With just under 1.8 million residents, Idaho is the country’s 12th least populous state but, stretching over 82 thousand square miles of mountainous land, it is also the 14th largest. Idaho is known for its rugged, beautiful terrain. It’s nickname, The Gem State, speaks to the fact that almost every known type of gem has been found in Idaho.

Over the past century, Idaho’s climate has warmed resulting in challenges. Snowpack melts earlier in the season, creating smaller streams during the summer. The water is warmer, as well, which threatens the fish who inhabit them. The meltwater is currently used for personal, commercial, and agricultural purposes, as well as for hydropower electricity generation. Its reduction is therefore extremely alarming.

An increase in frequency and severity of both droughts and wildfires coincides with a warming climate. Idaho is projected to see a 110% increase in drought threat by 2050. The state is the biggest producer of both trout and potatoes (2/3 of the potatoes in the US come from Idaho), and climate change leaves these industries extremely vulnerable.

While Idaho’s gems are plentiful, its fossil fuel resources are not. Thanks in part to this discrepancy, Idaho has harnessed its abundant renewable energy potential. In 2018, 81% of Idaho’s generated electricity came from renewable resources, the second highest proportion in the country after Vermont. Hydropower alone contributed 60% of the state’s electricity generation. Despite Idaho’s frigid winters, the state is in the lowest third of natural gas consumption per capita. The state has no coal production, though small amounts of coal are shipped in from other states and consumed by residents.

The debate in Idaho over whether or not climate change should be taught in schools has now become notorious. After three years of lobbying by educators and scientists a conservative legislature added climate change to the middle and high-school science curriculum in 2018. However, just a few months later, the state chose not to renew Idaho’s rules and regulations, reigniting the debate. Meanwhile, 78% of residents agree that schools should teach about global warming.

In 2016, Boise, Idaho’s largest city set a multi-faceted climate action plan in motion including 100% renewable energy targets for municipal operations by 2030 and city-wide by 2035. As a state, Idaho does not have a cohesive climate change action plan. However, in 2019, two weeks after being sworn in as the 33rd governor of Idaho, Republican Brad Little broke with national party leaders committing unequivocally to the reality of climate change.

Climate Change Part 3: What changes are we expecting?



Climate Change and Recreation on Public Lands in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

Outdoor recreation is an integral part of life for Northwest residents and a reason why many choose to live in the region. Running, fishing, hiking, and foraging are all examples of activities that recreationists in…
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What can Idaho’s Craters of the Moon tell us about climate change?

By Mia Maldonado 05/02/24
In 2016, the U.S. Geological Service conducted a study showing that pikas, small herbivores that typically live in high altitudes in rocky mountain ranges in the West, are disappearing in the Great Basin, southern Utah…
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Idaho applies for federal funds to tackle climate change

By Rachel Cohen 04/05/24
Idaho is moving forward with a federally-funded project aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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Idaho lawmakers are tapping third-party groups in new strategy to ban banks and other companies from considering climate action

By Annabella Rosciglione 04/03/24
Idaho lawmakers have embarked on their second attempt to ban some companies from considering environmental impacts in investment decisions with help from outside national lobbying groups.
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With help from outside influence groups, Idaho lawmakers work to ban climate action

By Ian Max Stevenson 04/03/24
Lawmakers in Idaho are once again blocking efforts to consider environmental damage in investment decisions, with the help of outside lobbying groups that have links to the oil industry.
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By Lisa Ronald 02/16/24
When it comes to wild rivers, Idaho is among the richest within the lower 48 states. But the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest is about to abandon protections for some of the state’s most cherished free-flowing…
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‘It’s everything’: Snowpack is crucial for Southern Idaho’s water supply & researchers say it’s trending down

By Sophia Bliss 02/15/24
A crucial element of Idaho's water supply, snowpack, is trending down. A Dartmouth study said since the 80's, the Northwest lost 5% to 10% of snowpack, each decade. They attribute the decrease to a changing…
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Can Boise avoid the water crisis that plagues the West? Maybe. But we’re vulnerable, too

