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According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2018, about 17% of the electricity generated was from renewable sources (primarily wind, solar & hydropower), with 1.6% coming from solar.

In early 2019, the Solar Foundation released its National Solar Census, which shows that, since 2017, the total number of jobs in the industry has now fallen for the second year in a row. 242,343 people were employed in solar jobs in 2018, a 3.2% decline on the previous year. That comes after the industry contracted by 3.8% in 2017, primarily as a result of tariffs.

The outlook for jobs in the industry is expected to improve in 2019 due to a backlog of utility-scale projects and new policy incentives in key U.S. states. The Solar Foundation has forecast a 7% increase in jobs for this year, bringing the total to 259,400.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory, October 2021


The state that generates much more renewable energy than any other

By Dan Gearino 03/09/23
Here’s a state-by-state tally of the leaders and laggards for wind, solar and other renewable energy in 2022.
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Scientists make breakthrough with ‘miracle material’ that may revolutionize solar panels: ‘This could be an absolute game changer’

By Ben Stern 03/02/23
Solar power is becoming cheaper and easier to get, but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Solar panels that are usually made from silicon have large up-front costs and generally last between 25 and 30…
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The forgotten story of Jimmy Carter’s White House solar panels

The glass, aluminum, and stainless steel panels reclined at low angles and basked in the sun as the men in suits and ties, flanked by reporters, took to the West Wing roof to look at…
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Republican Operatives Are Astroturfing Opposition to Solar Power

By Molly Taft 02/20/23
Several grassroots groups opposed to solar projects in local areas may have one thing in common: a Virginia-based group with powerful GOP connections advising them on strategy. National Public Radio and environmental news collective Floodlight…
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Biden earmarks billions for rooftop solar under climate law

By Jennifer A Dlouhy 02/14/23
In the government’s initial moves to allocate the $27 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, it gave home and community solar a boost but dodged a decision on creating a national green bank.
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Solar Panels Are the Midwest’s New Cash Crop as Green Energy Booms

By Brian Eckhouse and Naureen S. Malik 02/07/23
The greening of red-state America, well underway in the Sun Belt, is now accelerating in the Midwest. Ohio and Indiana — two Republican-led US states long dependent on coal power — are on the verge…
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Solar Energy Technologies Office

Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) announced the American-Made Net Load Forecasting Prize, which is designed to increase adoption of the state-of-the-art in net load forecasting. The net load…
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U.S. lawmakers seek repeal of Biden solar tariff waiver

By Nichola Groom 01/27/23
A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday introduced a resolution to repeal President Joe Biden's suspension of import tariffs on solar panels from four Southeast Asian nations, according to…
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JFK Airport’s New Terminal One Gets a Solar Boost

By Sri Taylor 01/26/23
John F. Kennedy International Airport’s New Terminal One will get the largest rooftop solar array on any US airport — part of a set of sustainability features aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and blunting…
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Why Not Cover Ugly Parking Lots With Solar Panels?

By William Ralston 01/23/23
A BACKLASH AGAINST industrial-size solar farms is brewing. At least 75 big solar projects were vetoed across the United States last year, compared to 19 in 2021. And between January 2021 and July 2022, planning…
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DOE Launches $10 Million Prize to Accelerate Community Solar in Underrepresented Communities

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s National Community Solar Partnership (NCSP) today launched a slate of initiatives to support the deployment of equitable community solar projects and recognized projects exemplifying best practices in community solar.…
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Governor Hochul Announces Approval of Siting Permits for Three Major Solar Energy Facilities

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the New York State Office of Renewable Energy issued three siting permits that will deliver enough clean energy to power over 69,000 New York homes for at least 20 years.…
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Solar Market Insight Report 2022 Q2

In Q1 2022, the US solar market installed 3.9 GWdc of solar capacity, a 24% decrease from Q1 2021 and a 52% decrease from Q4 2021. This represents the weakest quarter for US solar installations…

Federal Solar Tax Credit Guide (2022)

Since 2005, the federal government has incentivized homeowners to switch to solar through the solar investment tax credit (ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit. Currently, this tax credit lets you claim 26%…

How solar power works

Solar energy is quickly becoming a more popular and affordable power source for homeowners and businesses. With residential solar energy, you can lower your carbon footprint and see substantial cost savings.

