foods and a wholly owned subsidiary of Seaboard Corp., announced it is building a renewable diesel plant in Hugoton, Kansas. The facility is constructed at the former Abengoa ethanol…
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Solar pushback: how US power firms try to make people pay for going green

By Haines Eason   05/13/21  
Kevin Good is the president of a small solar power company in Kansas – a state that tends to be so sunny you’d think he’d have it made. “I got into solar at maybe the…
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As the Climate Warms, Could the U.S. Face Another Dust Bowl?

By Nathaniel Scharping   05/13/21  
Growing up in rural Iowa in the 1990s, Isaac Larsen remembers a unique herald of springtime. The snowbanks piled along roads, once white or gray, would turn black. The culprit was windblown dust, stirred from…
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Less Pollution, Lower Bills: Kansas, Missouri Move Ahead on Utility Securitization

By Allison Kite   05/05/21  
Utility providers across Kansas and Missouri may soon be able to retire coal-fired power plants faster as the energy sector accelerates its transition to renewable energy sources. Kansas already passed legislation that allows companies to shutter…
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Elkhart County receives multi-million dollar proposal for 850-acre solar farm

By Mark Peterson   05/04/21  
Elkhart County is the chosen site for a planned $120-millon solar farm. Kansas City-based renewable energy company Savion would create 150 jobs during construction and provide a $15 million boost to the property tax base…
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Fighting climate change: Conservation Reserve Program incentives on the way for Kansas farmers

By Kaisha Batman   05/03/21  
One of the world’s largest voluntary conservation initiatives is now looking to expand — the Conservation Reserve Program, or CRP, is a federally-funded project that takes farmland out of production and transitions it to its…
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Evergy to shutter Kansas coal plant, speed transition to renewable energy

By Allison Kite   05/01/21  
Evergy, an electric supplier to about 600,000 customers in western Missouri, will retire its coal power plant in Lawrence, Kansas, by the end of 2023, the company announced on Friday. The utility revealed its plan…
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Climate Change Has Turned the Kansas Prairie Into Junk Food That’s Killing Grasshoppers

By Brian Grimmett   04/26/21  
And yet she was still mystified about why the number of grasshoppers in a long-protected and much-studied patch of Kansas prairie was dropping. Steadily. For 25 years. After all, the grass that the springy bugs…
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The Kansas Energy Story—and Opportunity

By Gabrielle Habeeb and Ashok Gupta   04/22/21  
Kansas may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think “renewable energy powerhouse”—but it has become one. Kansas currently generates over 40 percent of the state’s electricity from wind. The Kansas…
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To expand solar and wind energy, Kansas needs a state energy plan, lawmaker says

By Sarah Spicer   01/19/21  
As Mark Schreiber drove the northeast backroads of Emporia, a place he’s represented in the Kansas House for the past four years, he talked fondly of his time working for Westar Energy and the many…
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Wind farms nearing completion in Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas

By John Hacker   01/17/21  
People traveling north at night on the Missouri Highway 249 might notice a row of dozens of red lights blinking in unison on the far north horizon as they approach the Webb City and Carterville…
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Proposals to prohibit natural gas bans may threaten cities’ clean energy goals

By Karen Uhlenhuth   01/15/21  
Kansas and Missouri may become the next states to block cities from banning natural gas, with hearings on legislation in both states expected soon.
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Flipping the switch

By Thomas Friestad   01/15/21  
As the costs for renewable energy fall and its priority for businesses rises, KC companies are joining the surge in development
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Governor Laura Kelly Announces Kansas Receives National Recognition for Wind Energy Production, Capacity

By David Elliott   01/13/21  
Governor Laura Kelly has announced that the state of Kansas has once again been recognized as a national leader in wind energy, with Business Facilities Magazine noting lofty rankings for Kansas when compared to all other states, and…
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Kansas wind farm expansion brings more renewable energy to KC

By James Dornbrook   12/21/20  
Enel Green Power North America began operating a 199-megawatt expansion of the Cimarron Bend wind farm in Clark County, Kan., bringing power generation for the entire project up to 599 megawatts and making it the…
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Study analyzes economic impact of renewable energy in U.S.

By Sarah Motter   12/17/20  
A new study is detailing the full impact of having 50% renewable energy generation in the United States. The American Clean Power Association says it and Wood Mackenzie have released a new study that details…
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Boost Kansas to hold discussion on local impact of renewable energy projects

By Sarah Motter   12/01/20  
Boost Kansas says on Thursday, Dec. 3, it will host a virtual panel discussion that focuses on the benefits of local communities by the development and operation of renewable energy projects. It said the virtual…
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KC-based Savion lands power purchase agreement for $133M solar project

By James Dornbrook   12/01/20  
Kansas City-based Savion LLC received a power purchase agreement with Dominion Energy Virginia for 75 megawatts of power from its $133 million Wythe County Solar Project LLC in Southwest, Va.
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A Catalyst for the Midwest’s Clean Energy Transition

By Brian Palmer   12/01/20  
When you discuss clean energy with senior energy economist Ashok Gupta, everything seems so obvious. Make it cheap; use it smartly. What’s all the fuss about?
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Twelve Kansas Electric Cooperatives partner on Kansas Cooperative Sun Power Program

By SB Staff   12/01/20  
Using the sixth cooperative principle of cooperation among cooperatives, 12 cooperatives in Kansas are joining together to make a small investment for at least the next 25 years in the harvesting of solar energy. Participating…
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New wind farm helps KU offset electricity needs with renewable energy

By Haines Eason   11/27/20  
A new wind farm that came online in northern Kansas this month is helping the University of Kansas meet its sustainability goal of offsetting carbon emissions with energy from renewable sources.  
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The U.S. Fight Against Climate Change Has to Start at Its Center: The Midwest

By Wyatt Scott   11/26/20  
Dan Hughes grows corn, wheat, pinto beans, millet, and yellow peas on his family farm near Venango, a tiny town on the far western edge of Nebraska. “Since I can remember,” said Hughes, a serious,…
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Here’s what Biden’s climate plan could mean for Kansas

By Sarah Spicer   11/24/20  
President-elect Joe Biden released his climate change plan earlier this year calling for action to be taken in departments across the federal government to increase efforts to mitigate climate change, including taking actions to shift…
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Kansas Electric Co-Ops team up for solar power rate stability

By Sarah Motter   11/22/20  
12 Kansas Electric Cooperatives are partnering to develop Sun Farms across 800 miles in the state. Today’s Power says using the sixth cooperative principle of cooperation, 12 co-ops are joining together to make a small…
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Editor’s Briefing: KC is solidly plugged into the green energy revolution

By Brian Kaberline   11/22/20  
The area has made news involving clean energy generation now and in the future, and even in manufacturing electric vehicles — and all in just the past few weeks.
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Today’s Power to build 20 solar arrays in southeastern Kansas

By Jeff Della Rosa   11/17/20  
North Little Rock-based renewable energy company Today’s Power Inc. (TPI) announced Tuesday (Nov. 17) it will build 20 solar arrays in southeastern Kansas.
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