A disappearing island: ‘The water is destroying us, one house at a time’

By Tommy Trenchard 11/19/23
When 62-year-old fisherman Kpana Charlie has finished sorting through the day's catch and patching up the holes in his nets, he likes to settle into a weathered wooden chair on his front porch and let…
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Vanishing Corals: NASA Data Helps Track Coral Reefs

By Angela Colbert 06/22/23
Coral reefs, nicknamed the rainforests of the sea, are colorful, majestic underwater worlds teeming with life. However, their future is in jeopardy due to climate change, water pollution, and other human activities. Let’s explore why…
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Indonesia Plans on Building Nusantara, a New Capital City

By Hannah Beech 05/16/23
For two years, Joko Widodo served as the governor of a capital city that seemed to teeter on the brink of ruin. Since Indonesia’s independence in 1945, Jakarta had expanded from less than a million…
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10 Breathtaking Countries That Will Be Uninhabitable by 2050 Because of Climate Change

By Chinyere Akalugwu 04/24/23
Since the beginning of the industrial era in the 18th century, the world has experienced an increase in average temperatures which has resulted in climate change. The United Nations reports that global temperatures have increased…
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When Will Florida Be Underwater? For Some Areas, It’s Sooner Rather Than Later

By Rayna Skiver 01/27/23
When will Florida be underwater? Well, it depends on what area you’re asking about. Due to rising sea levels, many places will be significantly impacted.
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The best and worst cities for climate change in 2023

By Logan Sachon and Pat Howard 12/22/22
The climate is changing, and it’s happening faster and with more dangerous consequences in some cities.
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How do we mourn an island? Where do we mark its grave?

By Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner 11/01/22
Ellekan, an islet in Marshall Islands, has been reduced to a pile of sand in the middle of the reef. Those who loved it have already held its funeral
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A beloved Jamaican beach is succumbing to climate change. It won’t be the last

By Christopher Serju 10/27/22
Climate change is eroding beaches all over the Caribbean – even though the region contributes a tiny fraction of the emissions heating the planet
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Cities in the World that will Succumb to Flooding as Climate Change Ramps Up

By Valerie Delzer 07/31/22
I know . It's a depressing thought to face the aspect....
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These 36 World Cities Will Be Underwater First

There is little doubt our oceans are rising and cities will go under. It is no longer an issue of if but when. No one can predict exactly when, however, based on simple elevation maps,…
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The Climate Crisis Is Global, but These 6 Places Face the Most Severe Consequences

By Tara Law 09/30/19
Climate change is expected to affect every country in the world, but its impact will not be felt equally across all regions and some will be worse hit than others because of a range of…
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Jakarta Is Sinking So Fast, It Could End Up Underwater

By Michael Kimmelman 12/21/17
Rasdiono remembers when the sea was a good distance from his doorstep, down a hill. Back then he opened the cramped, gaily painted bayside shack he named the Blessed Bodega, where he and his family…
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