After the 2020 election, the 117th Congress was sworn in. The House remained in Democratic control (222-211)–with two seats vacant (in Louisiana’s 5th district and New York’s 22nd district). Control of the Senate moved to the Democrats (50-50 with the power to cast the tie breaking vote in the hands of Vice-President Kamala Harris) in a run-off election in Georgia on January 5, 2021 when Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock won their Senate races.

Founded in 2016, Climate Solutions Caucus is a bipartisan United States House caucus whose members are committed to taking action in response to the risks of climate change. This group, made up of equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats, has introduced legislation to achieve a carbon tax. They have not, as of yet, succeeded in passing any legislation.

In February 2019, as 100 Democratic freshmen entered the House, the “Green New Deal”, a non-binding proposal to fight climate change (originally promoted by the Sunrise Movement — a coalition of young people), was introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey. Whatever comes of it,  climate change has definitely shifted to the middle of the national conversation. Much has been written about the “Deal” including an early editorial by the New York Times on February 24, 2019.

Valuable to remember: In 2007 when California Democrat Nancy Pelosi first became Speaker, she created, and Ed Markey (then in the House) chaired, The House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. In her first term as Speaker, Pelosi helped muscle through a major energy bill,  which then-President George W. Bush praised for “confronting global climate change.” When the Republicans retook control in 2011 they disbanded it.

As she remained Speaker, Pelosi re-established in February, 2019 another climate committee calling it the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Chaired by Kathy Castor, a seven-term representative from Tampa Bay, she appointed to that committee: Suzanne Bonamici (Ore.), Julia Brownley (Calif.), Sean Casten (Ill.), Jared Huffman (Calif.), Mike Levin (Calif.), Donald McEachin (Va.), Ben Ray Lujan (NM), and Joe Neguse (Colo.). Its scope is limited: It can hold hearings and plan fact finding trips, but not compel testimony — a structure that has aggravated many progressives. It is specifically instructed “to investigate, study, make findings, and develop recommendations on policies, strategies, and innovations to achieve substantial and permanent reductions in pollution and other activities that contribute to the climate crisis which will honor our responsibility to be good stewards of the planet for future generations.” Pelosi said the committee was not tasked specifically with crafting the progressives‘ “Green New Deal,” as Ocasio-Cortez had initially sought.


Same message, bigger audience: Sen. Whitehouse flags climate costs

By Coral Davenport 03/07/23
For more than a decade, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gave daily warnings about the mounting threat of climate change. Now he has a powerful new perch....
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Senate overturns federal rule on ESG investments, Biden vows to veto

By Christina Wilkie 03/01/23
The Senate on Wednesday voted to overturn a Labor Department rule that permits fiduciary retirement fund managers to consider climate change, good corporate governance and other factors when making investments on behalf of pension plan…
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How Congress funded carbon removal in FY23 appropriations

By Vanessa Suarez 02/21/23
2022 was another invigorating year for carbon dioxide removal (CDR), with historic milestones like the passage of the biggest federal climate deal in history and over $1 billion authorized for carbon removal research, development, and…
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Chairman Whitehouse Statement on CBO Outlook

Today, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, issued a statement following the annual release of the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) Budget and Economic Outlook and a projection that the debt limit must…
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U.S. lawmakers seek repeal of Biden solar tariff waiver

By Nichola Groom 01/27/23
A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday introduced a resolution to repeal President Joe Biden's suspension of import tariffs on solar panels from four Southeast Asian nations, according to…
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Recently Passed Federal Funding Package Makes Investments in Natural Climate Solutions

By National Audubon Society 12/23/22
The Fiscal Year 2023 appropriations bill includes important wins for climate and conservation, though fails to include important legislation that would greatly benefit wildlife.
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Senate rejects Manchin’s energy permitting amendment to defense bill

By Rachel Frazin 12/15/22
The Senate has bucked Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) latest effort to get his energy deal with Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) attached to must-pass legislation.
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Democrats Have a New Plan to Fight Plastic Pollution

By Joseph Winters 12/05/22
As international negotiators began hammering out the details of a global plastics treaty last week, legislators in the United States were busy unveiling a domestic policy to address the plastic pollution crisis.
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Booker, Huffman, Merkley, Lowenthal Introduce Legislation to Address Plastic Production Crisis

