All successful movements must have leaders — to mobilize, organize, and inspire — and the fight to save our planet from the devastating effects of climate change is no different. All over the world, individuals — young and old, communities, and corporations are stepping up and making heroic, selfless, and innovative contributions to protect our environment, advocate for reform, and prolong humanity’s lifespan. Their efforts and stories are to be celebrated, emulated, and held up as examples of the power we each hold to make a meaningful difference in the outcome of this life-or-death issue.



Your organic cotton t-shirt might be worse for the environment than regular cotton

By Marc Bain Photo: Otota Dana/Creative Commons 5/28/17 Publisher:
The word “organic” is a powerful marketing tool. In clothing—just as in food—brands love to tout their use of organic agricultural products to show they’re doing their part to fight the industry’s outsized environmental footprint. They know consumers want products they believe are better for…
climate change communication

Hope equals Action

By Matthew Ballew, Jennifer Marlon, Edward Maibach, Abel Gustafson, Matthew Goldberg and Anthony Leiserowitz 10/9/18
Americans who remain hopeful are consistently more likely than those with less hope to say they will act on global warming, including contacting a government official, donating and volunteering to environmental organizations, and joining a…
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Be the hero our planet deserves

By Madeline Messa 10/18/18
Saving our planet from climate change isn’t impossible. So let’s do it. People have adopted the mindset that the problems we have caused the environment are irreversible, and so there is no point in doing…