Chinese Lithium Miners Undeterred by EV Battery Overcapacity

By Annie Lee 05/14/24
Overcapacity in China’s battery industry looks unlikely to deter producers of the raw ingredients that are powering the energy transition.
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The Tiny Nation at the Vanguard of Mining the Ocean Floor

By Pete McKenzie 05/10/24
Two ships arrived in the Cook Islands in the South Pacific in March of last year. One was a familiar sight: a massive cruise ship, bringing hundreds of tourists to the pristine shores of this…
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Interior Said to Reject Industrial Road Through Alaskan Wilderness

By Lisa Friedman 04/16/24
The Biden administration is expected to deny permission for a 211-mile industrial road through fragile Alaskan wilderness to a large copper deposit, handing a victory to environmentalists in an election year when the president wants…
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Lithium Companies Fight Over Water in the Arid Great Basin

By Daniel Rothberg 04/08/24
Over the past few decades, the United States has imported most of its lithium from Chile and Argentina, but there’s one major domestic source of the mineral—Nevada. Clayton Valley, a remote basin in the nation’s…
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Mining Companies Say They Have a Better Way to Get Underground Lithium, but Skepticism Remains

By Wyatt Myskow 03/24/24
When Kelly Dunham heard that water was gushing out from a test well earlier this month for a proposed lithium mine in the middle of this rural city of 900 residents, she went to see…
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The U.S. May Have Just Scored A Win Against China In The Battle Over A Key Mineral

By Alexander C. Kaufman, Chris D'Angelo 03/21/24
China controls 98% of the world’s production of gallium, a soft, silvery metal used to make semiconductors, LED screens, and solar panels — and a key ingredient in next-generation weapons. Last July, after the United…
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US Offers Record $2.26 Billion Loan for Nevada Lithium Plant

By Ari Natter 03/14/24
The Biden administration is offering a $2.26 billion loan to help Lithium Americas Corp. develop a Nevada lithium deposit that’s the country’s largest. The conditional loan from the US Department of Energy will provide the…
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Domestic uranium enrichment gets $2.7B boost from US Senate

By Brian Martucci 02/16/24
The Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2024 funds conventional and advanced U.S. uranium enrichment capabilities, but the bill faces an uncertain future in the U.S. House.
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In rural Utah, concern over efforts to use Colorado River water to extract lithium

By Suman Naishadham and Brittany Peterson 02/08/24
A plan to extract lithium — the lustrous, white metal used in electric vehicle batteries — in southeast Utah is adding to an anxiety familiar in the arid American West: how the project could affect…
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Norway’s Deep-Sea Mining Decision Is a Warning

By Eliza Gkritsi 01/12/24
Politicians claim the move could provide vital minerals for the green transition. Critics say opening up exploration creates geopolitical headaches and is environmentally unsound. The Norwegian Parliament voted this week to allow companies to scour…
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Electric Vehicle Push Returns North Carolina to Its Lithium Mining Roots

By Alan Rappeport 11/30/23
The Kings Mountain hiking trail known as Cardio Hill overlooks a pit full of rainwater the size of a lake, but the craggy terrain situated about 30 miles west of Charlotte is now one of…
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The Salton Sea has even more lithium than previously thought, new report finds

By Sammy Roth 11/28/23
Want to produce a huge amount of lithium for electric vehicle batteries — and also batteries that keep our homes powered after sundown — without causing the environmental destruction that lithium extraction often entails?
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2023 Mining Facts

If ever there were doubts around the necessity of mining, 2022 put those doubts to rest. From the minerals access required for electrification and future energy technologies, to coal availability that held off blackouts and…

Reduce lithium-ion battery fire risk for e-skateboards, e-scooters, and e-bikes

Know how to safely care for, replace, and re-charge lithium batteries—increasingly common in household devices but also the cause of at least six recent fires in Berkeley when left charging unattended.

