Nicknamed the ‘The Natural State,’ Arkansas boasts a variety of environmental attractions, from the Ozark Mountains to the Arkansas River Valley and the Delta along the Mississippi. Arkansas is home to just over 3 million people and spans about 52 thousand square miles.

Arkansas will become warmer in the coming decades, experiencing more severe floods and drought. Like other states in the Southeast, Arkansas is particularly vulnerable to extreme heat and ensuing extreme weather events, both of which threaten water availability. Annual rainfall is expected to increase, but average rainfall is expected to decrease. This is a dangerous combination. Rainstorms will be more severe, causing damaging floods, but they are also fewer and farther between, with stretches of drought lengthening and intensifying. As a result, the total amount of water running into rivers or recharging groundwater is expected to decline by 5% or more each year. The Arkansas River is the channel of transportation for more than $4 billion worth of freight in a typical year. A shrinking river poses a direct threat to the economy, as barges will not be able to carry as many goods as river levels are reduced.

Arkansas has another interesting connection to climate change: the state is home to the biggest population of Marshall Islands citizens in the US, most of whom left their home to flee climate change as a result of rising sea levels. Of 50,000 Marshall Island citizens, between 12,000 and 15,000 now live in northwest Arkansas (5).

Arkansas continues to rely heavily on coal and natural gas. Coal accounted for 38% of the state’s energy consumption in 201922% of the state’s energy comes from nuclear power. Renewable energy provided almost one-tenth of Arkansas electricity, mostly hydroelectric power and biomass. While the state does not have a renewable energy standard, net metering systems exist that significantly increase energy efficiency.

In 2008, Governor Mike Beebe established the Governor’s Commission on Global Warming. Modified in October, 2010, the GCGW went on to recommend 54 policies, 31 of which were quantified to determine their potential emissions reductions. They were predicted to reduce approximate 50 million metric tons of carbon dioxide by 2025. Momentum seems to have been halted in subsequent years. In 2014, the Governor Asa Hutchinson pushed back on former President Obama’s plan to scale back carbon pollution from existing power plants, asserting that governments should not intervene to reduce the climate impacts from fossil fuel production. Arkansas has not developed a climate adaptation plan.

How climate changes impacts Northwest Arkansas & the River Valley

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Little Rock Goes Green: Sun Hog Solar Negotiates Deal to Power 70% of Municipal Electricity

By Kyle Massey 05/20/24
Sun Hog Solar LLC is negotiating a deal with Little Rock to build a 4.9-megawatt solar array to supply about 70% of the municipal government’s electricity needs.
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Climate action plan aims to protect Fayetteville’s environmentally valuable land

By Stacy Ryburn 03/24/24
A plan city staff and a consultant firm are developing would prioritize which environmentally sensitive lands the city should acquire and preserve and what actions the city could reasonably take to combat climate change.
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Arkansas oversight committee targets financial service firms in ‘activist’ climate-change initiatives for culling

By Michael R. Wickline 03/14/24
Arkansas' ESG Oversight Committee on Thursday decided on a method for winnowing the financial service providers that the committee evaluates for placing on its list of providers that discriminate against energy, fossil fuel, firearms or…
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A frigid January and climate change

By Matthew Moore 02/13/24
This January was frigid across Arkansas. The state saw several inches of snow, a layer of ice, and sub-zero temperatures numerous times. So what does this cold stretch tell us about the status of climate…
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Why we’re having more power outages in Arkansas

By Alex Golden 08/31/23
experienced 5.27 hours without service in 2021 — down from 11.81 in 2020, but higher than 2013 to 2015, when the average was 4.61 to 5.11, Alex Fitzpatrick and Kavya Beheraj report.
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University of Arkansas gets a nearly million-dollar grant to study climate change

By Alex Golden 08/23/23
The National Science Foundation awarded $925,711 to University of Arkansas biological sciences professor Adam Siepielski to study the effects of climate warming on biodiversity.
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Arkansas Activities Association releases excessive heat warning to schools

By Tony Burns 08/22/23
The Arkansas Activities Association released an Excessive Heat Warning for this week to all its member schools. Schools were advised that adjustments in practice times or game times may be necessary due to the heat.
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Arkansas, Get Ready For a Great Fall But a Miserably Cold Winter

