Florida’s population has tripled since 1970 closing in on 22 million people in 2021, making it the third most populous state in the US. 16 million Floridians live in coastal counties vulnerable to climate-related issues such as rising sea levels and flooding.

Already in 2016, the EPA published a report pointing out that the Florida peninsula had warmed more than one degree (F) during the last century, the sea was rising about one inch every decade (accelerating perhaps to 1-4 feet in the next century), and heavy rainstorms were becoming more severe. It predicted that rising temperatures were likely to increase storm damages, harm coral reefs, increase the frequency of unpleasantly hot days, and reduce the risk of freezing to Florida’s agriculture. And it observed, that along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of Florida, the land surface was also sinking, a result of sea level rise and increased precipitation, submerging wetlands and dry land, which was eroding beaches and exacerbating both coastal and inland flooding.

Florida has large biomass and solar resources, and insignificant oil and natural gas reserves, but its energy grid is primarily powered by imported fossil fuels through interstate pipelines. It is the fourth largest energy-consuming state, but due to its large population, its per-capita energy consumption ranks amongst the lowest five states. After Texas, Florida is the second-largest electricity producing state, with 75% of production powered by natural gas, 10% from coal and nuclear each, with renewables accounting for another 4% as of 2019. Florida is one of twelve states which has not implemented a renewable energy standard and is currently using a combination of state and local incentives, tax credits, and loan programs for certain renewable energy technologies. Net metering and interconnection rules are in place for investor-owned utilities and customer-cited generation facilities that qualify.

In August of 2021 the city of Tampa voted to move the city to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2035, making it the 12th Florida city to do so, despite the current governor signing prohibitive energy bills into law restricting municipalities from taking “actions which restrict or prohibit” energy sources used by utilities. They are also prohibited from banning gas stations or requiring them to install electric chargers. Tampa joins Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando, Satellite Beach, Dunedin, Largo, Safety Harbor, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Cocoa & South Miami Beach.

Florida energy policy has typically favored utility companies, which have fought to prevent the direct sale of electricity from solar companies to their customers, as is permitted in 29 other states and territories, this despite Florida having the fourth-highest solar installation rate in the country. In the Spring of 2019 a lawsuit launched by eight kids called for stronger action to decarbonize the energy system in order to preserve their rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. It was rejected by an appeals court in May 2021 as a three-judge panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal upheld a 2020 decision by Leon County Circuit Judge Kevin Carroll to dismiss the case. The panel did not give a detailed explanation, but cited Carroll’s conclusion that the case involved “nonjusticiable political questions.”

In June, 2021, when a Miami condo collapsed Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm suggested that climate change may have played a role. As engineers weighed whether harsher conditions from climate change – flooding, salt water intrusion, heavier rain, higher temperatures, more intense hurricanes—played a role, a final answer is not yet forthcoming.


Florida art museum helps visitors connect with the reality of climate change

By Yale Climate Connections 06/25/24
Sirmans: “Our whole location is defined by its relationship to the water.”
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Miami Is Entering a State of Unreality

By Mario Alejandro Ariza 06/18/24
Hank Perez, 72, was trying to get home to North Miami Beach on Wednesday afternoon last week, but the rain had other plans. Floodwaters as high as the hood of Perez’s gray Toyota Yaris stalled…
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DeSantis, amid criticism, signs Florida bill making climate change a lesser state priority

Climate change will be a lesser priority in Florida and largely disappear from state statutes under legislation signed Wednesday by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that also bans power-generating wind turbines offshore or near the state’s…
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Climate Change in the City of Miami

City of Miami has always been vulnerable to hurricanes, storm surge, and flooding, and we have a strong history of thriving in the face of adversity. However, over the past decade Miami's acceptance and response…
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Florida Moves To Prioritize Energy Affordability Over Climate Change Concerns

By Vina Paula 05/01/24
The decision comes as part of a bill that Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign soon, which removes the term “climate change” from several state laws.
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Seasonal allergies are annoying. Here’s how climate change is affecting them

By Meghan Bowman 05/01/24
In Florida, managing seasonal allergies can be hard, especially for those who are allergic to many types of pollen.
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Climate change could virtually disappear in Florida — at least according to state law

By Brendan Farrington 05/01/24
Florida, perhaps the most vulnerable state to sea-level rise and extreme weather, is on the verge of repealing what’s left of a 16-year-old law that lists climate change as a priority when making energy policy…
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Florida in 50 years: Study says land conservation can buffer destructive force of climate change