Today, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA-2nd), together with U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Representative Alan Lowenthal (D-CA-47th), introduced the Protecting Communities from Plastics Act, legislation that addresses the plastic…
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Analysis: U.S. House Republican farm bill approach may test Biden hunger, climate goals

By Leah Douglas 11/19/22
U.S. President Joe Biden's pledges to slash emissions from farming and to end American hunger by 2030 may be harder to realize now that Republicans flipped the House of Representatives with a thin majority. Biden's…
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What the unusual midterm elections mean for climate action

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman 11/17/22
A split Congress makes it unlikely that Republicans will undo Biden’s climate legislation, but they’re likely to try to slow it. There may also be room for agreement on infrastructure....
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5 energy, environment issues in bull’s-eye for House GOP

By Jeremy Dillon 11/17/22
Republicans clinched a narrow House majority Wednesday night, and executive agencies are now bracing for a flood of GOP-led oversight inquiries into Biden administration energy and environment decisionmaking. Republican lawmakers have made clear which policies…
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Inflation Reduction Act Methane Emissions Charge: In Brief

On August 16, 2022, President Biden signed H.R. 5376 (P.L. 117-169), a budget reconciliation measure commonly referred to as the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” (IRA). Among other provisions, IRA includes a charge on methane…

Critical Minerals in Electric Vehicle Batteries

Expected growth of electric vehicle (EV) sales has led to concern about securing mineral inputs used in EV batteries. Various countries and companies have stated policies to accelerate the adoption of EVs in the transportation…

Environmental Justice (EJ) Provisions of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act

This table includes provisions with the potential to provide federal benefits to communities with EJ concerns. Direct benefits, where the statute requires benefits to be implemented in or directed towards low-income, tribal, or overburdened communities,…

Modeling The Inflation Reduction Act Using The Energy Policy Simulator

On July 27, 2022, the United States Senate released legislative text for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which includes $369 billion in funding for climate and clean energy provisions. These emissions-reducing provisions run the gamut…

U.S. Climate Change Policy

The greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere trap radiant energy, warming earth’s surface and oceans. Scientific assessments conclude that GHGs very likely have been the main driver of warming of the earth’s lower atmosphere since…

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Scenarios: Background, Issues, and Policy Relevance

Projecting future climate change, and what drives it, is difficult,with many uncertainties. Computer models, however, can be useful tools for exploring the long-term implications of climate change and evaluating policy options. For example, models can…

Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases: Issues for Congress

On January 20, 2021, President Biden issued Executive Order (E.O.) 13990, “Protecting Public Health and the Environment andRestoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis.” Itcontains directives to update the social cost of greenhouse gases (SC-GHG),…

Aji P. v. State of Washington

Our Children’s Trust has supported youth plaintiffs in Washington since 2011, most recently in the youth-led constitutional climate case, Aji P. v. State of Washington. Thirteen youth plaintiffs from across the state of Washington filed…

Tracking the future of US recycling policy in Congress

Spurred by market challenges, the Hill has seen a historic influx of big bills. Keep up on all the latest developments with our legislative tracker.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) is an alliance of grassroots organizations that advocates for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities.

Congress.gov Climate Action Legislation

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House Committee on Energy & Commerce – Accomplishments

The Energy and Commerce Committee is working to strengthen the economy, reduce costs for consumers, combat climate change and conduct robust oversight of the Trump Administration. Here is a look at some of the action the…

Carbon Pricing as a Solution to Climate Change

FCNL believes that carbon pricing is one of many essential tools that Congress should use to address climate change and shift towards a clean energy economy. While we have not endorsed any particular bill at…

Legislation Tracker

Keep track of bills and resolutions as they move through the House and/or the Senate on their way to passage as law.

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Oil, Gas Industry Methane Fee Survives in Manchin Spending Deal

By Ari Natte   07/28/22  
The oil and gas industry would face a first-time fee on the excess emission of methane under a breakthrough spending agreement reached on Wednesday by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Joe Manchin.
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Manchin, in reversal, agrees to quick action on climate and tax plan

By Emily Cochrane, Jim Tankersley and Lisa Friedman   07/27/22  
The West Virginia Democrat, a holdout on his party’s domestic agenda, said the package would reduce inflation, a concern he had cited in rejecting it just weeks ago.
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We’ve Had Other Climate Defeats. This One Is by Far the Weirdest.

