Offshore Wind


Today, onshore wind power is the most productive renewable energy source in America, generating nearly half of its renewable energy. In 2022, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA),renewable energy sources accounted for about 20.1% of all electricity generated (primarily from wind, solar & hydropower) --of which 9.2.% was from wind, up from 8.4% in 2019 . The growth of wind power has been astonishing – especially when you consider that wind energy only made up 0.2% of U.S. electricity generating capacity in 1990. The U.S. is now investing more in a clean energy transition than any other country in the world except China --which has got us seriously beat.

Offshore wind is well developed in other parts of the world but just getting started in the U.S.  Our explosion is about to occur.

The first five turbines, a 30 MW project developed by Deepwater Wind (now owned by Orsted) went live in 2016 providing 100% energy to Block Island with the excess going to Rhode Island’s mainland.  Two years later, in 2018, Amory B. Lovins, co-founder and chief scientist at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that advises on renewable energy, said, “We could run the whole East Coast on offshore wind.”  His words were prescient although we did endure four years of apparent federal inactivity from 2017-2020.

This changed after Biden’s election in 2021 with the administration moving swiftly to announce a goal of 30 GW from offshore wind by 2030.

  • In May, 2021, BOEM had approved Vineyard Wind, calling for 84-turbines to be installed in the Atlantic Ocean about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Together, they have the ability to generate about 800 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 400,000 homes.
  • Also in May, BOEM gave its blessing to two areas off the California coast.
  • By October, 2021,  Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said that her agency will begin to identify, demarcate and hope to eventually lease federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Maine and off the coasts of the Mid-Atlantic States, North Carolina and South Carolina, California and Oregon, to wind power developers by 2025.
  • By January, 2022, BOEM’s review of the South Fork Wind Farm, a 15-turbine, 132 MW project southeast off Long Island, with a cable landing in Wainscott, a hamlet within the Town of East Hampton, was complete and approved. Despite a significant amount of litigation, construction is proceeding and Orsid operations are scheduled to begin at the end of 2023 powering 70,000 New York homes.
  • In February, 2022, the U.S. netted a record $4.37 billion from the sale of six additional offshore wind leases off the coasts of New York and New Jersey. When these turbines are built and operational, the auctioned acres are expected to generate up to 7,000 megawatts, enough to power nearly 2 million homes. The Interior Department has said between that project and others currently under review, it hopes to see some 2,000 turbines churning from Massachusetts to North Carolina by the end of this decade.
  • On October 18-19, 2022, the Offshore Wind Power Conference & Exhibition takes place at the convention center in Providence Rhode Island. And, the day before, you can take a boat tour to see America’s first five offshore wind turbines at Block Island.
How do offshore wind turbines work?


US Offshore Wind Farms Are Being Strangled With Red Tape

By Christopher Niezrecki 05/26/24
America’s first large-scale offshore wind farms began sending power to the Northeast in early 2024, but a wave of wind farm project cancellations and rising costs have left many people with doubts about the industry’s…
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Sunrise Wind Farm Open House

By Carissa Katz 05/23/24
With Orsted and Eversource set to begin pre-construction activities in September on the 924-megawatt Sunrise Wind farm, the developers are hosting an open house for mariners and “fisheries stakeholders” in Montauk on Wednesday.
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Questions and Answers About Offshore Wind

By Frank Carini 05/09/24
Two days after ecoRI News published an opinion piece about offshore wind, the staff received an email from a concerned Rhode Island reader about this particular form of renewable energy and our coverage of it.…
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The Floating Future of Offshore Wind

By Devin Callahan 05/06/24
The federal government recently took a major step towards clean energy when it announced its five-year leasing schedule for up to 12 potential offshore wind projects. Offshore wind development is crucial to New York meeting…
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On Earth Day and Every Day, Let’s Celebrate Those Wind Farms

By Dominique Browning 04/29/24
Spring has arrived on the coast of Rhode Island, a place I have loved for decades. Daffodils are spreading cheer around a new crop of plastic anti-windmill signs; both seem to be multiplying.
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Major offshore wind projects in New York canceled in latest blow to industry

By Marie J. French 04/19/24
New York’s signature offshore wind projects meant to boost confidence in the industry are being scrapped, a major hit to the industry in the state and the nation.
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Biden-Harris Administration Approves Eighth Offshore Wind Project