By Bill Kearney 04/30/24
Florida’s population is booming. Climate change is making temperatures and sea levels rise. And the state is also trying to protect animals and open land with the Florida Wildlife Corridor.
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Where Seas Are Rising At Alarming Speed

By Chris Mooney, Brady Dennis, Kevin Crowe and John Muyskens 04/29/24
One of the most rapid sea level surges on Earth is besieging the American South, forcing a reckoning for coastal communities across eight U.S. states, a Washington Post analysis has found.
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Florida’s Home Insurance Industry May Be Worse Than Anyone Realizes

By Leslie Kaufman 04/25/24
Seven property insurers in Florida went bankrupt in 2021 and 2022. The bankruptcies left thousands of homeowners scrambling to get new coverage, which often came with a big increase in cost. Worse, many had outstanding…
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Florida blocks heat protections for workers right before summer

By Alejandra Borunda 04/12/24
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a law that prevents cities or counties from creating protections for workers who labor in the state's often extreme and dangerous heat.
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Florida’s manatees are addicted to power plants. Scientists are weaning them off

By Lucy Sherriff 04/02/24
The large, grey, barnacled Florida manatees lazily float near the surface of the sheltered canal next to Apollo Beach, on the state's Gulf Coast.
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USF, TECO honor long history of collaboration with new clean energy research center

The University of South Florida (USF) and Tampa Electric (TECO) have collaborated on various initiatives since 1974, work that has sought to strengthen the regional workforce and drive energy innovation.

Florida electric bills skyrocketed recently. Here’s why.

Residents are struggling to meet higher costs amid hotter temperatures.

The obscure but powerful politicians who control Florida’s energy

You might be reading this on a phone you charged at home last night or in a newspaper illuminated by lights in your kitchen.

Wendy’s expands renewable energy use through community solar programs

The Wendy's Company is expanding its use of renewable energy by participating in community solar programs across several states. The move is part of the company's science-based target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 47%…


Massive solar farms have been introduced to outlying areas of Tampa Bay, and utilities have no plans of stopping.

Clean Air Tampa Bay: EPA Grants $1M to Combat Climate Change and Protect Vulnerable Communities

The Tampa Bay area has received a one-million-dollar grant from the EPA to come up with a climate action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council will lead the four-year…

Solar overtook coal in energy production in Florida in 2023

Solar energy production in Florida nearly quadrupled over the last five years.

Why Florida doesn’t have wind energy, but lawmakers want to curb it anyway

If you drive through parts of Texas, California, the Midwest — or look off the coast of several northeastern states — you can see enormous wind turbines, their rotations powering millions of homes as part…

Why a clean energy giant based in Florida is battling a green project in New England

The United States’ top developer of green energy has spent nearly six years undermining a project vital to generating clean power in New England — a stance critics say belies the company’s branding as a…

Could Florida electric bills go up because of a fuel made from manure?

A bill advancing through the Florida Legislature that would entice utility companies to invest in “renewable natural gas” could cost Florida residents if signed into law, according to energy watchdog groups.

Controversial energy bill sponsored by Tampa senator passes through subcommittee

A Tampa Senator sponsored a bill in a state Senate committee that would make changes to renewable energy in Florida. The bill faced opposition from Democratic senators and climate activists.

Bill could boost Florida’s ‘renewable’ fuel industry. Critics say it will cost consumers

There is booming interest across Florida in turning cow manure, urban sewage and other nasty stuff once considered waste into “renewable” gas.

Rooftop solar is on the rise in Florida

We call it the “Sunshine State” for a reason. With an average of 240 days of sunshine a year, solar power seems like a good investment here. A new report shows that many residents and…

Florida company partners with German firm to expedite Tampa green energy campus

CyberFuels wants to build a terminal in Port Tampa City for various energy products.

South Florida dairy farmer turning his cows’ manure into renewable energy

Jacob Larson, the owner of the Larson Dairy Farm, said all of the milk there goes down to Miami to be bottled and produced. The farm produces enough milk to feed 250,000 people per day,…

Renewable energy on Sanibel, Captiva

SanCap Resilience was awarded a federal grant to focus on energy resilience.

Florida burns its trash for energy. And now it wants to use climate funds to expand

On a Sunday in February last year, a trash incineration facility in Doral, Florida, near Miami, caught fire, producing black smoke and an off-putting odor. Less than half a mile from the nearest home, it…

A Tallahassee plan for net 100% renewable energy by 2050 starts with solar

It was nearly 100 degrees, one of the hottest days during the hottest summer on global record when Tallahassee’s City Commission voted unanimously to approve its Clean Energy Plan — a guide for the city…

Solar energy solutions expand in Central Florida

In terms of capacity, Florida is one of the largest solar energy markets in the U.S., but it falls short on energy efficiency measures that could help the Sunshine State make better use of its…

Duke Energy Completes its First Floating Solar Project in Florida

The bifacial solar panels absorb light from both sides, which can produce 10%-20% more power than their single-sided counterparts.

