Climate change is a global issue. It matters not who creates the greenhouse gases, they spread globally. The converse is also true. Mitigation efforts occur locally but they spread globally. Global safety is dependent upon our interdependence.

CCR is primarily focused on America’s contribution to climate change and America’s efforts to mitigate climate change. That is huge enough for one website. This does not mean that CCR is oblivious to global connections and global effects. The US can contribute massively to the global effort as well as learn from the many countries outside its borders. 

Unfortunately, in May 2017, Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. That withdrawal took effect on November 4, 2020. The good news is that President Joe Biden, on his first day in office, rejoined the Paris Agreement (which took effect on February 19, 2021) and appointed John Kerry as his energy czar. As Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry will play perhaps the most critical role internationally in managing a planetary crisis. To succeed, he’ll need to repair the diplomatic damage done by former President Donald Trump while steering through clashing interests at home: a defiant private sector on the one hand, and strident climate activists on the other.

The Climate Action Tracker follows governments to assess their compliance with the Paris Agreement. The US is currently rated as “critically insufficient.” Most recently the CAT said, “US emissions in 2020 will be lower as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Trump Administration’s continuous rollback of climate policy and its response to the pandemic will counteract some of the drop in emissions. Instead of initiating a green recovery the administration used the pandemic as justification to continue relaxing environmental regulations, allowing polluting industries to emit more greenhouse gases during the crisis and exempting them from penalties for violating these rules.”



Integrity matters: Net zero commitments By businesses, Financial institutions, Cities and regions

Report from the united nations’ High-level expert group on the Net zero emissions commitments Of non-state entitiesReport from the united nations’ High-level expert group on the Net zero emissions commitments Of non-state entities

International Programme for Action on Climate

The Annual Climate Action Monitor Helping Countries Advance Towards Net Zero

The Annual Climate Action Monitor

The Climate Action Monitor, part of the International Programme for Action of Climate (IPAC), provides a diagnostic policy framework for assessing country progress towards climate objectives. Its goal is to provide a digest of progress…

Tracking climate mitigation efforts in 30 major emitters

This report by NewClimate Institute, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and FTSE Russell tracks climate mitigation efforts in 30 countries and regions. Our analysis shows that emissions trends remain far from the goals…

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Pledges by Selected Countries: Nationally Determined Contributions and Net-Zero Legislation

Human-related emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) have increased globally over time. These increasing emissions contribute to a changing climate, which is a concern for governments, organizations, and other stakeholders. Many governments are taking steps to…


The COP26 summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Net Zero Emissions Legislation Around the World

This table shows the 39 jurisdictions around the world that the Law Library of Congress has identified as having a net zero emissions or climate neutrality goal enshrined in legislation. This includes the European Union…

A net zero climate-resilient future – science, technology and the solutions for change

This Statement has been created by the Science Academies of the Group of Seven (G7) nations. It represents the Academies view on the need for the G7 countries to anticipate the risks associated with climate…


This report summarises construction and financing activity in European offshore wind farms from 1 January to 31 December 2018.


The IPCC provides regular assessments of the scientific basis of climate change, its impacts and future risks, and options for adaptation and mitigation. Created in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United…


World rocked by 29 billion-dollar weather disasters in 2022

by Jeff Masters   10/19/22  
Florida’s Hurricane Ian, a $20 billion drought and heat wave in Europe, and deadly floods in Pakistan are among the catastrophes so far this year.

Concern about climate change shrinks globally as threat grows – study

By Riham Alkousaa   10/19/22  
Concerns about climate change shrank across the world last year, a survey shows, with fewer than half those questioned believing it posed a "very serious threat" to their countries in the next 20 years. Only…

How Cold Seawater Can Heat Helsinki’s Homes

By Thomas Gualtieri and Others   10/18/22  
Helsinki is tapping an unexpected source of energy to heat its homes: cold water extracted from deep in the Baltic Sea. The Finnish capital is joining Europe’s rush to find new sources of energy and…

How Cold Seawater Can Heat Helsinki’s Homes

By Thomas Gualtieri and Others   10/18/22  
Helsinki is tapping an unexpected source of energy to heat its homes: cold water extracted from deep in the Baltic Sea. The Finnish capital is joining Europe’s rush to find new sources of energy and…

Nigeria Floods Kill Hundreds and Displace Over a Million

By Ruth Maclean   10/17/22  
Nigeria is suffering its worst flooding in a decade, with vast areas of farmland, infrastructure and 200,000 homes partly or wholly destroyed. Then there are the lives that have been lost.

