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Opinion I was busted by the light police. They had a point.

By Dana Milbank 05/05/23
Just eight weeks after I bought a place in the Virginia countryside, I was busted by the light police. First came an email from somebody who lives across the valley from me. “Your new place…
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The most mysterious forests on Earth are underwater

By Benji Jones 05/03/23
A few miles west of San Diego is a stretch of ocean that’s rather unremarkable from the surface. The water is cold and blue. There’s some green seaweed peeking out.
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There’s Something in the Water in Virginia. Before You Say ‘Yuck,’ Wait.

By Elena Shao 10/20/22
Virginia doesn’t have a megadrought like some parts of the United States, but it has water problems all the same: Homes and businesses in the Hampton Roads region, in the southeastern corner of the state,…
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Towns May Grow Millions More Trees with $1.5B for Urban Forestry

By Alex Brown 08/25/22
Last year, legislators in Washington state passed a law to bolster the urban forestry work of the Department of Natural Resources. The agency’s urban and community forestry program, which had just two staffers in 2020,…
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Oregon officials defy order to halt farmer water deliveries

The Klamath Irrigation District in Southern Oregon plans to defy a U.S. government order issued last week for a halt to water deliveries to farmers in the drought-stricken basin. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation manages…
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A Painful Deadline Nears as Colorado River Reservoirs Run Critically Low

By Henry Fountain 07/21/22
States in the Colorado River basin are scrambling to propose steep cuts in the water they’ll use from the river next year, in response to a call by the federal government for immediate, drastic efforts…
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11 Steps to Encourage Water Conservation in Your Community

By Brian Brassaw 08/16/21
When Don and Lynn Ireland moved to Cherry Creek 3, they were a bit frustrated by the fact that the entire community shared one single water meter. This meant everyone was responsible for the community’s…
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The Race for EV Parts Leads to Risky Deep-Ocean Mining

By Tatiana Schlossberg 07/29/21
Nauru, lying about halfway across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean between Australia and Hawaii, is the world’s smallest island nation. But in the emerging industry of deep-sea mining, it punches far above its…
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Enlist the Ocean in Combatting Climate Change, Experts and Advocates Argue

By Sara Schonhardt 07/27/21
Climate scientists and marine advocates are calling on governments worldwide to look beyond green policymaking when it comes to climate change. They say a critical shade is missing in the fight against global warming.
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Climate Change Is Putting the Pressure on Crucial Coral Species in the Atlantic

By Carson Mccullough 07/19/21
Earth’s ongoing climate crisis has put a trio of critical stony coral species on a path towards an uncertain future that could have dire ramifications for their underwater biodomes, according to new research released Monday.
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Many cities want to plant trees. Why are some residents reluctant?

By YCC Team 07/09/21
To help limit climate change, the city of Pittsburgh intends to plant 100,000 new trees by 2030. The effort will focus on bringing more shade to low-income neighborhoods that lack green space. But some residents…
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How Trees Act As NYC’s “Natural Air Conditioning Units”

By Ben Yakas 07/01/21
You may have noticed that it's been a tad bit zesty outside this week—New York City has been under a heat advisory since Monday as record-breaking temperatures have made the city feel like the gooey,…
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A Smart Green Corridor

Innovative and efficient technologies, practices, designs and development come together in a smart green corridor to drive job creation, enhance water and soil resources, and increase community and economic value.

Science Empowering Communities In The Face Of Flooding

Surging Waters: Science Empowering Communities in the Face of Flooding is a report produced by AGU, a global not-for-profit scientific society dedicated to advancing the Earth and space sciences for the benefit of humanity.

Climate Ready Estuaries

CRE shares NEP examples to help other coastal managers, and provides technical guidance and assistance about climate change adaptation.

Storm Surge Inundation Map

This story map illustrates historical hurricane tracks, strike frequency, and potential areas of coastal flooding and inundation from storms by combining the National Hurricane Center’s (NHC’s) hurricane strike dataset.

What is Digital Coast?

This NOAA-sponsored website is focused on helping communities address coastal issues and has become one of the most-used resources in the coastal management community. The dynamic Digital Coast Partnership, whose members represent the website’s primary…

Association of State Floodplain Managers

The mission of ASFPM is to promote education, policies and activities that mitigate current and future losses, costs and human suffering caused by flooding, and to protect the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains -…


Find and download data for your coastal management needs.