FPL solar energy center in Brevard County to go online next month

Near the southern Brevard County border, Florida Power & Light’s Ibis Solar Energy Center is nearing completion and is due to go online in January.

Mining and Renewable Energy: A Symbiotic Relationship on the Path to Net Zero

Renewable energy and mining may seem like polar opposites, but they actually have a symbiotic relationship that is crucial for achieving a net-zero future. As the world shifts towards cleaner…

Florida tops in US for solar installations so far in 2023, new report says

Florida topped all other U.S. states for solar energy installations during the first half of 2023 and is on track to upend California and Texas, the top solar installers of 2021 and 2022, for solar…

Duke Energy Florida’s New Renewable Energy Certificates Program Offers Customers, Businesses More Options To Reach Their Sustainability Goals

Duke Energy Florida announced Clean Energy Impact, its newest renewable energy certificates (RECs) program, is now available to customers looking to achieve their sustainability goals and support local, renewable energy.

USF Awarded $50,000 For Clean Energy Project By Department Of Energy

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity announced that the University of South Florida is among the four winners of the American-Made High-Voltage Direct Current Prize.

Duke Energy : Florida’s new renewable energy certificates program offers customers, businesses more options to reach their sustainability goals

Aims to reduce rates for all customers by generating revenue through the sale of the RECs ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Duke Energy Florida today announced Clean Energy Impact , its newest renewable energy certificates (RECs)…

Florida raises eyebrows with decision on $377 million of crucial federal funding: ‘Negative implications for Florida residents’

Last month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rejected $377 million in federal energy-efficiency funding despite the Sunshine State experiencing record-setting heat.

Tampa Electric wants to lower rates for green energy electricity program

One of Florida’s largest utilities is asking regulators for permission to lower rates for those who purchase some or all of their electricity from a solar facility to increase participation in the program.

Hillsborough County solar project tries to lower startup costs for residents

When Doug Nelson first bought his home after moving to Tampa Bay, he knew exactly where he’d put his solar panels.

That time Ron DeSantis Rejected Federal Funds for Clean Energy and Cost Florida $350,000,000

Tampa Bay area Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor remains livid that Gov. Ron DeSantis turned down $354 million for energy-efficient measures provided through federal legislation signed into law by President Joe Biden.

Energy companies were behind some successful bills in Tallahassee this year

The fossil fuel industry was a big player in Florida's recent legislative session, especially when it came to newer projects involving buzzwords like "renewable” natural gas and "green” hydrogen.

NREL Partners With Black Farmers’ Collaborative To Plan Solar Panels for Florida Farms and Churches

On Cetta Barnhart's demonstration farm in Monticello, Florida, she grows citrus trees, leafy greens, and other produce that often goes to the community-supported agriculture project she founded, Seed Time Harvest Farms. Soon, there will be…

Tampa’s climate plan will enhance and preserve community’s quality of life | Column

On an early Saturday morning in June, I stood at the tip of the South Tampa peninsula in Picnic Island Park admiring the activity. The wetlands here are home to spoonbills, waders, gulls and terns.

JEA agrees to 20-year solar power deal

JEA will enter into a $400.8 million, 20-year agreement to buy solar power from the Florida Municipal Power Agency and receive it via Florida Power & Light Co. transmission lines.

Tampa becomes the latest Florida city to unveil a climate action plan

Approximately two years in the making, Tampa officials on Friday unveiled a 156-page “Climate Action and Equity Plan, becoming the latest local government in Florida to lay out a path to transition to renewable energy…

Hillsborough County’s Plan for Tampa Calls for 100% Clean Energy By 2035

This week, the Hillsborough County-City Planning Commission introduced the Environmental and Mobility sections updates of the Tampa Comprehensive Plan in a series of three public meetings. The County’s plan includes language from a Tampa City…

Florida Crystals Corp. Expands Renewable Energy Production

Florida Crystals Corp., which owns Florida's only rice mill, is now converting sunlight to renewable energy for its operations via its 900-panel solar array and the first Tesla Megapack battery in operation in the state…

Duke Energy Florida celebrates renewable energy landmark

Duke Energy Florida celebrated their milestone of surpassing 1 Gigawatt of clean, renewable energy at the High Springs Renewable Energy Center on Wednesday morning.

