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2020 Election



President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’s victory marks a new day in the fight for bold, just and equitable climate policy in the United States. It means that the US will now have a leadership that believes in science, knows that climate change is real, and is committed to supporting united and multilateral action.

Biden made climate change a cornerstone of his platform early in his campaign for the presidency, pledging to spend $2tn on clean energy, re-join the Paris Agreement (which he accomplished on February 19, 2021) and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. His plan was described as the most ambitious of any mainstream US presidential candidate. 

As a result of the 2020 election, Democrats now control the White House and the Congress, although in the Senate it will take Vice President Kamala Harris to break a tie vote, making legislation challenging. The president will, nonetheless, will have a wide array of tools — from expanding renewables on federal lands to pushing the financial industry on climate change — that could put the U.S. on a trajectory to decarbonizing its electricity sector by 2035.

For more on what he has already accomplished and what he plans to accomplish, go to Biden’s Climate Plan and to the LAWS AND LITIGATION section where you will find extensive information on what is happening within the federal government, from the Executive branch to the Legislative and Judicial branches.


EPA preps for transition of power with unusual change to succession orders

By Rebecca Beitsch 01/11/21
A new line of succession established at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leaves an official who was slotted into a newly created high-ranking role just a month ago in charge on Inauguration Day.
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Granholm will Be Energy Secretary

By Peter Sinclair 12/16/20
President-elect Joe Biden will reportedly nominate Oakland resident Jennifer Granholm, a former Michigan governor who teaches at UC Berkeley, to lead the Department of Energy, signaling a shift in the agency’s focus toward championing renewable…
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The World Needs Biden to Lead on Climate Reporting

By Michael R. Bloomberg 12/14/20
President-elect Joe Biden’s pledge to rejoin the Paris climate agreement sends an important signal to the world about U.S. leadership. But the action will merely take us back to four years ago. To push us…
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Why Business Should Back a Biden Climate Plan

By Kate Zerrenner 12/02/20
During the George W. Bush presidential administration, I worked for the Government Accountability Office. One project on which I worked was a look at the economic costs and benefits of the U.S. not taking action…
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On environmental protection, Biden’s election will mean a 180-degree turn from Trump policies

By Janet McCabe 11/13/20
The Trump administration has waged what I and many other legal experts view as an all-out assault on the nation’s environmental laws for the past four years. Decisions at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Department and other agencies…
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Scientists relieved as Joe Biden wins tight US presidential election

By Jeff Tollefson 11/06/20
The new president has the opportunity to reverse four years of anti-science policies — but he has a hard road ahead as he inherits a nation divided.
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Fate of climate crisis hangs on election as US exits Paris agreement

By Emily Holden 11/04/20
Trump administration set US withdrawal in motion a year ago but it didn’t take effect until 4 November
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This election, science seems more political than ever. Is it?

By Victoria Knight, KHN 11/04/20
Some research shows increasing political divides this year as a pandemic thrusts science into the election spotlight.
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Turning Out the Young

By Annabelle Williams 11/02/20
How the Sunrise Movement is mobilizing the youth vote—with a mix of reluctance and enthusiasm—for Biden
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There Is Only One Existential Threat. Let’s Talk About It.

By Farhad Manjoo 10/28/20
And yet I keep getting discouraged by how far there is to go. Voters, the candidates and especially the political media have not given it enough attention this year, considering the stakes at hand. Worse,…
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Climate policy faces a tough road through Congress regardless of electoral outcomes

By Matthew Bandyk 10/26/20
Ever since the 2009 Waxman-Markey bill — an attempt to create a national cap-and-trade emissions plan — passed in the House but hit a wall in the Senate, the prospects of both houses of Congress…
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These organizations are dedicated to bringing climate change into public policy, are watching how government does and doesn’t support measures supporting climate change, and are often with a particular emphasis on carbon taxes (or fees and dividends).


Democratic and Republican Views of Climate Change Interactive Maps

These maps show variations in the climate and clean energy views of Democrats (left map) and Republicans (right map) in the U.S. as a whole (national level) and for all 50 states and 435 congressional…

2020 Climate Change Voter’s Guide

Each 2020 candidate — whether for the Presidency, the Senate or the House, whether incumbent or challenger, gets a climate score from zero to 100 for the voter to take into the voting booth. Use…

How to Reverse Course on Trump’s Environmental Damage

The Interior Department has now blessed oil and gas drilling in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge comes as no surprise. It was a foregone conclusion once Lisa Murkowski, in 2017, persuaded…

Restoring Science, Protecting the Public

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated in stark life-and-death terms how essential it is for government decisionmakers to heed and prioritize science. The United States quickly surpassed other nations in COVID-19 infections, and has suffered catastrophic…

Iowa bill would give apartment-seekers more information on energy bills

Iowa lawmakers are considering a bill that would require owners of large rental buildings to disclose typical utility costs to apartment-seekers.

