Before you do anything else, you might want to look at an amazing chart that shows you 2,000 years of Earth’s climate…



New research shows that the amount of heat the planet traps has roughly doubled since 2005, contributing to more rapidly warming oceans, air and land. Oceans absorb most of that heat, about 90 percent. That extra heat, especially in the oceans, will mean more intense hurricanes and marine heat waves.

Climate change is making  heat waves more intensemore frequent, longer lasting, and more dangerous resulting in record breaking extremes: September 2020 was the world’s hottest month ever recorded, and in June 2021, Portland, Oregon had a day with 108 degrees, which broke all heat records. The summer of 2021 is now the warmest summer on record in the U.S., barely eclipsing the extreme heat of 1936’s Dust Bowl.

Extreme heat contributes to wildfire conditions, exacerbates drought, and endangers health.

NRDC has a heat map that is searchable by address. C2ES’ Resilience Strategies for Extreme Heat provide solutions for adaptation that be implemented on both an individual and community level.

And, if you are curious about how the temperatures in your hometown have risen since you were born and how much hotter they are predicted to become, take a look at this  New York Times Climate piece.

About 71.2 million people — 22 percent of the population of the contiguous United States — live in the areas expected to have dangerous levels of heat. The heat index is a measure of how hot it really feels outside, taking into account humidity along with temperature. The measurement is used to indicate when the level of heat is dangerous for the human body while in the shade. When out in the sun, a person could perceive that temperature as being up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit higher.


Will global warming make temperature less deadly?

By Harry Stevens 02/16/23
The scientific paper published in the June 2021 issue of the journal Nature Climate Change was alarming. Between 1991 and 2018, the peer-reviewed study reported, more than one-third of deaths from heat exposure were linked…
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The surprising reasons parts of Earth are warming more slowly

By Scott Dance and Others 12/14/22
It has become common to focus on the fastest-warming places, regions where human-charged climate change is raising temperatures at an alarming speed. In the Arctic, where sea ice is rapidly disappearing, warming may be occurring…
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Extreme heat will change us

By Alissa J. Rubin, Ben Hubbard, Josh Holder et al. 11/18/22
On a treeless street under a blazing sun, Abbas Abdul Karim, a welder with 25 years experience, labors over a metal bench. Everyone who lives in Basra, Iraq, reckons with intense heat, but for Abbas…
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In a warming world, who wins: Goats or sheep?

By Dino Grandoni 10/17/22
The decline of ice in Glacier National Park is revealing once buried salt licks. Now mountain goats and bighorn sheep are fighting over them.
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Extreme heat: Preparing for the heat waves of the future

Climate change is already having severe impacts across our planet, bringing new and previously unimaginable challenges to the people least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. This joint report by the IFRC, United Nations Office for…
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U.S. Heat Wave Hits Supermarkets’ Produce Sections

By Jaewon Kang and Others 09/11/22
High temperatures in the Western U.S. are hitting the produce industry, damaging crops, shrinking shipments and leaving fewer leafy greens and fruits on supermarket shelves. A California grower said some of his lettuce leaves are…
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California set to be first state with extreme heat warning system under bills signed by Newsom

By Hannah Fry and Others 09/09/22
As much of the West continued to swelter in a record-breaking heat wave, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed a package of legislation aimed at protecting Californians from extreme heat, including establishing a statewide warning…
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Extreme Heat Poses an Emerging Threat to Food Crops

By Liza Gross 09/09/22
As the American West grapples with another dangerous heat wave in the midst of a megadrought, official advisories rightly focus on short-term measures to keep people cool and hydrated. Yet as record-breaking heat waves become…
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No September on record in the West has seen a heat wave like this

By Jason Samenow 09/08/22
The heat wave that’s been gripping California and other parts of the West for 10 days and counting is the most severe ever recorded in September, weather experts have said — confirming what California’s governor…
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Weather Updates: California avoids rolling blackouts

Cities across California set record high temperatures on Tuesday, including Sacramento at 116 degrees. The heat wave will continue across the West on Wednesday, but ease by the weekend.
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Punishing heat wave in West sets records, fuels fires

By Matthew Cappucci, Diana Leonard and Others 09/02/22
Nearly 50 million Americans are under alerts through Labor Day weekend because of a prolonged heat wave that has already set dozens of records throughout the West...
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Night-time heat is killing crops. Scientists are rushing to find resilient plants

As the sun sets outside with temperatures in the high 80s, where they’ll stay most of the night, several varieties of potted rice plants grow in two sections of a greenhouse on the roof of…
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Maps show where extreme heat shattered 7,000 records this summer

It was the summer that wouldn’t quit. From early June to straight past Labor Day, waves upon waves of heat scorched and baked the country, smashing thousands of temperature records along the way.

