On November 4, 2020, the United States formally left the Paris Agreement. Originally adopted in 2015, and aimed at limiting the increase in global average temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, President Joe Biden, on his first day in office, rejoined the Paris Agreement (which took effect on February 19, 2021) and appointed John Kerry as his energy czar. As Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry will play perhaps the most critical role internationally in managing a planetary crisis. To succeed, he’ll need to repair the diplomatic damage done by former President Donald Trump while steering through clashing interests at home: a defiant private sector on the one hand, and strident climate activists on the other.

There are now 24 states, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, taking part in the U.S. Climate Alliance, committing them to taking real, on the ground action that urgently addresses the climate challenge. In becoming an Alliance member, states commit to:

  • Implementing policies that advance the goals of the Paris Agreement, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025;
  • Tracking and reporting progress to the global community in appropriate settings, including when the world convenes to take stock of the Paris Agreement.
  • Accelerating new and existing policies to reduce carbon pollution and promote clean energy deployment at the state and federal level.

More political information is explored on pages within these sections: LOCAL POLITICSNATIONAL POLITICSINTERNATIONAL, as well as in LAWS AND LITIGATION. There is in depth information, state by state, in STATES (under the LEARN MORE dropdown menu), including individual state plans to accelerate renewables, key resources, and news.

A stunning timeline, following our nation’s extraordinary lack of progress since 1988, was written by Paul Bledsoe and published in the New York Times on December 29, 2018. This has, unfortunately, not been updated.

Please see the Biden’s Climate Plan page which details the extraordinary commitment his administration is making to climate change.


How the World Bank’s new boss is navigating a clash over climate change

By Steven Mufson 11/20/23
Fighting climate change increasingly comes down to money — who has it, who doesn’t and who has the levers to help the world’s developing countries withstand the ravages of climate change.
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Cape Cod residents say no to offshore wind transmission lines under beaches

By Sabrina Shankman 11/14/23
The scene at Barnstable High School on a recent Monday night felt like a homecoming rally — all anxious energy, cheers, and hugs. A crush of bodies flooded the hallway as revelers greeted friends and…
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Joe Manchin Was America’s De Facto Climate King

By Robinson Meyer 11/10/23
What can you say about Joe Manchin, perhaps the most important — and most complicated — American climate policy maker of the past decade? Let’s start here: Soon, he won’t be a senator any more.…
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The Green Fuel That Even Red America Loves

By Phred Dvorak 11/05/23
The Biden administration’s climate push has gotten little love from the other side of the aisle.
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Q&A: The League of Conservation Voters’ Take on House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Voting Record: ‘Appalling’

By Jenni Doering 11/04/23
“To call him a climate skeptic is generous,” says the league’s Tiernan Sittenfeld. “He's said outrageous things about climate change, and what's causing it, whether he believes it's happening.”
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Republicans Propose One of the Year’s Most Interesting Climate Bills

By Robinson Meyer 11/03/23
One of the year’s most interesting climate policies was just proposed … by a Republican. Two, actually. On Thursday, Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham released a bill that would establish a “foreign pollution fee,”…
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Trump Gets Fined in Court but Wins in the House

By Amy Davidson Sorkin 10/29/23
There were moments, last week, when—if not for the first time—Donald Trump seemed out of control. On Monday, at a rally in Derry, New Hampshire, he compared himself to Nelson Mandela; said that he had…
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Republican-led US states appeal ruling allowing Biden ESG investing rule

By Daniel Wiessner 10/27/23
A group of Republican-led U.S. states on Thursday said they would appeal a Texas-based federal judge's decision rejecting their challenge to a rule from President Joe Biden's administration allowing employee retirement plans to consider environmental,…
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House Speaker Mike Johnson’s First Big Bill Cuts Biden’s Climate Change Funding

By Ari Natter 10/27/23
The first major legislation House Republicans passed under newly installed Speaker Mike Johnson would cut billions of dollars in consumer rebates for energy efficiency upgrades included in President Joe Biden’s signature climate law...
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New House Speaker Champions Fossil Fuels and Dismisses Climate Concerns

By Lisa Friedman 10/26/23
Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana, the newly elected House speaker, has questioned climate science, opposed clean energy and received more campaign contributions from oil and gas companies than from any other industry last year.
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Fossil fuel money lurks behind anti-offshore wind power political ads in New Jersey

By Dave Anderson 10/23/23
A Republican group that paid for anti-offshore wind power ads targeting Democrats ahead of New Jersey’s November 7 state legislative elections raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars from the fossil fuel industry earlier this…
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Politicians, not public, drive U-turns on green agenda, says UN biodiversity chief