Nevada lithium mine might doom rare wildflower, conservationists say

In the early hours of June 1, 2019, a pair of scientists trekked up a desert hillside to visit a rare wildflower for the first time. "I'll never forget it as long as I live,"…

‘Silicon Valley of lithium’: Nevada mine breaks ground

What could become the nation’s largest lithium mine broke ground in Nevada this week, positioning the political swing state as a likely leader in pumping out battery minerals critical for making electric vehicles and meeting…


Lithium Rout Deepens With Battery Metal Now Down 75% This Year

By Yvonne Yue Li and Annie Lee   11/23/23  
Lithium extended an almost monthlong run of declines, taking its drop this year to 75%, with expectations the rout in the electric-vehicle battery metal is far from over.
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Judge rules against tribes in fight over Nevada lithium mine they say is near sacred massacre site

By Scott Sonner   11/17/23  
A federal judge in Nevada has dealt another legal setback to Native American tribes trying to halt construction of one of the biggest lithium mines in the world.
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Groundbreaking study makes huge discovery about recycled lithium-ion batteries: ‘[This is] increasingly needed’

By Brett Aresco   10/26/23  
As if you needed yet another reason to recycle your electronics with lithium-ion batteries, a study in the science journal Joule shows that recycled lithium-ion batteries may outperform their new counterparts.
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Breakthrough in Recycling EV Batteries Can Recover 100% of Aluminum and 98% of Lithium Thanks to Swedish Scientists

By Good News Network   10/19/23  
Swedish researchers say they have developed a new method of recycling batteries from electric vehicles that allows recovery of 100 percent of the aluminum and 98 percent of the lithium.
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Lithium-ion battery fires are a growing public safety concern − here’s how to reduce the risk

By Apparao Rao, Bingan Lu, Mihir Parekh and Morteza Sabet   09/26/23  
In today’s electronic age, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are ubiquitous. Compared with the lead-acid versions that have dominated the battery market for decades, lithium-ion batteries can charge faster and store more energy for the same amount…
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NASA May Have Just Cracked the Code for Replacing Lithium in Batteries: ‘Double or even triple the energy’

By Andy Corbley   09/25/23  
Along with routinely launching robots across the final frontier, NASA is also involved in sustainable aviation research, and this division may have cracked the code to creating a lighter, safer battery back with multiple times…
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America just hit the lithium jackpot

By Ross Andersen   09/14/23  
About 16.4 million years ago, magma surged through a raised mound near Nevada’s present-day border with Oregon and began spreading an unholy orange glow outward over the region. At the time, landscape-spanning lava flows regularly…
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As Companies Eye Massive Lithium Deposits in California’s Salton Sea, Locals Anticipate a Mixed Bag – Inside Climate News

By June Kim   08/26/23  
When Sonia Herbert, 78, opened a restaurant in Bombay Beach, a small California neighborhood about 80 miles northeast of San Diego, she welcomed the bustle of tourists and locals visiting the Salton Sea shoreline. Located…
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9th Circuit upholds Interior approval of massive lithium mine

By Niina H. Farah   07/18/23  
A federal appeals court on Monday upheld the Interior Department’s approval of a contested lithium mine in northern Nevada, angering environmentalists even as supporters said it was a victory for batteries in electric vehicles.
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Tribes object. But a federal ruling approves construction of the largest lithium mine

By Kirk Siegler   07/17/23  
In a blow to tribes, a U.S. appeals court has denied a last ditch legal effort to block construction of what's expected to be the largest lithium mine in North America on federal land in…
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Threatened by shortages, electric car makers race for supplies of lithium for batteries

By Joe Mcdonald   06/28/23  
Threatened by possible shortages of lithium for electric car batteries, automakers are racing to lock in supplies of the once-obscure “white gold” in a politically and environmentally fraught competition from China to Nevada to Chile.
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Insider Q&A: Lithium batteries have a 4-hour limit. Mateo Jaramillo hopes to solve that

By Isabella O’malley   06/19/23  
Wind and solar power are sometimes dinged for not producing electricity 24 hours a day, but one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, iron, could be key to changing that.
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Outrage mounts over proposed lithium battery storage facility in Hampton Bays

By News 12 Staff   06/09/23  
Outrage is mounting over a plan to build a lithium battery storage facility in Hampton Bays.
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There’s more lithium, boron at Rhyolite Ridge mine than expected

By Brent Schanding   05/17/23  
Mining officials with the massive Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron Project say the site holds as much as 168 percent more lithium and 18 percent more boron than previously reported. The discovery underscores the growth potential for…
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New project aims to change how we power EV batteries forever: ‘The biggest source of lithium carbonate in the US’

By Eliot Engelmaier   04/24/23  
North America’s very first battery-grade recycling hub just received a monumental boost in funding in the form of a $375 million loan. The hub will be financed by the Department of Energy (DOE) and will…
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NASA may have just cracked the code for replacing lithium in batteries for electric planes: ‘Double or even triple the energy it can store’

By Tokollo Matsabu   04/12/23  
NASA believes it has cracked the code in the quest to make electric planes a more viable technology.
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How to make lithium extraction cleaner, faster and cheaper — in six steps

