Indiana is nicknamed “The Hoosier State,” but confusion about what “hoosier” means persists today. Letters dating to the 19th century link the term “hoosher nest” to the cabins built by colonizers who settled in IndianaKnown for its vast cornfields, Indiana boasts a population of 6.7 million and spans nearly 36 thousand square miles. 

Changing weather patterns are already adversely affecting Indiana’s economy, which is heavily dependent on agriculture. In 2019, corn production was down 16% and soybean production down 20% compared with 2018, a downturn that the US Department of Agriculture linked to near-historic precipitation. Unfortunately, these statistics represent a developing trend, as rainfall has risen significantly since the mid-20th century and three of the top five precipitation events in the state have occurred within the past five years. In addition to hindering crop yields, flooding threatens Indiana’s infrastructure and residential buildings 

Increasing temperatures are directly linked to the increased in participation as we are also seeing in other parts of the Midwest. Since 1895, Indiana has seen its average temperature increase by 1.2 degrees, and that is expected to become a 6 degree increase by 2050. Between more extreme precipitation events, droughts are expected to accompany the hotter temperatures. These challenges will impact the food and water security of many Indiana residents, and negatively impact their health. Cold-weather events help to control pest populations, and insect-borne illnesses are expected to escalate as the climate warms. 

As of 2019, Indiana is still heavily dependent on coal and ranked third in coal consumption after North Dakota and Texas, with nearly 60% of Indiana’s energy coming from coal. Indiana is consuming renewable resources as well — 6% of the state’s electricity came from wind in 2019. However, biomass, solar, and hydropower only accounted for 1% combined. Due in large part to its heavy coal reliance, Indiana is the eighth largest-emitter of greenhouse gases of all the states.  

Indiana’s relatively new Energy Policy Task Force has been charged with developing a state-wide energy plan. So far, however, a plan does not yet exist. In discussing a transition away from coal, legislators have floated misguided concerns about renewable resources’ lacking reliability. To the frustration of both environmentalists and utility groups, legislators in the state House utilities committee brought forward a bill that would require utilities to get the state’s permission before shutting down a coal plant 

 In the void left by state leadership, eleven Indiana cities have stepped forward as part of Indiana University Resilience Cohort program. The program was developed in 2019 and helps cities take greenhouse gas inventories and develop reduction plans. Thanks to this program, local governments representing 35% of the state’s population have competed inventories 

Preparing Indiana for Environmental Change | Ellen Ketterson | TEDxIndianaUniversity



Bechtel to build 190MWac solar project in Posey County, Indiana

By GlobalData 09/13/23
US-based engineering corporation Bechtel has secured a contract from Arevon Energy to design and build a 190MWac solar project in Posey County, Indiana.
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Transcript Zero Episode 41: How Three US Governors Approach Climate Action

By Oscar Boyd and Akshat Rathi 06/08/23
National climate policy gets regular attention, but local and regional governments can make a bigger difference, especially in large countries like the US, India and China. This week, Akshat Rathi speaks with three U.S. governors…
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Purdue leading USDA on climate change project

By Alex Brown 05/18/23
Purdue University announced Thursday it is leading a $1.5 million partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Midwest Climate hub. The university said the partners will work to help farmers and landowners learn what practices…
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Climate change: City to be in cohort on environment

By Jana Wiersema 05/16/23
Columbus, Bloomington and six other Indiana communities will work with Indiana University to understand the local impacts of climate change and plan for the future.
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Climate change adds more than 2 weeks to Indiana’s allergy season

By Arika Herron 05/11/23
Driving the news: Allergy season in Indianapolis increased by 16 days on average between 1970 and 2021, per an analysis from Climate Central, a nonprofit climate news organization, Alex Fitzpatrick and Alice Feng report.
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Indiana’s large tornado outbreaks. Is climate change to blame?