The Biden-Harris administration today announced its approval of the New England Wind offshore wind project – the nation’s eighth approval of a commercial-scale, offshore wind energy project under President Biden’s leadership. With today’s approval, the…
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Biden administration approves the nation’s eighth large offshore wind project

By Jennifer Mcdermott 04/02/24
The Biden administration approved a new wind project off the Massachusetts coast Tuesday that is large enough it will provide more electricity than the state’s former coal-fired generating station. Avangrid’s New England Wind is the…
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Ørsted, Avangrid and two others submit bids to first-ever 3-state offshore wind solicitation

By Diana DiGangi 03/28/24
Offshore wind developers Ørsted, Avangrid, SouthCoast Wind and Vineyard Offshore announced Wednesday that they had submitted bids to a joint offshore wind solicitation from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
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New England offshore wind auction draws multiple bidders

By Laila Kearney and Scott Disavino 03/28/24
A combined Connecticut-Massachusetts-Rhode Island offshore wind solicitation on Wednesday attracted bids from at least four developers, including units of European energy firms Iberdrola (IBE.MC), opens new tab and Orsted (ORSTED.CO) , opens new tab. The…
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Energy Department study finds financial benefits from linking offshore wind power projects

By Zack Budryk 03/21/24
Linking some offshore wind power projects through offshore transmission networks would lower electricity costs and reduce fossil fuel reliance, according to Energy Department findings first shared with The Hill.
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Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and Vineyard Offshore Forge Historic Tribal Benefit Agreement

The federally recognized Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has entered into a historic agreement with Vineyard Offshore, a nation-leading offshore wind company. Aimed at fostering a comprehensive, long-term relationship, this agreement reflects Vineyard Offshore’s commitment to close…
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State Offshore Wind News

Rising costs continue to trouble the offshore wind industry. In Massachusetts, the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) approved Avangrid’s request to terminate its power purchase agreements (PPAs) and pay $48 million in penalties to three…

Offshore Wind Market Report:2023 Edition

The Offshore Wind Market Report: 2023 Edition provides detailed information on the U.S. and global offshore wind energy industries to inform policymakers, researchers, and analysts about technology, economic, and market trends.

A Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in the U.S.

The United States has untapped potential to expand offshore wind infrastructure and pave the way for the reliable production of renewable energy close to major urban centers. Investing in offshore wind also has the potential…

Welcome to Offshore Wind Training New York

This website, supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), will introduce you to career pathways and training opportunities in the growing offshore wind industry to help jumpstart or further your…

Frequent Questions—Offshore Wind and Whales

Frequently asked questions about interactions between offshore wind energy projects and whales on the East Coast.

Reducing or Avoiding Impacts of Offshore Wind Energy on Fisheries

BOEM, in consultation with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and affected coastal states, will be holding meetings to discuss draft guidance for ways to mitigate impacts from offshore wind projects on commercial and recreational fisheries…

Deepwater Wind South Fork, LLC

Application of Deepwater Wind South Fork, LLC for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Construction of Approximately 3.5 Miles of Submarine Export Cable from the New York State Territorial Waters Boundary…

Our offshore wind projects in the U.S.

We own and operate the Block Island Wind Farm, America’s first offshore wind farm, and are the leading developer in the U.S. with ~5,000MW of awarded capacity through seven projects on the East Coast. Our…

About South Fork Wind

South Fork Wind brings unparalleled experience to Long Island. The 132 MW offshore wind farm will address East Hampton's energy needs, producing enough clean energy to power 70,000 homes. When complete, the 12 turbines will…

Offshore wind power facts

Offshore wind is America’s next major energy source, representing a generational opportunity to create jobs and bolster the economy. It is an abundant clean energy solution for large population centers looking to source more of…

Offshore Wind in New York

Long Island is poised to play a central role in the development of offshore wind (OSW) in New York State. Governor Cuomo has set an ambitious goal of 9,000 megawatts from OSW in New York…


Interior Department Proposes Second Offshore Wind Sale in Gulf of Mexico

In another step by the Biden-Harris administration to support the growing momentum across America for a clean energy economy, the Department of the Interior today announced its proposal for a second offshore wind energy auction…
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BOEM Announces Environmental Review of Proposed Wind Energy Project Offshore New Jersey