By Lisa Lindsey 08/22/23
Who is ready for some cooler temperatures? When will we see some sweater weather? Or how about some really cold temperatures? Just wait... Arkansas might see that too this winter
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Arkansas legislators request consultant for school insurance study

By Antoinette Grajeda 07/20/23
Arkansas lawmakers on Thursday approved a request to hire a consultant to conduct a study of rising property insurance premiums for public school districts, in preparation for next year’s fiscal session.
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Flash Flooding Expected in Southern Arkansas and North Louisiana

By Lauren McCarthy 07/12/23
Several flash flood warnings were issued for parts of Arkansas and Louisiana on Wednesday morning, following days of destructive flooding across the Northeast.
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Analysis shows hottest week on record

On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration distanced itself from the designation, compiled by the University of Maine's Climate Reanalyzer, which uses satellite data and computer simulations to measure the world's condition. That metric…
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USDA grants $3.2 million to underserved Arkansas farmers

A $3.2 million grant to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to assist underserved Arkansas forest landowners was announced Friday by Homer Wilkes, under secretary for U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment.

Arkansas Electric Cooperative CEO warns renewable energy will also produce more rolling blackouts

The head of the Electric Cooperatives in Arkansas suggests it might be time to reconsider the movement to shut down coal-fired electric generating power plants.

Deadlines approach for solar financing

The deadline is looming for Arkansas agricultural producers who want to take advantage of favorable conditions to install solar panels and University of Arkansas experts have created a tool to help them figure out financing…

Benton County project set to boost Arkansas grid stability

A$130 million battery energy storage development is planned for southern Benton County, and the 250-megawatt project is expected to bolster grid stability as more renewable energy projects come online.

Arkansas Steel Associates Go ZERO for green and clean energy in 2024

Arkansas Steel Associates is the among the first customers to cover 100 percent of their energy usage with offerings from Entergy Arkansas’ Go ZERO tariff, which gives commercial and industrial customers customizable options for green…

More than $173k in clean energy investments going to support rural businesses in Arkansas

More than $173,500 in clean energy project grants will be going to support two rural business in Arkansas, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Monday.

Meta signs 330MW renewable energy agreements in Illinois and Arkansas

Meta has signed a 330MW solar Environmental Attributes Purchase Agreement (EAPA) with Adapture Renewables in Arkansas and Illinois.

Meta, Lego Brand-owned solar developer sign agreement for solar energy from Arkansas

Technology conglomerate Meta, formerly Facebook, Inc., has signed a purchase agreement with solar project developer Adapture Renewables Inc., for solar energy produced in Arkansas.

Adapture Renewables and Meta Sign Agreements for 330 MW of Solar in Illinois and Arkansas

Adapture Renewables, Inc., a developer, owner, and operator of utility-scale solar and battery energy storage projects, announced today the signing of three Environmental Attributes Purchase Agreements (EAPAs) with Meta to procure 330 MW of renewable…

Lost Generation: Solar Power Shines Bright as Coal Plants Prepare to Retire

With two of Arkansas’ five coal-fired energy plants set to retire in the next seven years, electric utilities are looking for ways to bridge the generation gap.

Rural Arkansas businesses receive federal funding for renewable energy projects

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is awarding $266 million in loans and grants to agriculture producers and rural small businesses to make investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements.

Entergy Arkansas Helps Customers Beat the Heat and Save Energy This Summer

“With it being so extremely hot right now, it’s important to be careful and safe. I need this fan to do that,” said Monica Williams, Entergy Arkansas customer. “My air filters in my home need…

Veolia’s Gum Springs plant going solar

The more than 11,000 solar panels, expected to be operational by mid-2024, will generate 5 megawatts per day. Veolia is in contract with the Little Rock-based Today’s Power Inc. and has recently cleared the acreage…

Entergy Arkansas gets green light for commercial customers to Go ZERO

The Arkansas Public Service Commission recently approved Go ZERO, a new offering that gives commercial and industrial customers customizable options for clean energy.

North Little Rock announces development of new solar site

The City of North Little Rock will develop a new 5-megawatt solar site led by the North Little Rock Electric Department (NLRED) and Today’s Power, Inc. (TPI).

