President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’s victory marks  a new day in the fight for bold, just and equitable climate policy in the United States. It means that the US will now have a leadership that believes in science, knows that climate change is real, and is committed to supporting united and multilateral action.

Biden has assembled a climate team with stunning speed, creating new positions of power within the White House to focus on climate (John Kerry with an eye on the international impacts and Gina McCarthy on domestic goals). He moved instantly on executive orders to both create new regulations and rollback the rollbacks of the previous administration. He moved on day one to reinstate America’s role in the Paris Climate Agreement, which was accomplished on February 19, 2021. He has asked his cabinet to look upon every action through the lens of climate. You might be interesting in following some of his executive actions at The Washington Post’s page tracking his environmental progress.

The democrats now control the White House and Congress, although in the Senate it will take Vice President Kamala Harris to break a tie vote, complicating Biden’s legislative agenda. The president will, nonetheless, will have a wide array of tools — from expanding renewables on federal lands to pushing the financial industry on climate change — that could put the U.S. on a trajectory to decarbonizing its electricity sector by 2035. His goal to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles was given a huge boost in early February by GM’s announcement that it would shift to 100% electric vehicles by 2035.

For more on what he has already accomplished and what he plans to accomplish, go to Biden’s Climate Plan and to the LAWS AND LITIGATION section where you will find extensive information on what is happening within the federal government, from the Executive branch to the Legislative and Judicial branches.


Progressive campaign strategy: Make Manchin irrelevant

By Timothy Cama 07/19/22
Progressive climate change advocates are increasingly coalescing around a midterm election strategy aimed at making Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to President Joe Biden’s environmental agenda irrelevant. In the days since the West Virginia Democrat shut…
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An American Climate Failure

By Somini Sengupta 07/15/22
As millions of people on three continents baked in heat waves supercharged by climate change this week, one American politician, an ardent champion of the fossil fuel industry, doused any hopes of immediate climate action…
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Convince Republicans or revolt? No easy path to US climate action

By Joe Lo 07/07/22
In one, lobbyists and lawyers from big green NGOs played down the significance of the ruling, stressing that president Joe Biden and his EPA still have powers they can use. “It’s not as bad as…
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Republican drive to tilt courts against climate action reaches a crucial moment

By Coral Davenport 06/19/22
A Supreme Court environmental case being decided this month is the product of a coordinated, multiyear strategy by Republican attorneys general and conservative allies.
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Climate Policy in a Republican World

By Joel Stronberg 06/16/22
In recent days Republicans in the US House of Representatives released the first of what will be a six-part policy platform on energy, climate, and conservation. The strategy was the work of the Energy, Climate,…
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E.P.A., Reversing Trump, Will Restore States’ Power to Block Pipelines

By Lisa Friedman 06/02/22
The Biden administration on Thursday will move to restore authority to states and tribes to veto gas pipelines, coal terminals and other energy projects if they would pollute local rivers and streams, reversing a Trump-era…
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The latest in the Joe Manchin party-switch saga

By Aaron Blake 04/28/22
The latest entry in the saga comes via a new book from the New York Times’s Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin. The two report that Manchin had dinner with some Senate Republicans in early 2021…
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Forget Manchin — go around him to pass a climate bill

By Andreas Karelas 04/12/22
Last year, “Political Climate,” podcast co-host Brandon Hurlbut asked, “Do you think there’s an opportunity now to pick off some of those Republican senators like Lisa Murkowski, like Rob Portman, like Susan Collins or Mitt…
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New IPCC report: Only political will stands in way of meeting the Paris targets

By Dana Nuccitelli 04/06/22
In the just-released third installment of its Sixth Assessment Report (the first two volumes covered climate change causes and impacts), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) summarizes the latest scientific research on efforts to…
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The Man Who Gobbed Up Earth

By Bill McKibben 03/29/22
Just as the Oscars were getting underway last night, the New York Times published a truly remarkable exposé that helps us understand the end of our planet’s climate system in helpful detail. Receipt-laden, it shows…
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Two stark reminders about the political challenge of tackling climate change

By Philip Bump 03/28/22
There was an unappreciated irony to the placard that graced the lectern from which former president Donald Trump spoke over the weekend. “Save America,” it said, reflecting Trump’s preferred descriptor for the threat the country…
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Sen. Jon Tester, one of the Senate’s only farmers, is an unlikely champion for climate action

By Maxine Joselow 03/24/22
President Biden and European leaders are expected to announce a major initiative to direct shipments of liquefied natural gas to Europe, our colleagues scooped last night. More on that below. But first:
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Politics & Global Warming, March 2021

Drawing on a nationally representative survey (n = 1,037; including 922 registered voters), this report describes how Democratic, Independent, and Republican registered voters view climate and energy policies.