By Patrick Greenfield 10/11/23
Government backtracking on environmental promises is being driven by politicians and vested interests, not the public, the acting UN biodiversity chief has said, as he called for greater support for those experiencing short-term costs from…
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Biden’s American Climate Corps is weak and won’t save us

By Nick Fuller Googins   10/06/23  
The year is 1942. The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor. The Nazis have invaded Russia and declared war on America. President Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses the nation to make an important announcement: The White House…
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Here’s where the 2024 presidential candidates stand on climate change

By Julia Jacobo   10/05/23  
The 2024 U.S. presidential election may prove to be pivotal in how the country's handles climate change.
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The Second G.O.P. Debate 2nd Debate a Frenzy of Attacks as Non-Trump Rivals Try to Shake Up Race

By Jonathan Weisman and Lisa Lerer   09/29/23  
Seven Republican presidential hopefuls bulldozed their way Wednesday through a fierce and unruly debate, shouting at each other over foreign policy, energy exploration and technology but leaving largely untouched the front-runner who was not on…
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Government Shutdown Could Delay Climate Action

By Jean Chemnick   09/29/23  
EPA was already facing a mad dash to complete climate rules in the next six months. A government shutdown could make that harder. The agency has run behind schedule to propose and finalize regulations throughout…
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Biden approves new offshore oil leases, faces hits by both sides

By Timothy Puko   09/29/23  
The Biden administration said Friday it will approve just three offshore oil and gas lease sales through 2029 — the smallest offshore oil drilling plan in history and one designed to narrowly comply with limits…
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Congressional Budget Turmoil Stops FEMA from Doling out $8 Billion

By Thomas Frank   09/28/23  
The federal government is planning to withhold $8 billion in disaster funds from states due to temporary new spending restrictions outlined in a previously unreported document that shows how the budget turmoil in Congress could…
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Government shutdown may hurt home sales in flood-prone areas

By Emily Flitter   09/28/23  
A new entry may soon join hurricanes and atmospheric rivers on the list of large-scale problems roiling the housing and insurance industries in the United States: congressional gridlock.
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What You Didn’t Hear at the Second GOP Debate

By Matthew Zeitlin   09/28/23  
The second Republican presidential debate was defined more by what it lacked than by what it had. Undoubtedly the biggest absence was former President Donald Trump, who skipped the debate entirely and campaigned in Michigan…
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White House holds first-ever climate resilience summit

By Susan Carpenter   09/28/23  
The White House released the country’s first-ever road map to develop climate-resilient communities. On Thursday, President Joe Biden said the new National Climate Resilience Framework will turn “peril into progress” by creating jobs and pushing…
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Union Slams Ford for Idling Michigan Battery Plant Project

By Keith Naughton   09/26/23  
Ford Motor Co. was blasted by its largest labor union for halting construction on a $3.5 billion battery plant in Michigan amid scrutiny of its ties to a Chinese battery maker by Republican lawmakers.
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Why Biden’s allies are scrambling to elevate his landmark climate law

By Timothy Puko   09/26/23  
Eleonor Cantu is the kind of climate-conscious voter that President Biden and Democrats need in 2024 to hold on to power in Washington.
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The Biden Administration’s Next Big Climate Decision

By Bill McKibben   09/22/23  
Earlier this year, the Biden Administration approved the Willow Project, a huge oil-drilling complex to be built in Alaska on thawing permafrost that may need to be mechanically refrozen before it can be drilled. Not…
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COP28’s Biggest Conflicts Are on Display at the UN General Assembly

By Zahra Hirji   09/20/23  
As world leaders gathered at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City this week, everyone seemed to agree on one thing: Climate change is among the biggest problems facing the planet. US President…
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Capitol Light/Climate Politics

By Joel B. Stronberg   09/19/23  
The drama in Washington is all about the looming end of the federal fiscal year. All eyes are focused on House Speaker McCarthy and whether he can deliver enough votes to keep the government open…
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Harriet Hageman: Boneheaded “Green” Policies Cause Massive Electricity Rate Increase

I have often said that there is a special place in hell for those who pursue policies that are intended to increase the price of food, energy, and housing. Yet, we currently have people in…
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How Elon Musk could win the UAW strike

By James Bikales   09/19/23  
The United Auto Workers strike is likely to have at least one winner: Elon Musk. And that spells trouble for President Joe Biden’s efforts to shape the auto industry’s future.
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Trump to Woo Striking Union Members in Detroit, Skipping 2nd G.O.P. Debate