By Andrew Z. Haddad and Others   04/06/23  
Demand for lithium for batteries and other green technologies is exploding. The industry must develop sustainable methods to remove and process the element from ores and brines to avoid environmental damage.
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Lithium is becoming more crucial in a warming world, but Maine’s huge deposits may never be mined because of environmental concerns

By David Abel   04/01/23  
Five years ago, after much of their land had been logged in Western Maine, Gary Freeman and a colleague were bushwhacking through a thicket of raspberry shrubs and maple saplings, searching for a treasure they…
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This revolutionary new ‘air’ technology can quadruple the capacity of lithium batteries: ‘The next generation of batteries’

By Laurelle Stelle   03/14/23  
Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the Argonne National Laboratory have developed a so-called “lithium-air battery” that can store almost four times as much energy as a lithium-ion battery of the same size,…
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Engineers invent genius battery solution for storing solar and wind energy without lithium: ‘The first in the world to do something like this’

By Kecia Bal   03/04/23  
Providing energy year-round has so far presented one of green power’s most insurmountable challenges — but now the world’s first fully functional sand battery, which can store green power for months, could present a valuable…
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Global demand for lithium batteries to leap five-fold by 2030- Li-Bridge

By Reuters   02/15/23  
Global demand for lithium batteries is expected to surge more than five-fold by 2030, public-private alliance Li-Bridge said on Wednesday, as more people opt for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.
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LPO Announces Conditional Commitment to Ioneer Rhyolite Ridge to Advance Domestic Production of Lithium and Boron, Boost U.S. Battery Supply Chain

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Loan Programs Office (LPO) has offered a conditional commitment to lend up to $700 million to Ioneer Rhyolite Ridge LLC to develop a domestic supply of lithium carbonate for…
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North Fork Residents Protest Proposed Lithium Battery Storage Facility

By Lisa Finn   11/30/22  
Angry residents are mobilizing to protest a proposed lithium battery energy storage facility that would be sited on bucolic Oregon Road in Cutchogue.
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Utah company aims to make waves creating lithium-ion batteries

By Ashtyn Asay   11/13/22  
With the electric vehicle market booming, one Utah County company is looking to help the U.S. gain a foothold in the lithium-ion battery business.
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Elon Musk says a lithium shortage is holding back Tesla. His solution? Building a lithium refinery in Texas

By Sean O' Kane   10/20/22  
Tesla is moving forward with plans to build a lithium refinery on the Texas Gulf Coast in a bid to gain more control over the supply chain for electric vehicle batteries. Chief Executive Officer Elon…
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Lithium prices putting pressure on electric vehicle costs

By Nathan Bomey   09/22/22  
Lithium prices have more than quadrupled over the last year as the rush from automakers to produce electric vehicles gains momentum. Why it matters: The spike in prices for raw lithium — a key material…
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Lithium: Storing more clean power with less pollution

By Peter Sinclair   09/15/22  
The renewable energy revolution will require the world to ratchet-up lithium production to make batteries for electric cars and devices. As with all mining, there are concerns about lithium mines, but some experts overstate the…
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Tesla Looking Into Building Lithium Refinery

By Dean Seal   09/09/22  
Tesla Inc. TSLA 1.58%▲ is looking into constructing a battery-grade lithium hydroxide refining facility that could support its electric-vehicle battery production. The car maker said in a form to the Texas Comptroller’s Office that it…
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California’s Lithium Rush For EV Batteries Hinges On Taming Toxic, Volcanic Brine

By Alan Ohnsman   08/31/22  
Wander the unpaved, dusty, rural roads southeast of California’s troubled Salton Sea on a baking, 112-degree Fahrenheit August afternoon and two things soon stand out. Improbably, this desert-adjacent part of the Golden State is a…
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The Department of Energy wants feedback on how to recycle lithium-ion batteries

By Justine Calma   08/30/22  
The Department of Energy just took a first step toward launching new lithium-ion battery recycling programs in the US. It issued a Request for Information (RFI) yesterday to ask for public input on how to…
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The Lithium Mine Versus the Wildflower

By Gregory Barber   06/17/22  
WHATEVER ACT OF violence occurred in the midsummer heat on that lonely white hill in Nevada, there was no one around to see it. By the time Naomi Fraga arrived there in mid-September, the air…
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Chart: Lithium prices are through the roof this year

By Julian Spector & Others   05/06/22  
As this chart shows, prices of lithium carbonate, the commodity that puts the lithium in lithium-ion batteries, have shot to the moon this year. It’s impossible to look at that trajectory without wondering what will…
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