Colorado, like most other states, is getting hotter and dryer. In May, 2021, NOAA released new data, showing Colorado Springs and Denver with the greatest increases.

In 2019, Governor Jared Polis began creating plans for Colorado to wean itself off fossil-fuel energy use, replacing it with renewable sources, and drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in the coming years. In May of that year, Polis signed into law the Climate Action Plan To Reduce Pollution. That and the “Colorado Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap” (CGGPRR), also issued by the governor, set goals of reducing emissions from 2005 levels by at least 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050. “This is our plan for creating a pathway to 100 percent renewable energy in our state, creating good green jobs that can never be outsourced, and saving people money on electricity,” Governor Jared Polis said in a press release from 2019. “The roadmap is not just about a vision, but includes concrete steps that will help us reap the economic benefits of renewable energy, curb pollution of our air, and fight climate change.”

According to the EIA, by 2020 Colorado’s net generation from coal-fired power plants was already 36%, down from 68%  in 2010. During the same period, Colorado became the 7th natural gas-producing state but also tripled its renewables –led by wind and solar– accounting for 30% of the state’s total generation.

Polis’ legislation  demonstrates its particular concerns with air pollution and health by addressing transportation and buildings — the biggest consumer sectors in Colorado accounting for 29.3 % and 27.6 % of the state’s energy consumption respectively.–a direction bolstered by a sense that the state’s power sector is already headed in the right direction.

By June, 2021, Governor Polis had also signed a bipartisan Energy Transition bill into law that will provide $15 million to help workers and localities dependent on coal transition to a clean energy economy. The money will fund the Office of Just Transition, which was created in 2019 to aid workers and communities dependent on coal as utilities in the state shift toward clean energy.

Colorado utilities are cutting their use of coal, in part due to the legislation requiring the state to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, but also because of the falling cost of wind and solar. “The key to a truly just transition unlocks new opportunities in more places than ever before — not only to provide jobs, but to support schools, and improve systems that are critical to powering our communities,” Polis said at the bill’s signing. In 2021, NPR’s Steve Inskeep covered a story of a closing coal plant transitioning to a new “kind of renewable energy storage.” It would reuse the steam turbine, the transmission facilities and add a massive tank of salt. When melted, the salt would create steam to run the turbine and generate electricity. Thus, creating power when the grid needed it.

Colorado State University-Pueblo became the first campus in the state to reach net-zero efficiency last week when the school switched on its 23-acre solar array project.

Colorado is one of twenty four states, plus Puerto Rico, committed to the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of governors, created in 2017, committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Aspen ski resort recognized for being eco-conscious

By Callie Zanandrie 02/08/23
There's a push for sustainability in recreation and many ski resorts are making changes to protect the environment they get to operate in. Change like renewable energy to run lifts, electric buses and smarter snowmaking.
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Report finds 72% decline in western bumblebees in Colorado

By Rob Harris 02/08/23
A new report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows a 72% decline in western bumblebees in Colorado’s Southern Rocky Mountains since 1998. The report found that climate change, drought, and increased…
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Gov. Polis calls on state utility, energy agencies to help curb costs

By Lucas Brady Woods and Natalie Skowlund 02/07/23
Gov. Jared Polis says his administration is taking steps to cut Colorado’s utility bills following months of rising energy costs. Polis instructed the Public Utilities Commission and the Colorado Energy Office Monday to come up…
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To cut energy bills, Gov. Jared Polis says its time to rethink natural gas

By Sam Brasch 02/07/23
Gov. Jared Polis on Monday blamed volatile natural gas markets for shockingly high winter heating bills, announcing new plans to help expand access to financial assistance and insulate households from future price spikes.
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The “Law of the River” at the heart of the Colorado River crisis

By Hayley Smith and Ian James 02/03/23
It’s a crisis nearly 100 years in the making: Seven states — all reliant on a single mighty river as a vital source of water — failed to reach an agreement this week on how…
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$7.65M grant to extend study of how climate change shapes life at 10,000 feet

By Kelsey Simpkins 02/03/23
For more than 40 years, scientists from CU Boulder and institutions around the country have braved thin air and often frigid weather to collect samples and data from above 9,500 feet on CU Boulder’s highest…
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Wet winter won’t fix Colorado River woes

By Bob Henson 02/02/23
“One year of good flows doesn’t mean we have a trend,” noted one expert. The post Wet winter won’t fix Colorado River woes appeared first on Yale Climate Connections. ...
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Denver Bets on Rental Cars to Boost EV Adoption