In support of the Biden-Harris administration’s goal of deploying 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management today announced it will initiate the environmental review of a…
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Governor Hochul Announces Completion of South Fork Wind, First Utility-Scale Offshore Wind Farm in the United States

Governor Kathy Hochul today, alongside the United States Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and other elected officials, announced the completion of the landmark South Fork Wind project, with all 12 offshore wind turbines constructed…
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Governor Celebrates Completion of South Fork Wind Farm

By Christopher Walsh   03/14/24  
“Today, at long last, we flip the switch and turn on the future,” New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul announced at Stony Brook Southampton College on Thursday morning, as officials including Secretary of the Interior…
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New York’s Empire Wind 1 Gets Federal Green Light for Grid Connection

Equinor has received an approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to connect the Empire Wind 1 offshore wind project directly into the New York City’s transmission system.
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Two major New York offshore wind projects are back on track

By Maria Gallucci   02/29/24  
Two major offshore wind farms slated for New York’s waters are back on track after a brutal 2023 threatened to derail the projects — and the emerging industry’s prospects in the U.S. On Thursday, New…
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Governor Hochul Announces Two Offshore Wind Project Awards, to Deliver Clean Power in 2026

Empire Wind I and Sunrise Wind Will Foster More Than 800 Near-term, Family-Sustaining Jobs
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Wind farm off the Massachusetts coast begins delivering steady flow of power

By Steve Leblanc   02/23/24  
Vineyard Wind, the wind farm under construction off the coast of Massachusetts, has begun delivering energy to the power grid from five of its planned 62 wind turbines, company and state officials said Thursday.
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Mass. Clean Energy Center completes $30 million deal for Salem port land to help build wind farms

By Jon Chesto   02/23/24  
The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has acquired land for its second terminal for offshore wind farm construction by completing a $30 million purchase this week of 42 acres on Salem Harbor. The quasi-public agency’s acquisition…
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Interior advances major NY offshore wind project

By Heather Richards   02/23/24  
The Biden administration approved a New York offshore wind project Thursday that could power more than 1 million homes in the state if the developer also wins a state contract to pay for the electricity.…
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MassCEC, City of Salem, and Crowley Announce Agreements for Salem Offshore Wind Terminal

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), Crowley Wind Services, a global maritime transportation and logistics company, and the City of Salem today announced the transfer of ownership and an agreement for site improvements and ongoing…
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Governor Mills Announces Sears Island as Preferred Site for Port to Support Floating Offshore Wind

Governor Janet Mills today announced that the State of Maine has selected a section of state-owned Sears Island that is reserved for port development as its preferred site for a port facility to support the…
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No, Wind Farms Aren’t ‘Driving Whales Crazy’

By Lisa Friedman   02/16/24  
As the South Carolina Republican primary approaches, former President Donald J. Trump, the front-runner, is increasingly hammering President Biden with inaccurate statements on energy issues.
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BOEM finalizes two Oregon offshore wind energy areas with up to 2.4 GW in capacity

By Diana DiGangi   02/14/24  
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced Tuesday that it has made two final wind energy area, or WEA, designations offshore Oregon, totaling around 195,012 acres and offering up to 2.4 GW of potential capacity.
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We’re turning the tide on offshore wind in New York

By Fred Zalcman   02/12/24  
Alarming weather patterns, damaging coastal flooding, thickening smoke-filled skies, and fluctuating energy costs are clear reminders we must stay steadfast in our transition to clean energy, including offshore wind. But, a perfect storm creating financial…
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U.S. Department of Energy Establishing National Center of Excellence to Accelerate Domestic Offshore Wind Industry

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced it is investing $4.75 million to establish a new national center of excellence to accelerate reliable and equitable offshore wind energy deployment across the nation. The Academic…
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Americans on the Coast Actually Love Offshore Wind, a New Poll Shows

By Emily Pontecorvo   02/07/24  
Last year, I got two kinds of stories about offshore wind in my inbox. One was about the industry’s struggle with inflation and higher interest rates. The other was about rampant claims that the industry…
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House leaders prepping legislation to boost Maryland offshore wind