Oklahoma joins neighbor states in quest for dollars to prove hydrogen’s worth

Oklahoma is ready to demonstrate hydrogen's viability as a commercial fuel, and it's taking its effort regional through a partnership with two neighboring states. Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana announced this week they have created a…

Standard Lithium Bets Big on Arkansas

A global conglomerate born from the oil industry is, like other big companies, investing more money domestically in greener, more sustainable forms of energy.

Arkansas poised to lead on the future of mobility

Nearly 78% of auto ads in this year’s Super Bowl featured a plug-in vehicle. Consumers are increasingly interested in electric vehicles largely due to a variety of benefits including cost savings from lower fuel consumption,…

Entergy Arkansas brings 100 MW solar farm online, with 30 MW battery storage option

Entergy Arkansas’ Searcy Solar Energy Center went online last week, becoming the company’s first battery storage capable solar farm, with 30 MW of storage capability and no added fuel costs for customers.

Battling climate disruption

The problem of global climate disruption is one of the most complicated issues of our time. Identifying the cause isn’t — the climate is in peril because we humans are spewing ridiculous amounts of greenhouse…


With the signing of Act 696 of the Arkansas 86th General Assembly (HB2460), Governor Mike Beebe established the Governor’s Commission on Global Warming (GCGW). The 21 members of the GCGW were appointed by the Governor…

State of Arkansas Energy Assurance Plan

The Energy Assurance Plan will provide: a vehicle for documenting and understanding our state’s energy infrastructure; an updated list of contact information for all energy stakeholders; an evaluation of the risks, vulnerabilities, and interconnected issues…


Arkansas State Profile and Energy Estimates

Arkansas has a diverse geography with natural resources that range from abundant natural gas, rivers, and forests to the rare gems found in the Crater of the Diamonds State Park, home to the only active…

Energy State Bill Tracking Database

The searchable Energy Storage Legislation Database displays information in interactive maps and charts, tracking state activity from 2017 to the present.

The First National Flood Risk Assessment

The First Street Foundation Flood Model represents the culmination of decades of research and development made possible by building upon existing knowledge and frameworks regularly referenced in the identification of flood risk.

The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Arkansas

Between 2017 and 2019, Arkansas experienced six severe storms and three floods. The damages of these events led to losses of at least $1 billion.

What Climate Change Means for Arkansas

In the coming decades, Arkansas will become warmer, and the state will probably experience more severe floods and drought. Unlike most of the nation, Arkansas has not become warmer during the last 50 to 100…

Arkansas is vulnerable to flooding, drought and increasing temperatures

Unlike most of the nation, Arkansas has not warmed in the past century. Arkansas will become warmer in the future however, with both more flooding and droughts likely. Extreme heat and decreased water availability will…

State-by-State: Arkansas

Arkansas is vulnerable to flooding, drought and increasing temperatures which threaten the state’s agriculture and energy industries and human health

Change in Arkansas

While climate change is often talked about in the future tense, our climate is already changing in both averages and the number and intensity of extremes. Since 2000, major disasters have been declared 23 times…

Arkansas Extreme Heat

Arkansas currently averages about 30 dangerous heat days a year. By 2050, the state is projected to see nearly 90 such days a year.

Future of Arkansas: New Climate Change Report

The American Meteorological Society has released a new climate change report (one every 5 years) to summarize and highlight the latest findings about how our climate may change in the future. While every state and…

Climate Change in Arkansas

Arkansas has a strong history of agriculture, timber, outdoor tourism, and food production - industries that all depend on the hospitable climate of our beautiful State. To preserve our legacy and be stewards of our…

State Energy Portal featuring customizable dashboards and more state data.

Arkansas accounts for about 1.5% of U.S. total natural gas production, and holds almost 1.5% of the nation’s natural gas reserves.

Hydrogen Powered Drones Closer to Commercialization

This is because the F015 combines arguably the two greatest innovations in the auto industry over the past two decades, hydrogen fuel cells and autonomous driving. Thanks to advancing connected car technology, both systems are…

Renewable Energy Shaping a Clean Energy Future

Audubon fully supports the shift to clean, renewable energy. In Arkansas we work with legislators, government agencies and community partners to promote the benefits of clean energy and to support policies that will increase deploymment…

Entergy Arkansas, Inc. 2018 Integrated Resource Plan

While no specific approvals are sought for this IRP pursuant to the Commission’s

What Climate Change Means for Arkansas

In the coming decades, Arkansas will become warmer, and the state will probably experience more severe floods and drought. Unlike most of the nation, Arkansas has not become warmer during the last 50 to 100…