By Shane Goldmacher and Maggie Haberman   09/18/23  
Former President Donald J. Trump is planning to travel to Detroit on the day of the next Republican primary debate, according to two Trump advisers with knowledge of the plans, injecting himself into the labor…
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Climate Protesters March on New York, Calling for End to Fossil Fuels

By Somini Sengupta, Hilary Howard and Delger Erdenesanaa   09/17/23  
Tens of thousands of people, young and old, filled the streets of Midtown Manhattan under blazing sunshine on Sunday to demand that world leaders quickly pivot away from fossil fuels dangerously heating the Earth. Their…
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Judges weigh two auto rules key to Biden’s electric vehicle goals

By Alex Gullen   09/14/23  
Two court hearings over a pair of Biden administration auto regulations that promote the adoption of electric vehicles drew mixed reactions from a panel of three federal judges on Thursday.
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East Coast govs urge Biden to aid troubled offshore wind

By Heather Richards   09/14/23  
Six Democratic governors are warning the White House that the offshore wind industry could falter without rapid government help to offset rising prices.
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Voters want stronger heat standards

By Hayley Smith   09/08/23  
As California endures the increasing likelihood of record heat waves driven by climate change, voters are questioning government’s response to sweltering conditions and say they would welcome stronger policies to help minimize heat’s impact.
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DeSantis, Leading a State Menaced by Climate Change, Shrugs Off the Threat

By Nicholas Nehamas and Patricia Mazzei   09/08/23  
During his 2018 run for governor, Ron DeSantis not only pledged to protect Florida’s Everglades and waterways, he also acknowledged that humans played a role in exacerbating the climate change that threatened them.
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Can Climate Policy Survive a Future GOP Administration?

By Justin Worland   09/07/23  
In the year since the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) became law, I’ve heard versions of the same question keep coming up on the road from people interested in taking advantage of the law’s programs: will…
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Want to Understand Clean Energy Anxiety? Look at the Jersey Shore.

By Elizabeth A. Cerceo   09/05/23  
This summer, as my children splashed in the freakishly warm ocean waves by the beautiful Victorian seaside town of Cape May, N.J., angry protesters gathered a few towns away.
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California’s Climate Crisis Double Agents

By Rebecca Burns   09/05/23  
The same fossil fuel lobbyists pulling out all the stops to defeat game-changing climate legislation in California this month are simultaneously collecting checks from dozens of cities and counties in the state being pummeled by…
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Republican Presidential Candidates Vow to Fiddle as Earth Burns

By David Robert Grimes   09/01/23  
Debates inescapably animate the American election circus, watched more for gaffes and missteps than genuine insight into presidential aspirants.
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Biden threatens to blame GOP if there isn’t enough funding for response to natural disasters impacting US

By Kevin Liptak   08/30/23  
President Joe Biden on Wednesday pledged enduring support for Americans affected by Hurricane Idalia and the Hawaii wildfires while making clear he’s ready to blame congressional Republicans if there isn’t enough funding for the response…
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As Hurricane Idalia Churns Toward Florida, Efforts to Refill Federal Disaster Aid Stall

By Kristoffer Tigue   08/29/23  
Florida is bracing for yet another major storm in the span of a year as rapidly intensifying Hurricane Idalia, which is expected to hit the state’s western coast Wednesday at Category 3 strength, churns through…
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Greens urge Dems to hold line against cuts to IRA, agencies

By Emma Dumain   08/24/23  
A coalition of more than 65 environmental advocacy groups is warning the top Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee not to cede ground on climate spending priorities as the government could be barreling toward a…
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The First G.O.P. Debate, Republicans Couldn’t Avoid Trump, but Tussled Over the Issues

By Jonathan Weisman   08/23/23  
Donald J. Trump was absent from the spirited showdown on the debate stage in Milwaukee, but the deep divisions that he has sown within the Republican Party were very much on display as his would-be…
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The Climate Culprits Hiding Their Role In California’s Extreme Weather

By Rebecca Burns   08/21/23  
One of the nation’s most important climate fights is currently playing out under the radar in California, where state residents are weathering an unprecedented tropical storm. Oil and industry lobbying groups are spending millions in…
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Electric cars face ‘punitive’ fees, new restrictions in many states

By Mike Lee and Adam Aton   08/17/23  
Starting in September, they’ll have to pay the state an extra $200 each year to register their climate-friendly cars and trucks. And if they want to buy a new EV, that will cost $400 upfront.
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Trump-era Energy secretary to lead electric utility lobby group

By Rachel Frazin   08/16/23  
Dan Brouillette, who led the Energy Department under former President Trump, will lead a lobbying group for electric utilities, the group said Wednesday.
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Schumer promises to build on climate law if Dems win