The Climate Action Tracker

The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) is an independent scientific analysis produced by three research organisations tracking climate action since 2009. We track progress towards the globally agreed aim of holding warming well below 2°C, and…

The Climate Deregulation Tracker

The Columbia Law School Tracker identifies steps taken by the Trump administration and Congress to scale back or wholly eliminate federal climate mitigation and adaptation measures. The tracker is linked to a database of climate…

Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. By building upon shared values rather than partisan divides, and empowering our supporters to work in keeping…

Carbon Tax Center

The Carbon Tax Center stands at the front lines of the struggle for a sustainable climate and a habitable Earth. Our mission: to generate support to enact a transparent and equitable U.S. carbon pollution tax…

Carbon Pricing as a Solution to Climate Change

FCNL believes that carbon pricing is one of many essential tools that Congress should use to address climate change and shift towards a clean energy economy. While we have not endorsed any particular bill at…


Janet Yellen, Biden’s Treasury Pick, Could Be Key To Confronting Climate

By Alexander C. Kaufman   11/24/20  
The former Federal Reserve chair isn’t the candidate climate activists wanted, but her record gives them “a lot to be optimistic and hopeful about.”
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Biden cabinet: John Kerry named climate envoy as inner circle get key posts

Ex-US Secretary of State John Kerry was one of several named for top positions by the Biden transition team on Monday. It marks a big break with the climate policy under the Trump administration as…
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Biden names climate statesman John Kerry as climate envoy

By Ellen Knickmeyer   11/24/20  
John Kerry, one of the leading architects of the Paris climate agreement, is getting one more chance to lead the fight against climate change after President-elect Joe Biden named the longtime senator and former secretary…
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Biden Names John Kerry As Climate Envoy

By Alexander C. Kaufman   11/23/20  
It’s not the climate “czar” job advocates want to see, but progressives are hopeful that’s coming, too.
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With John Kerry Pick, Biden Selects a ‘Climate Envoy’ With Stature

By Lisa Friedman   11/23/20  
Mr. Biden said he would name Mr. Kerry to a cabinet-level climate post, a role laden with political and diplomatic challenges in the post-Trump era.
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John Kerry named as Joe Biden’s special climate envoy

By Oliver Milman   11/23/20  
John Kerry, the former US secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee, has been named as a special envoy on the climate crisis under Joe Biden’s incoming administration.
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Biden names John Kerry as presidential climate envoy

By Brady Dennis, Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin   11/23/20  
John F. Kerry, a former secretary of state, senator and Democratic presidential nominee, will lead the country’s reentry into global climate politics in a new role that will elevate climate change as a priority of…
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The election is over. 5 climate leaders share what should happen next.

By Claire Elise Thompson   11/22/20  
5 leaders point the way forward for a divided nation.
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Biden can make historic strides on climate after four years of Trump vandalism

By Michael Hiltzik   11/19/20  
“I’m just exhausted,” Jared Blumenfeld told me. “It’s been four years of just worrying about the next rule that’s going to help polluters and undermine public health. I’m just excited to not have to think…
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Trump Administration Removes Official Who Oversees National Climate Assessment

By Hayley Miller   11/10/20  
The White House is reportedly expected to replace Michael Kuperberg with climate-change skeptic David Legates.
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Senate Democrats

2020 has been tough for us all. #Thanksgiving might be a little different this year, but despite the darkness around us, it’s important to be thankful for what we do have: our friends, family, and…
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GOP Climate Denier Prevails In Critical Texas Energy Regulator Race

By Alexander C. Kaufman   11/04/20  
The Texas Railroad Commission election was widely considered the most important down-ballot climate race of 2020.
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Generation Climate Is Making The Crisis An Issue In Local Elections

By Marianne Dhenin   10/22/20  
Among young voters, 74% want state and local governments to do more about climate change. And they’re lining up to make that happen.
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Senate 2020: In Mississippi, a Surprisingly Close Race For a Trump-Tied Promoter of Fossil Fuels

By James Bruggers   10/20/20  
Given how much Mississippi has to lose from rising seas, more dangerous  hurricanes, flooding and drought, climate change might reasonably be a  top voting issue. But in this Gulf Coast state that borders on the…
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In Wyoming, an ecologist seeks a new niche as a U.S. senator

By Eli Cahan   10/19/20  
More than 10 years ago, Merav Ben-David encountered a bureaucratic blizzard when she launched a study of polar bears in Alaska. She had to comply with a host of regulatory policies, obtain permits from regional,…
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Trump team delaying work on major climate report

