lllinois’s climate is changing. Most of the state has warmed by about one degree (F) in the last century. Floods are becoming more frequent, and ice cover on the Great Lakes is forming later or melting sooner.

While precipitation has increased by an average of 4% nationwide between 1901 and 2015, Illinois has seen as much as a 10% rise in precipitation in this period. Most of this moisture is experienced as increased rainfall in the winter and spring, bringing hazards such as rising water levels of lakes, severe weather and tornadoes and exacerbating ecological issues like algae blooms and invasive species migration. These challenges expose the weaknesses in ageing infrastructure and hold severe consequences for the agricultural sector, where waterlogging is expected to cause a 10-30% decline in corn and soy yields.

The midwest’s economic powerhouse, Illinois is the fifth-most energy consuming state in the country, with 31% of its end-use consumption coming from the industrial sector, but is also a major electricity generator with the largest number of nuclear power plants in the nation. A key hub for crude oil and natural gas moving throughout the United States. Illinois also has substantial coal reserves and some crude oil resources as well. A  leading producer of both ethanol and biodiesel, Illinois’ primary renewable resource is biofuels. The state is the third-largest ethanol producer, after Iowa and Nebraska, and has the third-largest ethanol production capacity and the fourth-largest biodiesel production capacity in the nation.

The state is a leader in wind-powered electricity generating capacity, ranking sixth in the nation. By  2019, wind power had become the primary renewable resource used for  electric power generation, supplying 7%, triple what it was in 2010. with a goal of procuring 75% of its renewable energy from wind by 2025.

Illinois took ambitious steps in 2018 to decarbonize its fossil-fuel dependent economy by passing the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan with goals of 25% renewable energy by 2025. This portfolio standard also invests in job creation and a plan for making solar energy affordable for all.

Already by 2019, Illinois had become a leader in wind-powered electricity generating capacity, ranking sixth in the nation. Making up 7% of its electric power generation (triple of what it was in 2010), wind power was its primary renewable resource. Its greater goal is to procure 75% of its renewable energy from wind by 2025.

A new plan called the Clean Energy Jobs Act was proposed in 2019, with the backing of Governor J.B. Pritzker, to establish a target of 100% renewable energy by 2050 and put it in league with 14 other states (including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico). On 9/15/2021, with support from both sides of the aisle, the governor succeeded,  signing a massive climate and energy plan (including supporting three of Illinois’ nuclear power plants and doubling the subsidies available for renewable energy companies to build wind and solar projects)  to get Illinois to 40% renewable energy by 2030, 50% by 2040, and 2050 for when 100% of the state’s power comes from “ clean” sources that include nuclear plants  Fossil fuels as power sources will be largely phased out of Illinois’ energy portfolio by 2045.

At the signing Pritzker said, “We’ve seen the effects of climate change right here in Illinois repeatedly in the last two and a half years alone,” he said. “A polar vortex. Devastating floods. Microbursts that destroy buildings. Record lake levels. Extreme heat.”

President Biden’s administration praised the deal Wednesday, with U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm issuing a statement saying Illinois’ law will show “just what bold state-level action can do to usher in the clean energy future.”

“Preserving our existing fleet of nuclear reactors, adopting more clean and renewable energy, and incentivizing sales of electric vehicles are all key components of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and essential to reaching our nation’s bold climate goals,” Granholm said.

Illinois is one of twenty five states committed to the U.S. Climate Alliance, which is working to implement policies that advance the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Illinois Put a Stop to Local Governments’ Ability to Kill Solar and Wind Projects

By Dan Gearino, Aydali Campa 02/27/23
Two years ago, Illinois had adopted a landmark clean energy law that called for building vast amounts of renewable power. At the same time, 15 counties with some of the most land available for wind…
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How Kane County feels about climate change

By Stacker 02/04/23
According to the Pew Research Center, about two-thirds of Americans feel the federal government is not doing enough to counteract the effects of climate change. While a majority of U.S. adults acknowledge climate change to…
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ComEd report shows how science and supercomputers help utilities adapt to climate change

By Kristen Mally Dean 01/13/23
ComEd and Argonne National Laboratory partnered on a milestone report that analyzes the impact of climate in future northern Illinois.
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State tackling harmful Lake Michigan shoreline erosion at Illinois Beach State Park

Two ground-breaking projects underway at Illinois Beach State Park will help protect precious shoreline from erosion caused by Lake Michigan waves and inform future decisions about how to blunt the effects of erosion and climate…
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New State Water Plan spotlights 13 critical water-related challenges for Illinois