Ahead of Earth Day, Rep. Castor Introduces Package of 3 Clean Energy Bills

Today, U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (FL14), former chair of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, reintroduced a package of three clean energy bills to boost access to solar energy and help Americans power their…

William McQuilkin: New legislation good for Florida business, energy costs, jobs and more

As Floridians, we have a real opportunity to take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act to accelerate our transition to clean, renewable energy. We can do this while also providing much needed jobs and growth…

Fracked Gas at Center of Tampa Electric’s New 10-Year Plan

On Friday, Tampa Electric filed their 10-year plan with the state, outlining the utility’s power needs and power generation plans for the next decade. Under the plan, the utility will not be moving off fracked…

McKay Bay Waste to Energy Facility powers thousands of Tampa homes using renewable energy

Waste to energy facilities are a growing alternative to landfills, essentially recycling residential and commercial trash and converting it into renewable energy.

Florida utility bills could rise to pay for new natural gas technology

Floridians could see their electric bills increase again in the next two years so that utility companies can build infrastructure that captures methane emitted from solid waste and turns it into natural gas under a…

Duke Energy to build Florida floating solar array

Duke Energy Florida today announced that its first floating solar array pilot will begin construction later this month in Polk County.

Sunuso Energy becomes the Most Trusted Provider of Solar Energy Solutions in Florida

Sunuso Energy provides eco-friendly and energy-efficient solar energy solutions in Florida and is a top provider of affordable, high-quality solar panel installation services for homeowners.

Rate hikes approved for Tampa Electric, Duke Energy Florida, and Florida Power and Light

The Florida Public Service Commission, which regulates private utilities, approved rate increases for three electric companies that serve the state during its Tuesday meeting.

Origis Energy acquires Florida solar projects from Dominion Energy subsidiary

Miami-based solar and energy storage developer Origis Energy has acquired two solar projects from Birdseye Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Dominion Energy Inc. The projects are in Florida. Once completed, they will add a combined…

From cow manure to clean energy — how one Florida dairy farm is cutting carbon emissions

On an average day, Greg Watts and his team at Full Circle Dairy produce more than 30,000 gallons of high-quality milk from more than 3,000 cows at their farm.

Clean energy advocates educate Floridians about electric rate hikes ahead of campaign launch

On March 7, the Florida Public Service Commission is expected to decide whether or not to approve rate hikes from Tampa Electric and Duke Energy Florida because of rising natural gas costs and expensive storm…

Leaders approve large-scale solar farm project in Florida

The City Commission unanimously approved a contract amendment to the FL Solar 6 project, a 75-megawatt solar plant about 15 miles west of downtown Gainesville in 2024.

Toolkit Helps Tallahassee Ready for Clean Energy Implementation

While it makes a big splash when large communities like Los Angeles and New York embrace the clean energy transition, success depends on communities of all sizes mapping a pathway to their goals along with…

Tampa Bay officials release plan for dealing with climate change

Florida’s sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines helped make it the fastest-growing state in the country last year.

Clearwater becomes 13th Florida city to commit to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2040

Clearwater has become the 13th Florida city to commit to 100% clean and renewable energy in its city operations by 2040 and citywide by 2050, with unanimous City Council approval of a resolution stating its…

Florida Transit Agency Buys 60 Electric Buses

A Florida transit agency, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) of Pinellas County, recently ordered 60 full-electric buses. Pinellas County is the large county just west of Tampa that includes St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Palm…

Tampa is holding listening sessions for residents at the frontline of climate change

The city also announced a $1 million investment into renewable energy solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations at the City Center at Hanna municipal building in East Tampa.

Federal government invests $815K in renewable energy projects in rural Florida

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it is making nearly 800 investments into renewable energy projects aimed at making rural communities in Florida more independent and resilient to the impacts of climate change.

City of Tampa Begins Development of Climate Action & Equity Plan

The City of Tampa is now developing the city’s first Climate Action & Equity Plan. The plan advances one of Mayor Castor’s major campaign commitments and is part of the Resilient Tampa Roadmap, released in…

Washington County officials approve a solar power plant

Washington County is closer to having energy independence after Thursday night’s commission meeting.