By Ian Max Stevenson and Nicole Blanchard 09/29/23
In Idaho, water supply trends foretell challenges because of climate change, which drives extreme weather and is expected to disturb the state’s water resources. That could spell trouble for a rapidly growing.....
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Is hydropower good or bad for the environment? We went to Idaho to find out

By Sammy Roth 09/28/23
What’s more important: Tearing down dams that have decimated rivers and driven salmon and other fish toward extinction? Or letting those dams stay up, so they can keep producing carbon-free electricity that doesn’t worsen the…
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One of America’s reddest states wants 100% green energy — if dams count as green

By Sammy Roth 09/26/23
Deep in the bowels of Idaho’s Brownlee Dam, Neal Lincoln is ready to offer a demonstration. Almost 40 feet below the surface of the Snake River — whose waters originate in Yellowstone National Park, then…
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Local youth continue their fight against climate change and Idaho Power

By Kate Jacobson 09/18/23
Over two dozen local high schoolers walked out of class at noon on Friday, Sept. 15 to meet up at the Idaho State Capitol and rally against climate change — more specifically, the students were…
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By Mia Maldonado 08/08/23
(Idaho Capital Sun) Water experts and public officials across the state presented challenges, success stories and solutions regarding Idaho’s water supply at the Governor’s Water Summit on Monday at the Idaho Capitol in Boise.
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Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in Idaho

Idaho gets three-quarters of its in-state electricity from renewable sources, the fourth highest share of any state. While most of that comes from hydropower, the state is taking steps to make sure rooftop solar panels…

Prevalon Energy Clinches Deal with Idaho Power for Integrated Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Prevalon Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Power Americas, has partnered with Idaho Power to implement a comprehensive Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), complemented by a durable long-term service contract. This initiative will enhance grid…

Matrix Renewables Secures Financing and Tax Credit Transfer for 260MWDC Solar Project in Ada County, Idaho, Advancing Renewable Energy Initiatives

Matrix Renewables, the TPG Rise-backed global renewable energy platform, has announced the successful closure of construction to term loan financing totaling $283 million for its Pleasant Valley Solar project in Idaho. Additionally, the company has…

Veolia sets goal for carbon neutral emissions by 2050, with help from Idaho Power

Idaho’s largest water utility company is hoping to go carbon neutral in the Gem State by 2050, but this plan is contingent on Idaho Power’s transition.

Idaho Power receives approval on rooftop solar proposal, general rate case

In late December, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission approved two proposals presented by Idaho Power, altering both its general rate and the credit system for customers with rooftop solar installations.

Idaho Power gets approval to shrink payments to customers who generate their own power

On the heels of the first general rate increase in over a decade, Idaho Power is also slicing how much it pays its roughly two percent of customers who generate their own power, primarily through…

Hundreds opposed changes to rooftop solar credits in Idaho. It was just approved anyway

Changes have arrived to rooftop solar in Idaho, whether its proponents like it or not.

Clean energy or healthy river? Why lines in the debate aren’t as clear at this Western mine

A Nez Perce fisherman hurled his lead-weighted treble hook from a rocky riverbank and watched it sink before wedging the rod butt under his left armpit and yanking the hook through the water.

Idaho Power, national labs team to evaluate hydrogen generation integrated with hydropower

Idaho National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have partnered with Idaho Power to evaluate the feasibility and advantages of producing hydrogen at existing hydropower plants.

Matrix and rPlus break ground on 200MW solar plant in Idaho

Spanish renewables developer Matrix Renewables and rPlus Energies have broken ground on the 200MW Pleasant Valley solar project in Ada County, Idaho, US.

Idaho Power wants to change how it pays for sending excess solar back to the grid

Idaho Power wants to change how customers are compensated for generating extra solar energy at their homes and sending it back to the grid – a process known as net metering.

U.S. Department of Agriculture awards grants to nine rural Idaho businesses for clean energy

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is awarding nearly $142,000 in grants and $25 million in loans to nine rural Idaho businesses to make clean energy investments and improvements, according to a press release issued Wednesday.

Meta inks deal with Idaho Power for renewable energy to power Kuna data center

Facebook parent company Meta got the green light to power its Kuna data center with renewable resources using an agreement with Idaho Power.