The Illinois State Water Plan, which serves as a blueprint for addressing key water-related challenges in the state over the next decade, has been updated for the first time since 1984 and is available to…
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As Flooding Increases, Chicago Looks To Make Basement Housing Safer – Inside Climate News

By Siri Chilukuri 12/26/22
This story is part of a collaborative series, from the Institute for Nonprofit News, Borderless Magazine and four other news partners, examining climate resilience across the Great Lakes. This reporting was made possible with support…
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Chicago teachers fund to divest fossil fuels by end of 2027

By Rob Kozlowski 10/21/22
The $11.5 billion pension fund's board at its Oct. 20 meeting approved a new resolution seeking to engage with fossil fuel companies to encourage them toward paths of renewable energy, as well as commit to…
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Persistent Rains Pummel Chicago, Submerging Roads and Swamping Basements

By Julie Bosman 09/11/22
Torrential, unrelenting rains swept through Chicago on Sunday, flooding basements and alleys, closing grocery stores and restaurants, and leaving cars floating under viaducts on streets impassable with deep water.
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Chicago’s city-owned buildings will shift to 100 percent renewable energy by 2025

By Matt Hickman 08/10/22
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced this week that her administration’s plan to purchase clean, renewable energy for all city-owned facilities and operations by 2025 will move ahead following the finalization of a $422 million contract…
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Illinois prepares to reboot low-income solar program to improve access for all

By Kari Lydersen 07/28/22
Solar and environmental justice advocates are hopeful that changes being made to an Illinois low-income solar program will help it finally catch on in the communities it was meant to serve. Illinois Solar for All…
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Solar, storage projects set to bring jobs, tax revenue to Illinois coal communities

By Kari Lydersen 07/12/22
The sites for the installations were recently announced, along with five other former coal plants that will host standalone energy storage projects. Vistra, which owns the solar-plus-storage sites, will receive a premium for renewable energy…
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Chicago gets failing grade for ozone air pollution from American Lung Association

By Stacey Baca 04/22/22
A new report from the American Lung Association gives the Chicago area a failing grade when it comes to some types of air pollution. Officials from the organization said the city ranks in their top…
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Ameresco to develop solar facility at abandoned Illinois landfill

Renewable energy developer Ameresco said Thursday it would work with officials in Illinois to develop a 5-megawatt solar power facility at an abandoned landfill, which could bring $1 million in revenue.

City of Alton, IL and Ameresco Move Forward on 5MW Solar Project

Ameresco, Inc., (NYSE: AMRC), a leading cleantech integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, today announced its partnership with the City of Alton, Illinois to develop and install a 5 megawatt AC (MWAC)/7 megawatt…

GOP lawmakers urge for policies to address Illinois’ increased energy costs

Energy prices in Illinois are increasing and Republican lawmakers are blaming the governor's energy policies.

Midwest coalition pins hopes on federal funding for regional hydrogen hub

Illinois business leaders and researchers are hoping to leverage hundreds of millions of federal dollars to develop a thriving “hydrogen economy.”

Illinois governor signs bill establishing SAF tax credit

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker on Feb. 3 signed the Invest in Illinois Act. The legislative package, in part, creates a $1.50 per gallon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) purchase tax credit to support the supply and…

Illinois Enacts New Law to Standardize Local Permitting for Renewable Energy Facilities

On Friday, January 27, 2023, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed a new law, Public Act 102-1123, which refines county governments’ ability to regulate new commercial wind and solar energy facilities. Specifically, PA 102-1123 prohibits counties…

Activists call for Chicago to rule out natural gas in new buildings, citing health risks, costs and climate change

Environmentalists, activists and consumer advocates are calling on Chicago politicians to pass a clean buildings ordinance that would effectively rule out the use of natural gas in most new buildings.

Illinois’ ComEd seeks four-year, $1.47 billion rate increase to bolster the grid for EVs, electrification and climate change

ComEd filed for a four-year, $1.47 billion rate increase Tuesday with the Illinois Commerce Commission to bolster its grid for the demands of EVs, electrification and climate change.

Illinois House panel advances requirements for electric-vehicle charging at new, renovated buildings

A measure before the General Assembly would require new and renovated residential or commercial buildings to set aside parking spaces that could easily be converted into charging stations for electric vehicles.

