Kaiser Permanente San Diego Opens New LEED Platinum Hospital to Patients


Redefining Healthcare with Design of the Green Hospital

"The design of eco-friendly, energy-efficient, green construction projects has been gaining attention in all quarters, from the construction of private homes, office buildings, to large buildings such as hospital complexes. In the health sector, the…
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Health, Covid-19 and the healing power of architecture

By Andrew McCorkell 07/08/20
An LWK + PARTNERS director who leads the practice’s healthcare and senior living team, shares the trends of healthcare spaces and the role of design in improving people’s experience in complex facilities.
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Hospital Expansion at the University of Virginia by Perkins and Will

By Josephine Minutillo 07/01/20
Disaster preparedness was on the minds of everyone involved in the design of the new emergency department (ED) and hospital expansion at the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottes­ville. But, at the time, they were thinking more…
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Broad Sustainable Buildings Builds a COVID Hospital in Two Days

By Lloyd Alter 04/01/20
That's why this new "Restackable COVID Hospital" developed and built by Broad Sustainable Building is so interesting. It is transported as if it was a shipping container and then folds out to make larger spaces.…
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The built environment influences health. A host of contemporary environmental health problems – climate change, toxic pollution, biodiversity loss and more – can be linked to the production and maintenance of the built environment.
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Foster + Partners reveals a lush green-roofed design for a hospital in Shanghai

By Leilah Stone 09/26/19
Ben Scott, a partner at Foster + Partners, said that, “The Shanghai Luye Lilan Hospital offers an opportunity to create a new world-leading blueprint for healthcare in the future, integrating the latest technology and patient-centric care in…
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68 of the greenest hospitals in America | 2018

Becker's Healthcare is pleased to name 68 of the most "green" hospitals in the U.S.
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Research Shows that Green Hospitals Have Remarkable Benefits on Patient Health

By Christopher Maynard 07/09/15
Entire industries and companies have gotten on the “green” bandwagon by supporting technologies that minimize impact on the environment. In the past 10 years, we have seen the emergence of green buildings, which help the…
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Healthcare’s climate footprint

In collaboration with Health Care Without Harm, Arup has estimated the healthcare sector’s global climate footprint, establishing for the first time the significance of healthcare’s contribution to the climate emergency.

Designing Green Hospitals of the future

Green hospital concepts will play an important part in the curative process in time to come. Instead of being referred to as a place that houses healthcare amenities, hospitals of tomorrow will now focus on…

Green Hospital Scorecard

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (The Coalition) is pleased to announce the seventh year of the Green Hospital Scorecard (GHS) program and is extending an invitation for all hospitals to participate! Last year…

Going Green: 5 Ways to Build a Sustainable Hospital

The sustainability craze has reached the healthcare industry, as designers look to build new, state-of-the-art "green" facilities and existing hospitals upgrade their energy policies. Jeff Hull, director of architecture, construction, and real estate with Idaho…