Investing in a Clean Energy Future: Solar Energy Research, Deployment, and Workforce Priorities

The immediate need for action on climate change has been made clear in the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Limiting the rise in global temperatures would help avoid future catastrophic…

Solar Power Solutions Brief

Solar power has expanded dramatically in recent years, becoming the leading technology installed for new power generation around the world. In 2019, it accounted for 45% of global capacity added. Last year, solar power became…

2035 Report

Scientists say we must cut global carbon emissions in half by 2030 to avoid catastrophic climate impacts.

Solar carports: how do they work and how much do they cost?

While a typical carport or patio cover provides shading and is undoubtedly a value-add for a home or automobile owner, its one-dimensional simplicity is a missed opportunity. If you’re a PV fanatic following emerging technologies in the solar industry,…

Depreciation of Solar Energy Property in MACRS

Businesses rely on policy certainty to make long-term investment decisions. SEIA supports smart tax policy that drives continued innovation in the solar industry. Depreciation is one aspect of the tax code that facilitates greater investment…

California Solar Data Current Through: Q4 2019

California has the largest solar market in the U.S. and has been a longtime champion of solar because of the many economic and environmental benefits it provides, including $57 billion in investment in the state.

Calculate your solar panel savings

Use this solar panel calculator to quickly estimate your solar potential and savings by address. Estimates are based on your roof, electricity bill, and actual offers in your area.

Top Solar Energy Facts e-book

Scientists estimate that more than enough solar energy strikes the planet every hour to power the entire globe for a full year.

Solar Power Events

Solar Power Events, the premier events series for the North American solar & storage markets, is presented by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) & Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA). Alongside North America Smart Energy Week,…

Go solar: top 10 benefits of solar energy

There are many reasons why homeowners go solar, but improving the environment and cutting energy costs are the most common. Many people are aware that solar is a great home efficiency upgrade and are eager…

Coalition for Community Solar Access

The Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA) is a national Coalition of businesses and non-profits working to expand customer choice and access to solar to all American households and businesses through community solar. Community solar…

Vote Solar

Since 2002, Vote Solar has been working to lower solar costs and expand solar access. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Vote Solar advocates for state policies and programs needed to repower our electric grid with clean…

Solar Energy Industry Association

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA®) is the driving force behind solar energy and is building a strong solar industry to power America through advocacy and education. As the national trade association in the U.S.,…

Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar

The United States has enough solar energy installed to power over 11 million American homes. America’s cities and towns play a key role in driving the adoption of clean, renewable energy. Yet, most have only…


Exclusive: DOE official warns of solar supply chain risks

By Jael Holzman   01/05/23  
Relying on Asia for imports could pose a risk to U.S. solar growth, a top Department of Energy official told Axios in an interview. Why it matters: The department is shedding light on where it…
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California just slashed rooftop solar incentives. What happens next?

By Sammy Roth   12/15/22  
California sharply reduced incentive payments for rooftop solar power Thursday, taking a sledgehammer to a program that helped 1.5 million homes and businesses put solar panels on their roofs and made the state a leader…
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New clean energy investments have topped $40B since the IRA passed, report says

By Diana DiGangi   12/15/22  
US solar industry is building domestic manufacturing capacity as it awaits a tariff decision by Commerce Department.
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Bill Gates-Backed Startup Plans Large Solar Power Component Plant

By Phred Dvorak   12/15/22  
A startup backed by investors including Bill Gates is racing to build what could be the first silicon wafer factory for solar panels in the U.S., the latest example of the influence of recent legislation…
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Utility-scale solar installations forecasted to decline 40% in 2022 as supply chain challenges persist