Tech companies look to set example by providing clean energy to Idaho Power’s grid

While the Gem State is a leading figure in the U.S. in renewable energy because of its hydropower production — Idaho is one of the only Western states that does not have legislation that establishes…

Matrix Renewables acquires 261MWdc solar PV plant in Idaho

Spanish developer Matrix Renewables has acquired a controlling interest in the 261 MWdc/200 MWac Pleasant Valley Solar Project from US renewables developer rPlus Energies.

Shell subsidiary proposes large solar farm south of Boise Airport

A 6.25 square mile solar farm could be coming to the Blacks Creek area, southeast of Boise in Ada County.

POWER UP! Southern Idaho gets ‘special’ boost from renewable energy

As federal incentives for renewable energy production increase, many companies are rushing to produce power in Idaho for a growing national energy market, while benefiting from tax credits and other incentives.

Renewable Energy Program at CSI has a 97% job placement rate, due in part, to industry partners

One industry partner, Magic Valley Energy, just recently awarded two scholarships, one worth $1,000 and one worth $500 to two eligible students, so they are able to participate in the program.

rPlus Energies Further Expands into Idaho with 200-Megawatt Pleasant Valley Solar Project, Idaho Power’s Largest Contracted Solar Facility to Date, to Support Meta

rPlus Energies, a national leader in the development of utility-scale renewable energy projects, announced a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Idaho Power for a new 200-megawatt (MW) solar facility in Ada County, Idaho. The…

Climate Rural Clean Energy

A solar farm sits in Mona, Utah, on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a nearly $11 billion investment on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, to help bring affordable clean energy to…

Clean energy, at what cost? BLM to decide what’s next for Idaho Lava Ridge Wind Project

The Bureau of Land Management will review 11,000 comments and post a summary report to their website by early summer

Idaho Power eyes more solar. But here’s why clean energy remains a challenge

The changes come as renewables have become increasingly cost-competitive with other fuels and developers are eyeing Southern Idaho for more solar projects. Analysts have emphasized that massive increases in renewables on the electric grid are…

BLM Idaho looks at new strategy for wind and solar

In response to a dramatic increase in interest in wind and solar projects on public lands in southern Idaho, the Bureau of Land Management is considering adding steps to the application process that would increase…

Idaho House panel endorses bills providing ESG protections

The Idaho House State Affairs Committee endorsed three bills that would substantially restrict the state from doing business with companies that operate based on environmental, social and governance standards.

A big proposed wind project in Idaho faces major local opposition

By Rachel Cohen 02/24/23
The Biden administration has set a goal to permit 25 gigawatts of renewable energy production on federal land by 2025. But one proposal for a big wind project on federal land in Idaho is facing…

USDA awards funding for 12 renewable energy projects in southern Idaho

In an effort to lower energy costs, expand access to clean energy and combat climate change, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will provide funding for 12 renewable energy projects in Idaho, said USDA Rural Development…

EV fast chargers being deployed at local utility company next year

Fall River Electric Cooperative is blazing a trail in eastern Idaho toward providing co-op members and the traveling public access to electric vehicle fast chargers in some of the most famous mountain landscapes, and vast…

That deal on solar panels could be a scam, warns Idaho Attorney General

As winter’s gray skies give way to sunshine, some Idaho homeowners will harness those rays — looking for a way to cut utility bills and reduce their use of non-renewable energy. But consumers should be…

Energy Companies Exploring Regional Grid Solutions Engage Utilicast to Oversee Strategic Planning

The Western Markets Exploratory Group (WMEG) today announced the hiring of Utilicast, an energy consulting company, to evaluate regional market structures to improve affordability, reliability, and decarbonization opportunities across the West.

