Severe Weather

Severe Weather


Climate change-driven extreme weather events impacting HIV control in Asia Pacific

By Megan Craig 07/28/23
Climate change-driven extreme weather events, sea level rise, changes in temperature, and air and water pollution are impacting control of HIV in the Asia Pacific region, a science gathering heard.
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Shocking Photos of Extreme Weather Around the World in 2023 So Far

By Khanyi Mlaba and Fadeke Banjo 07/20/23
We’re half way into 2023 and climate change is already hard at work, with extreme weather events hitting headlines and costing lives and livelihoods all around the world.
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Extreme weather brings wildfires, health warnings in Europe, US and Asia

By News Wires 07/18/23
Firefighters battled blazes in parts of Greece and the Canary Islands, Spain issued heat alerts while some children in Italy’s Sardinia were warned away from sports for safety reasons.
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Extreme weather warnings issued across Europe

By Pieter Haeck 07/15/23
Large parts of Europe were covered by extreme weather warnings on Saturday. A heat wave continued to grip southern countries, with temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius in parts of Spain, Italy and Greece.…
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Climate crisis: extreme weather

Leading climate-related causes of death, illness and suffering result from exposure to increasingly frequent and more intense extreme weather events, including heatwaves, wildfires, floods and storm surges, as well as slow-onset events such as droughts.
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Extreme weather highlights need for greater climate action

Scorching temperatures are engulfing large parts of the Northern hemisphere, while devastating floods triggered by relentless rainfall have disrupted lives and livelihoods, underscoring the urgent need for more climate action, the UN World Meteorological Organization…
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Extreme weather events unfairly affect marginalized groups, Oregon Health Authority says

By Brian Bull 07/03/23
Climate change disproportionately affects communities of color, the elderly, people with disabilities and low-income households.
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Sunny highs to shivering cold: Wild weather swings take a health toll

By Marlene Cimons 02/23/23
Lily Pien, an allergist at the Cleveland Clinic, drove to work earlier this week in snow and hail. The next day it was 65 degrees and sunny. This weather whiplash had her bracing for an…
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Climate Change Reshaped Earth With Extreme Weather This Year

By Seth Borenstein 10/30/21
Fires raged. Rivers flooded. Ice melted. Droughts baked. Storms brewed. Temperatures soared. And people died.
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PCPs face mounting responsibility to address health effects of climate change

By Maria Marabito 10/29/21
Human influence has had an unequivocal impact on Earth’s climate, causing significant changes that threaten people’s security and physical and mental health, according to a landmark report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
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CT experts say climate change is the greatest threat to public health

By Nicole Leonard 10/25/21
It was 10 years ago, but when Lori Mathieu thinks about extreme weather events, she remembers Hurricane Irene.
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Viewing climate change as a human health problem

By Alvin Powell 10/21/21
The medical journal The Lancet released its annual “Report of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change” and a companion brief focused on conditions in the United States. The brief urges action to curb…
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Coming Storms: Climate Change And The Rising Threat To America’s Coastal Seniors

A new Climate Central sea-level-rise analysis identifies the assisted living and nursing homes at risk in five states. Experts say waiting to evacuate during storms is not the answer.


Climate change is bad for your health. And plans to boost economies may make it worse

By Nathan Rott   10/20/21  
It may seem obvious: Heat kills. Wildfires burn. Flooding drowns. But the sprawling health effects of a rapidly warming world can also be subtle. Heat sparks violence and disrupts sleep. Wildfire smoke can trigger respiratory…
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Climate Change is World’s Most Pressing Health Problem: WHO

By Robert Preidt and Robin Foster   10/12/21  
Climate change is the "single biggest health threat facing humanity," and governments must "act with urgency" to tackle the crisis, a World Health Organization (WHO) special report warns.
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What no one is talking about in the wake of hurricanes and oil spills

By Brandon Tensley   10/07/21  
Often, the damage that extreme weather or an environmental disaster inflicts on communities works as a one-two punch. The first punch: the actual event -- an oil spill, a hurricane, a winter storm, the lethal…
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A Dose of Reality: How Climate Change Affects Our Kids, Straight from a Pediatrician

By Dr. Susan E. Pacheco   04/08/19  
Dr. Susan Pacheco is a pediatrician and Climate Reality Leader – and she’s made it her life’s work to raise awareness about the impact climate change has on public health, especially the health of children.
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