By Diana DiGangi   12/15/22  
Solar capacity added in the U.S. declined by 17% in Q3 2022 compared to Q3 2021, with the market adding 4.6 GW, according to the 2022 U.S. Solar Market Insight by Wood Mackenzie and the…
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Renewables to overtake coal as world’s top energy source by 2025, IEA says

By Rachel Pannett   12/12/22  
The global energy crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine has sped up existing growth in renewables, particularly solar power, a new report says....
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MIT develops a scalable manufacturing technique to produce paper-thin, lightweight fabric solar cells that can be stuck onto any surface

By Derick Lila   12/12/22  
MIT researchers have developed a printable fabric solar cell that can generate 18 times more power per kilogram than conventional solar cells.
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Smoke From California Wildfires Dimmed Solar Energy in 2020

By Cristen Hemingway Jaynes   12/09/22  
In September of 2020, the smoke from major wildfires in California made the skies so dark that the state’s solar power production was reduced by 10 to 30 percent during peak hours, according to a…
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Workers on Solar’s Front Lines

By Lee Harris   12/07/22  
Gary Bylander has spent the last four years traveling the country in his camper installing solar panels, mostly through the temp staffing agency Aerotek. His last job was in San Antonio, where he worked for…
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Want to solve climate change? Open more land to solar.

By Sammy Roth   12/01/22  
Ending the climate crisis will almost certainly require putting solar panels and wind turbines on huge amounts of land — some of it valuable wildlife habitat, some of it now used for food production, some…
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Car Companies Are Now Bundling EVs With Home Solar Panels

By Dan Gearino   12/01/22  
It makes sense that someone buying an electric vehicle would also want to buy a charging system and get it installed. But how about solar panels, and home battery storage?
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To boost solar, the US should use more carrots and fewer sticks

By John Paul Helveston   11/11/22  
As world leaders gather this week in Egypt for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP27, extreme weather events like hurricanes, heat waves and drought continue to increase in intensity and frequency.
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New California rooftop-solar plan drops ​‘solar tax,’ but fears remain

By Jeff St. John   11/10/22  
California regulators want to promote equity and boost batteries to shore up the grid. Critics on both sides say the latest net-metering plan misses the mark.
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California pushes a new plan to cut rooftop solar incentives

By Sammy Roth   11/10/22  
California is poised to reduce payments to homes and businesses that go solar for clean electricity they supply to the power grid — a landmark shift in how the state promotes a crucial technology for…
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California Regulators Propose Cutting Compensation for Rooftop Solar

By Ivan Penn   11/10/22  
For a second time in less than a year, regulators in California moved on Thursday to roll back the compensation that homeowners receive from utilities for the excess electricity their rooftop solar panels send to…
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Why the Feared Wave of Solar Panel Waste May Be Smaller and Arrive Later Than We Expected

By Dan Gearino   11/03/22  
“Don’t panic,” said Heather Mirletz at the Colorado School of Mines, lead author of a recent paper that challenges several assumptions about what could happen when today’s generation of solar panels near retirement age.
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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? | Average Solar Panels Cost by State & Home Size (2022)

By Sarah Horvath   10/27/22  
The major deterrent for solar panel installation is usually the upfront cost. While solar panel systems can save you thousands of dollars on your energy bills over time, they often present major installation costs. Thankfully,…
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Will Agrivoltaic Farming Have a Role in Our Food and Energy Future?

By Jane Marsh   10/20/22  
Many people in the agriculture sector and elsewhere balk at opportunities to do things differently unless they have strong assurances those changes will bring benefits. An Oregon State University team investigated the effects of co-developing…
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Solar and wind energy saved Texans more than $7 billion in 2022 so far

By Noor Adatia   10/18/22  
Researchers examined how much more expensive electricity would have been if the Texas grid did not use wind and solar power.
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Changing This One Thing Would Make Solar Power Perfect

By Will Lockett   10/17/22  
Solar power is fantastic. It is by far the cheapest energy we have ever had at only $0.06 per kWh and has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any energy source at only 6g/kWh.…
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Throwing Shade Is Solar Energy’s New Superpower

By Adam Minter   10/02/22  
In rural America, the shoulder-high corn is increasingly competing with a new cash crop: solar power. Acres of solar panels shine brightly in fields along interstates and rural byways, signaling a change in how America's…
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Are there better places to put large solar farms than these forests?