By Sri Taylor 01/30/23
To help people transition to electric vehicles, what if you start with rental cars? That’s the theory of a collaboration between rental car company Hertz Global Holdings Inc. and the city of Denver.
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As the Colorado River shrinks, Washington prepares to spread the pain

By Christopher Flavelle 01/27/23
The seven states that rely on the river for water are not expected to reach a deal on cuts. It appears the Biden administration will have to impose reductions.
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In California’s Imperial Valley, farmers brace for a future with less Colorado River water

By Ian James 01/27/23
Just north of the California-Mexico border, the All-American Canal cuts across 80 miles of barren, dune-swept desert. Up to 200 feet wide and 20 feet deep, the canal delivers the single largest share of Colorado…
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The Colorado River is overused and shrinking. Inside the crisis transforming the Southwest

By Ian James and Molly Hennessy-Fiske 01/26/23
The Colorado River begins as melting snow, trickling from forested peaks and coursing in streams that gather in the meadows and valleys of the Rocky Mountains. Like arteries, its major tributaries take shape across Colorado,…
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A river guide’s view of Lake Powell’s decline and the depths of the Colorado River crisis

By Ian James 01/26/23
Muddy water whizzed past as John Weisheit steered a motorboat upstream in the Colorado River. He revved the engine as the boat sped around a bend and up a riffle.
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Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions to build new solar plant in El Paso County, Colo.

Pike Solar project will provide clean energy to customers of Colorado Springs Utilities

In Colorado, oil firms fix leaky wells ahead of new rules

Northern Colorado's biggest oil producing region is emerging as a test case for energy companies hoping to tackle the industry's most pressing regulatory and environmental problems: capping old wells that leak climate-warming methane and other…

RFTA climate action planning project more than halfway complete

The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is more than halfway through its climate action plan project. The inter-governmental transit agency created a four-phase project aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions within the agency’s regional bus operations. 

Big Batteries Come to Colorado

The 13,500 solar modules sandwiched by hillsides of sagebrush, pinyon and juniper near Glenwood Springs capture the eyes. It’s the four shipping containers of lithium-ion batteries, capable of five megawatts of storage, that will briefly…

Xcel Energy’s controversial Unaweep Canyon pumped-storage hydro project gets preliminary federal permit

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Tuesday accepted Xcel Energy’s application for a preliminary permit to study a pumped-storage hydropower project in Unaweep Canyon.

Colorado utility agrees to low-income solar program in nearly $100 million settlement

In a settlement agreement with the Environmental Justice Coalition, Xcel Energy agreed to boost equitable access to rooftop solar, community solar, and battery storage. It will set aside $33 million for environmental justice communities and…

Boulder’s Namaste Solar gives gift of sunshine to families in need

Over the holiday season, a Boulder renewable energy company joined with a major nonprofit organization to give 176 Colorado families the gift of sunshine — and help with keeping their lights on in the face…

Less funding for road expansion, billions for greener transportation projects possible with CDOT rule change

The Colorado Transportation Commission on Thursday approved a new rule that could divert billions of dollars to clean transportation projects in the coming decades. The rule will require the state Department of Transportation and the…

A Colorado Coal Plant Could Help Solve Renewable Energy’s Storage Problem

As coal plants shut down, many places face the loss of jobs and taxes. But in Colorado, one town hopes to transform a coal plant into a new kind of renewable energy storage.

Colorado uranium miner launches US’s only rare earths processing hub

Rare earths are in advanced electronics and renewable energy systems but there's no U.S. supply, creating a big opportunity for one of the nation's poorest areas, CEO says.

Colorado looks to be ahead of Biden’s called-for pace on renewable energy

Colorado is ahead of several states and the U.S. when it comes to renewable energy sources, with about two-thirds predicted to come from wind and solar by 2030. Energy experts say the speed at which…

Progress on the roadmap

Colorado has a goal to run on 100 percent renewable energy by 2040—how far along the path are we, and is it still achievable?

Invenergy, Guzman Energy Partner on Colorado Solar Project

Invenergy and Guzman Energy, a Colorado-based wholesale power provider, have signed a 127 MW power purchase agreement for the Boutique Solar project, which is currently in development in Montezuma County, Colo.

Sen. John Hickenlooper: Renewable energy crucial to rural economic stability

Renewable energy sources will be crucial to the economic stability of rural Colorado, especially on the eastern Plains.