Reports: Florida is on track to become a regional leader in solar energy

 While climate scientists are sounding the alarm on rising global temperatures, a recent federal report is saying the U.S. is at least heading in the right direction in terms of using one form of renewable…

Tampa Commits To 100% Clean, Renewable Energy By 2035

Tampa's city council voted Thursday in favor of moving the city to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2035, making it the 12th Florida city to do so. This latest passage comes after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed…

Tampa City Council Adopts 100% Renewable Energy Resolution

Today, the Tampa City Council voted 6-1 to adopt a renewable energy resolution that demonstrates the Council’s support for transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy sources community-wide by 2035. The resolution is the first of…

Duke Energy Florida announces 4 new solar sites

Duke Energy Florida today announced the locations of its four newest solar power plants – the latest move in the company’s program to expand its renewable generation portfolio.

Orange County’s Future Shines Brighter Together … Connecting Residents with Affordable Solar

Orange County is excited to announce another opportunity to help residents “go solar” by joining with the City of Orlando and Solar United Neighbors to provide another Solar Co-op.  

Homeowners Across Florida Are Switching To Solar Power Through Group Purchases

More than 60,000 homes, businesses and billboards are powered by solar energy across Florida right now, and one nonprofit is trying to increase that number by getting residents to purchase through multiple groups.

Florida Resilient Coastlines Program

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is committed to marshaling resources to prepare Florida’s coastal communities and habitats for the effects of climate change, especially rising sea levels.

CS/CS/SB 1954 — Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience

The bill establishes statewide programs for adaptation to flooding and sea level rise. The programs are intended to address flooding all across the state. The bill creates: The Resilient Florida Grant Program within the Department…

Point of View: Home insurance rates soaring with the heat

By Carlos Gimenez 05/25/21
Homeowners are the ones who incur the hefty costs when extreme weather strikes, especially those who live in low-lying coastal areas. Now is the time for all levels of government, in conjunction with the innovations…

Preparing for Climate Change in Florida

This page provides an overview of the steps the state is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Miami-Dade County Regional Climate Action Plan

Florida is considered one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change, with Southeast Florida especially susceptible to impacts such as rising sea levels. Miami-Dade County has been on the forefront of these issues for…

Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan

The Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP) is the Compact's guiding tool for coordinated climate action in Southeast Florida to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build climate resilience. The RCAP provides a set of recommendations, guidelines…

Florida State Energy & Climate Action Plan

During the past 14 months, the Governor’s Action Team on Energy and Climate Change (Action Team) worked diligently to develop the Florida Energy and Climate Change Action Plan (Action Plan).  In keeping with the guidance provided…


Improved Prediction of Managed Water Flow into Everglades National Park Using Empirical Dynamic Modeling

Alteration of natural surface flow paths across South Florida has been detrimental to the environmental health and sustainability of the Everglades and surrounding ecosystems. As part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), predicting flows…

Florida State Profile and Energy Estimates

The Florida peninsula extends almost 450 miles south from the Georgia border to the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico. The state's northern boundary stretches about 360 miles from the Atlantic Ocean across the…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.


The short answer to this question is that solar panels are not illegal in Florida. However, you may have come across this question while researching solar power options in Florida. If you’re wondering why people are…

Rigorously Valuing the Role of U.S. Coral Reefs in Coastal Hazard Risk Reduction

The degradation of coastal habitats, particularly coral reefs, raises risks by increasing the exposure of coastal communities to flooding hazards. The protective services of these natural defenses are not assessed in the same rigorous economic…

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The State of Climate Adaptation in Public Health An Assessment of 16 U.S. States

EcoAdaptpartnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council to assess the state of climate adaptation planning and implementation for climate-related threats to public health in 16 U.S. states.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Florida

Between 2017 and 2019, Florida experienced three tropical cyclones, three severe storms, and one freeze. The damages of each event led to losses of at least $1 billion.

State-by-State: Climate Change in Florida

Florida is extremely vulnerable to impacts of climate change that threaten the state’s agriculture, energy and tourism industries


mySolarCost is a free service that allows you to quickly and easily compare prices, features, and products from top solar providers and brands. Whether you are trying to save on your electric bill or increase…

Clean Energy Florida

Clean Energy Florida works to catalyze clean energy growth, adoption, and investment across the state of Florida. The state is well positioned to become a leading and innovative clean and renewable energy hub, and businesses…

Florida Solar

Florida’s solar policies have lagged behind other states: it has no renewable portfolio standard and does not allow power purchase agreements, two policies that have driven investments in solar in other states.