By Scott Waldman   10/05/20  
The Trump administration is slow-walking a mandatory climate report by not seeking out scientists to work on it, says one of the authors of the last National Climate Assessment.
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Meet the climate expert running to be the first female scientist in the Senate

By Emily Pontecorvo   09/25/20  
Merav Ben-David may be the most unlikely candidate to pop up in the entire 2020 election cycle. The Israel-born wildlife ecologist and Democrat is running for U.S. Senate in Wyoming, hoping to fill the vacancy…
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Indiana Senator Mike Braun Discusses Bipartisan Climate Solutions with Young Leaders in the State

Climate enthusiasts from across the state streamed into the hour-long virtual event, “Common-Sense Climate Solutions: A Virtual Conversation with Indiana Senator Mike Braun.”
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SUPREME COURT: Ginsburg death leaves ‘no environmental voice’ on bench

By Pamela King and Jeremy P. Jacobs   09/19/20  
The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could shake the foundation of America's bedrock environmental laws, leaving a chasm on the bench where once sat an environmental champion.
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House Democrats Demand Climate Be ‘Centerpiece’ Of 2020 Presidential Debates

By Chris D’Angelo   09/02/20  
In 2016, debate moderators did not ask a single question about the climate crisis. Dozens of lawmakers want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
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NOAA Officials Feared Firings After Trump’s Hurricane Claims, Inspector General Says

By Christopher Flavelle and Lisa Friedman   07/09/20  
The head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration felt that his job and the jobs of others would be in jeopardy if the agency did not rebuke forecasters who contradicted President Trump’s inaccurate claim last…
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Why Climate Change is Too Important to Leave to “Green” Politics

By Philippa Nutall Jones   06/30/20  
Every party should give voters tangible economic reasons to support policies that benefit the environment.
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The Impacts of Climate Change and the Trump Administration’s Anti-Environmental Agenda in Oklahoma

By Sam Hananel   06/26/20  
Just in the past three years, the Trump administration has attempted to roll back at least 95 environmental rules and regulations to the detriment of the environment and Americans’ public health. Moreover, the administration refuses…
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Stacey Abrams wants the South to do more to tackle climate change

By Dino Grandoni with Paulina Firozi   06/24/20  
The South is behind on climate change, Stacey Abrams says. She has a plan to change that. The region, already battered by raging hurricanes and sweltering summers, is among the most vulnerable to the dangers…
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The Democratic Divide on Climate Policy

By Joel Stronberg   06/23/20  
Several weeks ago, I had commented during a Zero Net Fifty podcast that I thought there was a coming together—under the Biden banner—of progressive and establishment Democrats on climate matters. It was naïve of me…
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A War Against Climate Science, Waged by Washington’s Rank and File

By Lisa Friedman   06/15/20  
Efforts to undermine climate change science in the federal government, once orchestrated largely by President Trump’s political appointees, are now increasingly driven by midlevel managers trying to protect their jobs and budgets and wary of…
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Trump boasts oil is ‘back in business.’ Others are a lot more cautious

By Dino Grandoni with Paulina Firozi   06/12/20  
“I think we’ve done a fantastic job with bringing back the oil in a rapid fashion,” Trump said at the event Thursday in the heart of oil country. “That looked pretty bad. That looked pretty…
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Environmentalists Targeted Exxon Mobil. Then Hackers Targeted Them.

By Nicole Hong, Barry Meier and Ronen Bergman   06/09/20  
Three years ago, several environmental groups noticed that they had been receiving suspicious emails with fake Google News articles and other links related to their climate-change campaign against Exxon Mobil. The emails came from accounts…
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‘Historic’ Move Could Force Chevron To Be Transparent About Climate Lobbying

By Kyla Mandel   05/28/20  
If the oil company supports the Paris climate accord, investors say it should push for stronger action to fight global warming. ...
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Climate Politics–Trendspotting

By Joel Stronberg   05/27/20  
You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. Although one of the more cynical phrases ever uttered by a politician, the pilfered phrase[i] of the former mayor of Chicago and Obama adviser are…
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At last, a climate policy platform that can unite the left

By David Roberts   05/27/20  
Zac Freland/Vox; Getty Images The factions of the Democratic coalition have come into alignment on climate change. After the ignominious failure of the Democratic climate change bill in President Barack Obama’s first term — the…
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Two GOP senators promised vote on conservation bill ahead of tough reelection races