CSU-Pueblo first university in Colorado to reach net-zero efficiency

Colorado State University-Pueblo became the first campus in the state to reach net-zero efficiency last week when the school switched on its 23-acre solar array project.

Preparing for Climate Change in Colorado

This page provides an overview of the steps Colorado is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Colorado Climate Plan 2018 Update – State Level Policies and Strategies to Mitigate and Adapt

Colorado published its first Climate Plan in 2007, and advanced the plan with State Level Policies and Strategies to Mitigate and Adapt in 2015. This version, updated in 2018, incorporates additional commitments to climate action, as laid…

Bill HB19-126: Climate Action Plan To Reduce Pollution

Concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas pollution, and, in connection therewith, establishing statewide greenhouse gas pollution reduction goals and making an appropriation.

City of Fort Collins Climate Action Plan

The goal of this document is to set clear and specific emission reduction goals for the State of Colorado, to identify opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and to promote state policy recommendations and actions…

Denver 80×50 Climate Action Plan

Denver will aim to meet the following sector specific goals necessary to achieve the 80x50 Climate Goal. These goals were created to ensure there is a clear glide path to 2050 and a strong emphasis…

Boulder’s Climate Commitment

Boulder's Climate Commitment is the official climate strategy framework for the city organization. It provides a vision for Boulder's future, sets goals and targets related to emissions reduction and sustainability and provides initial pathways to…

Colorado Climate Plan

The goal of this document is to set clear and specific emission reduction goals for the State of Colorado, to identify opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and to promote state policy recommendations and actions…

Colorado Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap

The goals of the Roadmap are to assess the sources of the state’s greenhouse gas pollution; to identify a series of policy actions and other steps the state can prioritize to further GHG pollution reduction…


Colorado State Profile and Energy Estimates

Colorado has abundant fossil fuel reserves and renewable energy resources. Its diverse geography and geology include the headwaters of major rivers; potential to develop new wind and solar energy; and substantial deposits of crude oil,…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

Environment and Natural Resources State Bill Tracking Database

The National Conference of State Legislatures tracks environment and natural resources bills that have been introduced in the 50 states, territories and Washington, D.C.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The State of Climate Adaptation in Public Health An Assessment of 16 U.S. States

EcoAdaptpartnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council to assess the state of climate adaptation planning and implementation for climate-related threats to public health in 16 U.S. states.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Colorado

Between 2017 and 2019, Colorado experienced seven severe storms, one wildfire, and one drought. The damages of each event led to losses of at least $1 billion.

Colorado Fires a Reminder That Wildfires Pose Threats to Life and Property Well Beyond California

“Damage caused by fire and smoke is covered under homeowners, renters and business insurance policies as well as under the comprehensive portion of an auto insurance policy,” said Michael Barry, vice president, Media Relations at…

State-by-State: Colorado

Colorado is vulnerable to increasing heat, melting snowpack and glaciers, reduced water availability and wildfires

Lafayette Climate Bill of Rights

An ordinance of the city council of the city of Lafayette, Colorado, enacting the climate bill of rights and protections.

Colorado’s Climate and Colorado’s Health Report

Colorado’s changing climate poses health risks – now and into the future. Studies show that climate change and health are linked. Rising temperatures, polluted air and extreme weather, among the most impactful results of climate…

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Climate change reports and resources

Four Ways the Climate Crisis is Impacting Colorado

Here are four major ways that residents of the Centennial State are seeing the impacts of climate change right now.

Impacts in Colorado

A partnership of University of Colorado research centers has collaborated on a great website to help you Learn More About Climate in Colorado.

350 Colorado

350 Colorado formed as an independent state affiliate of, a global organization building a movement to solve the climate crisis. Although we have been organizing events and growing since 2010, in 2013 we decided…

What Climate Change Means for Colorado

Colorado’s climate is changing. Most of the state has warmed one or two degrees (F) in the last century. Throughout the western United States, heat waves are becoming more common, snow is melting earlier in…


Plants Could Be Even Better At Fighting Climate Change. A Boulder Garden Shows Ozone Is Holding Them Back

By Sam Brasch   09/15/21  
Unlike most gardeners, Danica Lombardozzi doesn’t look for tomatoes and cucumbers at the end of the summer. The climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research instead searches her “ozone garden” for brown and…
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Biden turns to Colorado to pitch investments in clean energy to combat climate change

