Anyone who eats has the ability to affect Climate Change. Anyone who makes food for others is on the frontlines. As you make your own food decisions, all of these choices will make a difference. Some things to think about:

With the bombardment of media telling you what you should and shouldn’t do (a little like our own list above), it can feel daunting. Getting good at taking actions to combat global warming is a bit like deciding to go on a diet and then struggling to stick to it. We don’t expect you to do everything every day even if your intentions are terrific. We just hope you keep coming back and setting yourself yet another goal. And, you are not alone in wondering what difference you, as an individual, can actually make. But, consider bees building a honey hive or voters electing a president. In both cases, there are lots of individuals taking small actions and achieving monumental things.

How to sustainably feed 10 billion people by 2050, in 21 charts


Greasy—and good for the planet

By Bill Gates 02/13/24
Cheeseburgers are my favorite food. But I wish they weren’t, given the impact they have on the environment. I’ve tried many of the best meat and dairy replacements out there, and while I’ve had some…
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Here’s what you’re really swallowing when you drink bottled water

By Shannon Osaka 01/08/24
People are swallowing hundreds of thousands of microscopic pieces of plastic each time they drink a liter of bottled water, scientists have shown — a revelation that could have profound implications for human health.
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Eating less meat would be good for the Earth. Small nudges can change behavior

By Jonel Aleccia and Laura Ungar 11/16/23
Preston Cabral eats meat nearly every day at home, but his favorite meals at school are served on “Meatless Mondays” and “Vegan Fridays.”
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Rising El Niño Intensity Sparks Global Food Security Concerns

By Angely Mercado 10/30/23
Global climate shifts this year are likely to disrupt food production throughout the world, straining food security worldwide. A report published this month by scientists associated with Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) explained…
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This Coca-Cola bottler will capture carbon dioxide to put the fizz in its drinks

By Heather Clancy 08/24/23
A first-of-its-kind project under construction at a 51-year-old Coca-Cola bottling facility in Elmsford, New York, is notable both for how it will improve the site’s energy reliability and how it will capture carbon dioxide during…
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The climate wrecking ball striking food supply

By Ayurella Horn-Muller 08/07/23
Extreme weather events and our warming planet are primed to strike commodities and the food supply like never before.
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This Scorching Summer Is Taking a Toll on Your Favorite Foods

By Maryn McKenna 08/04/23
ON THE MAP of the US Drought Monitor, a joint project of federal agencies and the University of Nebraska, colored warnings cover the landscape. It’s abnormally dry in Michigan. Minnesota is in moderate drought. A…
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New York City Commits to 33 Percent Reduction in Food-Based Emissions by 2030 to Combat Climate Change

By Liza Greene 08/02/23
The New York City Mayor’s Office of Food Policy recently announced the city’s public commitment to a 33 percent reduction in food-based emissions by 2030. The announcement comes in response to the city’s first integrated…
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Commodity Insight: Climate change and the cost of food

By Jerry Welch 07/09/23
There is no doubt the grain complex has evolved into a full-blown weather market thanks to above-normal temperatures and below-normal rainfall in the U.S. Grain Belt going into the heart of the growing season.
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20 Beloved Foods That Could Disappear Forever Because of Climate Change

By Colman Andrews 07/09/23
Scientists estimate that July 4th this year was the hottest day on earth since global temperatures were first recorded around 1880, and possibly the hottest in the past 125,000 years. “Looking to the future, we…
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How the Food System Is Changing and What It Means for Investors

By Vildana Hajric and Michael P. Regan 07/08/23
Global shifts in incomes and populations, geopolitics and climate change are combining to drastically alter the outlook for the world’s food supply.
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Study: Crop failure risk is underestimated in climate models

By Ayurella Horn-Muller and Andrew Freedman 07/05/23
Risks of reduced crop yields occurring across major crop-producing regions are vastly underestimated in climate and crop model projections, a new study finds.
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Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems

Food systems have the potential to nurture human health and support environmental sustainability; however, they are currently threatening both.

Focus on Food Would Help Solve Climate Change, Says Study

A paper released today presents a new global food system approach to climate-change research that brings together agricultural production, supply chains and consumption. ...

Regenerative Farm Map

Click any pin on the map to view more information about specific farms. This is the easiest way to find local farms in your area selling regenerative products.