Idaho utility launches renewable energy program with 40-MW solar project

State utility Idaho Power will facilitate the construction of a new 40-MW solar project in partnership with computer storage manufacturer Micron. The project supports Micron’s goal to source 100% renewable energy for its U.S. operations…

LS Power, Magic Valley Energy Propose 800 MW Wind Project in Idaho

Magic Valley Energy LLC (MVE), an affiliate of LS Power, is developing a second wind energy project in southern Idaho. With the potential to bring approximately 800 MW of renewable energy to power markets across…

Several renewable energy projects are proposed in the Magic Valley

A wind farm proposed for the Magic Valley would be Idaho’s largest, but it's not the only renewable energy project developers want to build in the region. In the past year and a half, the…

Meta to launch data center in Idaho in 2025 with renewable energy support from Idaho Power

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is scheduled to kick off operations at a new data in Kuna, Idaho, come 2025, and according to Idaho Power, the 960,000 square-foot facility will be fully supported by renewable…

Deep Dive: Inside Idaho Power’s goal to hit 100% renewable energy by 2045

In 2019, Idaho Power announced a goal of decarbonizing its power sources and keeping the lights on throughout its power generation area with solely renewable sources of energy. The company has a head start, since…

Idaho Energy Landscape 2020

Energy costs are affected by the economy, new technology, governmental regulation, and

Idaho Energy Landscape

The health of Idaho’s economy and the quality of the Idaho way of life depend upon

Energy Future

While there is good traction in the community with supportive public policies, educational resources, voluntary

Idaho company proposes largest solar project in the Northwest

The solar farms would be located on about 2,000 acres leased from J.R. Simplot Co. Alternative Power Development also developed Idaho’s current top solar farm, which is an 80 megawatt facility in Grand View.

Idaho Energy Plan

Energy issues are a foundational part of our lives, and will continue to increase in


Idaho State Profile and Energy Estimates

Idaho, known as the Gem State, is rich in silver, phosphate, gold, and many other minerals, but the state has few fossil fuel reserves. Idaho's energy potential lies in its substantial renewable resources, including solar,…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Idaho

Between 2017 and 2019, Idaho experienced two severe wildfires. The damages of these events led to losses of at least $1 billion.

State-by-State: Climate Change in Idaho

Idaho’s climate has warmed one to two degrees Fahrenheit over the past century. Snowpack is melting earlier in the year, reducing the flow of meltwater in streams during the summer. In addition to reduced flow,…

Tackling Climate Change in Idaho

We are seeing more severe wildfires, more extreme temperatures, and less reliable water supplies. These changes have far-reaching consequences that affect many aspects of our lives, from the air we breathe to the food we…

Climate change means more mosquito days, increasing Zika risk

More than 40,000 people living in Idaho are especially vulnerable to extreme heat.

What Climate Change Means for Idaho

Our climate is changing because the earth is warming.

Clean Energy

To achieve these benefits ICL engages with Idaho utilities, regulators, and customers to create policies that encourage developing Idaho’s own clean energy sources.


2016 was a banner year for the clean energy industry, in terms of both installed capacity as well as jobs created. The U.S. advanced energy industry has become a $200 billion sector, roughly the same…

Renewable Energy (Solar-Wind-Hydro), Power Production, and Energy Storage Systems

DBS’s electrical plans inspections, for Renewable Energy (Solar-Wind-Hydro), Power Production, and Wind Energy Storage Systems, exist to save installers and customers costly rework, time spent on field inspections and to ensure these systems meet listing,…

Profile Analysis

Idaho, also known as the Gem State, is rich in silver, phosphate, gold, and many other minerals, but the state has few fossil fuel reserves.1,2,3 Idaho's energy potential lies in its substantial renewable resources, including…


University of Idaho-led projects to study climate change

By Jason Thomas   08/08/23  
A University of Idaho-led project will receive $6 million in competitive funding to investigate how people in rural communities perceive the extent of climate change — specifically extreme heat, wildfires and drought — and how…
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Heat and smoke drive for Idaho farmworkers continues

By Rachel Cohen   07/26/23  
Temperatures in southwest Idaho have pushed triple digits several days so far this summer, as heat waves have rolled through almost every region of the country and are expected to continue.
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New committee will advise on key plan for future of Northwest forests, adapting to climate change

By Alex Baumhardt   07/11/23  
A panel of regional experts — including one Idahoan — will spend the next two years updating a nearly 30-year-old plan for how to manage and protect millions of acres of federal forestland in the…
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Idaho teens talk climate change at new summer camp

By Amanda Niess   07/10/23  
Sunrise Movement Summer Camp is a free camp located in Illinois that teaches teenagers from around the country about climate change. While there, students build campaigns to address topics surrounding climate change and connect with…
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Study: Climate change brings more extreme rainfall to mountain towns

By Kaleb Roedel   07/10/23  
For every one degree Celsius that the climate warms, mountain regions can expect the intensity of extreme rainstorms to increase by 15%. That’s almost double what scientists previously thought, according to a new study in…
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What are the economic impacts of a changing climate in Idaho?