By Josh Kurtz   02/07/24  
Stung by news that one of the two companies that was planning to install wind energy turbines off the coast of Ocean City is reassessing its projects, House leaders are drafting legislation designed to shore…
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Connecticut Wind Collaborative Launches, Targets Regional Offshore Wind Projects

By Adnan Memija   02/05/24  
The Connecticut Wind Collaborative has been launched with the formation of an initial board of directors. The collaborative is part of the state’s offshore strategic roadmap, announced last October, which calls for the new nonprofit…
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Community Offshore Wind submits proposal for New York’s fourth offshore wind solicitation

Community Offshore Wind, a joint venture of RWE and National Grid Ventures, has submitted a proposal to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to provide New York State with clean energy…
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Dominion project gets final permitsDominion wind project gets final 2 permits

By Dave Ress Ricmond   01/31/24  
The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management issued its final approval of Dominion's construction and operations plan. This is a detailed plan for building and operating an offshore facility that the bureau reviews for its…
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2.6 GW Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project Gets Final Federal Go-Ahead to Begin Construction

By Adnan Memija   01/30/24  
Dominion Energy has received the last two major federal approvals needed to begin construction of its 2.6 GW Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project, located 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach in the…
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Biden administration lays out strategy to protect endangered whales during wind power development

By Zack Budryk   01/25/24  
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) on Thursday finalized their strategy on the protection of endangered North Atlantic right whales in the offshore wind power development process.
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Orsted Ramps Up Bet on US Offshore Wind With New York Deal

By Will Wade and Will Mathis   01/25/24  
Orsted A/S agreed to buy out its joint venture partner in a New York offshore wind farm after abandoning two New Jersey projects last year and taking $4 billion in impairment charges.
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Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Mitigation Can Ease Offshore Wind Opponents’ Pain

By Mary Lhowe   01/25/24  
Opponents of offshore wind offer different reasons for their position: fear of impacts on the marine ecology; fear of loss of income for fishers; fear of loss of tourism dollars and private property values due…
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New Jersey approves two offshore wind projects totaling 3.7 GW

By Diana DiGangi   01/25/24  
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities announced Wednesday that it has awarded 2.4 GW of capacity to the Leading Light Wind project and around 1.3 GW of capacity to Attentive Energy Two as part…
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In a historic first, a US offshore wind farm delivers power to the grid

By Michelle Lewis   01/19/24  
New York’s South Fork Wind has become the first utility-scale offshore wind farm to generate power in the US.
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How to weather the offshore wind storm

By Adam Wentworth   01/12/24  
Over the course of three decades the technology has gone from research project to global energy technology. The first offshore wind farm was installed in Danish waters in 1991. The 11 turbines had a total…
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Take a Look at the First Major Offshore Wind Farm to Power U.S. Homes

By Patrick McGeehan   01/11/24  
More than 30 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean, the first colossal steel turbines have started spinning at South Fork Wind, turning offshore breezes into electricity that lights homes on Long Island.
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Solution Deniers

By Jenny Noble   01/11/24  
“I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much. They kill the birds.” — a former U.S. president. When a dead humpback whale washed up on a New Jersey beach in 2022 —…
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Whitehouse Bill Would Tighten, Clarify Process of Approving Offshore Wind Projects

By Mary Lhowe   01/10/24  
U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has released an early draft of a proposed bill that would streamline the process of proposing, permitting, and building offshore wind projects, as well as moving the electricity…
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The Wind Workers of West Texas

By Will Kubzansky   01/05/24  
If one were to go looking for a Permian Basin of wind — a wind energy superregion waiting to be born — the actual Permian Basin wouldn’t be a bad place to start.
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Massachusetts Switches On Its First Large Offshore Wind Farm

By Brad Plumer   01/04/24  
The first large offshore wind farm in New England has started producing electricity, a milestone for an industry that has struggled to get off the ground over the past year.
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Power up: Vineyard Wind sends electricity to the grid

By Jennette Barnes   01/04/24  
New England’s first large offshore wind farm has delivered electricity to the grid.
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What Ails Offshore Wind: Supply Chains, Ships and Interest Rates