By Gabriel Popkin   09/21/22  
In Charlotte County, population 11,448, forests and farms slope gently toward pretty little streams. The Roanoke River, whose floodplain includes one of the most ecologically valuable and intact forests in the Mid-Atlantic, forms the county’s…
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Are There Better Places to Put Large Solar Farms Than These Forests?

By Gabriel Popkin   09/21/22  
CHARLOTTE COURT HOUSE, Va. — In Charlotte County, population 11,448, forests and farms slope gently toward pretty little streams. The Roanoke River, whose floodplain includes one of the most ecologically valuable and intact forests in…
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University Student Invents Solar Panels Made From Food Waste That Produce Energy Even Through Cloudy Weather

When Carvey Ehren Maigue’s transition glasses darkened as rain clouds blanketed the sky, he realized something that the creator and manufacturers of solar panels have been missing for decades. Apparently, ultraviolet light still comes through…
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California is finally unlocking community solar for the masses

By Julian Spector   09/08/22  
California leads the nation in rooftop solar installations by a long shot. But it has never managed to craft a viable community solar market for people who can’t put panels on their own roofs. That’s…
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California is throwing some shade at its water crisis

By Alex Fitzpatrick   09/01/22  
An innovative plan to conserve water by covering aqueducts with solar panels is about to undergo testing in drought-stricken California. Why it matters: Water is becoming more precious by the day in the Golden State…
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First Solar says it will spend up to $1.2 billion to expand U.S. production.

By Ivan Penn   08/30/22  
First Solar, a big solar panel manufacturer, said on Tuesday that it would invest up to $1.2 billion to build its fourth factory in the United States, in large part because Congress this month passed…
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US Homes Add Rooftop Solar at a Record Clip to Cut Power Bills

By Naureen S Malik   08/29/22  
US households will install a record amount of solar this year to help slash electricity bills, according to a BloombergNEF analysis. Residential solar installations will increase by about 5.6 gigawatts in 2022, led by Florida,…
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How Puerto Rico could call on rooftop solar to avoid blackouts

By Maria Gallucci   08/16/22  
Puerto Rico’s troubled electric grid was recently thrust into the national spotlight yet again — not because of an islandwide blackout, but over blistering remarks made by one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Puerto…
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The Inflation Reduction Act could revive solar manufacturing in the US

By Eric Wesoff   08/12/22  
Now that the Democrats’ major climate and tax bill has been passed, the United States might actually end up with an effective industrial policy for the clean energy and electrification sectors. The Inflation Reduction Act…
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The US Climate Bill Could Make Now the Best Time to Go Solar

By Todd Woody   08/05/22  
If signed into law as written, the climate bill before the US Congress would change the calculus for American households thinking about going solar. The legislation stands to make that transition more affordable while also…
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The Energy Transition Runs Into a Ditch in Rural Ohio

By Dan Gearino   07/29/22  
Ohio—Mark Schein sings from the back row, aware that many of the people in the other pews view him as their enemy.His wife, Toni, stands by his side, but the rows around them are all…
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Inside Clean Energy: What’s Hotter than Solar Panels? Solar Windows.

By Dan Gearino   07/28/22  
The tantalizing idea behind solar windows is that the vertical surfaces on the outside of just about any building could unobtrusively generate electricity.
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Biden administration announces initiatives to boost solar energy use

By Rachel Frazin   07/27/22  
The Biden administration is announcing several initiatives aimed at boosting the deployment of solar energy. A fact sheet from the administration framed the measure as a way to cut energy costs and create jobs —…
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Workshops help people figure out if rooftop solar is right for them

By YCC Team   07/21/22  
Installing solar panels can reduce your carbon pollution and save you money on energy bills. But John Hay, an extension educator at the University of Nebraska, says it’s not a perfect solution for everyone.
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Climate bill defeat a blow to U.S. solar production, First Solar CEO says