Sea levels are rising, but is South Florida also sinking? What the research shows

By Alex Harris   03/29/24  
In South Florida, sea levels have already risen several inches since the start of the century and could be around six feet higher by 2100. But another factor could be making those sunny day floods…
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Florida Map Shows Where State Will Become Underwater From Sea Level Rise

By Aleks Phillips   03/29/24  
Earlier in March, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson published a post on X, formerly Twitter, which showed Florida and much of America's East and Gulf Coasts consumed by water. The post subsequently went viral, racking up…
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Homeowners in these Florida cities face the greatest threat from climate change

By Jeremy Tanner   03/24/24  
Images of neighborhoods devastated by natural disasters have become commonplace in recent years, but a new study finds that properties in some U.S. cities are especially imperiled.
Read more

Catholic, Christian groups share faith-driven plan for ‘climate adaptation’ with Congress

Catholic and Christian groups joined together March 20 to discuss a faith-driven approach to solving problems associated with climate change in a panel discussion on Capitol Hill.
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In Florida, Skyrocketing Insurance Rates Test Resolve of Homeowners in Risky Areas

By Amy Green   03/06/24  
For most of his life, Cory Infinger has lived down a hill and along a bend in the Little Wekiva River, a gentle stream meandering northwest of Orlando. During Hurricane Ian, in September 2022, the…
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Commentary: Can manufacturing sector help Florida climate crisis?

By Mary Anna Mancuso   03/01/24  
Florida faces a stark reality: rising sea levels, harsher storms and warming temperatures due to climate change. You might wonder how Florida’s manufacturing sector can be part of the solution. Easy: by supporting the Providing…
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Florida’s Environment: Bills to Keep Tabs on in the 2024 State Legislative Session

By Augustus Hoff and Others   02/27/24  
Our student-led team has sifted through hundreds of bills to find those that pertain to our state’s environment. For some, we have talked to policy experts and scientists to provide context about how the proposed…
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New Sustainable Florida Homes Survived Hurricane–as Nearby Homes Were Devastated–and Never Lost Power

By Andy Corbley   02/22/24  
These cute little Florida townhomes are tougher than they look. While they may be as green as a budding daffodil, they have a backbone like reinforced concrete.
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Florida Keys coral reefs devastated by 2023 heat wave

By Andrew Freedman   02/16/24  
A new survey of five Florida Keys' coral reefs shows extensive damage from a long-lasting and severe marine heat wave last year. Why it matters: Corals are havens for biodiversity, providing shelter for over 25%…
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Florida could remove the majority of mentions of climate change from state law

By Emily L. Mahoney   02/09/24  
A bill advancing through the Florida Legislature with the backing of the House speaker would delete the majority of references to climate change in state law. House Bill 1645 would enact wide-ranging changes to Florida’s…
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Donalds Leads Colleagues In Advocating For Historic American Nuclear Energy Project

Yesterday, Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) sent a letter to the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, seeking to expedite the historic revitalization of Palisades Nuclear Power Plant with safe, reliable, and efficient nuclear energy technology.
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Florida’s population is growing, aging and affected by climate migration

By Gabriella Pinos   01/29/24  
Florida has grown every year for over half a century. As people continue to immigrate to the Sunshine State, its population is also getting older. In fact, just this month, WalletHub named Florida as the…
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DeSantis Called for ‘Energy Dominance’ During White House Run. His Plan Still is Relevant to Floridians, Who Face Intensifying Climate Impacts

By Amy Green   01/22/24  
Established by rocket scientists on a sliver of a barrier island south of Kennedy Space Center in the middle of the 20th century, this community is the sort of place where locals raise families after…
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Why people don’t have to pay anything for electricity in this Florida community

By Nicolas Rivero   01/06/24  
In this Florida development, no one pays an electricity bill. It’s not because of subsidies, but by design: All of the 86 homes built or planned in Hunters Point, a residential development about an hour…
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How sea rise could reshape South Florida neighborhoods: Retreat here, growth there

By Alex Harris   12/18/23  
As sea levels push ever higher, the question of when — and where — it will affect South Florida’s real estate market is a big one.
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One side of Florida is running out of water. The other is getting bombarded with too much rain

By Curt Anderson   12/08/23  
In Florida, this year has been a tale of two states as far as rainfall totals, with the southeast coast deluged by sometimes-record rainfall and much of the Gulf of Mexico coast facing a drought.
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Florida’s Coral Reef Supports Fishing, Tourism and Beaches. Can Science Save It?