By Carson Gerber 04/13/23
The slate of 22 tornadoes that tore across Indiana on March 31 was the fifth largest outbreak in Indiana history.
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Where There’s Plastic, There’s Fire. Indiana Blaze Highlights Concerns Over Expanding Plastic Recycling

By James Bruggers 04/12/23
The dense black smoke from a fire at a plastics recycler in Richmond, Indiana, that began Tuesday afternoon and continued burning on Wednesday, forcing the evacuation of 2,000 nearby residents, was  dramatic, but far from…
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Regional Leaders Gather To Launch Bipartisan, Cross-Sector Climate Change Efforts

WHAT: In October 2022, Mayors Hamilton of Bloomington and Lienhoop of Columbus hosted the first-ever Regional Climate Convening, bringing together approximately 100 critical players from Bartholomew, Brown, and Monroe Counties from the private, nonprofit, educational,…
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Coal Ash: The Poison Seeping into Indiana Water

By Beth Edwards 03/06/23
News that toxic waste from the recent Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio would be shipped to a landfill in Roachdale, Indiana has rung alarm bells with everyone from local residents to Gov.…
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First Lady Jill Biden Emphasizes Career-Connected Learning And Renewable Energy At Ivy Tech Community College

By Newsroom 03/06/23
The First Lady, Jill Biden, along with Deputy Secretary of Labor, Julie Su, and Deputy Secretary of Energy, David Turk, visited Ivy Tech Community College in Valparaiso, Indiana, to emphasize the Biden Administration’s commitment to…
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Springs are warmer in Indiana than they were 50 years ago

By Rebecca Thiele 03/03/23
It’s not officially spring yet and already we’ve had days with high temperatures in the 60s and 70s in some parts of the state.
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Hurricanes, tropical storms may up wind speeds in Indiana in the future

By Rebecca Thiele 03/03/23
Hurricanes and tropical storms may only happen on the coast, but they can still send high winds and heavy rains into Indiana. A new study shows as those storms get more intense due to climate…
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What energy, environment legislation is now Indiana law?

There were several bills proposed during this year's legislative session that had to do with energy and the environment in Indiana. Here’s a run-down of some of the bills that passed and failed during this…

Indiana Lawmakers pass more than three dozen environmental bills in 2023

The Indiana General Assembly’s 2023 legislative session has come to an end, and dozens of bills that affect the environment directly or indirectly will soon become state law.

CenterPoint to go coal-free by 2027, Duke to be only Indiana utility to keep burning coal

When it comes to coal, Indiana is a big player. It's the eighth-largest producer of coal in the nation, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and the third-largest consumer.

Indiana gears up to turn manure into renewable energy

There’s not much to see in this remote corner of southern Decatur County. Dairy cows outnumber people. Farmland sweeps wide in every direction.

Conservation practices funding for Indiana farmers available

Funding is now available from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service in Indiana to help farmers and private forestland owners implement conservation practices on their ground.

Stellantis Announces $155 Million Investment in Three Indiana Plants

With more than 25 battery electric vehicle (BEV) launches planned in the U.S. between now and 2030, the Kokomo-built EDM will be integrated into vehicles designed on the STLA Large and STLA Frame platforms.

Bill would give money to wind and solar friendly counties, but only if it comes from the feds

Renewable energy companies say all of the different local ordinances in Indiana have made it difficult to build these projects — especially for something like a wind farm that can span multiple counties. That’s why…


Northern Indiana Public Service Company LLC (NIPSCO) is informing customers that based on positive shifts in recent market trends, near-term prices for natural gas have dropped to levels that haven’t been seen since the early…

City of Bloomington programs moving to more solar energy use

The City of Bloomington’s Department of Economic and Sustainable Development has two programs helping homes, nonprofit organizations and small businesses within city limits transition to using solar energy in 2023.

