Carbon Capture



Letters to the Editor: Carbon removal won’t save us from climate change. We need to end fossil fuels

By Jonathan Light and Laguna Niguel 05/16/24
Your article on new scientific interventions to address global climate issues opens with the questionable claim that direct air capture to sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide represents perhaps one of “the world’s best hopes for combating…
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Will sucking carbon from air ever really help tackle climate change?

By Madeleine Cuff 05/15/24
The direct air capture industry got a boost last week with the opening of Mammoth, the largest plant yet for sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, but questions remain about whether the technology can…
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Carbon capture technology faces uncertainty despite heavy investment

By Rodielon Putol 05/15/24
Carbon capture technology, which involves directly capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to store it underground, might seem like a perfect solution for climate change. However, despite its advancements, it still encounters many uncertainties.
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The ‘World’s Largest’ Vacuum to Suck Up Carbon Emissions Begins Operating in Iceland

By Andy Corbley 05/10/24
A pair of climate-solution firms have just turned on the largest CO2 vacuum in the world, capable of sucking thousands of tons of carbon out of the atmosphere. In 2021, GNN reported on the operation…
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Gore criticizes carbon capture

By Marie J. French And Ry Rivard 04/15/24
Former Vice President Al Gore is deeply skeptical of technologies to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. “It’s a fraud,” Gore said during a Saturday speech in New York City to his network of climate…
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US Steel plant in Indiana to host a $150M carbon capture experiment

By Jeff St. John 04/03/24
Martin Keighley, CEO of CarbonFree, thinks his carbon capture company offers a ​“unique proposition” compared to its competitors: It can actually make money, today. On Wednesday, the San Antonio, Texas-based company announced its first large-scale…
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These Startups Are Helping Carbon Dioxide Find a New Life

By Coco Liu 01/16/24
For most perfume makers, ingredients to make it smell great are the most important feature. But for Stafford Sheehan, a cofounder and chemist at Air Company, the most important part of perfume-making has no scent…
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Startups Aim to Turn Plant Waste Into Concentrated Carbon—and Bury It

By Matt Simon 01/16/24
In a roundabout way, coal is solar-powered. Millions of years ago, swamp plants soaked up the sun’s energy, eating carbon dioxide in the process. They died, accumulated, and transformed over geologic time into energy-dense rock.…
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DOE docs: Carbon removal proposal bets on rare nuclear reactors

By Corbin Hiar 01/03/24
A climate technology startup aims to suck carbon from the atmosphere using a new type of nuclear power plant that’s never been built in the United States.
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Whose ‘moment of truth’?

Last week, the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its report ‘The Oil and Gas Industry in Net Zero Transitions’ stated that the oil and gas industry faces a ‘moment of truth’. The industry has been…
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Wyoming governor’s speech erupts into fight over future of fossil fuels, carbon capture

By Kevin Killough 11/27/23
Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon sparked a backlash from state lawmakers when he discussed plans to make the Cowboy State carbon dioxide-neutral during a talk at Harvard last month.
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Carbon capture projects, incentives will be hot topics at CO2 Conference

By Mella McEwen 11/26/23
A focus on greenhouse gas emissions – and particularly those emanating from the nation’s oil fields – has given rise to a number of projects designed to capture and sequester emissions.
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Fossil fuel executives hope you’ll believe in their newest scheme — “CCS.”

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the fossil fuel industry’s biggest scheme yet to persuade people that the climate crisis can be solved while still depending on what they’re selling.

How Does Carbon Capture Work?