By Emma Dumain   08/15/23  
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday pledged a unified Democratic Congress would pursue a “multifront approach” to combatting the climate crisis, acknowledging that lawmakers must enact policies that further cut carbon emissions to slow…
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Debunking Mike Pence’s Misleading Energy Ad

By Robert Rapier   08/11/23  
I have a lot more to cover on the recently released Statistical Review of World Energy. But today I need to make a digression, albeit one with a tie-in to the Review.
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Green investment boom and electric car sales: six key things about Biden’s climate bill

By Oliver Milman   08/11/23  
The US’ first serious legislative attempt to tackle the climate crisis, the Inflation Reduction Act, is hitting its first anniversary both lauded for turbocharging a seismic shift to clean energy while also weathering serious attack…
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Split screen: Biden addresses heat; Trump vows to expand oil

By Scott Waldman   08/09/23  
President Joe Biden was talking about deadly heat during a visit to Arizona, while his likely opponent, former President Donald Trump, was in New Hampshire, where he talked about sweating in a room he said…
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Florida’s Environmentalists Are Waging War — Against Each Other

By Jesse Chase-Lubitz   08/08/23  
About 27 miles inland from Florida's southwestern coast sit three empty swaths of land among a sea of green. This undeveloped area represents both the future of Florida's development and the culmination of a 20…
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About Project 2025

The actions of liberal politicians in Washington have created a desperate need and unique opportunity for conservatives to start undoing the damage the Left has wrought and build a better country for all Americans in…
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Most disapprove of Biden’s handling of climate change, Post-UMD poll finds

By Tony Romm and Others   08/07/23  
Nearly one year after President Biden enacted a sprawling package to combat harmful emissions and boost clean energy, his administration is struggling to demonstrate the law’s value to weary voters — and stave off a…
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DeSantis’s Florida Approves Climate-Denial Videos in Schools

By Scott Waldman   08/07/23  
Climate activists are like Nazis. Wind and solar power pollute the Earth and make life miserable. Recent global and local heat records reflect natural temperature cycles. These are some of the themes of children’s videos…
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Opinion: The terrible climate hypocrisy at the top of Southern California Edison

By Leah C. Stokes   08/05/23  
With nearly 200 million Americans frying under extreme heat, and water off the coast of Florida reaching hot tub temperatures, Americans can see the climate crisis with their own eyes. We know we must cut…
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GOP presidential candidates avoid discussing climate change on campaign trail

By Amna Nawaz and Saher Khan   08/04/23  
The 2024 Republican presidential campaign season is in full swing and candidates are stumping on a host of key issues. But one topic that’s missing from their agenda is climate change. Despite a summer of…
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A Republican 2024 Climate Strategy: More Drilling, Less Clean Energy

By Lisa Friedman   08/04/23  
During a summer of scorching heat that has broken records and forced Americans to confront the reality of climate change, conservatives are laying the groundwork for future Republican administration that would dismantle efforts to slow…
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Three-quarters of Republicans prioritize the economy over climate change

By Domenico Montanaro   08/03/23  
It's hot. And some apparently don't mind it that way. The latest heat wave is fueled by human-caused climate change from burning fossil fuels, but despite the settled science, the overwhelming evidence and the billions…
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Climate change is hitting close to home for nearly 2 out of 3 Americans, poll finds

By Bella Isaacs-Thomas   08/03/23  
At the end of the hottest month on record, which left millions in the United States sweltering under heat advisories, nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults say that climate change is noticeably affecting their local communities,…
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GOP Effort to Curb ESG Fails to Yield Concrete Results So Far

By Tim Quinson   08/02/23  
For all of the Republican Party’s furious opposition to ESG, its efforts to accomplish something on the legislative front have fallen short.
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Republicans want to plant a trillion trees. Scientists are skeptical.

By Maxine Joselow   08/02/23  
When House Speaker Kevin McCarthy toured a natural gas drilling site in Ohio in June, the California Republican vowed to boost U.S. production of oil and natural gas, major contributors to climate change. politics
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The Far Right Has a ‘Battle Plan’ to Undo Climate Progress Should Trump Win in 2024

By Kristoffer Tigue   08/01/23  
Far-right conservative groups are promoting a sprawling “battle plan” to obstruct and undo the federal government’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis, with hopes of quickly enacting a series of sweeping changes if Donald Trump,…
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Why Republicans can’t get out of their climate bind, even as extreme heat overwhelms the US

By Ella Nilsen   07/30/23  
Deadly heatwaves are baking the US. Scientists just reported that July will be the hottest month on record. And now, after years of skepticism and denial in the GOP ranks, a small number of Republicans…
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