Climate change is a global issue. It matters not who creates the greenhouse gases, they spread globally. The converse is also true. Mitigation efforts occur locally but they spread globally. Global safety is dependent upon our interdependence.

CCR is primarily focused on America’s contribution to climate change and America’s efforts to mitigate climate change. That is huge enough for one website. This does not mean that CCR is oblivious to global connections and global effects. The US can contribute massively to the global effort as well as learn from the many countries outside its borders. 

Unfortunately, in May 2017, Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. That withdrawal took effect on November 4, 2020. The good news is that President Joe Biden, on his first day in office, rejoined the Paris Agreement (which took effect on February 19, 2021) and appointed John Kerry as his energy czar. As Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry will play perhaps the most critical role internationally in managing a planetary crisis. To succeed, he’ll need to repair the diplomatic damage done by former President Donald Trump while steering through clashing interests at home: a defiant private sector on the one hand, and strident climate activists on the other.

The Climate Action Tracker follows governments to assess their compliance with the Paris Agreement. The US is currently rated as “critically insufficient.” Most recently the CAT said, “US emissions in 2020 will be lower as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Trump Administration’s continuous rollback of climate policy and its response to the pandemic will counteract some of the drop in emissions. Instead of initiating a green recovery the administration used the pandemic as justification to continue relaxing environmental regulations, allowing polluting industries to emit more greenhouse gases during the crisis and exempting them from penalties for violating these rules.”


Climate chaos will spread across ‘the entire planet,’ says US diplomat

By Danny Halpin 05/24/23
Climate chaos will spread from across “the entire planet” and the world may already be past five irreversible tipping points, John Kerry has said. Speaking to the defence and climate change parliamentary select committee, the…
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Behind the Scenes, G7 Nations Wrangle Over Ambitious Climate Commitments

By Motoko Rich, Lisa Friedman and Jim Tankersley 05/20/23
In theory, the world’s largest industrialized democracies have agreed to stop using fossil fuels within a little over a quarter-century and to switch to new sources of power such as solar and wind as fast…
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Fossil Fuel Companies Should Pay Trillions in ‘Climate Reparations,’ New Study Argues

By Nicholas Kusnetz 05/19/23
One of the most contentious climate policy debates revolves, unsurprisingly, around money. Who should pay the monumental sums needed to protect against extreme weather and transition to clean energy, particularly because the damage has been…
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‘It’s just crazy’: How the U.S.-China energy race imperils the climate fight

By Sara Schonhardt And Phelim Kine 05/18/23
For the U.S., the crash effort to move away from fossil fuels is colliding with policies meant to wean the nation off its dependence on China for clean energy gear such as solar panels and…
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Over Half Of All Lakes Have Seen Water Level Drops, Study Finds

By Arianna Johnson 05/18/23
According to a new study published in Science on Thursday, over half of the world’s largest lakes have seen a decline in lake water storage due to climate change and unsustainable human consumption, putting the…
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Global Warming Will Likely Breach Key Threshold For First Time By 2027

By Robert Hart 05/17/23
Global temperatures are set to soar to record levels in the next five years and exceed the key climate threshold of 1.5C for the first time, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicted Wednesday, as it…
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Indonesia Plans on Building Nusantara, a New Capital City

By Hannah Beech 05/16/23
For two years, Joko Widodo served as the governor of a capital city that seemed to teeter on the brink of ruin. Since Indonesia’s independence in 1945, Jakarta had expanded from less than a million…
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Ukraine Is Planning Its Green Reconstruction Even as War Rages On

By Laura Millan 05/15/23
Valeriya Izhyk was excited when she arrived at the Ukrainian ski resort of Bukovel, in the Carpathian Mountains, last Christmas Eve. The 28-year-old would be reunited with her parents for the first time since February…
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How a Chinese EV maker is looking to become the “Netflix of the car industry”

By Elizabeth Palmer and Shuai Zhang 05/04/23
The newest challenge to America's auto industry is coming from China. Chinese auto exports have jumped more than 50% over just the past two years, driving the country into a top spot among global vehicle…
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Oil Executive Who Heads U.N. Climate Talks Hints at His Approach