The world has a carbon problem. To solve it will require moving away from burning carbon-emitting fuels and relying instead on cleaner energy sources like wind turbines and solar cells. But is there anything we…

Carbon capture has a long history. Of failure

Carbon capture and storage is an old technology, first commercialized in the 1970s. Back then it was called enhanced oil recovery, because the carbon dioxide recovered from oil and gas production was injected into depleted…


Why Carbon Capture Is Big Oil’s Solution for Climate Change

By Christine Li Edwards   11/23/23  
Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber is the President-Designate of the upcoming United Nations climate summit in Dubai, or COP28. He’s also head of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Recently he said “we have to change…
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Oil producers face ‘moment of truth’ over green investment, IEA warns

Sector’s clean energy spending is far below that needed to hit Paris climate goals, agency says...
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COP28 ‘moment of truth’ for oil industry, says energy boss

By Esme Stallard   11/23/23  
The world's oil and gas industry has been warned it faces a "moment of truth" at next week's UN climate talks. Dr Fatih Birol, head of energy watchdog the International Energy Agency, was speaking as…
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Carbon capture and storage hopes are pipe dreams, for now

By Clyde Russell   11/23/23  
Carbon capture and underground storage (CCUS) is touted by proponents of fossil fuel production and consumption as the technology that will keep oil and gas in the global energy mix. It is, and at the…
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The Oil and Gas Industry in Net Zero Transitions

The global oil and gas industry encompasses a large and diverse range of players: from small, specialised operators to huge national oil companies. These producers face pivotal choices about their role in the global energy…
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Oil and gas industry needs to let go of carbon capture as solution to climate change, IEA says

By Spencer Kimball   11/23/23  
The oil and gas industry needs to let go of the “illusion” that carbon capture technology is a solution to climate change and invest more in clean energy, the head of the International Energy Agency…
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Why the Belief That Carbon Capture Technologies Can Work at Gigaton-Scale Is a Gigantic Gamble

By Dana Drugmand   11/17/23  
A “high ambition” coalition of nations such as France, Tuvalu, Ethiopia, and Ireland backed by climate scientists, climate and civil society organizations, and the UN Secretary General, are calling for commitments to phase out coal,…
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What is carbon capture and storage? CCS easily explained

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a catch-all term for technologies that are meant to reduce emissions by capturing and storing them underground.
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Carbon Removal Is Falling Behind. One Number Can Fix It

By Christine Driscoll and Others   11/17/23  
Climate policy discussions tend to circle important numbers — 2050. 1.5 degrees. Net zero. Here’s one more to add to the mix: $100. That’s the cost per ton of carbon that the carbon-removal industry needs…
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Biden wants hydrogen, carbon capture scaled up within a decade, but is the technology ready?

By James Osborne   11/14/23  
Clean hydrogen and carbon capture have for years been the next big thing, on the verge of revolutionizing the energy sector and providing a lifeline for fossil fuel producing economies like Texas.
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Carbon Capture Is Giving a Second Life to Fossil Fuels – But It Doesn’t Have To

By Alison Cagle   11/09/23  
On summer days in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, where towns stretch along the Mississippi River, the evening breeze draws people outside after a sweltering day. But this year, residents are likely to be driven back inside…
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In a U.S. First, a Commercial Plant Starts Pulling Carbon From the Air

By Brad Plumer   11/09/23  
In an open-air warehouse in California’s Central Valley, 40-foot-tall racks hold hundreds of trays filled with a white powder that turns crusty as it absorbs carbon dioxide from the sky.
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BlackRock to invest $550 mln in Occidental’s carbon capture project

By Sabrina Valle   11/08/23  
BlackRock Inc, the world's biggest money manager, will invest $550 million in Occidental Petroleum Corp’s direct air capture (DAC) plant in West Texas, the two companies announced on Tuesday. Occidental has been shopping for investors…
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Carbon capture is part of the country’s energy future

By Dustin Meyer   11/07/23  
American energy thrives on generations of innovation. The companies driving carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects are writing the next chapter of U.S. energy leadership. Though some doubt the benefits of CCS, as discussed in…
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An Oil Giant Quietly Ditched the World’s Biggest Carbon Capture Plant

By Natasha White and Others   10/23/23  
The world wants to master the process of corralling carbon, and Occidental Petroleum Corp. is building a futuristic machine on the dusty plains of Texas designed to do just that.
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What’s the deal with carbon capture and storage?

