The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference or Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, more commonly referred to as COP28, will be the 28th United Nations Climate Change conference.


The UAE will host from November 30th until December 12th, 2023 at the Expo City Dubai. The purpose is to unite the world towards agreement on bold, practical and ambitious solutions to the most pressing global challenge of our time.


As host nation, the UAE’s responsibilities will include formulating the outcomes of the summit and supervising the negotiations to achieve official decisions that will be announced at COP28.


The COP28 President-Designate, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, clarified the priorities in his welcome message.  “We are a halfway point. It has been 7 years since Paris, with 7 years to go to 2030. We need to reduce emissions by 43% by 2030 and course correct on adaptation, finance and loss and damage.  

Together, we will prioritize efforts to accelerate emissions reductions through a pragmatic energy transition, reform land use, and transform food systems. We will work to mobilize solutions for vulnerable countries, operationalize loss and damage, and deliver the most inclusive Conference possible.

We will deliver a transformational COP of action. A COP for all.”

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COP28’s Biggest Conflicts Are on Display at the UN General Assembly

By Zahra Hirji 09/20/23
As world leaders gathered at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City this week, everyone seemed to agree on one thing: Climate change is among the biggest problems facing the planet. US President…
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Exclusive: Kerry, China envoy to co-chair 1st local climate summit

By Andrew Freedman 09/20/23
Driving the news: The confab will include hundreds of mayors, governors and other regional leaders together with heads of state, COP28 president-designate Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber and UN special envoy Michael Bloomberg plan to announce this…
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What Is COP28 and Why Is It Important?

By Jess Shankleman 09/19/23
World leaders are due to gather for annual climate change talks in Dubai in December. On the agenda: everything from cutting greenhouse gas emissions, to adapting to extreme weather events, trading carbon emissions and gender…
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Experts Warn of ‘Denialism Comeback’ Ahead of November’s Global Climate Talks – Inside Climate News

By Kristoffer Tigue 09/08/23
A “heat wave scam” is what one social media user called the record-high temperatures reported by European scientists late last month. In a separate post, another account referred to new policies aimed at reducing the…
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Oil giant led by COP28 boss to spend an ‘eyewatering’ $1 billion a month on fossil fuels this decade, Global Witness says

By Sam Meredith 09/04/23
UAE oil giant ADNOC — run by the president of the COP28 climate conference — is expected to spend more than $1 billion every month this decade on fossil fuels, according to new analysis by…
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An “Unabated” Disaster

Last month, COP28 president, oil CEO Al Jaber unveiled his "action plan" for this year's climate summit. Amidst a lot of big talk about fossil fuel phase down was one little word that puts the…
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John Kerry says U.S. can’t reach climate goals without global cooperation

Ahead of the next major climate summit, NPR's Scott Detrow talks with U.S. climate envoy John Kerry about whether the U.S. has lived up to previous climate commitments...
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UN climate summit host UAE failed to report methane emissions to UN

By Damian Carrington 08/17/23
The United Arab Emirates, which will run the crucial Cop28 UN climate summit in December, has failed to report its emissions of the powerful greenhouse gas methane to the UN for almost a decade, the…
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Rich Nations Must Meet $100 Billion Climate Goal, COP28 Director Says

By Peter Millard 08/09/23
Developed nations have to make good on their promise to provide $100 billion a year in financing to help emerging-market countries combat climate change, according to Majid Al Suwaidi, the director general of the
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Host of U.N. climate summit moves to ‘counteract all negative press’

By Maxine Joselow 08/09/23
The United Arab Emirates has hired a strategic communications firm to “counteract all negative press and media reports” about its role in hosting the next United Nations climate summit, known as COP28, according to federal…
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U.S. and UAE oil producers strike carbon capture agreement

By Corbin Hiar and Sara Schonhardt 08/01/23
The state-owned oil producer of the United Arab Emirates and a U.S. oil company on announced Tuesday that they are looking to develop projects that could suck carbon dioxide from the sky and smokestacks in…
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Extreme weather may aid global climate push

By Andrew Freedman 07/28/23
Unparalleled extreme weather simultaneously affecting multiple continents are reverberating in domestic U.S. politics, and may provide much-needed tailwinds for the upcoming United Nations' Climate Summit in Dubai.
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Fake Twitter profiles, Wikipedia editing and PR battles: Inside the push to greenwash the COP28 climate summit

By Ivana Kottasová   07/18/23  
The optics of a major oil-producing country organizing the world’s most important climate conference, and appointing an oil company CEO to lead it, are not lost on anyone – including, it seems, the hosts: the…
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Kerry rejects “climate reparations” but praises loss and damage fund

By Joe Lo   07/14/23  
In a combative discussion with Republicans on Congress’s house foreign affairs committee this Thursday, Kerry was asked by Republican Brian Mast if he was “planning to commit America to climate reparations”, adding the US would…
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UAE’s Cop28 president plans “brutally honest” climate summit

By Reuters and Joe Lo   07/13/23  
In a speech laying out the country’s plan for the COP28 summit, to be held in Dubai in November, Sultan al-Jaber said the event should also yield international goals to triple renewable energy, double energy…
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Phase down of fossil fuel inevitable and essential, says Cop28 president

By Fiona Harvey   07/13/23  
The phase down of fossil fuels is “inevitable”, the president of the next UN climate summit has said, but can only happen when the world has ramped up its renewable energy capacity.
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COP28: Admit your failures, climate summit host Al Jaber tells nations

By Georgina Rannard   07/13/23  
The meeting in November should agree to triple renewable energy by 2030, Sultan al-Jaber told leaders in Brussels.
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What is the UAE Cop28 plan of climate action?