Lightsource bp and AEP Energy Partners Sign Power Contract for 188 Megawatt Solar Farm in Indiana

Global solar leader Lightsource bp and AEP Energy Partners (AEPEP), a subsidiary of American Electric Power (Nasdaq: AEP) and one of the largest wholesale energy suppliers in the country, have signed a power purchase agreement…

Indiana couldn’t set stricter coal ash rules than federal ones under state House bill amendment

Environmental groups worry an amendment to House Bill 1623 could prevent Indiana from doing what’s best to handle its coal ash — or at the very least, create confusion. It would make it so the…

Indiana’s energy plan needs improvement on climate change

Indiana was ranked as the 8th highest state for overall greenhouse gas emissions, emitting 176.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, outstripping the state’s population rank (17th). This is disheartening for anyone considering the societal…

Concerns about blackouts in the Midwest pit renewables against fossil fuels

The Midwest has an impending power problem, though experts don't agree on how big the problem is.

Solar Panels Are the Midwest’s New Cash Crop as Green Energy Booms

By Brian Eckhouse and Naureen S. Malik 02/07/23
The greening of red-state America, well underway in the Sun Belt, is now accelerating in the Midwest. Ohio and Indiana — two Republican-led US states long dependent on coal power — are on the verge…

Notre Dame’s hydroelectric project wrapping up. Here’s what it means for South Bend’s Seitz Park

City officials have their fingers crossed that a hydroelectric project at Seitz Park will wrap up before the end of June so that the reconstruction of the popular gathering spot can get underway.

RFP Alert: 500MW of PV for Indiana Michigan Power

Indiana Michigan Power (I&M), a portfolio company of American Electric Power, issued a request for proposals (RFP) for 500MW of solar capacity and 800MW of wind. The request comes as a first step in implementing…

Duke Energy awards more than $300,000 in grants to innovative K-12 education initiatives across Indiana

"Our educators and students are facing tremendous challenges teaching and learning as we emerge from the pandemic," said Stan Pinegar, president of Duke Energy Indiana. "It's more important now than ever before that we support…

Indiana enables renewable-ready communities

With the passage of SB 411, Indiana communities can opt to voluntarily adopt regulations that will qualify them as a wind- or solar-ready community. The standards are expected to significantly cut project development time, lower…

Voluntary Approach to Renewable Energy Siting Passes Indiana Senate

The Indiana Senate approved a bill that would reward communities that choose to adopt certain renewable energy siting standards with financial incentives.

City Council Accepts 2021 Climate Action Plan

By Ethan Burks 04/22/21
Bloomington’s long-term goal of cutting down its greenhouse gas emissions received formal recognition from the city council Wednesday night.


Indiana State Profile and Energy Estimates

Indiana lies just west of the Appalachian Mountains and extends 270 miles south from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River. Indiana's length is almost twice its width, but, with the exception of Hawaii, it is…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

More coal was consumed in Indiana than in all but two U.S. states in 2019

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) latest coal data, the 36.7 million short tons of coal consumed in Indiana during 2019 was more than any state in the nation besides Texas and North…

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Indiana

Between 2017 and 2019, Indiana experienced two floods and seven severe storms. The damages of each event led to losses of at least $1 billion.

Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment

Nearly three-quarters of Indiana’s electricity comes from coal, and 5 percent is generated by renewable sources, though the wind energy sector is growing and coal use is declining2. This energy mix makes the Hoosier State…

Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment

In the coming decades, Indiana’s changing climate will bring with it higher temperatures, longer heat waves, more extremely hot days and more frequent extreme storm events. Those changes will affect the health of Hoosiers in…

State-by-State: Climate Change in Indiana

Indiana’s main economy is agriculture, and, according to a Risky Business report, the whole Midwest region will likely face crop yield declines of up to 19% by mid-century and 63% by the end of the…

Homegrown Natural Resources

But, Indiana is ranked 36th in the U.S. for renewable energy generation, behind other states in the region, including Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota.