By Cameron Oglesby   10/20/23  
Is carbon capture and storage a needed tool to get us to the clean energy future or a costly distraction that will delay the fight against climate change? That massive debate between environmental groups, industry…
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Big Oil’s Climate Fix Is Running Out of Time to Prove Itself

By Stephen Stapczynski   09/13/23  
Get within a few dozen meters of one of the world’s biggest carbon capture projects on Australia’s remote Barrow Island, and normal conversation quickly becomes impossible.Emanating from the dense maze of pipes and towers the…
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Scientists Find Success With New Direct Ocean Carbon Capture Technology

By Ananya Chetia   09/02/23  
As human activity and climate change increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean, harming coral reefs and marine life, researchers have designed a new technology using aqueous sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate to…
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An “Unabated” Disaster

Last month, COP28 president, oil CEO Al Jaber unveiled his "action plan" for this year's climate summit. Amidst a lot of big talk about fossil fuel phase down was one little word that puts the…
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Carbon capture is bad climate policy

By Wenonah Hauter   09/01/23  
White House officials and Democratic lawmakers spent weeks celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, a legislative package that has been dubbed the most ambitious climate legislation of all time.
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This Coca-Cola bottler will capture carbon dioxide to put the fizz in its drinks

By Heather Clancy   08/24/23  
A first-of-its-kind project under construction at a 51-year-old Coca-Cola bottling facility in Elmsford, New York, is notable both for how it will improve the site’s energy reliability and how it will capture carbon dioxide during…
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The Midwest Is Ground Zero for the Fight Over Carbon Capture Pipelines

By Coco Liu   08/16/23  
Deadly rupture. Groundwater contamination. Earthquake triggers. One after another, residents from across Iowa fired off their concerns at a meeting with federal and state representatives to discuss a technology that could help protect the climate…
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The US is investing more than $1 billion in carbon capture, but big oil is still involved

By Andrew Paul   08/15/23  
Investing in carbon capture technology will be necessary for a sustainable future, but environmental advocates frequently stress that this alone is not a cure-all for pollutants. The DOE, for example, estimates between 400 million and…
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Federal tax incentives create gold rush for nascent carbon capture projects in Louisiana

By Pam Radtke   08/13/23  
Millions of dollars of investments in new carbon capture projects in Louisiana — with more announced this past week — are unwelcome developments to some environmental activists in the state.
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Can vacuums slow global warming? Administration bets $1.2 billion on it.

By Evan Halper   08/11/23  
The Biden administration is betting big on giant carbon-sucking vacuums as a climate solution, announcing that it will help jump-start two mammoth projects in Texas and Louisiana that will be a global testing ground for…
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U.S. and UAE oil producers strike carbon capture agreement

By Corbin Hiar and Sara Schonhardt   08/01/23  
The state-owned oil producer of the United Arab Emirates and a U.S. oil company on announced Tuesday that they are looking to develop projects that could suck carbon dioxide from the sky and smokestacks in…
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As carbon capture heats up, old questions reignite

By Jesse Klein   07/17/23  
Businesses seeking to lead on sustainability and meet net-zero commitments should be working to decarbonize their Scope 3 emissions. These include fossil fuel, steel and fertilizer companies with hard-to-reduce emissions.
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Carbon Capture Faces a Major Test in North Dakota

By Dan Gearino   07/06/23  
Energy companies have talked for years about how carbon capture technology will preserve their ability to burn coal and natural gas in a world that needs to drastically cut carbon emissions.
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Wyoming, Colorado to partner on developing carbon capture technologies

By Sharon Udasin   06/28/23  
The governors of Wyoming and Colorado signed a memorandum of understanding Wednesday for interstate collaboration on the development of carbon capture technologies.
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This startup is zapping seawater to tackle climate change

By Justine Calma   06/06/23  
A new California-based startup is trying to take on climate change by simultaneously taking carbon dioxide out of the ocean and air while creating hydrogen as an alternative fuel. Boeing has already inked an agreement…
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EPA’s Dangerous Carbon Capture Gamble

