Before you do anything else, watch this stunning program with Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewing Katharine Hayhoe…





  • One unfortunate consequence came to light as oil prices dropped significantly — causing the price of making “virgin” plastic cheaper than using “recycled” plastic.
  • Observers also pointed out that the crisis drained key government and private sector resources that were needed to make the transformation to sustainable and clean energy, while the falling costs of oil and other fossil fuels doubtless discouraged investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy, and, instead, encouraged the use of carbon-spewing oil and gas.
  • The hardships of the pandemic and the rise of populism, seeking to sow doubt about the seriousness of global warming and the role of human activity in causing it, led to dozens of climate rules being rolled back during COVID-19.
  • The direct link between the worldwide economy and CO2, and greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution is nothing new. The last time emissions and pollution came close to flat-lining was during the last economic crisis in 2008-2009.



  • You might want to listen to Bill Gates in his TED talk on the subject, hosted by TED’s curator-in-chief, Chris Anderson, and current affairs curator, Whitney Pennington Rodgers, recorded March 24, 2020.
  • And, if you have kids, here is a project for kids to take action and influence congress in supporting clean energy and climate justice initiatives.

For Your Information, in 2021 emissions resumed at record levels (6.4%).

Coronavirus leads to decrease in CO2 emissions: Can it last? | DW News



COVID-19 is awful. Climate change could be worse.

By Bill Gates 08/04/23
A global crisis has shocked the world. It is causing a tragic number of deaths, making people afraid to leave home, and leading to economic hardship not seen in many generations. Its effects are rippling…
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China is pumping out carbon emissions as if COVID never happened. That’s bad news for the climate crisis

By David Stern and Khalid Ahmed 07/09/23
Carbon emissions from China are growing faster now than before COVID-19 struck, data show, dashing hopes the pandemic may have put the world’s most polluting nation on a new emissions trajectory.
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A New U.S. Foreign Policy for Global Health

By David P. Fidler 06/01/23
“The United States should, at long last, treat pandemics and global warming as [major] threats to its national interests—especially the vital interests of security and economic power,” argues Senior Fellow for Global Health and Cybersecurity…
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Can giant surveys of scientists fight misinformation on COVID, climate change and more?

By David Adam 05/17/23
In the next few weeks, some 20,000 researchers will receive an e-mail asking them if COVID-19 is caused by a virus. It might seem a futile exercise, given that the answer is obvious. But that’s…
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A cross-sectional survey of climate and COVID-19 crises in young people in Indian slums: context, psychological responses, and agency

By Sandhya Kanaka Yatirajula and others 04/20/23
COVID-19 and the climate crisis have caused unprecedented disruptions across the world. Climate change has affected the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescent. Young people with a mental illness and without social support…
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Global pandemic treaty: what we must learn from climate-change errors

The global response to COVID-19 represented a “catastrophic failure of the international community in showing solidarity and equity”. This frank assessment comes in the opening line of the first, or ‘zero’, draft of a new…
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Economy Remains the Public’s Top Policy Priority; COVID-19 Concerns Decline Again

With a new era of divided government beginning in Washington, the public’s top policy priority has not changed: Strengthening the economy tops Americans’ agenda, as it did a year ago.
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Exploring the Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Ocean Observing

The COVID-19 pandemic killed millions of people and sickened hundreds of millions more. Since it was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020, COVID-19 has had global public health and economic impacts that will take…
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Many countries are prioritizing health and climate change, but lack funds to take action

By World Health Organization 11/08/22
Countries have begun to prioritize health in their efforts to protect people from the impact of climate change, but only about a quarter of those recently surveyed by the World Health Organization have been able…
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Study Shows When Society Worries About Covid Concerns About Climate Change Subside

Global concerns such as epidemics, wars and disasters weigh upon the minds of people around the world during every decade. But can a dominant global problem such as the Covid-19 pandemic cause people to neglect…
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Zoonotic diseases like COVID-19 and monkeypox will become more common, experts say

By Ayana Archie 09/29/22
Cases of monkeypox are on the rise in the U.S., with about 67,600 global cases, including about 25,500 in the U.S. Simultaneously, the world is still facing a COVID-19 pandemic, despite the number of cases…
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Climate change may make pandemics like COVID-19 much more common

By Emma Egan 09/10/22
The likelihood of an extreme epidemic, or one similar to COVID-19, will increase threefold in the coming decades, according to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Coronavirus shows the limits of what personal choice can do for the climate

Coronavirus shutdowns have sent greenhouse gas emissions off a cliff. Early estimates project global emissions will decline by 5% to 8% by the end of the year—which might seem like a win for the climate.