Climate Change Will Impact Length of Indiana Summers and Winters, New Study Finds

The new report says the timing of outdoor recreational activities will shift by mid-century because Indiana's winter season is expected to shorten by 20 to 25 days and hot days during which high temperatures reach 85…

Indiana Extreme Heat

Today, Indiana rarely experiences days with dangerous heat levels. By 2050, the state is projected to see an average of 40 danger days a year.

Is Climate Change Already Affecting Indiana’s Agriculture?

“This was not a normal year,” said Greg Matli, Indiana state statistician for the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service at a crop report panel. “Nothing like 2019 has happened in our history before.”

What Climate Change Means for Indiana

Our climate is changing because the earth is warming.  

Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment

Scientists and decision makers from across the state are working together to develop a series of easily understandable reports that shows how a changing climate will affect state and local interests. Led by the Purdue…

Report finds quick transition from coal to renewables would benefit Indiana consumers

Though the report didn’t look into the reliability of renewable energy, she says several utilities — like NIPSCO in northern Indiana — plan to rely on battery storage. AEC’s analysis shows that moving to all…

Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment

Projections show the pace picking up even more speed as heat-trapping gases, produced by humans burning fossil fuels, continue accumulating in the atmosphere. Indiana will continue to warm, more precipitation will fall, and extremely hot…

Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment

However, researchers can use climate models to make “projections” of future climate based on reasonable assumptions about future atmospheric conditions. The projections used in this report assume that society will continue to release heat-trapping gases…

Renewable Projects

Vectren, A CenterPoint Energy Company – “Renewable Energy”

Renewable Energy Sources

"Renewable Energy" is any naturally occurring, theoretically inexhaustible source of energy that is not derived from fossil or nuclear fuel.  These sources include biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, wave, and hydroelectric power.  In the past five years, Indiana has made tremendous strides in the use of wind, biofuel, solar, and biomass resources. Furthermore, Indiana has used its manufacturing skills to become an integral part…

‘Substantial loss of life’: What the climate change report says about Indiana

A global warming report released by the Trump administration predicts several severe outcomes for Hoosier health and economy.


Why Aren’t More Solar Farms Built on Municipal Landfills?

By Taylor Kate Brown   03/02/23  
Local opposition has blocked towns from building utility-scale solar installations. But there is an unexpected and newly incentivized alternative — thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act — the dump.
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Youth-driven bill to create Indiana climate change task force dies in Senate — again

By Karl Schneider   02/27/23  
Indiana lawmakers heard testimony in support of a bi-partisan bill to establish a statewide climate solutions task force, but the legislation stalled after the chairman of the Senate's Environmental Affairs Committee declined to call it…
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How Indiana’s flood map went from acclaimed to attacked

By Thomas Frank   02/16/23  
Indiana once won national acclaim for its interactive website that displays the flood risk of almost every location across the state.
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Callaway County organizing against renewable energy developments

By Ryan Pivoney   02/12/23  
Burns, a 75-year-old woman who lives on a Hatton farm that's been in her family for more than 100 years, leads what she estimates to be approximately 300 Callaway County residents in organizing against proposed…
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Purdue Extension studies Indiana commercial solar and wind county ordinances

By Abby Leeds   02/10/23  
In spring 2022, the Indiana General Assembly passed Senate Bill 411, creating voluntary commercial solar and wind regulation standards. Indiana communities planning to qualify as a solar or wind energy ready community will need to…
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Solar Panels Are the Midwest’s New Cash Crop as Green Energy Booms

By Brian Eckhouse and Naureen S. Malik   02/07/23  
The greening of red-state America, well underway in the Sun Belt, is now accelerating in the Midwest. Ohio and Indiana — two Republican-led US states long dependent on coal power — are on the verge…
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Scrub Hub: How do snow and winter weather impact my solar panels? It’s complicated.

By Sarah Bowman   02/06/23  
In Indiana and the Midwest, snow is nothing new. We all know the drill after a snowfall: Roads get plowed, cars windows are scraped, sidewalks get shoveled.
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Can California’s electric-vehicle push overcome the red-state backlash?