An “Extreme Heat Belt” will soon emerge in the U.S., study warns

A new study reveals the emergence of an "extreme heat belt" from Texas to Illinois, where the heat index could reach 125°F at least one day a year by 2053.

More dangerous heat waves are on the way: See the impact by Zip code.

It was the middle of July and already this summer had become a top contender for the hottest in Texas’s recorded history. In San Antonio, which by July would normally experience about three days of…

NOAA and communities to map heat inequities in 14 U.S. cities and counties

"Extreme heat kills more Americans than any other weather event and has the greatest impact on our nation's most vulnerable communities," said Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves. "Fortunately, our talented and dedicated researchers and…

It’s official: July was Earth’s hottest month on record

“In this case, first place is the worst place to be,” said NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad, Ph.D. “July is typically the world’s warmest month of the year, but July 2021 outdid itself as the hottest…

The Climate Crisis

We all live in two worlds: a physical one and a social one. The new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was released on Monday, is ostensibly about the physical world. It…

Assessing the U.S. Climate in June 2021

The June contiguous U.S. temperature was 72.6°F, 4.2°F above the 20th-century average, ranking warmest in the 127-year record and surpassing the previous record for June set in 2016 by 0.9°F. The year-to-date average temperature for…

Watching the Land Temperature Bell Curve Heat Up (1950-2020)

This visualization shows that as land temperatures have increased since 1950, hotter days have become more common and colder days have become less common.

Global risk of deadly heat

Climate change can increase the risk of conditions that exceed human thermoregulatory capacity.

Global death rate from rising temperatures projected to surpass the current death rate of all infectious diseases combined

How much is temperature to blame when hospital visits surge during heat waves and cold spells? What role might adaptations like indoor heating and cooling systems play in blunting those effects? And, at what cost?…

Newly released satellite data reveals the patterns of record warmth in 2019

Last year was the second-warmest on record for the globe, but in many places, such as Australia and Alaska, temperatures were unprecedented in modern record-keeping. This is known from data gathered by thermometers at the…

2,000 years of Earth’s climate in one simple chart – and the copycat that isn’t what it seems

What were global temperatures the year Jesus was born, during the 12th century when Genghis Khan ruled the Mongol Empire, and in 1503 when Leonardo da Vinci started painting the Mona Lisa — and how…

Climate Impact Map

The Climate Impact Lab is a unique collaboration of 30 climate scientists, economists, computational experts, researchers, analysts, and students from some of the nation’s leading research institutions.

Extreme climate change has arrived in America

Before climate change thawed the winters of New Jersey, this lake hosted boisterous wintertime carnivals. As many as 15,000 skaters took part, and automobile owners would drive onto the thick ice. Thousands watched as local…

Heat Safety Tips and Resources

This website is designed to inform you about the health dangers of heat, prepare you for excessive heat events, and tell you what to do during an excessive heat wave.



Both of the planet’s poles experience extreme heat

By The Associated Press   03/19/22  
Earth's poles are undergoing simultaneous freakish extreme heat with parts of Antarctica more than 70 degrees (40 degrees Celsius) warmer than average and areas of the Arctic more than 50 degrees (30 degrees Celsius) warmer…
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It’s 70 degrees warmer than normal in eastern Antarctica

By Jason Samenow and Kasha Patel   03/18/22  
‘This event is completely unprecedented and upended our expectations about the Antarctic climate system,’ one expert said
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‘People are dying’: Global warming already being seen in North America, UN report finds

By Dinah Voyles Pulver   03/15/22  
People are dying from more intense heat waves, hurricanes and flooding. Forests are disappearing because of worsening wildfires, droughts and pest invasions. Rising sea levels are imperiling coastal communities and ecosystems.
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What Yosemite will look like in 2100 if we do nothing about climate change