By Alexandra Jaffe and Darlene Superville   09/14/21  
 While legislators craft the details back in Washington, President Joe Biden is pitching his massive domestic spending package with a visit to a renewable energy lab in Colorado to highlight how the investments in clean energy in…
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Climate Change Prompts High Temperatures in Colorado, Presenting Major Health Risk

By Precious Smith   09/13/21  
Scientists at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and National Jewish Health published Research findings on the 13th of September in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology which show that climate change has…
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Mudslide on scenic Colorado highway tests limits of aging infrastructure in era of climate change

By Vicky Collins   09/12/21  
 The flash flood roared down Glenwood Canyon with such force that it changed the course of the Colorado River. Torrents of mud, boulders as big as cars and toppled trees plunged down towering walls of…
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New Colorado Climate Corps To ‘Tackle The Climate Crisis’

By Danielle Chavira   09/12/21  
 Colorado leaders announced they are joining forces with the Colorado Interagency Climate Team to create the Colorado Climate Corps. Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera and U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse, who represents Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District, both…
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New Colorado Climate Corps to combat wildfires and floods, protect public lands

By Conrad Swanson   09/11/21  
Marcus Luscher’s 30-acre property northeast of Nederland was still smoking when he bought it about five years ago, after the Cold Spring Fire swept through.
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Colorado conservatives speak up on fires, climate

By Joey Bunch   09/07/21  
The conversation on hurricanes, wildfires and other symptoms of climate change has been dominated by the left, but some conservatives in Denver are speaking up.
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Scientists Watch Pikas Living In Colorado’s High Alpine Areas For Clues On Climate Change

By Jamie Leary   08/30/21  
“Pikas rely heavily on alpine habitat and so they’re considered an indicator for how climate change may be affecting the alpine ecosystem. So they’re essentially a sentinel or canary in the coal mine for how…
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40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River. It’s Drying Up Fast.

By Abrahm Lustgarten   08/27/21  
On a 110-degree day several years ago, surrounded by piles of sand and rock in the desert outside Las Vegas, I stepped into a yellow cage large enough to fit three standing adults and was…
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Where Dark Skies Draw Star-Gazers, Wildfire Smoke Spoils the View

By Dave Philipps   08/13/21  
 The high, lonesome dunes that run up against the Rocky Mountains at 7,500 feet above sea level in southern Colorado are a long, long drive from the closest streetlight, and after dusk, the almost untainted…
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How to cut carbon emissions while advancing environmental justice in the US West

By Jeff St. John   08/05/21  
Cutting carbon emissions is a must to combat climate change. But policies aimed at cutting carbon emissions as quickly as possible aren’t always aligned with those meant to ensure that the people most harmed by…
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Colorado’s Subalpine Forests Are Dying from Extreme Heat

By Olivia Rosane   08/02/21  
This is the case in the high-elevation woodlands of the Colorado Rockies, where warmer and drier conditions encourage bark-beetle outbreaks and more extreme wildfires. However, a new study published in the Journal of Ecology this…
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Driving an Electric Car on Colorado’s Scenic Byways

By Elaine Glusac   06/16/21  
Unless you are one of the estimated seven percent of Americans who own an electric vehicle, it’s pretty hard to take a scenic, emissions-free road trip. But for those owners and other eco-conscious travelers who…
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Why this mid-June stretch of hot temperatures in Colorado is different

By Mike Nelson   06/16/21  
Temperatures soared to 98 degrees in Denver Monday afternoon - way above the average high of 82 degrees for mid-June, but shy of the record of 102 degrees, set on June 14, 2006.
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Rocky Mountain forests burning more now than any time in the past 2,000 years

By Philip Higuera and Others   06/15/21  
The exceptional drought in the U.S. West has people across the region on edge after the record-setting fires of 2020. Last year, Colorado alone saw its three largest fires in recorded state history, one burning…
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Denver Releases Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan

The Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency (CASR) released a Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan today showing how Denver residents can heat and cool their homes and businesses efficiently with clean electricity.
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Governor Signs Trio of Climate Action & Clean Energy Stimulus Bills

By Colorado Senate Democrates   06/15/21  
Stimulus bills will provide resources to renewable energy projects, clean energy sector workforce development, and energy efficiency projects
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Colorado’s compromise climate bill demands emissions cuts for electricity, industry and oil and gas

By Jeff St. John   06/14/21  
Colorado has ended its 2021 legislative session with a compromise on climate change legislation being struck between House and Senate Democrats and Governor Jared Polis (D). The legislation will set enforceable greenhouse gas emissions reduction…
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UW Faculty Member Contributes to Study of Unprecedented Rocky Mountain Subalpine Wildfires