By Noah Bierman   12/12/22  
This industrial city an hour north of Indianapolis isn’t as famous as Detroit, but it has become an unlikely battleground in the war over electric cars. Almost everyone you meet here either works in a…
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Indiana Residents, Not Utilities, Paying High Costs Of Fossil Fuels

In one of the most fossil fuel-dependent states in the country, Indiana utility customers’ energy bills are continuing to rise as global price shocks and coal and gas plant unreliability drive up prices, the Indianapolis…
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Indianapolis adds more than 80 electric and electric-hybrid buses to public transit fleet

By YCC Team   10/21/22  
Diesel buses release carbon pollution into the atmosphere. And their exhaust also contains other pollutants that can worsen asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other health problems. “So our goal is to reduce our fleet to zero…
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Indianapolis among ‘front-runner cities’ in World Health Organization climate change project

By Karl Schneider   05/12/22  
Indianapolis in one of six "front-runner cities" from around the world being profiled for their plans on mitigating and adapting to climate change. The World Health Organization worked with the city's Office of Sustainability and…
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Flashpoint: Opportunity knocking for renewable energy in Indiana

By Steve Eberly   03/30/22  
By almost any measure, the past year brought a remarkable expansion of renewable energy interest and projects in the Hoosier state. Renewable energy projects sprouted quickly, with more than a third of our state’s current…
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Rokita takes stand against climate change policy impositions

By Network Indiana   03/27/22  
Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita says he is defending Hoosiers against an attempt by Delaware courts “to impose climate change policy on Indiana and the rest of the nation.” Delaware is seeking to sue numerous…
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Report: Nearly Three Quarters of Indiana’s Waterways are Too Polluted for Safe Recreation

By Enrique Saenz   03/24/22  
The fresh water that flows through the state like blood through veins keeps Hoosiers alive, literally and through its importance in agriculture and as an economic driver for other industries.
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Indiana one of most polluted states. New report says legislature gets a D+ on green bills.

By Sarah Bowman   03/22/22  
A new scorecard that grades Indiana legislators based on their votes in support of or against various environment-related bills has been released. In it, nearly two-thirds received a D or an F. Among them: the…
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Solar canopies over Indiana airport parking lot provide shade and power

By YCC Team   03/17/22  
Before travelers fly out of the Evansville Regional Airport in Indiana, they can park their cars in a large lot just beyond the terminal. A few years ago, there was no shelter in the lot…
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Indiana communities are looking up to trees to reduce the impact felt from climate change

By Karl Schneider   03/15/22  
Cityscapes and urban environments are usually dominated by towering concrete, steel and pavement, leaving little room for trees and natural landscapes that can help alleviate the growing impact of climate change.
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What energy, environment bills are on their way to becoming law?

By Rebecca Thiele   03/14/22  
There were several bills proposed this year's legislative session that had to do with energy and the environment in Indiana. Many bills are still awaiting Gov. Eric Holcomb’s signature. Here’s a run-down of which bills…
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Community groups discuss climate change adaption

By Jill Sheridan   03/09/22  
A recent gathering to share ideas around climate adaptation brought more community groups into the discussion of environmental sustainability and resilience. The Climate Adaptation Summit was hosted by the American Red Cross and Indianapolis’ Office…
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New Indiana Poll Reveals Strong Bipartisan Support for Renewable Energy

By National Audubon Society   01/28/22  
Audubon Great Lakes released findings from a new Indiana state-wide poll today that shows overwhelming support from Indiana voters – across all party lines – for more renewable energy in the state.
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Hoosier Groups Urge Legislators to Pass Renewable Energy Bills at Statehouse Event

By Enrique Saenz   01/19/22  
A diverse mix of groups met at the Indiana Statehouse to urge state lawmakers to support legislation that would make it easier and more cost effective for Hoosiers to adopt renewable energy systems.
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The country’s biggest solar farm is coming to one of the coal-friendliest states