By Eric Niiler   11/18/23  
On a barrier island off the coast of Florida, Ian Enochs runs a high-tech “coral gym” where he trains the colorful invertebrates to be survivors.
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‘Superuser’ states devour climate grants as others get nothing

By Thomas Frank   11/13/23  
A federal climate grant program has been monopolized by five large states that together have collected half of its money, highlighting an uneven disbursement of government funding that often leaves poorer regions with less financial…
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Florida is getting a new solar microgrid community

By Michelle Lewis   11/13/23  
The $4.2 million pilot project, which is being developed by utility Lakeland Electric, microgrid developer BlockEnergy, and housing developer Highland Homes, will be called Myrtlebrook. Each of the 77 new homes will feature an 8…
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As Climate Shocks Grow, Lawmakers Investigate Insurers Fleeing Risky Areas

By Christopher Flavelle   11/01/23  
Faced with growing losses from hurricanes, floods and wildfires, major insurance companies are pulling out of California, Florida and Louisiana — a shift that threatens to undermine the economies of those states.
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Scientists start returning rescued corals after deadly Florida heat wave

By Andrew Freedman   10/31/23  
Marine scientists are beginning to return rescued corals back to the sea, following record high ocean temperatures off the coast of Florida in recent months.
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Busted boats, stronger storms: Florida fishers face warming waters

By Trevor Hughes   10/30/23  
ABOARD THE FISHING VESSEL MALOLO ‒ Icy vapor rises from the cargo hold of Capt. Logan Lyons' battered trawler as his crew hoists frozen shrimp onto the deck.
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Climb aboard four fishing boats with us to see how America’s warming waters are changing

By Trevor Hughes   10/30/23  
Alaskan fisherman Garrett Kavanaugh anxiously awaits the first catch of the season, hoping the Dungeness crabs he's chasing haven't suffered the same fate as the vanished snow crabs.
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Feeling the pinch of high home insurance rates? It’s not getting better anytime soon

By Greg Allen   10/26/23  
Gregg Weiss lives in an older neighborhood in West Palm Beach. His home and many others are nearly a century old. It's a great place to live he says, except when it comes to buying…
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Floridians’ recognition of climate change is higher than U.S. as a whole, study says

By Jeff Berardelli   10/19/23  
In the latest installment of Jeff’s Climate Classroom, he interviews Dr. Colin Polsky, the researcher behind the Florida Climate Resilience Survey. The survey is conducted twice per year and is designed to gauge Floridians’ views…
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‘There won’t be anything left’: Florida teens battle county over plan to loosen wetland protections

By Richard Luscombe   10/05/23  
Dozens of teenage environmental activists in Florida are battling a county commission over its plan to loosen protections for ecologically fragile wetlands and hasten the pace of development.
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Baby sea turtles are baking under the South Florida sun, new study suggests

By Ashley Miznazi   10/03/23  
The biggest journey in a sea turtle’s life is in the first steps it takes. They face obstacles like bright street lights, hungry seabirds or raccoons and, once in the water, commercial fishing nets or…
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New study warns of ‘climate insurance bubble.’ Is that driving costs up in Florida?

By Alex Harris and Nicolás Rivero   09/20/23  
Florida already has deep property insurance problems. Rates are skyrocketing for tens of thousands of homeowners. Four private companies have abandoned the state this year, a dozen more have gone belly up in recent years…
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Florida is now adding more solar power than any other state

By Eric Wesoff   09/15/23  
Florida has long ranked a distant third place behind California and Texas in installed solar, but it’s now installing more solar panels than any other state — despite a policy landscape that’s considerably more challenging…
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DeSantis, Leading a State Menaced by Climate Change, Shrugs Off the Threat

By Nicholas Nehamas and Patricia Mazzei   09/08/23  
During his 2018 run for governor, Ron DeSantis not only pledged to protect Florida’s Everglades and waterways, he also acknowledged that humans played a role in exacerbating the climate change that threatened them.
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Baby sea turtles are baking under the South Florida sun, new study suggests

By Ashley Miznazi   09/08/23  
The biggest journey in a sea turtle’s life is in the first steps it takes. They face obstacles like bright street lights, hungry seabirds or raccoons and, once in the water, commercial fishing nets or…
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California and Florida grew quickly on the promise of perfect climates in the 1900s – today, they lead the country in climate change risks

By Henry Knight Lozano   09/05/23  
Images of orange groves and Spanish-themed hotels with palm tree gardens filled countless pamphlets and articles promoting Southern California and Florida in the late 19th century, promising escape from winter’s reach.
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Why we all need to think like Floridians now

By Michael J. Coren   09/05/23  
When I was growing up in Florida, my friend and I played a game in the backyard. We’d get shovels to dig as deep as we could. After uncovering a few inches of black soil,…
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Warmer seas – Climate change in Florida

By Ines Pohl   09/02/23  
The extremely high water temperatures are a consequence of both climate change and the weather phenomenon known as El Niño. They are devastating one of the most species-rich habitats on earth, bleaching the coral reefs…
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Ron DeSantis denied human-caused climate change. Idalia wanted a word.