Illinoisans likely won’t see changes from the new energy bill for a few years

It will take a few years before residents in the Metro East and across Illinois start to see some of the biggest effects of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, like the expansion of solar…

Kane County Solar Project to save millions on energy costs

A 2 megawatt solar (2MW) field to be installed at the Kane County Judicial Center in Geneva will generate enough energy to save taxpayers $5 million over the next 25 years.

United States: The Future Of Illinois Energy Policy: Renewable Energy Set To Expand

On September 15, 2021, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law the sweeping Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (SB2408), establishing the next steps for Illinois energy policy after years of negotiation. This legislation builds on…

Massive clean energy bill becomes law, investing billions in renewable, nuclear sectors

Gov. JB Pritzker was joined by environmental and social justice activists, union representatives, and lawmakers from both parties Wednesday as he signed into law a sweeping energy regulation overhaul that aims to phase out carbon…

NOAA, Chicago partner on climate plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

With help from NOAA, a caucus of Chicago’s metropolitan mayors released today one of the first regional climate plans in the United States. It calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% from…

Preparing for Climate Change in Illinois

This page provides an overview of the steps the state is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Evanston Climate Action and Resilience Plan

Evanston has a long track record of success when it comes to climate action. Since the City Council’s unanimous decision to support participation in the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in 2006, our…

Chicago Climate Action Plan

To assess the impacts of climate change and to develop a plan for the future, the City of Chicago consulted leading scientists to describe various scenarios for Chicago’s climate future and how those would impact…

The University of Illinois Climate Action Plan

In 2008, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign signed the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. This action committed the campus to carbon neutrality by the year 2050. The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP)…


Illinois Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

Solar energy is picking up steam in Illinois, with almost 50,000 installations across the state. Homeowners continue to recognize the many benefits of going green, choosing to install solar panels in Illinois with the support…

Illinois State Profile and Energy Estimates

Located in the center of the United States, Illinois is the most populous Midwestern state, and ranks sixth in the nation in population and fifth in GDP. The state's population is concentrated in a few…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The State of Climate Adaptation in Public Health An Assessment of 16 U.S. States

EcoAdaptpartnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council to assess the state of climate adaptation planning and implementation for climate-related threats to public health in 16 U.S. states.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Illinois

Between 2017 and 2019, Illinois experienced two floods and 10 severe storms. The damages of each event led to losses of at least $1 billion.

State-by-State: Climate Change in Illinois

In the Midwestern region, extreme heat, flooding and intense rain is expected to harm agriculture, health and infrastructure. The National Climate Assessment also points to increased risks from climate change to the Great Lakes, including…

What Climate Change Means for Illinois

Illinois’s climate is changing. Most of the state has warmed by about one degree (F) in the last century. Floods are becoming more frequent, and ice cover on the Great Lakes is forming later or…

Florida Renewable Energy

Florida produces more electricity from biomass than solar, wind, and hydroelectricity combined. Burning biomass is an effective way to produce electricity, and has the added benefit of helping Florida farmers, businesses, and landfills get rid…

Wind Energy in Illinois

Find wind data and information in Illinois, including maps, capacity, ordinances, and more.

Illinois’ Voice for Consumer Choice

The Illinois Renewable Fuels Association supports the Illinois ethanol industry by pursuing legislative initiatives, conducting research, and developing infrastructure – all so Illinois consumers can have cheaper, more environmentally friendly options at the pump!

Solar Power in Illinois: All You Need to Know

Illinois Solar Power: Check Your Savings, Costs, Tax Breaks Incentives and Rebates. If you live in the state of Illinois, the switch to solar can give you considerable cash savings over its service life.

Ultimate Guide to Home Solar Panels in Illinois

This page is a complete guide to the complicated and sometimes confusing process of installing solar panels on your Illinois home. Since there's a lot to consider, we've separated the page into sections to help…

Best Illinois Electricity Companies

Illinois became a deregulated state for large and industrial businesses in 1997 and a fully deregulated state in 2008. This means if you’re a resident or a business owner in Illinois, you have a choice…

Illinois solar incentives and rebates help you save on solar

If you live in Illinois and are considering investing in a solar energy system for your home, here’s some great news for you: your state offers myriad solar incentives to help you out. Even if…

Illinois Renewable Energy Association

IREA offers private tours of a solar installation


Consumers Win If Illinois’ Prairie State Coal Plant Closes

By JC Kibbey   03/03/21  
Consumers would likely benefit if Illinois’ Prairie State Energy Campus (“PSEC”) coal plant closed, according to a new report by independent energy think tank RMI.
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More Illinois residents are turning to Lake Michigan for their drinking water. Climate change could add volatility to the supply.