20 Nations at High Risk From Global Warming Might Halt Debt Payments

By Lisa Friedman   10/14/22  
Twenty countries most vulnerable to climate change are considering halting their repayment of $685 billion in collective debt, loans that they say are an “injustice,” Mohamad Nasheed, the former president of the Maldives, said on…

Greece’s entire electrical grid ran on 100% renewables for the first time

By Bill Chappell   10/13/22  
Renewable energy sources covered Greece's electricity demands for about five hours last Friday, the Independent Power Transmission Operator, or IPTO, said. Renewables also posted a new record that day, reaching a peak of 3,106 megawatt…

US, Germany back ‘fundamental reform’ of World Bank to scale climate finance

By Chloe Farand   10/12/22  
A group of 10 major economies are building momentum to scale-up climate finance for developing countries by reforming how development banks spend money, starting with the largest: the World Bank. On Tuesday, Germany and the…

Extreme heat could make parts of Asia, Africa uninhabitable in decades

By Andrew Jeong   10/11/22  
By the year 2100, extreme heat events will make parts of Asia and Africa uninhabitable for up to 600 million people, the United Nations and the Red Cross said Monday. Projected death rates from heat…

Once devastated, these Pacific reefs have seen an amazing rebirth

By Enric Sala   10/11/22  
The most astonishing and heartening coral rebirth the world has ever seen came to light recently. To understand how it happened, you have to go back to April 2009. That’s when I assembled and led…

​​London’s Secret Fix for Air Pollution: Making Drivers Pay Up

By Feargus O’Sullivan, Hayley Warren and Jeremy Cf Lin   10/11/22  
London’s traffic congestion once meant that residents of the British capital had to endure some of the worst air quality in the developed world. In a bid to tackle an issue directly linked to deaths…

How to Recycle a 14-Story Office Tower

By Jessica Camille Aguirre   10/06/22  
When the Dutch National Bank moved into its Amsterdam headquarters in 1968, the new buildings were epic and stylish. A sprawling Modernist landmark that took up an entire city block off the banks of the…

Head of World Bank under pressure after White House condemns his ‘climate denial’ comments

By Fiona Harvey   09/25/22  
David Malpass, president of the World Bank, faces an uncertain future this week, after the White House joined a chorus of influential figures in condemning his apparent climate denialism. Malpass remains in post for now…

World Bank’s Malpass faces calls to resign after climate change doubts

By Valerie Volcovici and Others   09/22/22  
World Bank President David Malpass came under heavy criticism on Wednesday after he declined to say whether he accepts the scientific consensus on global warming, rekindling concerns about the bank's lack of a deadline to…

Senate Ratifies Pact to Curb a Broad Category of Potent Greenhouse Gases

By Lisa Friedman and Others   09/21/22  
The Senate voted on Wednesday to approve an international climate treaty for the first time in 30 years, agreeing in a rare bipartisan deal to phase out of the use of planet-warming industrial chemicals commonly…

Senate approves first climate treaty in decades

By Alex Guillen   09/21/22  
The Senate ratified its first international climate treaty in three decades on Wednesday, approving an agreement worked out in 2016 that will phase down refrigerant chemicals that are among the most potent climate pollutants. While…

Biden to skip UN meeting as climate change moves to ‘back burner’

By Erin X. Wong   09/20/22  
The US president’s decision to skip informal talks in New York comes as global turmoil threatens to overshadow climate disasters at this week’s United Nations meeting.

Adults around the world think climate change impacts will be severe: poll

By Sharon Udasin   09/15/22  
More than half of adults surveyed worldwide said that climate change has already had a severe impact on their lives, a World Economic Forum-Ipsos poll released Thursday revealed.

