The most critical appliance to consider is your stove. It is time to replace your gas stove with induction. Here’s why:

  • The EPA defines hazardous air pollutants here
  • Unburned gas leaking from kitchen stoves contains at least 21 hazardous air pollutants. More here.
  • Stanford report finds that gas-burning stoves in kitchen leak significant amounts of planet-warming methane. More here.
  • Children in homes with gas stoves have a 42% higher likelihood of experiencing asthma symptoms. More here.
  • The Case for Induction Cooking from the New York Times.
  • An induction stove is a better idea for the planet and for air quality. More hereHere. And, here



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Home is Where the Pipeline Ends: Characterization of Volatile Organic Compounds Present in Natural Gas at the Point of the Residential End User

The presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in unprocessed natural gas (NG) is well documented; however, the degree to which VOCs are present in NG at the point of end use is largely uncharacterized. We…

Gas Stoves Leak Planet-Warming Methane, Harm Health

Forgetting to add salt while cooking needn’t be one of your main worries anymore. A new study from Stanford University finds that gas-burning stoves in kitchens leak significant amounts of methane from pipes, hoses, and…

What are Hazardous Air Pollutants?

Hazardous air pollutants, also known as toxic air pollutants or air toxics, are those pollutants that are known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects, such as reproductive effects or birth defects,…

Gas Stoves Taking a Toll on Our Health

Gas stoves are likely exposing tens of millions of Americans to air pollution levels that would be illegal if they were outside, according to a new report. The report, compiled by the Rocky Mountain Institute,…


Chef Alison Roman loves her induction stove. Twitter has so many questions

By Catherine Boudreau   01/14/23  
Electric-induction stoves got celebrity-chef endorsements following a controversy over gas stoves. nduction stoves are popular in Europe, but unfamiliar to many Americans. "Can you toast marshmallows over it for s'mores?" ADVERTISING "How do you warm…

What the right’s gas stove freakout was really about

By Alex Guillén and Ben Lefebvre   01/14/23  
No, President Joe Biden isn’t coming for your gas stove. Republicans and conservative pundits have spent the past week nonetheless expressing alarm about the fate of Americans’ ranges and cooktops — in line with previous…

Push to phase out gas stoves over health concerns met with online anger

By Matthew Smith   01/14/23  
The push to electrify kitchens is not new. Scientists have sounded the alarm on the dangers of gas stoves for years. In the mid-80s, the EPA directed the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to…

This is all the gas industry’s fault

By Emily Atkin   01/14/23  
It can be hard to fully appreciate the effect that fossil fuel industry marketing has had on shaping American culture and values—and thus how difficult it can be to undo its conditioning. But in the…

About That Gas Stove

By Somini Sengupta   01/13/23  
My grandmother in India cooked for many years with coal, then with a tank of liquid petroleum gas. As a child in California, I lived in an apartment with an electric stove, then in a…

Can induction stoves convince home cooks to give up gas?

By Sarah Wesseler   01/13/23  
Induction stoves offer major benefits over gas, but home cooks face barriers in making the switch. The post Can induction stoves convince home cooks to give up gas? appeared first on Yale Climate Connections. ...

The Dumbest Reactions to the Non-Existent Gas Stove Ban

By Lauren Leffer   01/13/23  
A swift turnaround from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission gave the media whiplash earlier this week. On Monday, a commissioner from the watchdog agency, Richard Trumka Jr., indicated CPSC was considering new restrictions on…

U.S. regulators hinted at a possible ban on gas stoves. The debate boiled over

By John McCracken   01/12/23  
Seemingly overnight, the gas stove in nearly one of three homes in the country became an appliance of controversy, bringing possible comparisons to cigarettes on one side and accusations of government overreach on the other.

Induction Cooktops and Ranges Are So Good You May Not Miss Your Gas Appliance

By Paul Hope   01/12/23  
Gas cooktops and ranges have had a rough couple of years. They have been the de facto choice for chefs and serious home cooks for decades. But the recent flurry of reports on the potential…

Right’s new fight: Gas stoves

By Matt Phillips and Andrew Freedman   01/12/23  
Despite official insistence that fears of a ban are unfounded, conservatives are suddenly championing gas stoves in a new culture war. Why it matters: Mounting scientific evidence points to a link between a higher risk…

The gas stove regulation uproar, explained

By Rebecca Leber   01/11/23  
When the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced in mid-December it would consider its first-ever health regulations on gas stoves, it was the start of what will be a very long journey to any…

Are Gas Stoves Unsafe? Here’s What to Know About the Gas vs. Induction Debate

By Ali Francis   01/11/23  
On Monday, US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. told Bloomberg that the federal agency would consider a nationwide ban on the installation of new gas stoves—or at least, a new set of standards…

Biden administration say it has no plans to ban gas stoves, despite air quality concerns

By Amanda Drane   01/11/23  
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is reviewing ways it can mitigate the hazards posed by gas stoves but has no plans to ban them, the commission chairman said Wednesday.