By Samantha Wright   05/16/23  
Idaho’s climate is changing and that will have a range of impacts on the Gem State, including an increase in temperatures, more extreme weather and wildfires, just to name a few.
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How do climate, tech and population growth change how Idaho uses water and energy? Researchers got $24M to find out.

By Clark Corbin   05/11/23  
Researchers in Idaho expect to receive $24 million in funding to undertake a new study of how climate, population and technology affect water and energy use in the Gem State.
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Idaho awarded $24 million to study future energy, water use in state

Idaho researchers will receive $24 million for a new research project on the impacts of changes in climate, population and technology on energy and water use in Idaho.
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Health experts: Changing climate could affect disease spread in Idaho

By Erin Banks Rusby   04/12/23  
It is generally accepted that warming temperatures may increase the range of disease-carrying organisms, like mosquitoes and ticks, said Dr. Sky Blue, director of Sawtooth Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases. In the medical world, a disease…
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America’s Education Culture War is Taking on Climate Change

By Alejandro De La Garza   03/29/23  
If you attend a college-level earth science class in Ohio in the coming years, you might learn about how climate change is causing heat waves, flooding, and record storms, and how humanity must rapidly forestall…
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Western US cities vote to move ahead with novel nuclear power plant

By Timothy Gardner   03/01/23  
Plans for the first U.S. small modular nuclear power reactor got a boost on Tuesday as some Western U.S. cities vowed to continue with the NuScale Power Corp (SMR.N) project despite a jump in projected…
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A big proposed wind project in Idaho faces major local opposition

By Rachel Cohen   02/24/23  
The Biden administration has set a goal to permit 25 gigawatts of renewable energy production on federal land by 2025. But one proposal for a big wind project on federal land in Idaho is facing…
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Opposition to Magic Valley wind project comes from several directions

By Greg Foley   02/15/23  
Idaho’s top elected officials, some state legislators and local stakeholders last week expressed concerns about or voiced solid opposition to the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project, which calls for installing up to 400 massive wind…
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Carbon sequestration in Idaho’s rangelands: An introduction to good stewardship of our landscape

By Steve Stuebner   02/08/23  
Beyond the health of the land, there is potential value in increasing carbon storage in rangelands in the form of carbon credits and extra income for landowners, writes guest columnist Steve Stuebner.
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Idaho Legislature introduces bill to ban local governments from restricting natural gas

By Clark Corbin   02/08/23  
Idaho Rep. Sage Dixon is carrying a new bill that would ban cities, counties and other local units of government from placing restrictions on natural gas and propane to fight climate change and greenhouse gas…
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ID Council Spreads Word on Benefits of Prescribed Fires

By Eric Tegethoff   03/31/22  
Heather Heward, senior instructor at the University of Idaho and founder and chair of the Idaho Prescribed Fire Council, said prescribed fire councils began in the Southeast. Idaho's council was years in the making, but…
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Water in the West

Exceptional drought and our warming climate are putting Western water supplies at risk. More than 44 million people across the western U.S. are experiencing drought as we approach this year’s April 1 snowpack surveys—an annual…
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Boise hopes to tackle housing, climate change, other issues in proposed budget

By Carolyn Komatsoulis   03/30/22  
The city of Boise is aiming to address issues such as the environment, workforce shortages, continued growth and inflation in its proposed upcoming budget, using one-time federal funds in some cases to do so. The…
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One Big Detail Could Derail Northwest’s Clean-Energy Goals