By Max Bearak 05/03/23
In a speech, Sultan al-Jaber, the Emirati official presiding over this year’s climate summit, spoke of emissions cuts, but experts also cited ambiguity in his statements....
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The places at greatest risk from extreme heat

By Chelsea Harvey 04/27/23
A record-shattering heat wave that blistered the Pacific Northwest in 2021 carried an important lesson, scientists say. Places that historically haven’t had to deal with extreme heat may not be prepared when it strikes.
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Climate change caused catastrophic East Africa drought, scientists say

By Sarah Kaplan 04/27/23
A new analysis of the region's worst drought in 40 years said the crisis would not have happened in a cooler world....
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Carbon Brief’s definitive guide to the entire IPCC sixth assessment cycle

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has now published the synthesis report of its sixth assessment report (AR6). This forms the final part of the sixth assessment cycle, which kicked off in 2015. The…

Q&A: IPCC wraps up its most in-depth assessment of climate change

The final part of the world’s most comprehensive assessment of climate change – which details the “unequivocal” role of humans, its impacts on “every region” of the world and what must be done to solve…

AR6 Synthesis Report Climate Change 2023

This Synthesis Report (SYR) of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) summarises the state of knowledge of climate change, its widespread impacts and risks, and climate change mitigation and adaptation, based on the peer-reviewed scientific,…

Integrity matters: Net zero commitments By businesses, Financial institutions, Cities and regions

Report from the united nations’ High-level expert group on the Net zero emissions commitments Of non-state entitiesReport from the united nations’ High-level expert group on the Net zero emissions commitments Of non-state entities

International Programme for Action on Climate

The Annual Climate Action Monitor Helping Countries Advance Towards Net Zero

The Annual Climate Action Monitor

The Climate Action Monitor, part of the International Programme for Action of Climate (IPAC), provides a diagnostic policy framework for assessing country progress towards climate objectives. Its goal is to provide a digest of progress…

Tracking climate mitigation efforts in 30 major emitters

This report by NewClimate Institute, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and FTSE Russell tracks climate mitigation efforts in 30 countries and regions. Our analysis shows that emissions trends remain far from the goals…

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Pledges by Selected Countries: Nationally Determined Contributions and Net-Zero Legislation

Human-related emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) have increased globally over time. These increasing emissions contribute to a changing climate, which is a concern for governments, organizations, and other stakeholders. Many governments are taking steps to…


The COP26 summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Net Zero Emissions Legislation Around the World

This table shows the 39 jurisdictions around the world that the Law Library of Congress has identified as having a net zero emissions or climate neutrality goal enshrined in legislation. This includes the European Union…

A net zero climate-resilient future – science, technology and the solutions for change

This Statement has been created by the Science Academies of the Group of Seven (G7) nations. It represents the Academies view on the need for the G7 countries to anticipate the risks associated with climate…


This report summarises construction and financing activity in European offshore wind farms from 1 January to 31 December 2018.


The IPCC provides regular assessments of the scientific basis of climate change, its impacts and future risks, and options for adaptation and mitigation. Created in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United…


10 Breathtaking Countries That Will Be Uninhabitable by 2050 Because of Climate Change

By Chinyere Akalugwu   04/24/23  
Since the beginning of the industrial era in the 18th century, the world has experienced an increase in average temperatures which has resulted in climate change. The United Nations reports that global temperatures have increased…
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In South Sudan, a new front line of climate change after historic flooding

By Esther Castillejo   04/19/23  
The water came in the night, rushing into her home. And as it covered everything she owned in her hometown of Niahldiu, Nyathak took her children through the waters to the shore, waiting to be…
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Buy Now and Save! Price War Over Electric Cars Erupts in China.