By Dino Grandoni   05/27/20  
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he will schedule a vote on a public lands package from Sens. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and Steve Daines (R-Mont.)....
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Factory Farming Ban Proposed by Senators Booker, Warren

By Jordan Davidson   05/11/20  
The dangers of working shoulder-to-shoulder in a meat processing plant have come to the forefront as the novel coronavirus has exposed the fragility of the meat...
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This coal company with ties to the Trump administration just got a $10 million small-business loan

By Dino Grandoni and Juliet Eilperin   04/21/20  
A coal company based in Indiana received $10 million from a federal loan program intended to rescue faltering small businesses from the economic ravages of the coronavirus pandemic.
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The US election is even more crucial with UN climate talks delayed to 2021

By Thom Woodroofe and Brendan Guy   04/09/20  
A Democratic president could be a game changer for the international fight against climate change, beyond rejoining the Paris Agreement The post The US election is even more crucial with UN climate talks delayed to…
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Trump plays cat-and-mouse game with U.S. oil industry by flip-flopping on import tariffs

By Dino Grandni   04/08/20  
The president is threatening to use one of his favorite economic weapons to protect the U.S. oil industry, long loyal to him, from a flood of foreign oil uncorked by Saudi Arabia and Russia.
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Gutting fuel economy standards during a pandemic is peak Trump

By David Roberts   04/02/20  
This guy. | Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images From the petty motivations to the incompetent execution, a parable for our times. It is difficult to focus on anything other than Covid-19 in our current news…
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A Moderate Proposal: Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry

By Kate Aronoff   03/17/20  
We’re facing a shale crash, a likely recession, and a surefire climate crisis. One particular policy could help solve all three problems.
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EPA Doubles Down on Its Attempt to Censor Science

By Vijay Limaye   03/06/20  
By Vijay LimayeThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 2018 censoring science proposal aimed to undercut the agency's application of landmark public health science by severely restricting its...
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A Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research

By Hiroko Tabuchi   03/02/20  
An official at the Interior Department embarked on a campaign that has inserted misleading language about climate change — including debunked claims that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is beneficial — into the agency’s…
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Opponents fault Trump proposal to cut environmental reviews

By Ellen Knickmeyer   02/26/20  
Describing windows rattled by industrial blasts and windowsills covered in toxic ash, an African American resident of Texas’ oil hub joined Democratic lawmakers, state officials and others Tuesday in urging the Trump administration to drop…
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Finance Ministers Grapple Over Economic Threat of Climate Change

By Alan Rappeport and Lisa Friedman   02/23/20  
The United States, under pressure from Europe, agreed to include a climate reference in an official G20 statement.
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Democratic hopes for climate policy may come down to this one weird Senate trick

By David Roberts   02/20/20  
Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer. | Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Budget reconciliation is not ideal, but it could work. This piece was first published in May 2019 and has been lightly updated. The US federal government…
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Climate Change Rises as a Public Priority. But It’s More Partisan Than Ever.

By Nadja Popovich   02/20/20  
Protecting the environment and tackling climate change have climbed up the list of Americans’ political priorities this year as economic concerns have faded, according to a new report from Pew Research Center.
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Democrats plot takeover for environmental action

By Timothy Cama   02/17/20  
Democratic presidential hopefuls are making big promises on climate change policy, and House Democrats are mapping out their own path come 2021, but no major climate...
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Blowing the Cover off the ‘Cleanest Air’ Illusion of the Trump Administration

By Julie McNamara   02/17/20  
By Julie McNamaraFirst, a fact: People want clean air. And who can blame them — in the United States more than 100,000 people still die from...
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Young Republicans: The new climate activists? Maybe.

By Zoya Teirstein   02/11/20  
Nowadays, the left’s definition of a climate hawk is clear. The progressive wing of the Democratic party has unified behind a shared litmus test: Does the person in question support the Green New Deal? Sterling…
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What Trump proposed in his 2021 budget

By Brittany Renee Mayes, Jennifer Liberto and Damian Paletta   02/10/20  
The Trump administration released its 2021 budget request on Monday, seeking big reductions at several federal agencies but largely protecting money for the Pentagon, Medicare and Social Security. The budget plan is supposed to kick…
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Coal state Republican Rob Portman to join new climate change caucus

By Josh Siegel   02/06/20  
Coal state Republican Rob Portman of Ohio plans to join the Senate's bipartisan climate change caucus, the Washington Examiner has exclusively learned.
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Has Admitting Climate Change Is Real Put House Republicans on a Slippery Slope?

History is likely to show that 2020 is the year climate issues finally mattered enough to voters to guide their hands when it came time to mark their ballots.Recognizing that it is no longer prudent…
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