Environmental Degradation

Environmental Degradation

Environmental Degradation


Climate change contributes to violence against children – here’s how

By Simone Datzberger and others 08/01/23
Every day of the northern hemisphere’s summer in 2023 seems to bring a calamitous headline about the climate: heatwaves, wildfires, massive hailstorms.
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State of Europe’s environment

Europe faces persistent problems in areas such as biodiversity loss, resource use, climate change impacts and environmental risks to health and well-being. The continent continues to consume more resources and contribute more to environmental degradation…
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Climate change and EU defence: released new report analysing the links between climate, energy and defence

The defence sector is critical for maintaining the safety and stability of our society. However, the sector is at risk from climate change either through direct impacts of climatic hazards or indirectly because of its…
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Five Key Considerations to Address Environmental Mobility from a Human Rights Perspective

By Pablo Escribano 06/01/23
Disasters, environmental degradation, and the adverse impacts of climate change are increasingly influencing patterns of migration and displacement in the Americas and the Caribbean. In 2022, there were 2.6 million new internal displacements due to…
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Environment, disasters and climate change

For millions of people, climate-fueled crises are already a devastating reality that is driving new displacement and making life more precarious for people already uprooted from their homes.
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Making Adaptation Work: Addressing the compounding impacts of climate change, environmental degradation and conflict in the Near and Middle East [EN/AR]

Red Cross report: Climate change, environmental degradation and protracted armed conflict are exacerbating humanitarian needs across the Near and Middle East
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IUCN supports five new projects to address gender-based violence related to climate change and environmental degradation

With support from the Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Environments (RISE) grants challenge, five projects across Central America, Eastern and Southern Africa and Southeast Asia are addressing gender-based violence in the context of environmental conservation, resource…
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Making adaptation work: Addressing the compounding impacts of climate change, environmental degradation and conflict in the Near and Middle East

Iraq, Syria and Yemen are facing the compounding effects of climate change and conflict-linked environmental degradation – how people adapt is critical.
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‘Superblooms of fungus’: Climate change is making valley fever worse

By Hayley Smith 04/04/22
It was June 2020, and Shirley, a winemaker in Paso Robles, Calif., knew something was terribly wrong. He was going about his daily business when he doubled over with severe abdominal pain and a 103-degree…
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The world’s forests do more than just store carbon, new research finds

By Nina Lakhani 03/24/22
The world’s forests play a far greater and more complex role in tackling climate crisis than previously thought, due to their physical effects on global and local temperatures, according to new research...
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The human cost of a perfect lawn

By Valeria Paredes 09/24/21
Every year, 80 million pounds of pesticides are used on U.S. lawns to maintain attractive, lush greenery. In many cities across the country, Latinx immigrant workers are the primary labor force responsible for lawn care.…
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Environmental Health Coalition

Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) works for environmental justice in the San Diego/Tijuana region and throughout California.

Planting healthy air: Trees, particulate matter pollution and extreme heat

This study from the Nature Conservancy reviews the positive cooling effects of urban trees planting on hot city climates and the quality of their air.