By Fiona Harvey and Ajit Niranjan   07/13/23  
Sultan Al Jaber, president of the Cop28 UN climate summit to be held this November in the United Arab Emirates, has laid out his long-awaited plan of action at a meeting of governments in Brussels.
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Fossil fuels still ‘elephant in the room’ as COP28 chief lays out plan

By Zia Weise   07/13/23  
The COP28 presidency’s long-awaited plan for this year’s climate summit in Dubai spotlights renewables but sidesteps questions over the role of fossil fuels.
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EU to push for fossil fuel phaseout ‘well ahead of 2050’ at Cop28

By Matteo Civillini   07/12/23  
The commitment would mean stopping coal power and eliminating emissions from the oil and gas sector, but with only a minimal role for carbon capture, he added.
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UAE’s Jaber urges Big Oil to step up its climate game

The United Arab Emirates' incoming COP28 president urged the energy industry on Thursday to "step up its game" towards building a clean energy system. Oil and gas firms need to achieve net-zero emissions by or…
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So what if fossil fuel lobbyists have to declare themselves at Cop28? That won’t curb their power| Amy Westervelt

By Amy Westervelt   06/28/23  
Earlier this month, the UN announced it will require fossil fuel lobbyists to identify themselves as such when registering for the Cop28 climate summit. The move was applauded by campaigners and politicians alike, but it’s…
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Fossil fuel lobbyists will have to identify themselves when registering for Cop28

By Fiona Harvey   06/15/23  
Fossil fuel lobbyists will have to identify themselves as such in registering for the UN Cop28 climate summit, making polluting and carbon-intensive industries more accountable at the annual talks.
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Top COP28 official: Oil, gas should be at the climate table

By Andrew Freedman   06/05/23  
The upcoming United Nations climate summit in Dubai will be aimed at closing the gap between Paris Agreement's climate goals and global emissions commitments, according to COP28 director-general Majid al-Suwaidi.
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UN climate chief calls fossil fuel phase out key to curbing warming but may not be on talks’ agenda

By Seth Borenstein   06/05/23  
The world needs to phase out fossil fuels if it wants to curb global warming, the United Nations climate chief said in an interview with The Associated Press. But he said the idea might not…
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Sen. Whitehouse, MEP Aubry Lead Transatlantic Letter Calling for Climate Talks Free of Fossil Fuel Industry Interference

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Member of the European Parliament Manon Aubry today sent a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, United Nations Secretary General…
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Fossils or not? Nations split on how to meet climate goals

By Frank Jordans   05/03/23  
Senior officials from dozens of nations meeting in Berlin remained divided Wednesday on how to meet international climate goals, with some pushing for a phaseout of fossil fuels and others insisting that oil and gas…
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Cop28 head backs fossil phase-out with carbon capture caveat

By Joe Lo   05/02/23  
The UAE's climate envoy Sultan Al-Jaber called for a "phase out of fossil fuel emissions" rather than fossil fuels The post Cop28 head backs fossil phase-out with carbon capture caveat appeared first on Climate Home…
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UN conference hears litany of water disasters linked to climate crisis

By Nina Lakhani and Oliver Milman   03/23/23  
Accounts of global impact of floods, droughts and storms at New York meeting add to pressure to make water central to Cop28Water is at the heart of the climate crisis, with an increasingly dire carousel…
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John Kerry tells AP he backs UAE oil chief overseeing COP28

By Jon Gambrell   01/17/23  
U.S. climate envoy John Kerry backs the United Arab Emirates’ decision to appoint the CEO of a state-run oil company to preside over the upcoming U.N. climate negotiations in Dubai, citing his work on renewable…
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H.E. Dr. Sultan Al Jaber on the COP28 agenda, how to transform climate progress, and the role of fossil fuels

By Atlantic Council   01/14/23  
Good morning. Your excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, welcome to the United Arab Emirates, to Abu Dhabi, and to the seventh Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum. And thank you, Fred, for your…
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UAE names oil boss to lead climate summit, worrying activists

By Maha El Dahan and Others   01/13/23  
The United Arab Emirates said on Thursday that the head of state oil giant Abu Dhabi National Oil Company would lead this year's COP28 climate summit, fuelling activists' worries that big industry is hijacking the…
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UAE names oil chief to lead COP28 talks

By Rebecca Falconer   01/13/23  
The United Arab Emirates announced Thursday that the CEO of one of the world's biggest oil firms will lead the COP28 global climate talks in Dubai later this year. Why it matters: The appointment of…
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‘Outrageous Conflict Of Interest’: The World’s Biggest Climate Summit Just Named An Oil Exec To Run It

By Robert Hart   01/12/23  
The United Arab Emirates on Thursday named the head of its national oil company to lead global climate talks at the COP28 conference in Dubai later this year, a controversial appointment that further fuels concerns…
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