Together, we’re connecting the dots

We connect the dots between your actions and our collective impact to create more environmental and social good.

Western Kentucky University Stormwater Utility Survey 2019

This is a very exciting year for stormwater utilities. First, New London formed the first stormwater utility in Connecticut. Secondly, New Jersey passed a state law that allows communities to form stormwater utilities in the…

The Great Flood of 2019: A complete picture of a slow-motion disaster

This year's flooding across the Midwest and the South affected nearly 14 million people, yet the full scale of the slowly unfolding disaster has been difficult to fathom. The volume of water is only one…

People truly need to understand the causes of sea level rise and the impact it has on our communities. By working together, we can develop smart solutions to protect against this ever-growing problem. Our communities can make…

Flood IQ

Flood iQ covers the East coast and the Gulf coast, and visualizes your risk of sea level rise flooding today and up to 15 years in the future. It is a web based application created…

Flood Resilience Portal

The Flood Resilience Portals are online spaces for sharing practical knowledge (including ‘solutions’) about why and how to build community flood resilience. They bring together all of the knowledge generated and exchanged through the Zurich…


Battling America’s ‘dirty secret’

By Sarah Kaplan   06/25/21  
Climate change raises the risk from failing sewage systems. So Catherine Coleman Flowers is working for a new way to deal with waste.
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Why ‘tiny forests’ are popping up in big cities

By Elizabeth Hewitt   06/22/21  
It’s a warm June afternoon, and in a thicket of elm and willow trees, a magpie chatters. A beetle crawls over a leaf. The forest, next to an 18-story building and a train line, is…
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In California’s Drier Future, What’s the Best Investment for Securing Water?

By Kate Wheeling   05/26/21  
Once again, California is in a drought. Much of Northern California and the Central Valley are experiencing “acute water supply shortfalls,” and the Sierra Nevada snowpack, a critical water source for Californians up and down the state…
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What to Save? Climate Change Forces Brutal Choices at National Parks.

By Zoë Schlanger   05/18/21  
For more than a century, the core mission of the National Park Service has been preserving the natural heritage of the United States. But now, as the planet warms, transforming ecosystems, the agency is conceding…
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U.S. Conservation and Restoration Plan a Blueprint for Nature

By Lynn Scarlett   05/06/21  
The White House today released its “America the Beautiful” initiative for a locally led and voluntary effort to reach the U.S. goal to conserve 30 percent of the country’s lands and waters by 2030. In…
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Op-Ed: How to save beaches and coastlines from climate change disasters

By Michael W. Beck   04/11/21  
The frequency of natural disasters has soared in recent decades. Total damage topped $210 billion worldwide in 2020. With climate change, the costs attributed to coastal storms will increase dramatically. At the same time, coastal…
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What’s Crucial in Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: Water Investments

By Kate Zerrenner   04/06/21  
Last week, the White House announced the American Jobs Plan, a far-reaching, economy-wide infrastructure and jobs investment proposal.
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‘There’s a red flag here’: how an ethanol plant is dangerously polluting a US village

By Carey Gillam   01/10/21  
Situation in Mead, Nebraska, where AltEn has been processing seed coated with fungicides and insecticides, is a warning sign, experts say
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Early Biden Climate Test: Groups Demand Tougher Rules on Building

By Christopher Flavelle   01/06/21  
President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has promised to help communities prepare for the effects of climate change. A new demand for tougher building standards could test that commitment.
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Wall Street Eyes Billions in the Colorado’s Water

By Ben Ryder Howe   01/03/21  
There is a myth about water in the Western United States, which is that there is not enough of it. But those who deal closely with water will tell you this is false. There is…
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Battling America’s ‘dirty secret’

By Sarah Kaplan   12/17/20  
Climate change raises the risk from failing sewage systems. So Catherine Coleman Flowers is working for a new way to deal with waste.
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A wetter and warmer Alaska means dangerously slippery slopes

By Victoria Petersen   12/17/20  
n hour before sundown on Dec. 2, Lilly Ford and her family heard a “strange, low rumble” outside of her home in Haines, Alaska. It lasted about a minute as a 600-foot-wide slurry of timber,…
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Sea Level Projections Drive San Francisco’s Adaptation Planning