By Jarvis DeBerry   08/31/23  
Of the eight Republicans who stood on the stage at Milwaukee’s FiServ Forum during last week's primary debate, three were past or current governors of states that have been hit by devastating hurricanes. No hurricane…
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Biden Says Climate Change Is Undeniable After Cat. 3 Hurricane Idalia Lashes Florida

By Martina Igini   08/31/23  
Hurricane Idalia made landfall near Keaton Beach in Florida’s Big Bend region on Wednesday morning with maximum sustained winds of about 125 mph (201 kph) and torrential rains, before weakening and moving toward southeastern Georgia,…
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Hurricane Idalia could become 2023’s costliest climate disaster for the US

By Richard Luscombe   08/31/23  
Hurricane Idalia could become the costliest climate disaster to hit the US this year, analysts say, with massive implications for the insurance and risk management industries.
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Insurers brace for Idalia claims, UBS estimates $9.36 billion cost in Florida

By Noor Zainab Hussain and Others   08/31/23  
Insurers were expected to face claims for billions of dollars from Hurricane Idalia which made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, adding to a challenging year for the industry that could result in higher premiums for…
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What’s the connection between climate change and hurricanes?

By Alejandra Borunda   08/30/23  
Makatla Ritchter and her mother, Keiphra Line, wade through flood waters after evacuating their home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Flood waters from Hurricane Idalia inundated it on August 30, 2023. Climate change is making storm…
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DeSantis tells Biden: Keep your IRA money

By Jennifer Haberkorn   08/30/23  
President Joe Biden is offering one of his White House challengers hundreds of millions of dollars to spend in his state. The only problem: that opponent is refusing to take it.
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Tropical Storm Idalia Storm and Tide Inundate South Carolina Coast

By Victoria Kim   08/30/23  
Idalia was making its way through South Carolina overnight on Thursday, dumping heavy rains, flooding streets and imperiling coastal communities with the double threat of storm surge and high tides.
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Climate change, Florida’s insurance crisis: What homeowners should know for hurricane season

By Lianna Norman   08/29/23  
There are many contributors to Florida’s insurance crisis. One of the biggest contributors are huge insurance payouts attached to yearly storm damage following hurricane season, exacerbated by climate change.
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Hurricane Idalia Storm Gaining Strength as It Advances on Florida Coast

By Abigail Geiger and Others   08/29/23  
Hurricane Idalia continued to power toward Florida on Wednesday morning with wind speeds of about 120 miles per hour, as its rain bands lashed Florida’s west coast. The storm, expected to intensify further and become…
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Florida’s already-volatile insurance industry is bracing for Hurricane Idalia

By Eva Rothenberg   08/29/23  
As it churns toward the disaster-prone Sunshine State, Hurricane Idalia could be a litmus test for Florida’s increasingly volatile and expensive insurance landscape.
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Ron DeSantis Gets Good News for Florida’s Insurance Crisis

By Nick Mordowanec   08/28/23  
Floridians experiencing spiked insurance premiums and limited options to deal with them have received some government assistance that may alleviate some of their financial woes and give some respite to Governor Ron DeSantis.
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Biden signs state of emergency order for Florida as Tropical Storm Idalia approaches

By Emma Kinery   08/28/23  
President Joe Biden approved an emergency declaration for Florida as Tropical Storm Idalia approaches and strengthens. Idalia is projected to grow to a Category 3 hurricane as it approaches the Florida coast, Florida Gov. Ron…
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Tropical Storm Idalia is a feared Gulf intensification scenario

By Andrew Freedman   08/28/23  
Tropical Storm Idalia may be following the path of many previous storms, but it is about to encounter Gulf of Mexico waters that are record warm for this time of year — the equivalent of…
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Florida researchers are exploring how climate change makes health disparities worse along the Gulf

By Jessica Meszaros   08/23/23  
Florida researchers have received $1.5 million from the Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to map climate change health burdens.
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When will Florida be completely underwater? A look at the future of sea level rise

By C.A.Bridges   08/23/23  
Florida will not be going the way of Atlantis any time soon, at least by human time scales.
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Amid record heat, Florida agencies give EPA climate change rules a cold shoulder

By Craig Pittman   08/17/23  
Ooooooo-wee, have you noticed how hot it’s been this summer? Feels-like temperatures are up around 115 degrees, even a heat index of 120 in Pensacola in June. Repeated “excessive heat warnings” from the National Weather…
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