By Claire Fu and Daisuke Wakabayashi   04/17/23  
A cutthroat price war has erupted in the world’s largest automobile market. Within a week in March, Volkswagen’s Chinese joint venture slashed prices on its ID.3 electric cars by 18 percent. Changan Automobile, one of…
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G7 pledges to quit fossil fuels faster, but no new deadline set

By Etienne Balmer and Katie Forster   04/16/23  
The G7 pledged on Sunday to quit fossil fuels faster and urged other countries to follow suit, but failed to agree to any new deadlines on ending polluting power sources like coal.
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G7 vows more effort on renewables but sets no coal phaseout deadline

By Eddy Wax   04/16/23  
The Group of Seven richest countries set higher 2030 targets for generating renewable energy, amid an energy crisis provoked by Russia's war on Ukraine, but they set no deadline to phase out coal-fired power plants.
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G7 vows to step up moves to renewable energy, zero carbon

By Elaine Kurtenbach   04/16/23  
Energy and environment ministers of the Group of Seven wealthy nations vowed Sunday to work to hasten the shift toward cleaner, renewable energy, but set no timetable for phasing out coal-fired power plants as they…
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G-7 Energy Ministers Face Climate Fight With Japan as Host

By Aaron Clark   04/14/23  
As the world’s most advanced economies discuss tackling climate change in Japan this weekend, the host country is set to face some uncomfortable scrutiny of its policies to deliver on green targets. The Group of…
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The Great Gas Lock-In

Long before Putin invaded Ukraine, the U.S. fossil fuel industry was preparing to turn Russian aggression into a boon for the gas industry. For months leading up to the invasion, the industry was busy highlighting…
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China’s Car Buyers Have Fallen Out of Love With Foreign Brands

By Keith Bradsher   04/14/23  
Domestic companies are now selling more vehicles than their multinational rivals, which have failed to keep up with Chinese consumers’ demand for electric cars and S.U.V.s.
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As World Warms, Droughts Come On Faster, Study Finds

By Raymond Zhong   04/13/23  
Flash droughts, the kind that arrive quickly and can lay waste to crops in a matter of weeks, are becoming more common and faster to develop around the world, and human-caused climate change is a…
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Want to protect your health? Start by protecting Indigenous land.

By Lyric Aquino   04/12/23  
By protecting Indigenous territories in the Amazon, more than 15 million respiratory and cardiovascular-related illnesses, like asthma and lung cancer, could be avoided each year and almost $2 billion dollars in health costs saved. That’s…
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Global Electricity Review 2023

By Malgorzata Wiatros-Motyka   04/12/23  
The report analyses electricity data from 78 countries representing 93% of global electricity demand and includes estimated changes in the remaining generation. It also dives deeper into the top ten CO2 emitting countries and regions,…
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With Russia’s Exit, Norway Becomes Europe’s Energy Champion

By Stanley Reed   04/06/23  
The new front line for Europe’s energy security is a modest office building overlooking a fjord in Stavanger, Norway. Inside, a company called Petoro oversees three dozen of the largest oil and natural gas fields…
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Truly ‘Uncharted Territory.’

By Bill McKibben   04/02/23  
Sadly, Trump's arrest was not the biggest news story of the week. Last Thursday’s big news story was the indictment of Donald Trump, with banner headlines in all the papers that still print on paper.…
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Antarctic ice melt poses grave risk to ocean circulation, new study finds

Michael Holmes interviews Matthew England, one of the scientists behind a new study showing that melting Antarctic ice poses a grave risk for the global climate.
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Water Action Agenda

In March 2023 the world will come together during the UN 2023 Water Conference convened by the UN General Assembly. The parameters of the outcomes of the UN 2023 Water Conference are described in General…
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Can Nations Be Sued for Weak Climate Action? We’ll Soon Get an Answer.