Global resilience system

The Global Resilience System (GRS) is a rapidly growing global aggregation of nested Resilience Systems (e.g., US Resilience System, Haiti Resilience System, Vietnam Resilience System, Japan Resilience System and their nested subsystems). These Resilience Systems…

10 ways coronavirus is changing energy and climate change

The novel coronavirus, upending our world as we know it, is also changing how we consume energy and address climate change.

Coronavirus, climate change, and the environment

A conversation on COVID-19 with the director of Harvard University's Center of Climate, Health and the Global Environment.


Amazon emissions increased 18% last year as Covid drove online shopping surge

By Annie Palmer   08/01/22  
Amazon’s carbon emissions jumped 18% last year, as the company reckoned with a pandemic-driven surge in e-commerce and grew its business to meet that extra demand. In its annual sustainability report issued Monday, Amazon said…
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Carbon pricing and COVID-19

By Daniel Nachtigall and Jane Ellis   03/10/22  
This paper assesses the role of carbon pricing in a sustainable recovery from COVID-19. It tracks the policy changes in carbon pricing within OECD and G20 countries between January 2020 and August 2021 of the…
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We’re No More Serious about the Climate Crisis Than We Were before the Pandemic

By Samantha Montano   02/25/22  
Disaster researchers are used to seeing train wrecks coming. We study the worst moments in human history—their warning signs, failures, destruction, pain, corruption and injustice—so that we can lessen the hurt. But the scale of…
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The pandemic has been great for electric car sales

By Anna Cooban   01/26/22  
Electric vehicles grabbed a much bigger share of the global car market last year as sales more than doubled despite turbulent economic conditions and a severe shortage of computer chips.
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Did Climate Change Influence the Emergence, Transmission, and Expression of the COVID-19 Pandemic?’

By Saloni Guptac and Barry T. Rouse   12/08/21  
Countries have begun to prioritize health in their efforts to protect people from the impact of climate change, but only about a quarter of those recently surveyed by the World Health Organization have been able…
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Personal hardship narrows the partisan gap in COVID-19 and climate change responses

By Elke U. Weber   11/12/21  
In highly polarized political environments like the United States, people interpret health and environmental issues through a partisan lens. Democrats have been more concerned about COVID-19 and more willing to socially distance than Republicans—resulting in…
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Societal shifts due to COVID-19 reveal large-scale complexities and feedbacks between atmospheric chemistry and climate change

By Joshua L. Laughner and others   11/12/21  
The COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns caused significant changes to human activity that temporarily altered our imprint on the atmosphere, providing a brief glimpse of potential future changes in atmospheric composition. This event demonstrated key…
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New Museum Triennial Explores the Hidden Strengths of Soft Power

By Holland Cotter   11/04/21  
The New Museum’s fifth Triennial exhibition, titled “Soft Water Hard Stone,” is largely a product of lockdown. Much of the work by 40 international artists and collectives was made during the past two pandemic-strapped years.…
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Pandemic Complicates Preparations for COP26 Climate Summit

By Somini Sengupta and Lisa Friedman   10/27/21  
In a few weeks, an estimated 20,000 ministers, activists and executives from nearly every country in the world are set to descend on Glasgow to hammer out how to make progress on climate change.
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WHO’s 10 calls for climate action to assure sustained recovery from COVID-19

Countries must set ambitious national climate commitments if they are to sustain a healthy and green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Green groups call for COP26 climate talks to be postponed due to COVID-19

By Susanna Twidel   09/08/21  
 A coalition of more than 1,500 environmental groups on Tuesday called for major international climate talks due to begin next month to be delayed, saying access to them would be unequal.
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Using facial recognition on grizzlies, and more advances

By Annie Roth   09/07/21  
Facial-recognition systems for humans are widely used by security services and law enforcement. Now there’s one for grizzly bears. The so-called BearID could enable researchers to track the animals across vast stretches of time and space. Identifying…
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How Wildfire Smoke Supercharges the Coronavirus

By Andrew Nikiforuk   09/01/21  
All summer long millions of British Columbians and Albertans have lived under a grey shroud of wildfire smoke — the North American West’s new and most deadly form of air pollution. Our celebrated blue skies…
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Louisiana’s Covid Surge Complicates Its Response to Hurricane Ida

By Associated Press   08/29/21  
As the Category 4 storm slammed the state, Gov. John Bel Edwards said that evacuating hospitals was not an option because of the high number of coronavirus patients.
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Global electric power demand returns to pre-pandemic levels

By Steven Mufson   08/25/21  
Carbon dioxide emissions from the global electric power sector rebounded in the first half of 2021 to above pre-pandemic levels, according to an analysis, signaling that the world has failed to engineer a “green recovery”…
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The pandemic slashed the West Coast’s emissions. Wildfires already reversed it.