By Robinson Meyer   07/20/22  
When I started writing about climate change a few years ago, I tried to give readers regular dollops of hope with their gruel. I focused on renewable energy (which was getting cheaper) and American carbon…
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Which elected leaders should do more on climate?

By Mira Rojanasakul and Catrin Einhorn   07/19/22  
It’ll take some time to understand how Americans view last week’s collapse of climate legislation in Congress, but previous data holds some clues. When asked which elected officials should do more on climate, Americans point…
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Dems use minibus to showcase energy, climate contrasts

By George Cahlink   07/19/22  
The House will consider a roster of energy and environmental amendments to its first package of fiscal 2023 spending bills this week aimed at painting Democrats as more committed to fighting climate change than Republicans.
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Democrats eye options for big climate action this year

By Nick Sobczyk and Others   07/19/22  
Senate Democrats tried to revive hope yesterday that they might still pass climate legislation this year, but they face significant headwinds, and many are ready to move on and take what Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)…
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Progressive campaign strategy: Make Manchin irrelevant

By Timothy Cama   07/19/22  
Progressive climate change advocates are increasingly coalescing around a midterm election strategy aimed at making Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to President Joe Biden’s environmental agenda irrelevant. In the days since the West Virginia Democrat shut…
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What Joe Manchin Cost Us

By Leah C. Stokes   07/16/22  
Over the past year and a half, I’ve dissected every remark I could find in the press from Senator Joe Manchin on climate change. With the fate of our planet hanging in the balance, his…
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Biden concedes defeat on climate bill as Manchin and inflation upend agenda

By Jim Tankersley, Lisa Friedman and Coral Davenport   07/15/22  
Rising prices, party infighting and the aftershocks from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have undercut the president’s plans to speed an energy transition.
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An American Climate Failure

By Somini Sengupta   07/15/22  
As millions of people on three continents baked in heat waves supercharged by climate change this week, one American politician, an ardent champion of the fossil fuel industry, doused any hopes of immediate climate action…
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Democrats race to clinch deal on climate, energy with Manchin

By Maxine Joselow   07/07/22  
Lawmakers face a fast-ticking clock as they try to secure a deal that would deliver on Biden’s goals and satisfy Manchin’s concerns.
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Governor hochul signs legislative package to spur energy efficiency, consumer savings, and greenhouse gas emission reductions while supporting prevailing wage measures

Governor Kathy Hochul today signed a legislative package of three bills that will strengthen New York's commitment to clean energy development and energy efficiency, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Governor signed the bills at…
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Five-Year Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Program: Status and Issues in Brief

By Laura B. Comay   06/23/22  
Five-Year Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Program: Status and Issues in Brief Congressional Research Service 1 nder the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA), as amended,1 the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) within the…
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House Republicans to unveil conservative road map on climate, energy

By Maxine Joselow & Jeff Stein   06/01/22  
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) plans to unveil a strategy Thursday outlining how Republicans would address climate change, energy and environmental issues if their party gains control of the House in the midterm elections,…
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The U.S. Is Addicted To Gas Heating. A New Bill May Make Going Electric The Easy Choice.

By Alexander C. Kaufman   05/25/22  
When it’s cold outside, most American homes burn gas or fuel for warmth ― a big part of why buildings are the country’s fourth-largest source of climate-changing emissions. When it’s hot, an even bigger percentage…
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Democrats scramble on energy prices ahead of Memorial Day

By George Cahlink & Others   05/25/22  
Both parties have spent weeks trading blame over who is responsible for high fuel costs that threaten to be a major issue in the midterm elections. Partisan bills have been proposed that won’t pass the…
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U.S. House passes bill to fight oil and gas price gouging

By Timothy Gardner and Others   05/19/22  
The legislation, sponsored by Democratic Representatives Katie Porter and Kim Schrier, passed the House 217 to 207, with no Republicans supporting it. In the Senate, evenly divided at 50 members in each party, 10 Republicans…
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House panel will investigate USPS plan to purchase 8.6 mpg trucks

By Jacob Bogage   05/12/22  
State attorneys general and top environmental groups have already sued the Postal Service to block the $11.3 billion truck contract.
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House panel broadens probe into climate disinformation by Big Oil

