Oceans As Sanctuary



Clean Energy, Cherished Waters and a Sacred California Rock Caught in the Middle

By Lauren Sloss 10/24/23
My paddle slips gently through calm ocean water as the kayak glides toward the mouth of Morro Bay Harbor. I approach a sandbar covered in resting cormorants, as sea otters float in nearby kelp, inky-eyed…
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STATEMENT: New marine sanctuary, ahoy!

Waters off California’s central coast should soon receive new federal protections. The Biden administration on Thursday proposed, via a “draft designation,” to create the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. Concurrent with that announcement, the National…
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Exploring a Unique Biodiversity Hotspot In the Gulf of Maine

By Jon Witman 05/11/23
Cashes Ledge is a wild, special place in the heart of the Gulf of Maine. This underwater mountain range is home to a great diversity of life, with colors typically associated with a coral reef…
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Why we need to protect New England’s ocean treasure

By Kelsey Lamp and Steve Blackledge 04/06/23
Our ocean’s unfolding tragedy is one of human activity and its consequences. Rising temperatures, increasing pollution, and overharvesting by large-scale fishing threaten to rob us and the ocean of that very wonder. In 2018, scientists…
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