By James Temple   07/27/21  
Wildfires raging across the US West Coast have filled the air with enough carbon dioxide to wipe out more than half of the region’s pandemic-driven emissions reductions last year. And that was just in July.…
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The Revenge of the Cars

By Doug Gordon   07/26/21  
It would be callous to suggest that in the dark, early, and deadly days of the Covid-19 pandemic there were bright spots or signs of hope. But thinking back to the spring of 2020, it’s…
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In 2020, the United States produced the least CO2 emissions from energy in nearly 40 years

By Brett Marohl   07/26/21  
In 2020, as the country responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, CO2 emissions from energy consumption in the United States fell to the lowest level since 1983. The 4.6 billion metric tons (Bmt) of CO2 emitted in 2020…
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Study: Wildfire smoke may add to COVID-19 risk

By Sam Metz   07/20/21  
 Nevada-based scientists argue in a new study that wildfire smoke may increase the risk of contracting the coronavirus.
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Trillions of dollars spent on Covid recovery in ways that harm environment

By Fiona Harvey   07/15/21  
Trillions of dollars poured into rescuing economies around the world from the Covid-19 crisis have been spent in ways that worsen the climate crisis and harm nature because governments have failed to fulfil promises of…
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Sustainable development report shows devastating impact of COVID, ahead of ‘critical’ new phase

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021, launched on Tuesday at UN Headquarters in New York, shows the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on the 2030 Agenda, as the landmark annual High-Level Political Forum…
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COVID-19’s socio-economic fallout threatens global coffee industry, study finds

COVID-19's socio-economic effects will likely cause another severe production crisis in the coffee industry, according to a Rutgers University-led study. The study, which appears in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, included…
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“Back to normal” puts us back on the path to climate catastrophe

By Rebecca Leber   06/15/21  
The Covid-19 pandemic upended daily life so drastically that there was a moment when it seemed to be making a dent in the climate crisis. Rush-hour traffic disappeared, global travel slowed to a crawl, and…
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Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Hits Record High Despite Pandemic Dip

By Brad Plumer   06/07/21  
The amount of carbon dioxide piling up in Earth’s atmosphere set a record last month, once again reaching the highest levels in human history despite a temporary dip in the burning of fossil fuels worldwide…
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Earth Is Barreling Toward 1.5 Degrees Celsius Of Warming, Scientists Warn

By Rebecca Hersher   05/26/21  
The average temperature on Earth is now consistently 1 degree Celsius hotter than it was in the late 1800s, and that temperature will keep rising toward the critical 1.5-degree Celsius benchmark over the next five…
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Jane Goodall on Covid, Resilience and Climate Change

By Sarah Green Carmichael   05/25/21  
Jane Goodall, renowned conservationist and winner of this year’s Templeton Prize, has been a pioneer when it comes to respecting nature and animals. Has the pandemic changed her perspective at all? Goodall joined me for a live…
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Business travel has disappeared. Will it ever come back?

By Will Godley and Charles Riley   05/17/21  
For countless executives and salespeople, business trips have been a bedrock of corporate life — loathed by some, loved by others but accepted by all as a necessity (sweetened by millions of frequent flyer miles).…
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Climate and COVID-19 crises both need feminism – here’s why

By Farhana Sultana   05/16/21  
People all over the world are reeling from the one-two punch of climate change and COVID-19. The overlapping crises are exposing and intensifying patterns of disadvantage, marginalization and inequality for vulnerable people including the poor,…
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What Covid and Climate Really Had in Common Was Climate Denial

By Amy Westervelt   05/16/21  
As we have often lamented at Hot Take, climate coverage fell off a cliff when Covid first took hold in the U.S.. At the same time,  healthcare reporters got their first taste of what climate…
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Smog City: The Fight Against Urban Air Pollution

By Niall Patrick Walsh   05/13/21  
Around the world, cities and citizens continue to suffer from the effects of air pollution. While the COVID-19 pandemic ironically led to a temporary improvement in urban air quality, the status quo for the air…
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The use of renewable energy is accelerating

Global energy demand tumbled by 4% in 2020, as flights were grounded, factories idled and commuters locked down at home. One part of the world’s electricity markets, however, continued to grow. Renewable-energy generation grew at…
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How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the climate? Curious Texas investigates