By Morgan Greene   02/26/21  
More than 6 ½ million Illinois residents get their drinking water from Lake Michigan. As northeastern Illinois’ supply of groundwater shrinks, more municipalities are considering joining that number. Joliet is the most recent, voting last month to…
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Illinois energy bill proposes ‘green bank’ as national movement builds

By Kari Lydersen   02/26/21  
Illinois would get a “green bank” to finance equity-focused clean energy investments under the latest version of the Clean Energy Jobs Act pending in the state legislature.
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National Grid Renewables begins construction of 200 MW Illinois Prairie Wolf Solar Project

By Chris Galford   02/25/21  
A new 200 MW solar project has begun construction in Illinois, care of National Grid Renewables and a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement with Cargill.
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National Grid Renewables Begins Construction on 200 MW Illinois Solar Project

By Emily Holbrook   02/24/21  
National Grid Renewables, which includes the renewables development company formerly known as Geronimo Energy, recently announced the start of construction on the 200 megawatt (MW) Prairie Wolf Solar Project (Prairie Wolf) in Coles County, Illinois.
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What Illinois can learn from the Texas energy crisis

By Grace Barbic   02/22/21  
When parts of Texas’ independent power grid went offline this week due to unusually extreme cold weather in the south, the amount of expected energy production lost was equivalent to the amount of electricity used…
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New toxic plant in Chicago minority neighborhood sparks hunger strike

By Taylor Moore   02/14/21  
A metal recycling plant is due to open on the polluted Southeast Side months after the same firm shut a metal scrapyard in a white, affluent part of town
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Illinois suffers as energy bill is delayed

By CST Editorial Board   02/13/21  
The Clean Energy Jobs Act would move the state toward 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable energy by 2050, which could create jobs without spending taxpayer money and make Illinois a leader in…
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By 2050, Illinois Would Use Only Renewable Energy Under Bill

By John O' Connor   02/09/21  
Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly are reviving a plan to make Illinois reliant only on renewable power sources by 2050 with policies and regulations to encourage a switch to generating energy from such sustainable…
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Community Solar Finally Comes to Chicago

By Kerry Thoubboron   02/04/21  
Plenty of us wish that every rooftop in Chicago had solar panels. But in reality, some roadblocks can make it a bit difficult to install a solar panel system: maybe you have trees that shade…
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Back of the Line

By Adam Mahoney   02/01/21  
Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood sits on a scant 4 square miles on the southwest side of the city, but it packs a lot into that modest footprint. With a population density similar to New York…
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Major Companies, Institutions in Illinois Call for 100% Clean Energy Legislation

By Ceres   02/01/21  
Nearly two dozen companies and higher education institutions in Illinois called on state lawmakers today to accelerate the state's transition to 100% clean energy and a cleaner, more equitable transportation system.
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‘Huge.’ ‘Amazing.’ As Biden delivers ambitious plan for environment, Illinois should join in

By CST Editorial Board   01/27/21  
Elated environmentalists had a lot to say after President Joe Biden unveiled the environmental executive orders he signed on Wednesday.
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Coal-fired power plant in southern Illinois a major obstacle to Biden’s push for carbon-free electricity by 2035

By Michael Hawthorne   01/21/21  
As President Joe Biden pushes the nation toward 100% carbon-free electricity to combat climate change, a coal-fired power plant in southern Illinois is one of the biggest roadblocks.
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Inside Clean Energy: Here Are 3 States to Watch in 2021

By Dan Gearino   01/21/21  
The Biden administration promises to restart U.S. progress on clean energy and climate policy, after the backsliding of the last four years.
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IEA awarded construction contract for 118-MW Illinois wind farm

By WPED Staff   01/20/21  
Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives (IEA), an infrastructure construction company with renewable energy and specialty civil expertise, has been awarded a wind construction contract for the Shady Oaks II Wind Farm in Illinois.
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Illinois renewable energy experienced rapid growth in 2020

By Summit Ridge Energy   01/13/21  
Summit Ridge Energy (SRE) today announced an additional 25 of its community solar farms achieved commercial operation across Illinois during the fourth quarter of 2020, bringing the company's total in the state to 42 and…
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Last chance for Illinois solar? Desperate advocates push fix in lame duck session