Last fall, the Mullen fire west of Laramie raged for the better part of two months, burning more than 176,000 acres and 70 structures in Carbon and Albany counties, and in Jackson County, Colo.
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Bigger, cheaper, faster: Colorado company advances its technology to harness the wind

By Judith Kohler   06/14/21  
A Denver company has tapped a construction technique used in the oil and gas industry to make bigger and cheaper wind-turbine towers faster, setting the stage to help expand wind power on the East Coast…
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Xcel Energy To Present Proposed Energy Resource Plan At Boulder City Council Study Session

By Evan Vega   06/13/21  
Xcel Energy officials shared more information about the utility’s energy resource plan, which aims to cut CO2 emissions by 85% by 2030, at a study session of Boulder City Council on Tuesday.
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Vail joins three other ski resort operators in climate pledge

By Lucas High   06/11/21  
Vail Resorts Inc. (NYSE: MTN) is joining fellow ski area operators Alterra Mountain Co., Boyne USA Inc. and Powdr Corp. in a unified pledge to help combat climate change and boost sustainability.
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Most Colorado coal power plants less cost effective than wind, solar

By John Frank   06/11/21  
All but one of Colorado's seven coal power plants are less cost effective than wind and solar power, according to an analysis from environmental firm Energy Innovation.
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Ozone pollution in Colorado is spiking. Here’s what you need to know. – Aurora, Colorado

Ground-level ozone air pollution in the Colorado Front Range broke federal health limits this week, urging state officials to post million-visible “action day” alerts along highways and on phone apps, driving residents Reduced and in…
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Colorado legislators direct all transmission utilities to join an organized wholesale market by 2030

By Emma Penrod   06/08/21  
A bipartisan bill requiring all Colorado transmission utilities to join an organized wholesale market by 2030 cleared the Colorado legislature last Thursday, drawing praise from both advocates and utilities. Senate Bill 72 will also create…
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Senate Approves Colorado Comeback Bills to Support Clean Energy Projects & Invest in SNAP

By Colorado Senate Democrates   06/02/21  
Today, the Senate approved two stimulus bills that will help fund renewable energy projects as well as invest in Colorado’s successful SNAP program. These bills are part of the Colorado Recovery Plan.
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How much damage does climate change cause in Colorado?

By Mark Jaffe   05/25/21  
The East Troublesome fire, Colorado’s second largest ever, was sweeping across Grand County forests on Oct. 25, 2020, part of a record-breaking wildfire season that forced evacuations, destroyed homes and took lives. Half a world…
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Colorado can get to all-clean energy — affordably

By Armond Cohen and Rich Powell   05/25/21  
Policy makers in Denver, D.C., and across the country are looking for ways to make the transition to 100% clean energy to address climate change and improve our environment.
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Paths to a 100% clean energy grid

By Allen Best   05/25/21  
Two Colorado researchers on renewable energy have a recommendation that might surprise some who embrace goals of 100% renewable or, at least, emission-free electricity.
Read more

How much damage does climate change cause in Colorado?

By Mark Jaffe   05/25/21  
The East Troublesome fire, Colorado’s second largest ever, was sweeping across Grand County forests on Oct. 25, 2020, part of a record-breaking wildfire season that forced evacuations, destroyed homes and took lives.
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No drought in nearly half of Colorado while major drought continues in some regions

By Spencer McKee   05/20/21  
A map released by the United States Drought Monitor on Thursday shows that much of Colorado is no longer under drought conditions – 48.2 percent of the state, to be exact. Leading the charge out…
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Colorado wants big companies to attack climate change by getting their employees to ditch car commutes

By Michael Booth   05/17/21  
Colorado businesses in the state’s high-ozone areas that host more than 100 employees would have to limit the number of workers commuting alone in cars to 75% of their workforce starting in 2022 and 60%…
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The Colorado River’s Dwindling Water Supply

By Luke Runyon   05/14/21  
The Colorado River that carved the Grand Canyon and now quenches the thirst of much of the American West is parched in a “megadrought.” Two key reservoirs are expected to drop to record low levels…
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Colorado’s new climate “normals” were just released. They show exactly what meteorologists have warned about.