By Wenonah Hauter   05/18/23  
As expected, the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules to reduce emissions from power plants rely on so-called ‘carbon capture.’ In theory, this would remove some climate pollution before it enters the atmosphere. There is still…
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NYC skyscrapers turning to carbon capture to lessen climate change

By Cathy Bussewitz   05/15/23  
From the outside, the residential high-rise on Manhattan’s Upper West Side looks pretty much like any other luxury building: A doorman greets visitors in a spacious lobby adorned with tapestry and marble.
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Carbon Capture Is Hard. This Plant Shows Why.

By Eric Niiler   05/12/23  
A Canadian power plant holds lessons as the Environmental Protection Agency proposes new greenhouse gas rules for U.S. utilities. ...
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What is carbon capture? Some say it will help save the world, for others it’s a dangerous distraction

By Laura Paddison   05/11/23  
The window to prevent catastrophic climate change is closing. Concentrations of planet-warming carbon pollution in the air are at their highest level in more than 2 million years – and the world has yet to…
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Carbon capture key to Biden’s new power-plant rule: is the tech ready?

By Jeff Tollefson   05/11/23  
The administration of US President Joe Biden has proposed a landmark regulation that aims to curb emissions from the power sector in the United States over the next two decades. If it survives the legal…
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New rules for power plants could give carbon capture a boost. Here’s how.

By Brad Plumer   04/26/23  
The Biden administration’s plan to limit, for the first time, greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants could hinge on the ability of plant operators to capture carbon dioxide before it is pumped into the…
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The role of carbon capture in climate change policy

By Rick Knight   04/18/23  
Carbon capture is a way to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from some mixture of gases. If CO2 is removed from an emissions source, such as the exhaust gas from a power plant, and then sequestered…
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California’s climate dreams won’t come true without major change

By Alec Regimbal   03/13/23  
The state's climate plan has details about how to reduce emissions from residents but does very little to compel the biggest polluters to change.
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How this company plans to use Earth’s heat to cool the planet

By Shannon Osaka   02/23/23  
Sucking carbon dioxide out of the sky — or “direct air capture,” as it is known by experts and scientists — is a bit like a time machine for climate change. It removes CO2 from…
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A possible carbon-capture milestone in the fight against climate change

By Irina Ivanova   01/12/23  
In what could be a major milestone in the fight against climate change, a startup said Thursday it has started successfully pulling carbon dioxide from the air and burying it underground.
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Insight: We’re entering the decade of carbon capture thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act

By Kyra Buckley   10/13/22  
Talking about carbon capture projects used to be a bit more theoretical. Sure, polluting companies would say, we would love to deploy this technology on a large scale, but the funding isn’t there. To make…
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Exxon’s Long-Shot Embrace of Carbon Capture in the Houston Area Just Got Massive Support from Congress

By Nicholas Kusnetz   09/25/22  
Imagine a clean energy future, and you might picture giant turbines twisting in the wind, or electric vehicles zipping quietly down the highway. Fossil fuels become relics, or disappear altogether.
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NRG sells stake in Petra Nova carbon capture project to Japanese company for $3.6 million

By Kyra Buckley   09/20/22  
Houston energy company NRG has sold its stake in a massive carbon capture project at a Fort Bend County coal-fired power plant to Japanese oil and gas company JX Nippon for $3.6 million, according to…
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What Planet Do I Live On?

By Bill McKibben   09/16/22  
Rep. Ro Khanna’s energy subcommittee of the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee released a tranche of documents from various Big Oil companies, designed in part to build support for a windfall profits tax on the…
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Explainer: How industry is depending on carbon capture technology for climate goals

By Cassandra Garrison   08/29/22  
Norwegian carbon dioxide (CO2) storage company Northern Lights and its owners have agreed to store emissions captured at fertiliser-maker Yara's (YAR.OL) Dutch operation from 2025 in what they say is a commercial breakthrough for the…
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