By Somini Sengupta   03/29/23  
Vanuatu, a disaster-prone Pacific country, has secured United Nations approval to take that question to the International Court of Justice....
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Melting Antarctic ice predicted to cause rapid slowdown of deep ocean current by 2050

By Graham Readfearn   03/29/23  
Melting ice around Antarctica will cause a rapid slowdown of a major global deep ocean current by 2050 that could alter the world’s climate for centuries and accelerate sea level rise, according to scientists behind…
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How Climate Change Became Central to U.S.-Europe Relations

By Justin Worland   03/29/23  
For decades, climate change has largely been left on the backburner in diplomatic discussions among world leaders. The issue typically ranked near the bottom of a long list of priorities discussed at meetings and summits.
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Abyssal ocean overturning slowdown and warming driven by Antarctic meltwater

By Qian Li, Matthew H. England and Others   03/29/23  
The abyssal ocean circulation is a key component of the global meridional overturning circulation, cycling heat, carbon, oxygen and nutrients throughout the world ocean. The strongest historical trend observed in the abyssal ocean is warming…
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Many Antarctic glaciers are never snow-free. See how remarkably different this year is.

By Kasha Patel and Naema Ahmed   03/24/23  
Warmer-than-average temperatures across the continent’s northernmost tip began creeping in during November, lasting through February. By then, several glaciers were nearly or completely free of snow....
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Why Optimism Can’t Fix Our Climate Politics

By Kate Aronoff   03/24/23  
The release of a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this week has provoked a new round of discussion about how best to talk about the dire crisis it describes. Climate scientist…
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UN conference hears litany of water disasters linked to climate crisis

By Nina Lakhani and Oliver Milman   03/23/23  
Accounts of global impact of floods, droughts and storms at New York meeting add to pressure to make water central to Cop28Water is at the heart of the climate crisis, with an increasingly dire carousel…
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Highlights and images for 23 March 2023

The significance of the UN 2023 Water Conference was apparent as large numbers of participants streamed into the official meetings and numerous side events. The general debate in plenary took place throughout the day and…
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Europe was the main destination for U.S. LNG exports in 2022

By Victoria Zaretskaya   03/22/23  
U.S. exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) averaged 10.6 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in 2022, increasing by 9% (0.8 Bcf/d) compared with 2021, according to our Natural Gas Monthly. The increase in U.S.…
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Swedish Court Says Greta Thunberg and Other Activists Can Sue Their Gov’t over Climate Inaction

A Swedish court said Greta Thunberg and 600 other climate activists can proceed with a class-action lawsuit against the Swedish government for failing to respond to the climate disaster. The climate group, Aurora, hopes to…
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Global water crisis could ‘spiral out of control’ due to overconsumption and climate change, UN report warns

By Sana Noor Haq   03/22/23  
The world is facing a looming global water crisis that threatens to “spiral out of control” as increased demand for water and the intensifying impacts of the climate crisis put huge pressure on water resources,…
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New IPCC Report: ‘Rapidly Closing Window of Opportunity’ to Reverse Climate Change

By Molly Taft   03/21/23  
We need to cut global greenhouse gas emissions by more than half over the next decade in order to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, says a blockbuster new report. The next few…
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Climate Change Is Speeding Toward Catastrophe. The Next Decade Is Crucial, U.N. Panel Says

By Brad Plumer   03/21/23  
Earth is likely to cross a critical threshold for global warming within the next decade, and nations will need to make an immediate and drastic shift away from fossil fuels to prevent the planet from…
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Earth to hit critical warming threshold by early 2030s, climate panel says

By Brad Plumer   03/21/23  
A new U.N. report says it is still possible to hold global warming to relatively safe levels, but doing so will require global cooperation, billions of dollars and big changes.
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The IPCC’s Latest Climate Report Is a Final Alarm for Food Systems, Too

By Lisa Held   03/20/23  
The world’s top climate scientists are not pulling any punches in their latest assessment: The climate crisis is already affecting the world’s food supply and exacerbating hunger—and those impacts are going to get worse.
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The Guardian view on the IPCC warning: a last chance to save the planet | Editorial

The world is only a few tenths of a degree away from the globally accepted goal of limiting warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. On current trends, we will shoot past the target within a…
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A clear message from science

By Somini Sengupta   03/20/23  
“There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a livable and sustainable future for all (very high confidence).” This is the most striking sentence in a 37-page summary, issued today, of the latest…
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Wind Catcher: The 1,000-foot Multi-Rotor Floating Turbine That Can Power 80,000 Homes

