Oceans As Sanctuary




Bishop vanished. His species can still be saved

By Harry Stevens and Dino Grandoni 05/11/24
Bishop’s story, from birth to presumed death, shows the extreme danger facing right whales, which could be extinct in three decades if they continue to disappear at the present rate. Bishop’s species is not doomed…
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This often-overlooked sea creature may be quietly protecting the planet’s coral reefs

By Ari Daniel 03/13/24
Over the years, Cody Clements, a marine ecologist at Georgia Tech, has planted over 10,000 coral fragments across the South Pacific. "You can just break off a branch from a coral, plant it into the…
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Scientists warn that a crucial ocean current could collapse, altering global weather

By Hayley Smith 02/26/24
Scientists are sounding the alarm that a crucial component of the planet’s climate system is in gradual decline and could one day reach a tipping point that would radically alter global weather patterns. The Atlantic…
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Bezos Earth Fund Leads $225 Million Plan to Protect the Pacific

By Todd Woody 12/08/23
Year after year, leaders of Pacific island states have left the United Nations climate conference empty-handed as industrialized countries politely ignore their pleas to take bold action to stem rising seas that threaten their millennia-old…
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Clean Energy, Cherished Waters and a Sacred California Rock Caught in the Middle

By Lauren Sloss 10/24/23
My paddle slips gently through calm ocean water as the kayak glides toward the mouth of Morro Bay Harbor. I approach a sandbar covered in resting cormorants, as sea otters float in nearby kelp, inky-eyed…
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STATEMENT: New marine sanctuary, ahoy!

Waters off California’s central coast should soon receive new federal protections. The Biden administration on Thursday proposed, via a “draft designation,” to create the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. Concurrent with that announcement, the National…
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Exploring a Unique Biodiversity Hotspot In the Gulf of Maine

By Jon Witman 05/11/23
Cashes Ledge is a wild, special place in the heart of the Gulf of Maine. This underwater mountain range is home to a great diversity of life, with colors typically associated with a coral reef…
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Why we need to protect New England’s ocean treasure

By Kelsey Lamp and Steve Blackledge 04/06/23
Our ocean’s unfolding tragedy is one of human activity and its consequences. Rising temperatures, increasing pollution, and overharvesting by large-scale fishing threaten to rob us and the ocean of that very wonder. In 2018, scientists…
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