Beyond Extreme Energy

No new permits for fossil fuel infrastructure. Renewable energy NOW.

Where 2020 Democrats stand on Climate change

Here’s where 2020 candidates stand on issues related to climate change, based on candidate statements, voting records and answers to a questionnaire we sent every campaign.

Where’s Your 2020 Candidate on Climate?

Greenpeace asked the 2020 candidates how they’ll act on the climate crisis if they become president. Here’s what they said… or didn’t say. And, test your knowledge with a short candidate quiz. 

League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) works to turn environmental values into national, state and local priorities. LCV, in collaboration with our state LCV partners, advocates for sound environmental laws and policies, holds elected officials…

Environmental Voter Project

The Environmental Voter Project aims to significantly increase voter demand for progressive environmental policy by identifying inactive environmentalists and then turning them into consistent activists and voters.


Elizabeth Warren blamed 3 industries for 70% of greenhouse gases. That muddles the picture

By Jon Greenberg   09/06/19  
Warren said that three industries account for 70% of the carbon that goes into the air. That’s imprecise.
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Bernie Sanders in climate change ‘population control’ uproar

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been criticised after arguing population control should be part of tackling climate change.
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6 winners and 3 losers from CNN’s climate town hall

By Umair Irfan   09/05/19  
CNN’s climate crisis town hall on Wednesday night was an unprecedented seven hours of discussion on climate change with 10 of the Democratic 2020 presidential contenders. It was also the most substantive discussion of climate…
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Pete Buttigieg Calls Climate Change ‘a Kind of Sin’

By Maggie Astor   09/05/19  
Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., framed his climate change approach at the CNN climate town hall Wednesday night as a moral imperative. “The real conversation we’ve got to have is about what’s…
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5 Takeaways From the Democrats’ Climate Town Hall

By Lisa Friedman and Maggie Astor   09/05/19  
Over a marathon seven hours on Wednesday, 10 of the Democratic presidential candidates participated in back-to-back CNN town hall events on climate change, fielding questions from audience members and several of the network’s top anchors.
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Climate Town Hall: Several Democratic Candidates Embrace a Carbon Tax

By Coral Davenport and Trip Gabriel   09/04/19  
At a CNN forum on climate change, the first such prime-time event in a presidential campaign, candidates vowed to take aggressive action to combat global warming.
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We are getting two climate town halls after all. Here are 10 questions to ask candidates.

By David Roberts   09/04/19  
Moderators should focus on what matters: power and policy.
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Democrats to duke it out for top climate candidate title

By Rebecca Beitsch and Miranda Green   09/02/19  
Ten Democratic presidential contenders will make the case for their respective climate agendas Wednesday when they compete for the title of top environmental candidate.
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Andrew Yang’s plan to tackle climate change, explained

By Dylan Matthews   08/26/19  
Most plans to deal with climate change don’t feature the plank “Move our people to higher ground,” but most plans to deal with climate change don’t come from Andrew Yang, the entrepreneur and writer turned…
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Jay Inslee on Quitting the Race, and That Onion Headline

By Lisa Friedman   08/23/19  
The Washington governor and self-described climate candidate told us what it was like to achieve national recognition — after leaving the presidential race.
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Tim Ryan on Food and Agriculture

By Maggie Astor   07/30/19  
Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio has made agriculture and food policy a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.
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In a historic first, two climate forums announced for 2020 Democratic candidates

By E.A. Crunden   07/26/19  
CNN and MSNBC have announced they will host climate forums this fall, following months of pressure from activists calling for Democrats to hold a dedicated presidential climate debate. The forums aren’t official debates as designated…
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Poll: Climate change is top issue for registered Democrats

By Miranda Green   04/30/19  
The CNN poll found that 82 percent of registered voters who identified as Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents listed climate change as a "very important" top priority they’d like to see get the focus of a presidential candidate.
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Congratulations, second presidential debate: You nearly discussed climate change!

By Eric Wemple   10/10/16  
We knew that Donald Trump’s now-famous boast that a guy like him could simply “grab” women by the “p—y” would occupy an early chunk of tonight’s second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
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Poll: voters want Democrats to focus on health care if they win in 2020

By Dylan Matthews   03/05/18  
Guns come in second, and climate change is far behind. Significant pluralities of American voters, and Democrats specifically, want the Democratic Party to prioritize health care if they retake the White House and Congress in…
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How the Climate Plans of Presidential Hopefuls Stack Up

By Emily Holden   05/10/19  
Of the nearly two dozen Democrats running for president, only two campaigns have so far laid out deadlines for transforming American life to slash the pollution that is warming the planet’s climate.
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Why Beto’s Climate Plan Is So Surprising

By Robinson Meyer   04/30/19  
Previously light on policy, his campaign has—for the moment—the most detailed plan on climate change in the Democratic primary.
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Beto O’Rourke proposes $5-trillion climate plan for net-zero emissions by 2050

By Melanie Mason   04/29/19  
Beto O’Rourke, who has described climate change as the top issue of his presidential campaign, released a proposal Monday that would spend trillions of dollars to wean the country off fossil fuels with a goal…
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Which 2020 hopeful got the highest score from environmentalists last year? All of them.