By John Harrison   03/29/22  
Across the West, states, utilities and local governments have adopted clean-energy policies in response to the impacts of climate change. The goal is to move the electricity supply away from generators that burn fossil fuels…
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“It’s not the full picture”: Where Idaho fits in an alarming report on the nation’s water quality

By Troy Oppie   03/29/22  
According to a new report from the advocacy organization Environmental Integrity Project, more than half of natural water across the United States is below standard for either drinking, recreating or habitation by aquatic life.
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Drought expected to continue in southern Idaho this spring and summer

By Carolyn Komatsoulis   03/06/22  
Idahoans, especially in the southern part of the state, should expect to remain in a drought this year, climate experts said in a media call this week. There was optimism earlier this year the state…
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Climatologists: Drought to worsen in Oregon, Idaho this year

By Gillian Flaccus   03/04/22  
Climate scientists in the U.S. Pacific Northwest warned Thursday that much of Oregon and parts of Idaho can expect even tougher drought conditions this summer than in the previous two years, which already featured dwindling…
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Idahoans express growing concern about growth, climate change, water in new poll

By Nicole Blanchard   03/04/22  
Idahoans still value outdoor recreation and conservation, according to a recent poll, but Idaho lags behind other western states in how severe it considers environmental issues like climate change and wildfires. Last week, Colorado College…
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By Michael Holtz   01/24/22  
On september 13, I took my first plane trip in 18 months: Kansas City to Boise with a layover in Denver. The trip itself was largely uneventful, with one exception. After I boarded my connecting…
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How climate change might affect Idaho’s economy

By Rachel Cohen   01/03/22  
New reports from the University of Idaho describe how climate change could affect the state’s financial picture. The McClure Center for Public Policy Research took widely accepted climate change scenarios and asked what they could…
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Climate Change Presents Challenges and Opportunities for Idaho

By Maria Ortega   12/15/21  
The impacts of climate change in Idaho will present challenges and opportunities to all sectors of Idaho’s economy — from recreation and tourism to agriculture, energy, human health, infrastructure and land — according to a…
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Cloud seeding gains steam as West faces worsening droughts

By Maddie Stone   11/21/21  
As the first winter storms rolled through this month, a King Air C90 turboprop aircraft contracted by the hydropower company Idaho Power took to the skies over southern Idaho to make it snow.
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ID Wind Project Stirs Concerns for Impact on National Parks, Wildlife

By Eric Tegethoff   09/09/21  
The public has an opportunity to weigh in on a large wind-energy project proposed in Idaho. The Lava Ridge Wind Energy Project would be located about 25 miles northeast of Twin Falls and generate 1,000…
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INL assists in hydrogen project to move energy market toward carbon-free goal

By Jakob Thorington   08/24/21  
Idaho National Laboratory is partnering with one of the nation’s leading energy producers to explore the benefits of hydrogen production.
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Wind project would double Idaho’s turbine energy output

By Keith Ridler   08/20/21  
A proposed energy project in south-central Idaho would more than double the amount of wind energy produced in the state, and U.S. officials said Thursday that they are taking comments on the plan. The U.S.…
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Small Hydropower Proves to be an Ally for Rural Communities

By Hank Hogan   08/19/21  
The same is true for power plants—most of the time. Normally, plants connect to the grid and help each other as needed. During a regional blackout, a power plant can be switched to “islanded” mode,…
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What Idaho Is Facing With Climate Change, And Solutions — Big And Small — To Address The Crisis

By Frankie Barnhill   08/12/21  
The UN’s new climate change report out this week makes it clear that the climate crisis has arrived and it could get a lot worse. Among the dire scientific predictions, there is a glimmer of hope:…
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Report: Climate Change at Yellowstone Threatens People, Wildlife

By Matt Alderton   07/06/21  
“Beautiful.” “Gorgeous.” “Breathtaking.” “Magnificent.” These are just a few of the words that tourists often use to describe the splendor that is the Greater Yellowstone Area, comprising approximately 22 million acres of wilderness in northwestern…
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Boise wants you to participate in this Green Power Program

By Sophia Charan   06/28/21  
As part of its future energy plan, the city of Boise asks residents to participate in Idaho Power’s Green Power Program — a chance to support renewable
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Lawsuit challenges Hungry Ridge, ‘End of the World’ project; Friends of the Clearwater seek judgment to vacate decisions