By Jena Brooker   01/05/22  
Among vast fields of corn and soybeans in rural northwest Indiana, construction workers broke ground in October on what will be the largest solar farm in the United States. The project, known as Mammoth Solar,…
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Clēnera and Hoosier Energy Announce Power Purchase Agreement N

By Enlight Energy News   09/09/21  
Hoosier Energy and Clēnera are pleased to announce a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Hoosier Energy and Clēnera's affiliate, Rustic Hills Solar LLC. The Rustic Hills Solar PPA has a 20-year contract term and is…
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Scrub Hub: How much of the U.S. carbon emissions come from Indiana? (Hint: It’s a lot)

By Sarah Bowman   09/07/21  
In case you hadn’t heard, the earth is doomed. Apocalyptic statement aside, hundreds of top scientists from across the globe released a report last month on the danger that human-caused climate change poses to the…
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Scrub Hub: How much of the U.S. carbon emissions come from Indiana?

By Sarah Bowman   09/07/21  
In case you hadn’t heard, the earth is doomed. Apocalyptic statement aside, hundreds of top scientists from across the globe released a report last month on the danger that human-caused climate change poses to the…
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As the shoreline erodes, one national park tries to adapt

By Zachary Green   09/04/21  
On the southern end of Lake Michigan, Indiana Dunes National Park has seen the water levels rise five feet since 2014, hastened by human-made structures and an increase in storms brought on by climate change.…
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Indiana Land Use Summit to highlight innovations in planning

Hoosiers passionate about land-use planning for agriculture and natural resources can now register for the Indiana Land Use Summit workshop hosted by Purdue Extension and the Indiana Land Resources Council.
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The rise and fall of a renewable energy darling

By John Russel   08/27/21  
A light rain drizzled outside the “Today” show set at Rockefeller Center in New York City, but top officials of Indiana-based WindStream Technologies were all smiles.
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As climate change makes Indianapolis hotter, some communities will suffer more than others

By Chrystelle L. Vilfranc   08/27/21  
The record-breaking heat this summer has produced higher air conditioning bills, greater energy usage, increased air pollution and more greenhouse gas emissions here in Indiana and across the country.
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CenterPoint Energy seeks approval for 335 megawatts of renewable energy serving southwestern Indiana

CenterPoint Energy (NYSE: CNP) today announced its Indiana-based electric and natural gas business, CenterPoint Energy Indiana South, has filed a request for approval from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) to enter into two power…
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Report: State’s advanced energy sector still robust, despite COVID setbacks

By Andy Knight   08/26/21  
Employment in the advanced energy sector was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but the industry still had a statewide workforce of more than 83,000 at the end of 2020, according to a new report from…
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Climate change is making Indianapolis hotter. These 6 resources can help you beat the heat

By Chrystelle L. Vilfranc   08/25/21  
A week’s worth of 90-degree days in Indianapolis brings to a close a summer that saw record-breaking heat across the U.S., part of a trend that will continue as climate change progresses.
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How is Climate Change Affecting Indiana?

By Micah Yason   08/25/21  
Extreme weather events have made headlines around the world this year, but what effect is climate change having in Indiana right now?
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Community members reflect on their carbon footprint

By Lucas Bleyle   08/22/21  
A recent report on climate change has reaffirmed the need for rapid emissions reduction to keep annual temperature average from increasing by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.
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Duke Energy Stands In The Way Of Indiana Cities’ Climate Goals

By Rebecca Theile   08/20/21  
Among other things, the coalition wants Duke Energy to retire its Gibson coal plant by 2030, stop burning coal at its Edwardsport plant and replace that energy through renewables and energy efficiency.
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Joining the hive: City seeks “Bee City” designation

By Rebecca Thiele   08/20/21  
City officials from Bloomington, Carmel, and West Lafayette — and other Indiana lawmakers — sent a letter to Duke Energy this week urging the utility to make a faster transition to renewable energy. Some cities worry Duke…
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Indiana’s strategic position boosts its wind power industry