By Ashley Harrell   02/16/22  
As Northern California’s unseasonably warm weather broke records this weekend, grim news circulated on drought in the Western United States: Thanks to human-caused climate change, we are living through the region’s driest period in 1,200…
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Soak up the February sun? Not without climate change guilt in California

By Debra Kahn   02/12/22  
Californians are lounging in parks, wearing shorts to the beach and dining al fresco without heat lamps in February — and feeling terrible about it.
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Brush fires rage in Southern California amid record heat, worsening drought

By Matthew Cappucci   02/11/22  
Talk about weather whiplash. Desiccating drought has become reinforced in California after a brief spell of heavy precipitation in the fall, dashing hopes of a long-term pattern change that would spell wetter weather for a…
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A third of Americans are already facing above-average warming

By Oliver Milman   02/05/22  
More than a third of the American population is currently experiencing rapid, above-average rates of temperature increase, with 499 counties already breaching 1.5C (2.7F) of heating, a Guardian review of climate data shows.
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2021 was world’s 6th-warmest year on record

After two consecutive years (2019 and 2020) that ranked among the top three warmest on record, Earth was a slightly cooler planet in 2021. But not by much.
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Next Year Is Forecast to Be One of the Warmest on Record

By Todd Gilespie   12/21/21  
The world will probably have one of the warmest years on record in 2022, underscoring concerns about the need to tackle climate change.
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Climate change is shrinking the odds of a white Christmas

By Jason Samenow   12/18/21  
Rising temperatures have been eating away at the chances for snowfall for Santa in much of the United States, and the forecast is for mild weather again.
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Winter heat wave sets December records in four U.S. states, Canada

By Jason Samenow   12/02/21  
Wednesday brought the warmest December weather on record in Washington state, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Canada as a sprawling heat dome spread across western and central North America.
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There’s a New Front in the War on Christmas

By Brian Kahn   12/01/21  
Climate change is the latest combatant in the war on Christmas. This summer’s record-smashing heat wave in the Pacific Northwest was an all-out assault on Christmas trees, and the impacts could reverberate not just this…
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California records driest year in a century

By Laura Anaya-Morga   10/18/21  
In a year of both extreme heat and extreme drought, California has reported its driest water year in terms of precipitation in a century, and experts fear the coming 12 months could be even worse.…
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Risk of Dangerous Heat Exposure Is Growing Quickly in Cities

By Andrea Thompson   10/14/21  
Cities are famously sweltering places during heat waves, with pavement and buildings radiating heat back into the air and elevating temperatures compared to nearby rural areas. Add in global warming and an increasingly urban population,…
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Rising Temperatures Will Change Air Conditioning Use—But Not How You Might Expect

By Molly Taft   10/13/21  
After a summer of deadly heat, the future of air conditioning in a world marked by rising temperatures has come sharply into focus. While some research has indicated we could “essentially cook ourselves” if the…
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Seventy-Two Hours Under the Heat Dome

By James Ross Gardner   10/11/21  
The high winds that make up the polar jet stream encircle the Northern Hemisphere like a loosely draped rope. There are typically four or six curves in the rope, the result of the temperature differences…
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The L.A. Times investigation into extreme heat’s deadly toll

Extreme heat is one of the deadliest consequences of global warming. But in a state that prides itself as a climate leader, California chronically undercounts the death toll and has failed to address the growing…
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Fall on hold: Forecasters predict long-lasting warm temperatures in eastern U.S.

By Matthew Cappucci and Jason Samenow   10/07/21  
For about a week after the fall equinox, much of the eastern two-thirds of the Lower 48 states enjoyed crisp, refreshing autumn weather. But now Mother Nature has changed course. Warm, humid conditions more typical…
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Extreme heat is one of the deadliest consequences of climate change.