500-MW Hydrogen Power Plant Planned in Arkansas

By Darrell Proctor   05/15/23  
An Arkansas city known for its use of renewable energy announced plans to break ground this year on a power plant that would be part of the state’s first so-called “hydrogen hub.”
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Report: EPA Climate Change and Children’s Health and Well-Being in Arkansas

By Danielle Smith   05/11/23  
In Arkansas and across the country, children's growing and developing bodies are uniquely vulnerable to climate change, according to a new report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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Bank’s solar array goes live in White Hall

Representatives of Stone Bank in White Hall gathered with the community April 25 at a "Flip the Switch" event, celebrating the interconnection of their 219-kW solar electric power generation plant.
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Clean energy helps strengthen Arkansas’ economy

By Jay Bunyard   04/24/23  
Arkansas must continue to foster a positive business environment that encourages economic development in order to create new jobs and support stronger, more resilient communities. We can achieve this by investing in and expanding our…
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Arkansas average temperature warms compared to past 100 years

By Nicole Caldwell   04/14/23  
The global climate is changing. And according to numerous scientific experts, nothing will be spared from its effects—no acre of land, no human being, and no animal will be completely insulated from the changes that…
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Construction starts on the largest solar project in Arkansas

By Billy Ludt   04/11/23  
Lightsource bp has successfully closed on a $327 million financing package and mobilized construction on the 313-MWDC/250-MWAC Driver Solar project located near Osceola in Mississippi County, Arkansas.
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A warmer, wetter world impacts Arkansas too

By Dan Chapman   04/05/23  
In Florida, you can see the sea rise year after year. In Louisiana, you dread the increasingly nasty storms and hurricanes. Climate change, in the South, is easily observed along the Atlantic Ocean and the…
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Campus solar energy project expected to be ready next summer

By Jenna Weyforth   04/04/23  
The array of solar panels is a part of a solar services agreement predicted to cut UA greenhouse gas emissions by 8.8% over the next 25 years. UA System President Donald Bobbitt signed the renewable…
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Arkansas’ natural gas severance tax revenue on pace to set a new record

By Michael Tilley   03/03/23  
Arkansas’ natural gas severance tax revenue is on track in fiscal year 2023 to set a new record and top $100 million if trends continue in the next four months. The gain comes in the…
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Farm bill hearings continue with focus on conservation, forestry

By Alex Thomas   03/02/23  
A U.S. Senate committee continued its work on the coming farm bill Wednesday by reviewing the impact of conservation and forestry programs under the current law.
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Researchers say the Arkansas River will slow down. What does that mean for Oklahoma?

By Graycen Wheeler   02/27/23  
Researchers from Oklahoma State University project that the Arkansas River and its tributaries will have less water flowing through them by the end of the 21st century.
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Company wants to inject CO2 under South Arkansas |

LSB Industries, Inc., and Lapis Energy LP have jointly announced the filing of a permit application with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to construct a Class VI well as part of their project to capture…
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Proposed House Bill could impact future of solar energy in Arkansas

By Julissa Garza   02/13/23  
House Bill 1370, the bill that would end the 20-year-old "Arkansas Renewable Energy Development Act” has many people concerned about the future of solar energy. It would also alter a law passed in 2019.
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Could climate change and farming endanger Arkansas duck hunting?

By Skot Covert   02/10/23  
No other place on the planet offers a more ideal home for wintering waterfowl than Arkansas.
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Night-time heat is killing crops. Scientists are rushing to find resilient plants

As the sun sets outside with temperatures in the high 80s, where they’ll stay most of the night, several varieties of potted rice plants grow in two sections of a greenhouse on the roof of…
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Arkansas getting up to $86.9 million to reduce carbon emissions

By Jeff Della Rosa   04/21/22  
The new Carbon Reduction Program, created under the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, is expected to help states develop carbon reduction strategies and address climate change. Program funding can be used to expand transportation options…
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Green will impact just about all Arkansas jobs in the future

By Laura Aka   03/29/22  
Chris Isbell of Isbell Farms is a prime example of a lifelong learner. "If I had to farm like everybody else, I wouldn’t want to be a farmer because I like to experiment. I like…
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Infrastructure funding offers unprecedented opportunity to build community-level climate resilience