By Andy Stein   05/10/21  
Weather and climate are different. Weather is what happens on a day-to-day basis while climate is what happens over the course of many years.
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Power from Colorado water is now renewable energy under new law

By Joey Bunch   04/22/21  
Flowing water is more than a good place to recreate, the lifeblood of the environment and a Zen proverb. It's now an official source of renewable energy in Colorado.
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All state parks in Colorado will get electric vehicle charging stations in deal with EV maker Rivian

By Dana Egleston   03/18/21  
Electric vehicle maker Rivian will put public charging stations in every state park at no cost to the state, with the first installations planned for July, after the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission unanimously approved…
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Xcel Energy plans $1.7 billion transmission project to support Colorado clean energy plan

By Usman Khalid   03/03/21  
Xcel Energy-Colorado on March 2 proposed a $1.7 billion high-voltage transmission system to support the development of renewable energy resources in Colorado as part of its broader Clean Energy Plan.
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Xcel Energy Colorado announces plan to drastically reduce carbon emissions by 2030

By Dave Kovaleski   02/26/21  
Xcel Energy Colorado is planning to reduce carbon emissions by 85 percent by 2030, according to its Clean Energy Plan, which is due to be released soon.
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Xcel plans to double its renewable energy generation by 2030. It’ll cost consumers $8 billion to do it.

By Mark Jaffe   02/25/21  
Xcel Energy will spend $8 billion to double its renewable energy generation and storage and add new transmission lines, while closing all of its coal-fired power plants in Colorado by 2040.
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Colorado governor pressures PUC to protect utility customers from storm price surges

By Michael Booth   02/24/21  
Gov. Jared Polis on Tuesday urged the state Public Utilities Commission to protect consumers from gas and electric price spikes experienced by utility companies during the Valentine’s Day weekend Southwest cold snap, adding pressure to…
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Wind power cut Xcel Energy’s carbon emissions last year. But is the utility moving fast enough to meet goals?

By Mark Jaffe   02/24/21  
Xcel Energy cut its carbon emissions by 5% in 2020 compared with 2019, in large part due to the addition of new wind generation, according to the company, Colorado’s largest electricity provider.
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The Cold Isn’t The Biggest Threat To Colorado’s Power Grid — Other Climate Disasters Might Be

By Sam Brasch and Miguel Otarola   02/20/21  
On a summer evening in 2018, a set of tracer rounds from a shooting range ignited a fire near Basalt, Colo. Dry weather let the blaze grow into the Lake Christine Fire, which would burn more than 12,000…
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Is Colorado’s power grid in shape for a Texas-size storm? Yes, mostly.

By Michael Booth   02/19/21  
We see families huddling for warmth and light in Texas and wonder if the same thing can happen here. It can. And it does.
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A 15,000-foot view of Colorado’s legislative climate & energy landscape

By Allen Best   02/16/21  
Carrots or sticks—or, more likely, what mixture? That will be among the questions as Colorado legislators sort through several dozen bills during the next few months that seek to build on the state’s ground-breaking energy…
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Disputes between Colorado power supplier, cooperatives seen as “bleeding edge” of changing energy landscape

By Judith Kohler   02/12/21  
A little over a year ago, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association released a blueprint for its energy future that was hailed by it and others as “transformative.” The Colorado-based wholesale power provider, long criticized for reliance on…
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President Biden Centers Workers in the Clean Energy Economy

By Sam Gilchrist   02/02/21  
Just days into office, President Biden issued one of the strongest calls to national action on climate change in the last decade with his Climate Day executive orders. Not only is his executive order ground-breaking in…
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Measuring the true impact of Colorado’s climate delay: A pathway for curbing pollution (Part 3)

By Katie Schneer   01/29/21  
After Colorado legislators passed landmark climate legislation in 2019, which included a statutory mandate directing the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) to adopt rules and regulations to reduce statewide emissions, the state has yet to adopt a…
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Xcel cuts carbon emissions 50% by 2021, eyes Colorado transmission, coal plants to reach 2030 goal

By Catherine Morehouse   01/29/21  
Xcel Energy estimates it has reduced carbon emissions 50% below 2005 levels in 2020, and is on track to meet its 2030 target of reducing carbon emissions 80% in the next decade, based on its…
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By Jan Wondra   01/27/21  
Even as winter snows cover the ground, the unease is growing across this state and the nation that the steady march of climate change is impacting our western forests in ways we cannot stop. Here…
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Colorado Government Taps 2,000 Hackers to Address Climate Change

By ETH Denver   01/26/21  
ETHDenver, the world's largest annual Web3 software-building competition and blockchain technology educational event, announced its official collaboration with the Colorado Governor's Office, Governor's Office of Information Technology, Department of Corrections, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment,…
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