By Kari Lydersen   01/12/21  
Illinois solar developers and advocates are racing to secure a “funding bridge” for the state’s depleted solar incentives during a short lame duck legislative session expected to end Tuesday night or Wednesday.
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Scott Air Force Base to Draw As Much As 20% of Electricity from Solar Installation

By Jennifer Nastu   01/07/21  
The installation of the rooftop PV systems will be built and operated by affiliates of True Green Capital Management (TGC), with whom Hunt has installed more than 12 megawatts of solar projects across six military…
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Illinois ratepayer advocates file federal complaint against ComEd

By Andy Balaskovitz   01/07/21  
Illinois’ Citizens Utility Board files a complaint in federal court claiming ComEd continues to benefit from an alleged bribery scheme after admitting wrongdoing in a deferred-prosecution agreement.
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New solar project powers part of northwestern Illinois

A new solar project in Jo Daviess and Carroll counties is now operational, according to Jo-Carroll Energy. The utility company teamed-up with Bluestem Energy Solutions to build a solar farm, located at two array sites…
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States & Cities Are Driving Climate & Clean Energy Progress

By Kit Kennedy   01/06/21  
And despite the continual crises and President Trump’s desperate efforts to turn back the clock on climate and clean energy in the United States, states, cities, and communities continued to demand and lead the fight…
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State climatologist to discuss impacts of climate change in Illinois

The Sierra Club's Piasa Palisades Group will host hydroclimatologist Trent Ford for a virtual discussion Jan. 12.  Ford will discuss climate change, its impacts, and mitigation and adaptation for Illinois citizens. He has been the…
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US contractor books 185MW Illinois wind build

US contractor Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives has won a contract from Cordelio Power to build the 185MW Glacier Sands wind farm in Mason County, Illinois.  
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‘Green’ infrastructure fights climate change, promotes justice

By Bill Knight   12/22/20  
During a season celebrating with red and green decorations, it’s appropriate to consider an idea that suggests an environmentally friendly “green” approach to a common local problem that can put communities in the “red.”
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Peoples Gas is spending billions to replace miles of aging pipe below Chicago by 2040

By Robert Channick   12/22/20  
When Peoples Gas launched its massive, customer-funded System Modernization Program to replace 2,000 miles of aging iron pipes below Chicago streets in 2011, the utility said it would take 20 years and cost $2.6 billion…
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Illinois needs to take action now on clean energy

By Bill Cunnigham   12/21/20  
For two years we’ve warned that workers would be laid off and development of vitally needed renewable energy installations would stop if the state didn’t fix the funding cliff in Illinois’ renewable-energy program. Unfortunately, that…
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As Lake Michigan beaches erode, millions of dollars have been poured into temporary solutions

By Patrick M. O’Connell   12/20/20  
As the wind whipped across the top of the Big Sable Point lighthouse, one of the most famous and beloved on the Great Lakes, Jim Gallie pointed to the disappearing beach: "It's been progressively getting…
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Illinois’ small-scale solar incentives are tapped out, leaving developers in the dark

By Tim Sylvia   12/17/20  
The final incentives from the state’s 2017 Future Energy Jobs Act have been awarded. With no emergency funds or new legislation pending, thousands of jobs could be at stake.  
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Illinois hangs over a ‘solar cliff’ — and developers gaze into the unknown

By Kari Lydersen   12/16/20  
Illinois has experienced a solar boom in recent years, driven by incentives in the 2017 Future Energy Jobs Act. The Illinois Power Agency reported this week that the last of those funds were allocated Monday.
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Illinois Power Agency officially closes all state renewable energy incentives

By Kelsey Misbrener   12/16/20  
The program for residential solar in northern Illinois closed on December 15. The IPA announced the close of the solar program in central and southern Illinois on Dec. 4. Incentives for utility scale wind and…
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In Chicago, ‘charging deserts’ part of racial divide on electric vehicles

By Audrey Henderson   12/14/20  
Just as resources such as grocery stores, bike lanes, banks, cultural institutions and public transit are often less prevalent in Black and Brown neighborhoods, advocates say that charging deserts represent a significant impediment to making…
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Ameren Illinois to cut electric rates by approximately $48.7M in 2021

By Chris Galford   12/14/20  
Ameren Illinois intends to forego approximately $48.7 million in revenue next year, cutting rates for its customers for the third consecutive year and shaving around $12 per year off the delivery portion of electric bills…
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Climate change is making Iowa and Illinois hotter, wetter and more humid. Do you know what that means for your business?