By Sean Cate   03/20/23  
With the wind energy industry constantly evolving, researchers and engineers strive to create more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable ways to harness wind power. Norway now has one the most promising developments in this field with…
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Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late

By Fiona Harvey   03/20/23  
Scientists have delivered a “final warning” on the climate crisis, as rising greenhouse gas emissions push the world to the brink of irrevocable damage that only swift and drastic action can avert.
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‘It can be done. It must be done’: IPCC delivers definitive report on climate change, and where to now

By Frank Jotzo and Mark Howden   03/20/23  
The world is in deep trouble on climate change, but if we really put our shoulder to the wheel we can turn things around. Loosely, that’s the essence of today’s report by the Intergovernmental Panel…
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IPCC report: Climate solutions exist, but humanity has to break from the status quo and embrace innovation

By Robert Lempert and Elisabeth Gilmore   03/20/23  
It’s easy to feel pessimistic when scientists around the world are warning that climate change has advanced so far, it’s now inevitable that societies will either transform themselves or be transformed. But as two of…
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UN report: Window for limiting global warming is closing

By Andrew Freedman   03/20/23  
A stark new U.N. climate change report warns that humanity stands at the precipice of a more dangerous world, but says it has the tools needed to pull back from the brink.
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World is on brink of catastrophic warming, U.N. climate change report says

By Sarah Kaplan   03/20/23  
The world is likely to pass a dangerous temperature threshold within the next 10 years, pushing the planet past the point of catastrophic warming — unless nations drastically transform their economies and immediately transition away…
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Summary report, 13–19 March 2023

“Human activities, principally through emissions of greenhouse gases, have unequivocally caused global warming, with global surface temperature reaching 1.1°C above 1850-1900 in 2011-2020. Global greenhouse gas emissions have continued to increase, with unequal historical and…
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Nations approve key UN science report on climate change

By Frank Jordans   03/19/23  
Governments gave their blessing on Sunday to a major new U.N. report on climate change, after approval was held up by a battle between rich and developing countries over emissions targets and financial aid to…
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Food waste makes up ‘half’ of global food system emissions

By Orla Dwyer   03/18/23  
Greenhouse gases resulting from rotted and otherwise wasted food accounts for around half of all global food system emissions, according to a new study.
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Global fresh water demand will outstrip supply by 40% by 2030

By Fiona Harvey   03/17/23  
Landmark report urges overhaul of wasteful water practices around world on eve of crucial UN summitThe world is facing an imminent water crisis, with demand expected to outstrip the supply of fresh water by 40%…
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Germany, Spain push to keep nuclear out of EU renewable energy goals

By Kate Abnett   03/16/23  
Seven EU states including Germany, Spain and Denmark have strengthened their resistance to efforts by France to count nuclear energy towards EU renewable energy targets, according to a letter seen by Reuters.
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The war in Ukraine is a human tragedy. It’s also an environmental disaster.

By Jeff Stein   03/13/23  
KRYVYI RIH, Ukraine — Gregoriy Sidorenko watched in disbelief as the Russian cruise missile slammed into storage tank number four at the oil depot here, sending enormous plumes of black smoke overhead and sparking a…
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Biden, EU leader launch talks to ease rift on EV subsidies

By Aamer Madhani   03/10/23  
In a potential boost for electric vehicles
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There are 21,000 pieces of plastic in the ocean for each person on Earth

By Michael Birnbaum   03/08/23  
A new study found far more plastic in global oceans than previously believed — and the amount is doubling every six years....
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Greenland temperatures up 50 degrees above normal, setting records

By Ian Livingston   03/07/23  
Temperatures soared to record levels in Greenland early this week, up to 50 degrees above normal in some places. Researchers say this early warm spell could make its ice sheet more vulnerable to melt events…
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Climate change will impact everything everywhere all at once

By Christa Avampato   03/06/23  
Over the weekend, I read a disturbing article that quoted a potential presidential candidate who wrote, “We will keep fighting until we put a stop to ESG once and for all!”
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