By David Rauzi   05/05/21  
A civil suit was filed in federal court last week, challenging U.S. Forest Service decisions authorizing two adjacent timber sales on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests. On April 28, Friends of the Clearwater (FOC) filed…
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NW solar, wind developments could impact vast swaths of ag land

By Matthew Weaver   05/05/21  
Up to 146,000 acres of the Northwest — much of it farmland — could be converted to solar production by 2050, according to a recent study.
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Potato wastewater could feed bacteria used to recycle high tech devices

By Cory Hatch   05/03/21  
Every year, it takes millions of gallons of water to clean, peel and slice Idaho’s potatoes before they’re processed into any number of products from tater tots and animal feed to industrial starch.
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Cat Creek Energy and Water Selects Voith Hydro Ternary Units for State-of-the-art Large Volume, Long Duration (LVLD) Renewable Energy and Water Storage Project in Idaho

By Voith GmbH   04/29/21  
• Voith Hydro has been selected to design, manufacture and install 720 MW of ternary pumped storage equipment for the Cat Creek Energy and Water (CCEW) Project in Elmore County, Idaho.
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Boise launches youth council to address climate change issues

By KTVB Staff   04/22/21  
 Boise is launching a new Youth Climate Action Council.Twelve students selected from high schools in Boise will have a virtual meeting today with Mayor Lauren McLean and City Council Member Holli Woodings.
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NOAA: Northwest’s ‘normal’ temps rising

By Don Jenkins   04/21/21  
 The climate for the Northwest and most of the contiguous U.S. has become slightly warmer in the past decade, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported on Tuesday, April 20.
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Snake River Is Named ‘Most Endangered’ River of 2021

By Jan Wesner   04/14/21  
“No river is in more need of bold, urgent action than the Snake," Amy Souers Kober, a spokesperson for the organization, said in a video released Tuesday along with the list
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Iowa’s largest solar energy facility completed

Iowa’s largest solar energy facility has officially been completed with the ribbon-cutting ceremony taking place recently. The 127.5 MW direct current Wapello Solar photovoltaic project is located on nearly 800 acres of land south of…
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Lava Ridge Wind Project would bring jobs and opportunity to Southern Idaho

By Elizabeth Hadley   04/13/21  
 A large renewable energy wind project could be on its way to southern Idaho, which could mean big things for this area.
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Climate change is making it harder to grow the potatoes traditionally used for French fries

By Stephanie Manuzak   04/09/21  
Do you want fries with that? Potatoes are a very popular side dish.
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Study: Drought-breaking rains more rare, erratic in US West

By Matthew Brown   04/07/21  
Rainstorms grew more erratic and droughts much longer across most of the U.S. West over the past half-century as climate change warmed the planet, according to a sweeping government study released Tuesday that concludes the…
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Idaho conservation groups join request to federal judge to halt government salmon plan

By Eric Barker   01/22/21  
Salmon and steelhead advocates returned to court to again ask a federal judge to overturn the government’s plan to operate dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers in a way that pushes the fish closer…
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What’s killing Idaho moose? In many cases, infestations of ticks and other parasites

By Nicole Blanchard   01/21/21  
Nearly a year after launching a research effort to study why moose populations in Idaho have been declining, researchers with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game are starting to get some answers. According to…
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Mayor Lauren McLean Statement on Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement

applaud incoming President Joe Biden’s executive order to rejoin the Paris Agreement on his first day in office. The City of Boise has proven what it means to be a leader in climate action at…
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Ocean conditions affect Idaho salmon

By Kurt Miller   01/19/21  
I appreciate the guest column by Mr. Bert Bowler from Dec. 15 and his concern for the health of Idaho salmon populations. Northwest RiverPartners shares this concern, which is why we continue to encourage scientific…
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Farming green: Parma hops farmers using 100% renewable energy through Idaho Power program

By John O’connell   01/19/21  
Brock and Phil Obendorf can now add a sizable investment in “peace of mind” to the list of inputs when they tally production costs for their Parma hops farm.
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