By Tom Barton   12/14/20  
"Climate change is already here, and it’s affecting people, plants, animals and large sectors of our economy," Jerry Schnoor, co-director of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research at the University of Iowa said…
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New Solar Energy System Helps Power AGCO Manufacturing Facility in Illinois

By AGCO   12/12/20  
A new solar energy system is expected to provide both economic and environmental benefits at AGCO’s facility in Assumption, IL, generating approximately 20% of its power requirements.
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Maryland, Illinois may pursue legislative MOPR exit, despite new FERC nearing

By Catherine Morehouse   12/11/20  
With a new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the horizon, states that opposed the agency’s minimum offer price rule expansion within the PJM Interconnection are grappling with how or whether to continue fighting the rule.
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Agriculture Steps Up To Meet Climate Change

By Eric Tegethoff   12/10/20  
With farms and ranches on the front lines of climate change, organizations have come together to launch the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance.
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Renewable energy faces a funding cliff

By Jerry Nowicki   12/10/20  
At the time, advocates behind the Path to 100 Act warned of an impending "funding cliff" for renewable energy projects if the General Assembly did not act to increase the rate cap on ratepayer bills,…
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The Seeds of a Climate Change Defense Are Being Planted in Lake County

By Pattty Wetli   12/09/20  
Despite heavy development and urban sprawl, the Chicago region is still home to pockets of natural areas brimming with a diverse array of native plant species — the grasses and flowers optimally suited to the…
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As Illinois’ Renewable Energy Crisis Deepens, Study Shows Path to 100 Legislation Would Create More than 50,000 New Wind and Solar Energy Jobs

Senator Bill Cunningham and Representative Will Davis introduced the Path to 100 Act in early 2019 to address Illinois’ looming renewable energy crisis. The Path to 100 Act would improve and expand Illinois’ existing renewable…
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Illinois advocates tout economic benefits of renewable energy investment

By Jerry Nowicki   12/08/20  
At the time, advocates behind the Path to 100 Act warned of an impending “funding cliff” for renewable energy projects if the General Assembly did not act to increase the rate cap on ratepayer bills,…
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Gov. J.B. Pritzker vows to fight climate change with clean energy

By Michael Hawthorne   10/03/20  
Gov. J.B. Pritzker promises to move Illinois into a clean energy future. He pledges to make the state a leader in fighting climate change. But key decisions by the Chicago Democrat’s administration could ensure Illinois…
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A Green New Deal for Illinois Transportation

By Courtney Cobbs   10/01/20  
Last week while forest fires were raging in California, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order declaring a goal of eliminating fossil fuels from the transportation sector. The order called for ending all sales of…
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Illinois needs Clean Energy Jobs Act

By Candace Colby   09/25/20  
Over the past six months, Illinois and the rest of the nation have been struck hard by the coronavirus pandemic, suffering a tragic loss of lives and severe economic distress. We’ve seen protests against racial…
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Possibility of Illinois reaching 100% renewable energy by 2050

By Marcella Baietto   09/25/20  
Gov. JB Pritzker released his plan for transitioning the state of Illinois to 100% clean energy by 2050. His plan includes eight different points, ranging from utility company transparency to phasing out conventional power.
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Closing two Illinois nuclear plants is bad news for working people and a clean energy future

By Lonnie Stephenson   09/24/20  
In 1975, I started my career as a union electrician in the Illinois city where I was born and raised, Rock Island. For more than 40 years, the Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station hasn’t been…
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Illinois Solar Tour goes virtual: Carol Stream featured in showcase of solar homes, businesses Sept. 26

By Wendy Vernon   09/18/20  
Carol Stream will be featured among more than 30 solar homes and businesses across the state participating in this year's Illinois Solar Tour, which will give thousands of residents an up-close virtual look at the…
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Inside Clean Energy: Illinois Faces (Another) Nuclear Power Standoff

By Dan Gearino   09/03/20  
Illinois is up against what one observer calls a "nuclear hostage crisis": The energy company Exelon says it will close two struggling nuclear power plants unless the state provides subsidies.
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How Illinois can combat climate change by embracing renewable energy now

By Letters to the Editor   09/03/20  
This summer marks the 25th anniversary of Chicago’s 1995 heat wave. The death toll from that wave has kept the city on edge as it has faced more record-breaking high temperatures. This July, Chicago experienced…
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Illinois governor’s energy plan shakes up debate over nuclear and renewables

By Kari Lydersen   08/27/20  
Disagreement between clean energy advocates and renewable energy companies hangs on a proposal criticized in Gov. Pritzker’s new plan.
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