By Maxine Joselow   01/21/22  
The House Committee on Oversight and Reform has broadened its investigation into the role of fossil fuel companies in misleading the public about climate change, asking members of the boards of directors of ExxonMobil, BP,…
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House committee schedules 2nd hearing on oil and gas industry’s role in climate disinformation

By Rene Marsh   01/21/22  
The House Oversight Committee on Thursday issued its second round of appearance requests to the oil and gas industry in an investigation into the role it has played in the spread of climate disinformation. House…
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House Passes the Largest Expenditure on Climate in U.S. History

By Coral Davenport   11/23/21  
The United States took a major step toward fighting climate change Friday with passage through the House of Representatives of a $2.2 trillion spending bill that includes the largest expenditures ever made by the federal…
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Democratic lawmakers create Electrification Caucus in Congress

By Dave Kovaleski   11/19/21  
A group of Democratic lawmakers in Congress recently established the Electrification Caucus, which will work to advance policies to accelerate widespread electrification.
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Biden to submit treaty fighting climate super-pollutants for Senate approval

By Dino Grandoni   11/16/21  
Move on hydrofluorocarbons, which are hundreds of times as potent as carbon dioxide, comes just days after global climate talks wrapped up in Glasgow
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Rep. Katie Porter Used Her Costco Haul to Embarrass Big Oil

By Brianna Provenzano   10/29/21  
Whenever a smart, powerful woman starts using literal grains of rice to illustrate her point, you know you done goofed. Big Oil companies found that out the hard way when, during a House Oversight Committee…
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A House committee has been investigating the role fossil fuel companies have played in disseminating climate misinformation

By Nick Sobczyk   10/29/21  
House Oversight and Reform Chair Carolyn Maloney said yesterday that she intends to subpoena four major oil companies and two trade organizations for documents and communications as part of her committee’s investigation into climate misinformation.
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Oil Executives Testify on Industry’s Role in Climate Disinformation

By Hiroko Tabuchi and Lisa Friedman   10/28/21  
In a historic hearing, the leaders of some of the most powerful energy companies in the world are appearing before a House panel to face questioning on climate change.
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Lawmakers launch investigation into climate crisis disinformation by fossil fuel industry

By Ella Nilsen   09/16/21  
The House Oversight and Reform Committee announced Thursday it is launching an investigation into fossil fuel industry disinformation on the climate crisis. The committee invited the heads of six oil companies and major lobbying groups…
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With bulk of their agenda on the line, Democrats gird for battle over $3.5 trillion budget package

By Tony Romm   09/07/21  
Lawmakers will try to assemble major planks of Biden’s agenda, including health care, climate change and anti-poverty programs
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Democrats race to resolve House-Senate disputes on $3.5T megabill

By Jennifer Scholtes, Heather Caygle, and Caitlin Emma   09/02/21  
Democrats are hustling to finalize their gigantic social spending plan during the dog days of summer recess, wary they will blow their target date to finish as Congress faces a crush of deadlines later this…
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Progressives launch campaign to exclude gas from Congress’s clean electricity program

By Rachel Frazin   09/01/21  
Progressives are pushing to try to keep natural gas out of a Democratic proposal aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the electric sector.
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Remaking the economy

By David Leonhardt and Ian Prasad Philbrick   08/26/21  
President Biden’s domestic agenda seems to be back on track in Congress. House Democrats resolved a procedural spat this week, and they and Senate Democrats are now turning to the substantive work of putting together…
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Senate Passes $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan, Advancing Safety Net Expansion

By Emily Cochrane   08/24/21  
The Senate took a major step on Wednesday toward enacting a vast expansion of the nation’s social safety net, approving a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint along party lines that would allow Democrats to tackle climate…
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House Passes $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan for Vast Expansion of Safety Net

By Emily Cochrane   08/24/21  
A divided House on Tuesday approved a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint that would pave the way for a vast expansion of social safety net and climate programs, as Democrats overcame sharp internal rifts to advance…
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Finding the Will to Stave Off a Darker Future

By The Editorial Board   08/14/21  
In June 1988 a NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen, appeared on a very hot day in Washington and told a group of powerful senators that a grim future lay ahead. Carbon emissions, he said, had…
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In victory for Biden, U.S. Senate OKs $1.2T bipartisan infrastructure bill

By Jacob Fischler   08/10/21  
North Carolina’s Tillis and Burr defy Trump by helping to craft compromise legislation The U.S. Senate passed 69-30 on Tuesday a sweeping bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, a milestone for one of President Joe Biden’s…
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What’s in the $1 trillion infrastructure package?