By Mark Rupp   03/25/22  
Last month, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Sixth Assessment Report. At the core of the report is a stark warning that, to date, our efforts to adapt to the changing climate…
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Two Arkansas counties among highest in region for flood crop insurance payouts

By Daniel Breen   03/25/22  
Farmers in some of the most flood-prone areas along the Mississippi River have received nearly $1.5 billion from the federal government over the past two decades. That’s according to a report from the nonprofit Environmental…
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Potential of ‘green’ jobs cited in report; demand in state projected to rise

By Nathan Owens   03/24/22  
An estimated 6,558 workers across the state have "green jobs," which directly or indirectly support goods or services that benefit the environment or conserve resources, data show. These jobs range from hydroelectric engineers to solar…
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Fayetteville, Arkansas plans for climate change

By Darby Bybee   02/25/22  
Our Hearst national investigative unit sent out a climate survey to every county in America and cities with more than 50,000 people. The results give us a deeper look at the climate concerns that specific…
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Arkansas Public Energy Efficiency Projects Save $229 Million Since 2010

By David Worford   02/11/22  
Renewable and efficient energy projects for public entities in Arkansas implemented by Johnson Controls have helped cut more than 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and saved $229 million since 2010.
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Unusually warm, humid weather helped spark Arkansas tornadoes

By Worth Sparkman and Andrew Freedman   12/13/21  
At least two Arkansans died Friday due to tornadic activity that started northeast of Little Rock and cut through parts of five other states. Gov. Asa Hutchinson declared a state of emergency, giving the Arkansas…
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Here’s how climate change is affecting duck hunting in the south

By Skot Covert   11/15/21  
Duck hunting in Arkansas is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life. A pastime passed from generation to generation and one that defines who we are as a state. Arkansas’s claim to…
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Wind energy gains ground in Arkansas

By Griffin Coop   09/10/21  
One of Arkansas’s biggest utilities is delivering wind power to thousands of homes in the state, and the company says more is on the way.
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Report claims climate in Arkansas has warmed by nearly 2°F over last five decades

By Stacker   08/27/21  
Just a degree or two degrees hotter doesn’t seem like a lot. You would barely notice the change on a sunny afternoon, or in the warmth of a cup of coffee. But over time, it’s…
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Air pollution in Arkansas remains within federal standards, but activists urge faster progress

By Ashton Ealey   08/23/21  
Arkansas has not exceeded federal limits for common air pollutants that can harm health or the environment in recent years, according to the latest state report, but environmental advocates say there's still room for improvement.
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Northwest Arkansas Land Trust preps for side effects of climate change

By Will Moclair   08/22/21  
According to a United Nations Scientific Report, climate change has passed a point of no return in terms of irreversible damage we could be seeing for the next several decades.
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Bearden breaks ground on solar project with Today’s Power, Inc.

Mayor Ginger Bailey, City Council Members, leaders of Ouachita Electric Cooperative (OECC), and executives at Today's Power, Inc. (TPI) attended the groundbreaking which was held on August 9th at 5:45 pm at one of two…
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Arkansas To Get More Electric Power Generated By Renewables

By Chuck Smith   05/04/21  
Electric energy customers in Arkansas will be getting more solar or wind-generated power in the near future.
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Abandoned wells a drag on Arkansas

By Ashton Eley   05/04/21  
Nearly 80% of Arkansas’ more than 47,300 oil and gas wells sit spent and abandoned, data shows, and Hendrix College professors and students have found that these unused well lands, along with thousands like them…
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Entergy Shopping for Lots More Solar and Wind Power

By Kyle Massey   04/27/21  
Entergy Arkansas, the state's largest electric utility, is seeking at least 300 megawatts of renewable generation projects to supplement its electrical supply by 2026.
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Rural Energy for America grants awarded in Arkansas

By Talk Business and Politics Staff   04/23/21  
U.S. Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton—along with Congressmen Rick Crawford, French Hill, Bruce Westerman and Steve Womack—announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded over $90,000 in federal grants to Arkansas-based companies as…
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Is climate change making allergy season in Arkansas worse?