By Dino Grandoni   02/27/19  
Each senator who has announced their candidacy for president received perfect scores in an annual voting scorecard kept by the League of Conservation Voters. The six declared 2020 candidatesin the Senate — Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Kirsten…
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The Energy 202: Weather Channel to host its own climate forum for 2020 Democrats — and some Republicans

By Dino Grandoni   10/21/19  
First it was CNN. Then MSNBC. Now even the Weather Channel wants to ask presidential candidates about climate change.
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Kamala Harris on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By David Hasemyer   09/13/19  
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records.
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Candidate Profiles 2020

A roundup of where all the candidates stand on climate change.
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Climate Town Hall Brings Food and Agriculture to Center Stage

By Charlie Mitchell   09/05/19  
Over the course of seven hours last night, 10 of the leading Democratic presidential candidates spoke at length about climate change—and almost all of them included food and agriculture as a climate-change culprit, and solution.
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Pete Buttigieg on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By Neela Banerjee   09/04/19  
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records.
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Democrats Say Their Climate Plans Will Create Jobs. It’s Not So Simple.

By Lisa Friedman   09/04/19  
The Democratic presidential candidates are rolling out their plans to fight climate change, and one thing is clear: Averting catastrophe is only one selling point. So far, nearly every presidential candidate claims that cutting greenhouse…
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Pete Buttigieg Releases Sweeping Climate Plan, Calls it “One of the Greatest Tests in Our History”

By Asher Stockler   09/04/19  
Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana, mayor, released a sweeping plan to address climate change on Wednesday, calling it "one of the greatest tests in our history."
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Cory’s Plan to Address the Threat of Climate Change

Climate change is not some distant threat — it’s happening now: July 2019 was the hottest month on record for the planet, towns are seeing so-called “hundred-year” floods every few years, and millions around the world are…
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U.S. presidential candidate Booker proposes $3 trillion climate change plan

By Joseph Ax   09/03/19  
U.S. presidential hopeful Cory Booker unveiled a $3 trillion plan to address climate change on Tuesday, vowing to reach a 100% clean energy economy by 2045 by sharply curbing fossil fuels while investing heavily in…
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Elizabeth Warren Unveils Climate Change Plan, Embracing Jay Inslee’s Goals

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman   09/03/19  
Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts released an ambitious new climate change plan on Tuesday, embracing goals laid out by a former presidential rival and calling for $3 trillion in spending over a decade to combat…
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Elizabeth Warren on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By Phil McKenna   09/03/19  
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records.
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Andrew Yang on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By Marianne Lavelle   09/02/19  
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records.
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Amy Klobuchar on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By Dan Gearino   09/02/19  
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records.
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Bernie Sanders on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By Mariane Lavelle   08/22/19  
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records.
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Bernie Sanders announces a $16.3 trillion Green New Deal

By Dino Grandoni   08/22/19  
Bernie Sanders released a comprehensive plan to address a “climate crisis” on par with the threat America faced during the Second World War, vowing to declare the global buildup of planet-warming gases a national emergency and to spend…
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Jay Inslee on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By Marianne Lavelle   08/21/19  
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records.
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Joe Biden on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By James Bruggers   08/21/19  
How do the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls compare on their climate history and promises to solve the crisis? ICN is analyzing their records.
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Beto O’Rourke on Climate Change: Where the Candidate Stands

By Georgina Gustin   08/21/19  
"Literally. Not to be melodramatic, but literally, the future of the world depends on us right now, here, where we are. Let's find a way to do this." —Beto O'Rourke, March 2019
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10 Democratic presidential candidates will participate in CNN climate town hall

By Mark Preston   08/20/19  
CNN is devoting the evening of Sept. 4 to the climate crisis. Eight of the Democratic candidates initially accepted CNN's invitation to discuss this critically important issue: former Vice President Joe Biden; Sen. Cory Booker…
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In Iowa, Candidates Are Talking About Farming’s Climate Change Connections Like No Previous Election

By Georgina Gustin   08/15/19  
About half the candidates have policy proposals or statements addressing climate change impacts on agriculture or farming's potential as a climate solution.
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A ‘climate corps’ is core to many 2020 Democrats’ environmental plans

By Dino Grandoni   08/08/19  
Democrats running for president on promises to slow climate change are asking young people to do more than just vote for them. Many White House hopefuls are laying out plans to put teenagers and 20-somethings…
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Democrats disagree on climate policy specifics. But they agree on how to frame it.

By Dino Grandoni   08/01/19  
The crowded field of White House hopefuls frequently sparred during last night's Democratic debate over the best way to handle rising global temperatures. But there was one thing they actually agreed on: Climate change is not an…
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