By Alan Buis   12/14/20  
As a utilities planner for the City and County of San Francisco, David Behar knows that access to the latest information about sea level rise is crucial to his job -- and his city.
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New High Tide Flooding Projection Tool Aids U.S. Coastal Decision Making

By Alan Buis   12/10/20  
A new tool developed with funding from NASA’s Earth Science Division helps decision makers and others assess how sea level rise and other factors will affect the frequency of high tide flooding in U.S. coastal…
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Rising seas: California’s affordable housing faces worse floods

By Julie Cart   12/07/20  
For low-income Americans, the number of homes at risk of flooding could triple by 2050, researchers say. Three Bay Area cities are among the top at-risk communities.
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Deadly bacteria lurk in coastal waters. Climate change increases the risks

Health workers see Vibrio as a rare danger, if they’ve heard of it at all. But it’s already causing more cases of flesh-eating disease. And it’s poised to get worse.
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Nonprofit Shares Importance of Water Conservation

By Taylor Bruck   10/19/20  
Water is life for everyone and everything in this world. With the urgency of climate change, water guru Erin Huber doesn’t take it for granted.
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How thawing permafrost could fuel climate warming

In the coldest regions of planet Earth, ice binds together soil, rock, sand and organic matter. This layer of permafrost can begin just centimeters below the Earth’s surface.
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Energy dominance or climate action: Trump, Biden and the fate of public lands

By Paige Blankenbuehler   10/01/20  
In Grand Junction, Colorado, the presidential election is a choice between two distinct energy futures.
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250 million coastal dwellers will face rising floods

By Tim Radford   08/06/20  
Once again, researchers confirm that coastal dwellers can expect worse floods, more often and more expensively. The post 250 million coastal dwellers will face rising floods appeared first on Climate News Network.
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Trump lifts limits on commercial fishing at ocean sanctuary off New England

By Dino Grandoni   06/05/20  
Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument is the first in the Atlantic. Trump said a prohibition against fishing hurt Maine’s commercial fishing industry.
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Trump Just Lost the ‘Clean Water Case of the Century’

By Olivia Rosane   04/24/20  
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Trump administration Thursday in a case Earthjustice called "the clean water case of the century." The case concerned a...
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US coasts face far more frequent severe floods

by Tim Radford   04/24/20  
For US coasts, high-water hazards have just become more hazardous: a lot more hazardous, say scientists. The post US coasts face far more frequent severe floods appeared first on Climate News Network.
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Downloadable tool helps people choose the right plants for their rain gardens

As downpours become more common, many people are installing rain gardens – landscaped depressions in the ground that can capture excess stormwater. But not every plant works well in every rain garden.
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A green solution to an aging stormwater system

By Frances Stead Sellers   04/09/20  
Climate change means more floods, which overwhelm urban sewers and send raw sewage into rivers and streams. Philadelphia is aiming to capture rainwater before it flows into city drains.
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Rising tides will leave no choice for US millions

Time and tide wait for no-one. As sea levels rise, the rising tides will become more impatient. Millions of Americans will have to migrate. The post Rising tides will leave no choice for US millions…
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Most California cities refuse to retreat from rising seas. One town wants to show how it’s done

By Rosanna Xia   02/24/20  
Ten miles north of Monterey and a world away from Santa Cruz, Bruce Delgado gazed up a towering sand dune. Careful not to step on the beach buckwheat that protects rare butterflies or the sea…
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Trump Admin’s Clean Water Rollback Will Hit Some States Hard

By Tara Lohan   02/22/20  
By Tara LohanThe Santa Fe River starts high in the forests of New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo mountains and flows 46 miles to the Rio Grande....
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Trump Opens National Monument Land to Energy Exploration

By Coral Davenport   02/06/20  
The Trump administration finalized plans to open land once in Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument to mining and oil and gas exploration.
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These southern Utah sites were once off-limits to development. Now, Trump will auction the right to drill and graze there.