By Chris Cameron   08/10/21  
The expansive $1 trillion infrastructure bill that the Senate passed on Tuesday — a 2,702-page bipartisan deal that is the product of months of negotiating and years of pent-up ambitions to repair the nation’s crumbling…
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Democrats seize on ‘alarm bell’ climate report in spending plan push

By Rachel Frazin   08/09/21  
Environmentalists and their allies on Capitol Hill are seizing on a new United Nations (U.N.) report on greenhouse gas emissions to argue that the $3.5 trillion spending plan from Democrats unveiled Monday is vital to…
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Let down by infrastructure bill, climate hawks eye reconciliation

By Benjamin J. Hulac and Joseph Morton   08/04/21  
With significantly less funding for climate programs than the White House requested in the Senate’s nearly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, climate advocates are pinning their hopes on a budget reconciliation bill likely to pass…
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Democrats Seek $500 Billion in Climate Damages From Big Polluting Companies

By Lisa Friedman   08/04/21  
Democrats in Congress want to tax Exxon, Chevron and a handful of other major oil and gas companies, saying the biggest climate polluters should pay for the floods, wildfires and other disasters that scientists have…
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The Infrastructure Deal Is Not Not a Climate Bill

By Robinson Meyer   08/04/21  
Last week, Senate negotiators released the text of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal. For the first time since the deal was announced in June, we can actually see what’s in it.
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Climate in the infrastructure bill: A substantial investment in resilience

By Christopher Flavelle   08/02/21  
As the United States staggers through another year of devastating wildfires, drought, storms and other calamities, the infrastructure bill before Congress would pour major resources into a response. The measure agreed to over the weekend…
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The Easy Climate-Change Win that Rashida Tlaib Backs But Joe Biden Fails to Seize

By Julia Rock   08/02/21  
The Biden administration has signaled its commitment to tackling the financial risks posed by climate change through executive orders and key appointments. But advocates say the president is missing an easy opportunity for big climate…
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Democrats swear to take action on climate change; Republicans worry about negative impact

By Basil John   07/29/21  
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says Democrats are ready to take action on climate change. “We are surrounded by evidence of the climate crisis,” Schumer said. Without action, Schumer warns global warming will be…
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Democrats Call Infrastructure Bill a Down Payment on Climate

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman   07/28/21  
The $1 trillion infrastructure deal reached by a bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday would make a significant down payment on President Biden’s ambitious environmental agenda, including the first federal expenditure on electric vehicle charging…
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Collaborative Ocean-based Solutions to Climate Change — Together We Can

By Rob Moir   07/25/21  
o meet the ravages of climate change, Congress has introduced the Ocean Based Climate Solutions Act (HR.8632). The ocean covers nearly three-quarters of the planet. Nothing has more of an impact on the climate than…
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U.S. House passes PFAS bill regulating ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

By Ariana Figueroa   07/22/21  
The U.S. House Wednesday passed bipartisan legislation that would regulate toxic chemicals found in drinking water, as well as designate two types of those toxic chemicals as hazardous substances that would spark federal cleanup standards.…
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Democrats lay out vision for Civilian Climate Corps

By Rachel Frazin   07/20/21  
A group of more than 80 House and Senate Democrats on Tuesday laid out their vision for a climate jobs program called the Civilian Climate Corps that is expected to be part of a sweeping…
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Federal Action Needed to Address Disastrous Drought, Wildfires, and Ecosystem Degradation in the West

By Caitlyn Wall   07/06/21  
The western half of the United States is facing multiple, connected crises: long-term megadrought, dangerous heat waves, and the onset of a disastrous fire season. Water levels are at historic lows, threatening communities, farmers, birds…
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Climate Risks Bill Could Spark Shift to Truly Green Economy

By Robin Lloyd   04/14/21  
Large financial institutions and major business sectors have long ignored, underestimated or even hid some of the major risks they face from climate change. These actions can put investments and economic stability at risk.
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Budgetary Effects of Climate Change and of Potential Legislative Responses to It

In this report, the Congressional Budget Office outlines the primary channels by which climate change and policies intended to mitigate or adapt to it affect the federal budget.
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