By Genaro Molina   10/07/21  
It was the hottest August on record in California. For more than three weeks in 2020, back-to-back heat waves settled over the Southwest, claiming dozens of lives and leaving tens of millions of people sweltering…
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Climate change is supercharging California heat waves, and the state isn’t ready

By Tony Barboza, Anna M. Phillips, Paul Duginski   10/07/21  
When a major heat wave hits Southern California, it begins with a jab — a ridge of high pressure builds over Nevada or Mexico and sweeps into the region, bringing scorching temperatures along with it.
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California sees its hottest summer ever — so far

By Hayley Smith   09/09/21  
California and several other western states this year endured the hottest summer on record, according to federal data released Thursday, underscoring the ways rapid climate change is unleashing unprecedented wildfires, deadly heat waves and drought…
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When Hard Jobs Turn Hazardous

By Sergio Olmos   09/05/21  
In early summer, a day laborer laying irrigation lines at a plant nursery just south of Portland, Ore., collapsed to the ground and died. His official cause of death was declared “heat related.”
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Rising Heat Is Making It Harder to Work in the U.S., and the Costs to the Economy Will Soar With Climate Change

By Ciara Nugent   08/31/21  
Rising extreme heat will make it increasingly hard for workers to do their jobs, shaving hundreds of billions of dollars off the U.S. economy each year. That’s according to a report published Tuesday by the…
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These Maps Tell the Story of Two Americas: One Parched, One Soaked

By Aatish Bhatia and Nadja Popovich   08/24/21  
The country, like most of the world, is becoming both drier and wetter in the era of climate change. It depends where you live.
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It Rained at the Summit of Greenland. That’s Never Happened Before.

By Henry Fountain   08/20/21  
Something extraordinary happened last Saturday at the frigid high point of the Greenland ice sheet, two miles in the sky and more than 500 miles above the Arctic Circle: It rained for the first time.
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How extreme heat from climate change distorts human behavior

By Sujata Gupta   08/18/21  
On a sweltering summer afternoon almost a decade ago, Meenu Tewari was visiting a weaving company in Surat in western India. Tewari, an urban planner, frequently makes such visits to understand how manufacturing companies operate.…
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Too Hot to Work

By Kristina Dahl and Rachel Licker   08/17/21  
Outdoor workers are encountering a deadly risk more frequently than ever before: intensifying extreme heat. As climate change brings one record-heat decade after another, these workers will increasingly find themselves in an impossible situation—having to…
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July 2021 was Earth’s hottest month ever recorded, NOAA finds

By Kasha Patel   08/13/21  
If you thought this July was just toasty, you probably didn’t realize you were living through the hottest month in modern history. On Friday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared July 2021 the world’s…
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The Pacific Northwest, Built for Mild Summers, Is Scorching Yet Again

By Mike Baker and Sergio Olmos   08/13/21  
Road crews sprayed water on century-old bridges in Seattle on Thursday to keep the steel from expanding in the sizzling heat. In Portland, Ore., where heat has already killed dozens of people this summer, volunteers…
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The Pacific Northwest, Built for Mild Summers, Is Scorching Yet Again

By Mike Baker and Sergio Almos   08/13/21  
 Road crews sprayed water on century-old bridges in Seattle on Thursday to keep the steel from expanding in the sizzling heat. In Portland, Ore., where heat has already killed dozens of people this summer, volunteers…
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Pacific Northwest Bakes Under More Searing Heat

By Molly Taft   08/13/21  
The Pacific Northwest is enduring searing heat at the end of this week, a little over a month after multiple days of record-breaking temperatures killed hundreds of people in the region.
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First Thing: Oregon declares emergency as another ‘extreme heatwave’ looms

By Nicola Slawson   08/12/21  
Oregon has declared a state of emergency as the Pacific north-west prepares for triple-digit temperatures just weeks after a deadly heatwavestruck the region. People streamed into cooling centers and misting stations on Wednesday evening in…
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Heat wave blasts U.S. with 150 million Americans under alerts

By Matthew Cappucci and Jason Samenow   08/12/21  
Two unforgiving heat waves are roasting opposite corners of the Lower 48, prompting the issuance of heat alerts for more than 150 million people.Excessive-heat warnings or heat advisories stretch nearly 1,500 miles, and some of…
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The Climate Crisis

By Bill McKibben   08/11/21  
We all live in two worlds: a physical one and a social one. The new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was released on Monday, is ostensibly about the physical world. It…
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Earth Is Warmer Than It’s Been in 125,000 Years

By Jeff Tollefson   08/09/21  
Modern society’s continued dependence on fossil fuels is warming the world at a pace that is unprecedented in the past 2,000 years—and its effects are already apparent as record droughts, wildfires and floods devastate communities…
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Scientists expected thawing wetlands in Siberia’s permafrost. What they found is ‘much more dangerous.’