By Nichola Groom   07/19/22  
The collapse last week of legislation that includes subsidies for domestic solar panel output is a blow to nascent efforts to wean the solar industry off major reliance on China, the chief executive of the…
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Solar ‘resilience hubs’ coming to three Minneapolis neighborhoods

By Danny Spewak   07/18/22  
Three Minneapolis neighborhoods will implement "resilience hubs" in the near future, outfitting buildings with solar rooftops and battery storage to create microgrids that can generate power even in the event of a natural disaster.
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Net zero climate target could fail without more copper supply -report

By Ernest Scheyder   07/15/22  
Efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 are likely to remain out of reach as copper supply fails to match demand amid growing use of solar panels, electric vehicles and other renewable technologies, data from…
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Biden administration unveils new funding for domestic solar manufacturing

By Reuters   07/14/22  
The Biden administration on Thursday said it would pour $56 million into programs aimed at spurring domestic manufacturing of solar energy products as the U.S. seeks to move its clean energy sector away from a…
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New technology surpasses long-sought solar energy milestone

Engineers at Princeton University, supported by a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation, have developed a new class of renewable solar energy technology. The team successfully manufactured a perovskite solar cell that can operate…
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Solar, storage projects set to bring jobs, tax revenue to Illinois coal communities

By Kari Lydersen   07/12/22  
The sites for the installations were recently announced, along with five other former coal plants that will host standalone energy storage projects. Vistra, which owns the solar-plus-storage sites, will receive a premium for renewable energy…
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How a Solar and Storage Portfolio Ramped Up a City’s Sustainability and Financial Outlook

By Sonal Patel   07/01/22  
The City of White Plains in Westchester County, New York, a densely populated outer suburb of New York City that serves as the county seat and commercial hub of Westchester, had fostered a vision for…
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Turning Public Transit into a Solar Paradigm

By Kennedy Maze   07/01/22  
Singer-songwriter Paul Simon once advised that one of the 50 ways to leave your lover is to “hop on the bus, Gus.” But on Martha’s Vineyard, the popular vacation destination off the Massachusetts coast, hopping…
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How rooftop solar got big: Sunrun hits milestone of 5 gigawatts installed

By Julian Spector   06/28/22  
Sunrun never collapsed; instead, it grew steadily through the ups and downs of the industry’s famously volatile ​“solar coaster.” On Tuesday, the company announced that it has installed a total of 5 gigawatts of solar…
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Shifting America to Solar Power Is a Grueling, Low-Paid Job

By Lauren Kaori Gurley   06/27/22  
Thomas Shade got his first job in a solar field at age 41. "I fell in love with it. I left a job where I didn't feel like a human," Shade told Motherboard. At 16,…
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Solar developers pledge $6B for made-in-America panels

By David Laconangelo   06/22/22  
Several large U.S. solar developers have announced a new coalition that will buy up to $6 billion in made-in-America panels, in a move that could more than double the country’s panel-manufacturing capacity. The new US…
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A land rush for renewable energy is transforming the Eastern Plains

By Mark Jaffe   06/19/22  
A race to meet state climate goals — and to get expiring federal tax credits along the way — has led to a flurry of wind and solar activity.
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50 states of solar incentives: New Jersey

By Tim Sylvia   06/15/22  
One of the country’s most historically healthy and active solar markets, New Jersey has perennially been a top-10 state in terms of installed capacity and projects in construction. The state’s new incentive program, passed in…
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Biden to pause new solar tariffs as White House encourages adoption

By Ana Swanson, David Gelles and Jim Tankersley   06/06/22  
The Commerce Department had been considering whether to impose the tariffs as part of a trade case against Chinese companies.
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Biden to invoke Defense Production Act for clean energy

By Ben Geman and Andrew Freedman   06/06/22  
President Biden will shield solar project developers from the costs of potential trade penalties and offer new federal support for domestic panel manufacturing, the White House said Monday.
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