By Sarah Kaplan and Juliet Eilperin   02/06/20  
The Trump administration is greenlighting drilling and logging at Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante....
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Local Efforts to Address Climate Crisis Make Difference

During a weeklong bonus session of the General Assembly in September 2017, both the House and Senate approved bills that require Rhode Island municipal planning board members to undergo training related to the impacts of…
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Trump’s EPA is said to cut scientists out of new water policy that threatens New England wetlands

By David Abe   01/18/20  
With the Trump administration poised to roll back key protections for much of the nation’s wetlands, scientists at the US Environmental Protection Agency are accusing the agency’s political appointees of ignoring their advice and barring…
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Water wars: Early warning tool uses climate data to predict conflict hotspots

By Saeed Kamali Dehghan   01/08/20  
Tension over water scarcity is increasing across the globe. A new system flags up where this threatens to erupt into violence....
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The Water Crisis In Cities Everywhere Is Worsening Already Terrible Inequality

By Maanvi Singh   12/14/19  
While the rich can drill wells and keep swimming pools filled, poorer residents line up for water and struggle to survive. ...
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How coastal communities can prepare for the challenges of storms and rising seas

Major coastal storms commonly kill hundreds of people and wreck homes, businesses and communities. The three major storms in 2017 – Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria – generated some $265 billion in damages and over…
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Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows

By Denise Lu and Christopher Flavelle   10/29/19  
Rising seas could affect three times more people by 2050 than previously thought, according to new research, threatening to all but erase some of the world’s great coastal cities.
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Rising Seas Threaten Low-Lying Coastal Cities, 10% of World Population

In a new report, CIESIN researchers help to identify urban populations at risk from sea level rise. Their updated data set is meant to inform adaptation strategies. ...
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America’s Coastal Habitats Are Beautiful, Vital, and Worth Protecting

By Holly Binns, Ted Morton   10/16/19  
Increasingly vulnerable ecosystems sustain marine life, filter water, safeguard shorelines
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In Houston, a rash of storms tests the limits of coping with climate change

By Christopher Flavelle   10/02/19  
After Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, Houston jumped to the front of the pack in adapting to the threat of climate change. It passed tougher building codes, offered more buyouts for flood-prone homes and budgeted…
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River Flows All Across the Globe Are Dropping

By Eric Roston   10/02/19  
Groundwater pumping in some of the world’s critical watersheds exceeds safe levels. It’s causing surface waters to fall at an alarming rate.
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‘No state in the country is spared’ from f‘No state in the country is spared’ from flooding risks, new report sayslooding risks, new report says

By Nina Pullano   09/25/19  
The United States is getting wetter, and people across the country, from local government officials to scientists, all need to help communities prepare for an uptick in flooding, a new report says.
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US drinking water pollution could cause 100,000 cancer cases

By Brian Bienkowski   09/19/19  
Contaminated drinking water—most of which currently meets legal quality standards—could cause an estimated 100,000 cancer cases in the U.S., according to a new report.The study—which was published today in the journal HeliyonHeliyon and looked at…
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Nature ‘one of most effective ways’ of combatting climate change

By Inger Andersen   09/19/19  
World leaders will be gathering at the United Nations in New York next week at a Climate Action Summit convened by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Ms. Andersen will be there to promote the…
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‘Bigger picture, it’s climate change’: Great Lakes flood ravages homes and roads

By Tom Perkins   09/03/19  
Depths of lakes that hold about 90% of US’s freshwater spiking to record levels, from 14in to nearly 3ft above long-term averages
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The toxic waste threat that climate change is making worse

By Zack Colman   08/26/19  
More than 100 ponds and landfills containing coal ash lie in areas FEMA has designated as high-risk flood zones, according to a POLITICO analysis.
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How to Rebound After a Disaster: Move, Don’t Rebuild, Research Suggests

By Kendra Pierre-Louis   08/22/19  
What should communities do as climate change escalates threats like sea-level rise? Until now, much of the focus has been on disaster response, with very little discussion of orderly, strategic retreat from areas at risk.…
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One way or another the deluge is coming- A world without beaches

The ocean covers 70.8% of the Earth’s surface. That share is creeping up. Averaged across the globe, sea levels are 20cm higher today than they were before people began suffusing the atmosphere with greenhouse gases…
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We Can’t Stop Climate Change Unless We Drastically Change How We Use Our Land

By Ula Chrobak   08/09/19  
The latest IPCC report warns that we need to fix deforestation and agriculture to fix the climate.
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How the 5 riskiest U.S. cities for coastal flooding are preparing for rising tides

By Mary Caperton Morton   08/06/19  
The five U.S. cities most at risk from coastal flooding have begun to make plans for adapting to rising sea levels. Some are further along than others.
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