By Ivan Penn and Others   12/11/23  
A few years ago, interest in offshore wind energy was so strong that developers proposed spending tens of billions of dollars to plunk hundreds of turbines the size of skyscrapers in the Atlantic Ocean from…
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Decades after Europe, turning blades send first commercial offshore wind power onto US grid

By Jennifer Mcdermott   12/08/23  
Despite some recent financial setbacks, U.S. offshore windpower has hit a milestone. An 800-foot tall turbine is now sending electricity onto the grid from a commercial-scale offshore wind farm on pace to be the country’s…
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Could NJ’s 1st wind projects be salvaged? It’s not up to Gov. Murphy

By Nancy Solomon   12/07/23  
When the world’s largest wind developer backed out of two projects it planned off the New Jersey shore, it dealt a potentially catastrophic blow to Gov. Phil Murphy’s ambitious plans for all-clean energy sales by…
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New York Turns On Its First Offshore Wind Farm

By Patrick McGeehan   12/06/23  
New York State has leaped into the era of offshore wind power, with electricity generated over the Atlantic Ocean now flowing to homes on Long Island.
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New York launches bid to save floundering offshore wind projects

By Benjamin Storrow   11/30/23  
New York extended a lifeline Thursday to four offshore wind projects struggling to stay afloat, saying it will accept bids for new offshore wind proposals until the end of January.
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Our view: NJ offshore wind energy is not the failure that many believe, just an economic pause

We’d like to think that the ardent, politicized fight over offshore wind energy concluded with the Halloween cancellation of the first New Jersey projects. That’s unlikely because U.S. offshore wind has only paused and when…
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Equinor-BP’s 2.1-GW offshore Empire Wind project receives federal approval

By Diana DiGangi   11/22/23  
Empire Wind, an Equinor and BP project being developed off the coast of New York, has received federal approval, the Department of the Interior announced Tuesday.
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Ørsted, Eversource install New York’s first offshore wind turbine

By Diana Digangi   11/21/23  
The 130-MW South Fork Wind wind farm offshore New York has installed its first turbine, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office announced Monday.
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Despite loss of 2 major projects, New Jersey is moving forward with its offshore wind power goals

By Wayne Parry   11/17/23  
Despite the loss of two major offshore wind farm projects when Danish developer Orsted pulled out of New Jersey, the state is moving forward with its plans to support and grow the nascent industry.
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Treasury floats tax lifeboat for struggling offshore wind

By Heather Richards and Brian Dabbs   11/17/23  
The Biden administration rolled out a major tax proposal Friday that offers hope to an offshore wind sector that’s been swamped in recent months by financial problems.
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Cape Cod residents say no to offshore wind transmission lines under beaches

By Sabrina Shankman   11/14/23  
The scene at Barnstable High School on a recent Monday night felt like a homecoming rally — all anxious energy, cheers, and hugs. A crush of bodies flooded the hallway as revelers greeted friends and…
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First South Fork Wind Turbine to Be Installed Soon

By Christopher Walsh   11/09/23  
Orsted, the Danish energy company that with Eversource Energy is developing the South Fork Wind farm, will write off as much as $5.6 billion, it was reported last week, and has canceled two offshore wind…
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South Fork Wind Farm Will Not Be Impacted by Soaring Industry Costs, Developer Says

By Michael Wright   11/08/23  
The runaway train momentum that had seemed to be driving the burgeoning offshore wind energy industry unstoppably forward has been slowed, somewhat, in recent months by surging costs that have... more
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Wind Power, Key to Democrats’ Climate-Change Goals, Faces a Crisis

By Patrick McGeehan   11/02/23  
Before the end of this year, thousands of families in New York could be using electricity produced by a wind farm off the eastern tip of Long Island that will be the state’s first. But…
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Everyone’s Mad at Offshore Wind Developers

By Matthew Zeitlin   11/01/23  
The Danish energy company Orsted pulled the plug on two big offshore wind projects in New Jersey on Tuesday, taking a $4 billion write-down in the process. Orsted’s decision is just the latest example of…
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Offshore Wind Firm Cancels N.J. Projects, as Industry’s Prospects Dim

By Stanley Reed and Tracey Tully   11/01/23  
Plans to build two wind farms off the coast of New Jersey were scrapped, the company behind them said on Wednesday, a blow to the state’s efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and the latest…
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