By Steven Mufson   08/02/21  
Scientists have long been worried about what many call “the methane bomb” — the potentially catastrophic release of methane from thawing wetlands in Siberia’s permafrost.
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Colorado’s Subalpine Forests Are Dying from Extreme Heat

By Olivia Rosane   08/02/21  
This is the case in the high-elevation woodlands of the Colorado Rockies, where warmer and drier conditions encourage bark-beetle outbreaks and more extreme wildfires. However, a new study published in the Journal of Ecology this…
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Beyond human endurance

By Ruby Mellen and William Neff   07/28/21  
When it comes to heat, the human body is remarkably resilient — it’s the humidity that makes it harder to cool down. And humidity, driven in part by climate change, is increasing. A measurement of…
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‘Record-shattering’ heatwaves to become far more likely without urgent climate action, research warns

By Daisy Dunne   07/27/21  
“Record-shattering” events similar to North America’s recent deadly heatwave could become far more likely in the coming years if little is done to tackle rapidly rising greenhouse gas emissions, a new study says. During an…
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Climate change will drive rise in ‘record-shattering’ heat extremes

By Ayesha Tandon   07/26/21  
“Record-shattering” extremes – which break weather records by large margins – will become more likely as a result of climate change, a new study finds. The paper, published in Nature Climate Change, finds that the…
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Study: Get ready for many more record-shattering heatwaves

By Andrew Freedman   07/26/21  
The recent deadly heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, during which all-time temperature records were shattered by several degrees, is a prologue to what is coming across much of the U.S., Europe and Asia, a…
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The world can expect more record-shattering heat waves, research shows.

By Henry Fountain   07/26/21  
The ferocious heat wave that hit the Pacific Northwest in late June stunned some climate scientists because it was so much more extreme than anything the region had experienced before. In most heat waves, if…
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‘Record-shattering’ heat becoming much more likely, says climate study

By Damian Carrington   07/26/21  
“Record-shattering” heatwaves, even worse than the one that recently hit north-west America, are set to become much more likely in future, according to research. The study is a stark new warning on the rapidly escalating…
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Wet-bulb temperature is important, climate experts say. So what is it?

By Caroline Anders   07/24/21  
A measurement long known to climate scientists has begun creeping into the public consciousness as extreme weather conditions force us to reflect on what conditions humans can withstand. In a summer of record-breaking heat in…
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Why Extreme Heat Is So Deadly

By Tanya Lewis   07/22/21  
In June a massive “heat dome” smothered the famously temperate Pacific Northwest, subjecting parts of Washington State, Oregon and western Canada to blistering and unprecedented temperatures. Lytton, British Columbia, set an all-time Canadian record with…
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Good morning. Summers in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., are hotter than Atlanta summers were not so long ago.

By David Leonhardt   07/22/21  
It’s almost as if the entire East Coast has shifted south. Summers in Portland, Maine, are now almost as hot as summers in Boston were for much of the 20th century. Summers in Boston have…
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How Cities Are Preparing for Higher Temperatures

It’s not just climate change, it’s the design choices we’ve made that are turning cities into inhospitable communities. From New York City to Paris, Bloomberg Associates’ Adam Freed shares how cities are preparing for higher…
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In America’s least air-conditioned cities, brutal heat changes some people’s minds

By Marc Fisher and Carissa Wolf   07/22/21  
In Boise, Idaho, where the temperature topped 97 for a stretch of 14 out of 15 days this month, Sarah O’Keefe refuses to give in. With the mercury repeatedly soaring into triple digits, she started waking…
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Climate Disaster Looks Like Thousands of Boiled-Alive Mussels on a Beach in Vancouver

By Terrence Doyle   07/21/21  
Tens of thousands of dead mussels lay along the coastline in Vancouver, British Columbia, boiled alive by the extreme heat wave that swept across the Pacific Northwest late last month. The Canadian city’s beaches transformed into mass…
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America in 2090: The Impact of Extreme Heat, in Maps

By Susan Joy Hassol and Kristie Ebi   07/21/21  
Yes, it is getting hotter. And while you might be able to escape the intensifying tropical storms, flooding or droughts by moving elsewhere, refuge from extreme heat is no longer easy to find. Even in…
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