By Ashley Godwin   04/15/21  
Some are saying warmer weather is causing our allergy season to be worse this year. We find the answer.
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President Biden’s end to the Keystone Pipeline could impact Arkansas jobs

By Mills Hayes   01/22/21  
In President Joe Biden’s first few days of office, he has already issued several executive orders. On his first day, he signed an executive order that would cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline project. The project…
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School districts and others saving money through Entergy solar power purchases

Entergy Arkansas customers who became part of the Solar Energy Purchase Option - Option B in the fall of 2020 have already begun to reap savings from the renewable energy generated at the Stuttgart Solar…
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Entergy Arkansas Customers to Save $60M with Solar Option

By Chris Counts   01/21/21  
Entergy Arkansas customers who became part of the Solar Energy Purchase Option – Option B in the fall of 2020 have already begun to reap savings from the clean, renewable energy generated at the Stuttgart…
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Arkansas lawmakers react to President Biden revoking Keystone XL pipeline permit

By Casey Frizzell   01/21/21  
Some Arkansas lawmakers are showing their displeasures with President Biden revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline during his first day in office. Construction for the Keystone XL pipeline was halted on Wednesday (Jan.…
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This co-located solar array serving two Arkansas school districts is also part of agriculture curriculum

By SB Staff   01/20/21  
Cedar Ridge Schools and Midland School District teamed up to improve their districts with a new solar facility. The array, a 1.36-MWdc single-axis tracking system provided by Entegrity, was inaugurated during a “Flip the Switch”…
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Leslie Rutledge a loser in Trump fight to protect polluting power plants

By Max Brantley   01/20/21  
A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down the Trump administration’s plan to relax restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, paving the way for President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. to enact new and…
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Phase one power plant underway in Hot Springs

By Claire Kreuz   01/19/21  
The City of Hot Springs is going solar. In a partnership with Scenic Hill Solar, they are building the biggest municipal solar plant in the state. City of Hot Springs City Manager Bill Burrough said…
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City of Greenwood, White County Schools Join Solar Bandwagon

By Kyle Massey   01/14/21  
Scenic Hill Solar CEO Bill Halter is accelerating his quest to take solar energy to schools and towns across the state with $3 million in new projects, one for Greenwood and the other for White…
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Citizens’ Climate Lobby urges carbon fee and dividend initiative

By Roby Brock   01/10/21  
Patrick Kinnamon is the co-founder of MakerMade, a precision tool manufacturing company located in Northwest Arkansas. His company’s carbon footprint and his worldview led him to contemplate how he could get involved to more effectively…
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Advanced energy sector continues growth trajectory

The advanced energy sector expanded in 2020, and its growth is expected to continue into 2021 as the energy industry transitions to renewables. “Advanced energy is growing by leaps and bounds in Arkansas,” said Stephanie…
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Scenic Hill Solar, Central Arkansas Water receive regulatory approval for solar array

By Jeff Della Rosa   12/16/20  
Little Rock-based utility Central Arkansas Water and Little Rock-based renewable energy company Scenic Hill Solar announced Wednesday (Dec. 16) a more than $7 million project to build a 4.8-megawatt DC solar array as the first…
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Arkansas’ plan on climate change health impacts, new study

By Ninette Sosa   12/09/20  
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health researchers looked at all 50 states and the District of Columbia and found many states are unprepared for protecting residents when it comes to climate change health impacts. The…
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Windgate: ‘Before it’s gone’

By Peter Cullum & Bryan Alexis   11/22/20  
Coming to a close is an exhibition of student photographs displayed in the Don Lee Student Gallery in the Windgate Art and Design building at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. It’s a compelling…
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Arkansas School Installs Solar Panels to Save Millions On Energy and Pay Teachers More

By Madeleine Muzdakis   11/17/20  
With the many logistical red-tape hurdles that still exist, administrators might also worry that public opinion could be skeptical of the switch to solar. However, administrators in Batesville found the exact opposite. Living near a…
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Grant From Kelloggs Aims To Save 9 Billion Gallons of Water In Arkansas Yearly

By Tim Lawlis   11/17/20  
“In many areas across the state, the aquifer has 10% or less water left in it,” said Jason Milks, Delta Program Director at The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas. “For every minute the timer saves in…
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AEP to make 40% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030

By Mark Williams   11/09/20  
"The company’s capital investments reflect our commitment to enhancing service and delivering reliable, clean energy and advanced technologies that exceed our customers’ expectations,” Nick Akins, AEP's chairman, president and chief executive, said in a statement.
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