By Nataly Keomoungkhoun   05/07/21  
When the pandemic took hold, it affected nearly every industry as countries around the world closed their borders to prevent the spread of the virus. Businesses shuttered, domestic and international travel came to a halt,…
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How to fight climate change at home

By Megan Barber   04/22/21  
While a global pandemic may have put life (as we know it) on hold—and cleared the air temporarily amid widespread lockdowns—it hasn’t exactly stopped the looming climate crisis. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of…
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How COVID-19 has changed the face of the natural world

By Jennifer Huizen   04/22/21  
How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the natural environment? Have the numerous national lockdowns had a positive or negative effect on wildlife? In this Special Feature, we answer these and other related questions.
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Coronavirus Economic Recovery to Drive Second-Highest CO2 Emissions Jump on Record, IEA Warns

By Olivia Rosane   04/20/21  
One of the silver linings of the coronavirus pandemic was the record drop in greenhouse gas emissions following national lockdowns. But that drop is set to all but reverse as economies begin to recover, the…
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Fossil Fuel Companies Took Billions in U.S. Coronavirus Relief Funds but Still Cut Nearly 60,000 Jobs

By Nicholas Kusnetz   04/02/21  
When Congress looked to prop up a tanking economy and stanch its hemorrhaging of employment as the pandemic spread last year, the oil industry was among those that sought relief.
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The complex debate over how to equitably distribute the different vaccines

By Jillian Kramer   03/27/21  
As the first four million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine shipped in March throughout the United States, experts lauded qualities that make it more practical: Unlike its mRNA predecessors, this vaccine doesn’t require…
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The coronavirus is airborne

By Chris Mooney   02/10/21  
With its five wall-length windows, Nick Crandall’s restaurant, Railroad Pub & Pizza, can bring in a lot of outside air. In late December, though, Washington state regulators said the restaurant could not qualify as “outdoor”…
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Coal-Fired Power Took a Beating During the Pandemic, Study Finds

By Veronica Penney   02/08/21  
The share of energy generated from coal has dropped more sharply during the coronavirus pandemic than that of any other power source, according to a new report on Monday that looked at coal demand in some of…
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COVID-19 lockdowns temporarily raised global temperatures

By David Hosansky   02/02/21  
The lockdowns and reduced societal activity related to the COVID-19 pandemic affected emissions of pollutants in ways that slightly warmed the planet for several months last year, according to a new study by the National…
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Back of the Line

By Adam Mahoney   02/01/21  
Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood sits on a scant 4 square miles on the southwest side of the city, but it packs a lot into that modest footprint. With a population density similar to New York…
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Covid-19 Kept Tourists Away. Why Did These Seabirds Miss Them?

By Cara Giaimo   01/22/21  
When tourists come to Stora Karlso, a limestone-ledged nature reserve off the coast of Sweden, they keep a respectful distance from the many seabirds that call the island home. Like most visitors to wild places,…
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Covid-19 Took a Bite From U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2020

By Brad Plumer   01/12/21  
America’s greenhouse gas emissions from energy and industry plummeted more than 10 percent in 2020, reaching their lowest levels in at least three decades as the coronavirus pandemic slammed the brakes on the nation’s economy,…
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Here’s What We Learned From The Pandemic, According To 10 Experts

By Laura Paddison and Amanda Schupak   01/04/21  
In the most painful way, pandemics show us what we need to fix in our world. The stress they cause reveals all those parts that most need repair. With COVID, we have seen how festering…
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‘A Slap in the Face’: The Pandemic Disrupts Young Oil Careers

By Clifford Krauss   01/03/21  
Sabrina Burns, a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, had thought she would be launching a lucrative career in the oil and gas industry when she graduated in a few months.  But the…
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Covid-19 and Climate Change Will Remain Inextricably Linked, Thanks to the Parallels (and the Denial)

By Ilana Cohen   01/01/21  
Whether or not people accept the science on Covid-19 and climate change, both global crises will have lasting impacts on health and quality of life, especially for the diverse and low-income communities they’ve already hit…
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The Top Energy Stories Of 2020

by Robert Rapier   12/27/20  
Some years there is an energy story so big that there’s no question it belongs at the top of the list. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. …
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Congress might pass a huge energy bill, and it’s actually pretty great

by David Roberts   12/23/20  
Some years there is an energy story so big that there’s no question it belongs at the top of the list. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. …
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Climate Change Legislation Included in Coronavirus Relief Deal

By Coral Davenport   12/21/20  
In the waning days of the 116th Congress, lawmakers have authorized $35 billion in spending on wind, solar and other clean power sources while curtailing the use of a potent planet-warming chemical used in air-conditioners…
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