By London Gibson   08/18/21  
Between 2018 and 2019, Indiana’s wind power generation increased by 14%, according to a report from the American Wind Energy Association released last year, making it the seventh-fastest growing state in the country.
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Feeling hot? Evansville, urban residents could be feeling the heat more than others

By Mark Wilson   08/16/21  
If you live in a city and you feel like the weather's been hotter than what your rural friends have experienced ... well, you're right. Temperatures in Indiana cities such as Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis,…
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Cover crop usage sets record as farmers see environmental, financial benefits

By Andy Knight   08/14/21  
Most of the fields surrounding Mike Shuter’s farm in western Madison County had blossomed with corn and soybeans by early August. But one, situated next to a winding driveway leading to the farmhouse, featured much…
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‘Hotter and more humid’: Dangerous extreme heat will impact Indiana in coming years

By Chrystelle L. Vilfranc   08/02/21  
Historically, Indiana has experienced only seven days per year at 95 degrees or more. That could change in a big way.
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Indiana Tests Technology to Charge EVs While They Move

By Eduardo Garcia   07/30/21  
Can you imagine driving an electric car that charges itself while in motion? Researchers with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Purdue University are testing a new type of concrete that may do just that.
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Indiana Republicans join the new Conservative Climate Caucus. Here’s what that means

By Rashika Jaipuriar and Sarah Bowman   06/25/21  
A group of Republicans, led by Utah Rep. John Curtis (R-Utah), is laying out that vision. On Wednesday, Curtis introduced the new Republican-only Conservative Climate Caucus, aimed at educating fellow House lawmakers on climate policies that align…
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St. Joseph Solar Farm begins operations with nearly 58,000 panels

By DJ Manou   05/07/21  
The future of renewable energy in Indiana has a new cornerstone. The St. Joseph Solar Farm is officially online.
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Flood Insurance Premiums To Go Down For 46 Percent Of Hoosiers

By Rebecca Thiele   05/06/21  
Flood insurance will be cheaper for more than 40% of policy holders in Indiana. FEMA changed how it calculates the premiums in the federal flood insurance program.
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Purdue Extension Focuses on Renewable Energy

By Mary Roberts   05/05/21  
 Purdue Extension is partnering with Hoosiers for Renewables and Indiana Farm Bureau to conduct a comprehensive study on land use regulations for wind and solar renewable energy and trends related to climate change planning.
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New IU Tool Maps Green Infrastructure in Hoosier Communities

By Enrique Saenz   05/05/21  
A new tool allows Hoosier communities to plan for climate change impacts by showing where crucial green infrastructure exists and where it is needed.
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Declaring A Statewide Climate Emergency

By Sofie Alge   05/05/21  
“What makes our movement, ‘Confront the Climate Crisis,’ so powerful,” says youth climate activist from West Lafayette, Annabel Prokopy, “is that we are not only young people who are crazy passionate about change — real,…
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New Law Restricts Local Governments’ Ability to Address Climate Change

By Enrique Saenz   05/05/21  
Beginning July 1, local governments in Indiana will have much less power to enact regulations that would reduce their contributions to climate change.
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Indiana Project Part of USDA’s Investment in Western Lake Erie Basin to Protect Natural Resources, Supporting Region’s Producers

By USDA Communications   05/04/21  
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $23.2 million into three locally driven partnerships in the Western Lake Erie Basin, which encompasses portions of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.
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United States: Indiana’s State-Regulated Wetlands Bill Signed Into Law By Governor

By Jeffrey A. Abrams , Chelsea Spickelmier and Erick D. Ponader   05/04/21  
On Thursday, April 29, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law Senate Enrolled Act 389, despite objections presented by hundreds of environmental organizations, hunting groups, and wildlife advocates who felt the bill would strip protections for…
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