European Union Signals a Move Away from Wood Energy

By Sarah Hurtes   09/15/22  
European lawmakers voted this week to phase out some wood-energy subsidies, a recognition that more than a decade of government incentives has contributed to deforestation without curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Putin will make people choose between heating and eating this winter

By Thomas L. Friedman   09/13/22  
While some Russian soldiers in Ukraine are voting with their feet against Vladimir Putin’s shameful war, their hasty retreat doesn’t mean that Putin is surrendering. Last week, in fact, he opened a whole new front…

The many paradoxes of Charles III as ‘climate king’

By Shannon Osaka   09/13/22  
When King Charles III assumed the throne, some were quick to point out his environmental bona fides. But the new monarch’s beliefs are messy.

India’s Electric Vehicle Push Is Riding on Mopeds and Rickshaws

By Emily Schmall and Others   09/04/22  
In the United States, luxury-car buyers are snapping up Teslas and other electric cars that cost more than $60,000, and even relatively cheap models cost more than $25,000. Here in India, those are all out…

Climate Change Remains Top Global Threat Across 19-Country Survey

By Jacob Poushter and Others   08/31/22  
With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, a hot war between Russia and Ukraine ongoing, inflation rates rising globally and heat records being smashed across parts of the world, countries are facing a wide variety of…


By Terrence McCoy   08/30/22  
Daniel Valle sped down Highway 317, closing in on the first targets of the day. He was in a hurry. Deforestation alerts had tripled in recent weeks. Police were warning that armed criminal groups had…

New Research Forecasts More Dire Sea Level Rise as Greenland’s Ice Melts

By Elena Shao   08/29/22  
The melting of the Greenland ice sheet could eventually raise global sea levels by at least 10 inches even if humans immediately stop burning the fossil fuels that are warming the planet to dangerous levels,…

Japan signals return to nuclear power to stabilise energy supply

By Mayu Sakoda and Others   08/25/22  
Japan will restart more idled nuclear plants and look at developing next-generation reactors, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Wednesday, setting the stage for a major policy shift on nuclear energy a decade after the…

‘Enough Is Enough’: Ukrainian Climate Activists Demand End to Fossil Fueled War

By Yessenia Funes   08/24/22  
Exactly six months to the day have passed since Russia entered into Ukraine to launch a full-scale attack. The number of deaths is difficult to measure while the war is ongoing, but the United Nations…

Biden’s Historic Climate Bill Needs Smart Foreign Policy

By Jason Bordoff   08/17/22  
U.S. President Joe Biden just signed into law a signature domestic policy achievement: the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). At its heart is nearly $400 billion to bring down U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the largest investment…

European drought dries up rivers, kills fish, shrivels crops

By Sylvie Corbet and Others   08/13/22  
through it. Now, white dust and thousands of dead fish cover the wide trench that winds amid rows of trees in France’s Burgundy region in what was the Tille River in the village of Lux.…

Climate change’s impact intensifies as U.S. prepares to take action

By Chris Mooney and Others   08/11/22  
For residents of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, the United States’ recent success in clinching a major piece of climate change legislation may feel like too little, too late. Over the past 40 years, as…

China’s Cities Face Tough Choice: More Green Energy or Food

China’s plans to accelerate its world-leading expansion of solar and wind power are facing a major hurdle as floods, droughts and food-supply issues present authorities with a reality check about how much precious farmland the…

In the energy markets, Putin is winning the war

By Javier Blas   08/10/22  
Europe’s energy crisis will test the resolve of Western governments to curb their addiction to Russian oil and gas.

U.S. Ships More Gas to Europe Than Russia Sends by Pipeline

By Joe Wallace   08/03/22  
One measure of how fast the war in Ukraine has redrawn the energy map: The U.S. is sending more gas to Europe by ship than Russia is by pipeline, according to data firm ICIS. Pipelines…

The Illegal Airstrips Bringing Toxic Mining to Brazil’s Indigenous Land

By Manuela Andreoni and Others   08/02/22  
This airplane with a scratched-out tail number is coming from an illegal gold mine.The airstrip it used was seized from the government by miners. They also built four other airstrips nearby, all illegally.