Center for Food Safety

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) developed the Cool Foods Campaign to show food can be part of climate solutions. The campaign emphasizes eating fresh, unprocessed foods; buying local and seasonal products; choosing organic fare;…


Third of global food production at risk from climate crisis

By Fiona Harvey   05/14/21  
Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have calculated that about 95% of current crop production takes place in areas they define as “safe climatic space”, or conditions where temperature, rainfall and aridity fall within certain…
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What if the United States stopped eating meat?

By Frank Mitloehner   12/04/20  
If Americans’ gave up meat and other animal products, would that solve our climate crisis? Research says no. In fact, it continues to demonstrate giving up meat would be a woefully inadequate solution to the…
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Got Beef? Here’s What Your Hamburger Is Doing To The Climate

By David Vetter   10/05/20  
The ethics of killing animals for their meat have been debated for centuries. But in recent years, the looming specter of climate change has given meat eaters an additional dilemma to consider: cattle and dairy…
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In a first-of-its-kind endeavor, AquaBounty farms country’s bio-engineered salmon in Indiana

By Casey Smith   07/29/19  
Bio-engineered salmon, which grow at twice the rate of wild salmon, are the first genetically-engineered animals deemed safe to eat by the FDA.
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The Most Delicious Foods Will Fall Victim to Climate Change

By Nicholas Thompson   06/13/19  
Amanda Little is the author of the new book The Fate of Food: What We’ll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World. She recently sat down with me at Betaworks to discuss lab-grown meat, GMOs, and why we need…
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New Research Shows Microplastics Have Invaded The Deep Ocean — And The Food Chain

By Christopher Joyce   06/06/19  
The largest habitat for life on Earth is the deep ocean. It's home to everything from jellyfish to giant bluefin tuna. But the deep ocean is being invaded by tiny pieces of plastic — plastic…
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Ikea’s Meatballs Will Officially Go Vegan This Fall

By Nikita Richardson   05/24/19  
Cities, which are home to more than half the world’s population, are stepping up efforts to slash pollution, often wresting the fight against climate change away from national governments. That’s the conclusion of CDP, a…
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6 Pressing Questions About Beef and Climate Change, Answered

By Richard Waite, Tim Searchinger and Janet Ranganathan   04/08/19  
Beef and climate change are in the news these days, from cows’ alleged high-methane farts (fact check: they’re actually mostly high-methane burps) to comparisons with cars and airplanes (fact check: the world needs to reduce…
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Unexpected effects of climate change: worse food safety, more car wrecks

By Susan Scutti   02/13/19  
On excessively hot days, there are more likely to be fatal car accidents and food safety problems, and police officers and government food inspectors tend to do less of their duties, according to a study…
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Investors Join Calls for a Food Revolution to Fight Climate Change

By Georgina Gustin   02/01/19  
A series of new reports shows how climate change is intertwined with the world’s worsening health, and suggests changes in the global food production system.
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Global Commission Calls for a Food Revolution to Solve World’s Climate & Nutrition Problems

By Georgina Gustin   01/16/19  
To stabilize climate and get people healthy, the world needs to overhaul its diet and agriculture systems, the EAT-Lancet commission says. That includes less meat.
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Beer, Drinking Water And Fish: Tiny Plastic Is Everywhere

By Christopher Joyce   08/20/18  
Plastic trash is littering the land and fouling rivers and oceans. But what we can see is only a small fraction of what's out there. Since modern plastic was first mass-produced, 8 billion tons have…
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20 percent of Americans responsible for almost half of US food-related greenhouse gas emissions

To estimate the impact of U.S. dietary choices on greenhouse gas emissions, the researchers built a database that assessed the environmental impacts involved in producing more than 300 types of foods. Then they linked the…
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D.C.’s Urban Farms Wrestle with Gentrification and Displacement

By Brian Massey   02/27/17  
Urban farmers often hold high-minded ideals about food justice and access; they’re also often unwitting vehicles for driving out communities of color.
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A D.C. Urban Farm Takes On Urban Problems

By Whitney Pipkin   01/19/17  
Dreaming Out Loud's new farm hopes to provide jobs, business incubation, and more in a city ward that has often been overlooked.
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