Climate change is killing more elephants than poaching, Kenyan officials say

By Jennifer Hassan   07/28/22  
Illegal ivory poaching once posed a significant threat to Kenya’s elephants. But now the giants of the animal kingdom are facing an even bigger risk: climate change. As Kenya battles its worst drought in four…

Most major nations lag in acting on climate-fighting goals

By Seth Borenstein   07/20/22  
For most of the major carbon-polluting nations, promising to fight climate change is a lot easier than actually doing it. In the United States, President Joe Biden has learned that the hard way. Among the…

UNEP Chief Inger Andersen Says it’s Easy to Forget all the Environmental Progress Made Over the Past 50 Years

By Katie Surma   07/20/22  
The United Nations Environment Program turns 50 this year amid a “triple planetary crisis” of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. At the helm of the Nairobi-based organization is Inger Andersen, a Danish economist who…

Broken Climate Pledges and Europe’s Heat Wave

By Michael Barbaro & Others   07/19/22  
While that is happening, both Europe and the United States — two of the world’s largest contributors to global warming — are abandoning key commitments to limit emissions.

Experts saw Europe’s devastating heat wave coming

By Andrew Freedman   07/19/22  
Why it matters: The fact that we've arrived at this point — with deadly extreme heat virtually shutting down major industrialized nations, but without changing course to curb greenhouse gas emissions — is depressing and…

Climate chief Alok Sharma warns: I may quit if new PM dumps net zero pledge

By Fiona Harvey and Others   07/16/22  
The cabinet minister who led last year’s landmark Cop26 UN climate summit has made a dramatic intervention in the Tory leadership race, suggesting he could resign if the incoming prime minister fails to commit to…

From Scholz to Biden, a G-7 scorecard of how each leader got on

By Chiara Albanese   06/28/22  
Ukraine dominated the summit, but each leader had his own aim Domestic considerations were never far away for G-7 chiefs.

The ocean takes center stage at a U.N. conference

By Carlos Costa/AFP/Getty Images   06/28/22  
The ocean covers about 70 percent of Earth’s surface, yet it is often missing from discussions about tackling climate change, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss and other pressing environmental threats facing the planet

View from the summit: A self-defeating G7 fails on all fronts

By Karl Mathiasen and David M. Herszenhorn   06/28/22  
ZUGSPITZE, Germany — If they needed reminding about the urgency of climate change and their role in stopping it, all G7 leaders had to do was look up.

World pledged to cut methane. Emissions rising instead, study finds.

By Steven Mufson   06/27/22  
Kayrros, a firm that analyzes satellite data, says methane emissions from fossil fuels have intensified, rising faster than the rebound in oil, gas and coal production since the easing of the coronavirus pandemic — a…

G7 leaders stare down energy and climate tug of war

By Andrew Freedman   06/27/22  
The geopolitical fallout from Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is on display at the ongoing G7 meeting in Germany, where climate change is a key topic of conversation Monday. State of play: In the bucolic…

Canada banning single-use plastics to combat pollution, climate change

By Adela Suliman   06/21/22  
Canada will ban the manufacture and importation of “harmful” single-use plastics by the end of the year, the government said, in a sweeping effort to fight pollution and climate change.

U.S.-EU Joint Press Release on the Global Methane Pledge Energy Pathway

The following text was released by the Governments of the United States of America and the European Union. Today, the United States, the European Union, and 11 countries launched the Global Methane Pledge Energy Pathway…

Second Trump term would push warming past dangerous limit, warns UN climate chief

By Karl Mathiesen   06/13/22  
Speaking to POLITICO on the sidelines of U.N. climate talks in Bonn, Patricia Espinosa was asked whether she believed a Trump return to the White House — or another Republican with similar climate policies —…

Thirty years of climate summits: where have they got us?

By Fiona Harvey   06/11/22  
It has been 30 years since the Rio summit, when a global system was set up that would bring countries together on a regular basis to try to solve the climate crisis. Here are the…

Leaders made big climate promises. They’re struggling to follow through.

By Brady Dennis   06/10/22  
Crippling heat waves have scorched India and Pakistan this spring, upending millions of lives. And yet, Russia’s devastating war in Ukraine has consumed the attention of numerous heads of state.