The new soldiers in propane’s fight against climate action: television stars

By Hiroko Tabuchi   01/11/23  
An industry group is spending millions of dollars to push back against efforts to move heating away from oil and gas....

U.S. agency examines secret pollution from gas stoves

By Shannon Osaka   01/10/23  
For years, scientists and health advocates have tried to bring attention to a secret source of air pollution sitting in 40 million homes around the United States — which jump-starts childhood asthma, increases the risk…

US Safety Agency to Consider Ban on Gas Stoves Amid Health Fears

By Ari Natter   01/09/23  
A federal agency says a ban on gas stoves is on the table amid rising concern about harmful indoor air pollutants emitted by the appliances.

Gas stoves are contributing to childhood asthma in Massachusetts, study finds

By Dharna Noor   01/05/23  
Gas stoves are responsible for 15.4 percent of childhood asthma cases in Massachusetts, suggesting the Commonwealth could avoid more than one in seven childhood asthma cases by getting rid of the appliances, a new peer-reviewed…

Population Attributable Fraction of Gas Stoves and Childhood Asthma in the United States

By Talor Gruenwald and others   12/21/22  
Indoor gas stove use for cooking is associated with an increased risk of current asthma among children and is prevalent in 35% of households in the United States (US). The population-level implications of gas cooking…

Consumer safety board to weigh regulations on gas stoves

By Rachel Frazin   12/14/22  
The U.S. agency in charge of making sure the country’s consumer products are safe will weigh regulations on new gas stoves, one of the board’s commissioners said on Wednesday.

The 4 best induction cooktops, with recommendations from chefs

By Hannah Selinger   12/13/22  
If you've been hearing and wondering about the term "induction cooktop" in appliance circles lately, you aren't alone. Induction cooktops are newly popular in kitchens across the country. They use electromagnetic energy to conduct heat…

Reducing Emissions from Your Dishwasher

By Gemma Alexander   11/14/22  
Americans’ energy use has changed a lot since the days when a kitchen full of appliances was a symbol of success rather than just, you know, a kitchen. Although transportation is the biggest component of…

Even when off, gas stoves can leak benzene

By Gianna Melillo   10/20/22  
Leaks of unburned gas from stoves can contain benzene concentrations comparable to secondhand tobacco smoke, according to new research from PSE Healthy Energy. The indoor leaks of benzene, a carcinogen, and other hazardous air pollutants…

What’s the true cost of an induction stove?

By Shannon Osaka and Others   09/07/22  
For decades, cooking with a gas stove has been seen as the fanciest and most enjoyable way to cook. But are we really better off with natural gas? Climate experts and professional chefs alike say…

Benzene with your bisque? New studies highlight the dangers of ‘cooking with gas’

By Will Humble and Others   08/11/22  
It looks so benign sitting there in your kitchen. Gleaming stainless steel, or maybe a classic matte black. Grates framing an emotionally appealing orange-blue flame. Your gas stove. But new research suggests you may be…

Gas stoves targeted as U.S. congressman alleges consumer watchdog has sat on decades of worrisome health data

By Rachel Koning Beals   08/01/22  
An Illinois congressman wants to know why the nation’s leading consumer protection agency has not established safety standards or provided warnings to consumers on the health risks that he and at least two major studies…

Good, Better, Best: Cutting Carbon From Home Appliances

By Gemma Alexander   07/28/22  
When Americans overcompensated for the shortages during World War II in a burst of post-war spending, an appliance-filled kitchen became a worldwide aspirational symbol of American wealth and consumer culture. Appliances are still major purchases…

Your gas stove is dangerous to your health

By Wynne Armand   07/16/22  
In January, groundbreaking research from Stanford showed that gas stoves release concerning levels of indoor air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides “within a few minutes of usage” and continuously leak methane even when they are…

Learning to Love an Induction Stove

By Hannah Goldfield   07/01/22  
The other day, unprompted, the phrase “be kind, rewind” began to bounce around in my head, and it struck me that I am of the last generation who will instantly understand what it means: it…

Natural gas used in homes may contain hazardous air pollutants: study

By Sharon Udasin   06/28/22  
Natural gas used for powering household stoves, furnaces and water may contain levels of cancer-linked compounds that are toxic to residents when leaked, a new study has found...

Gas Piped Into Homes Contains Benzene and Other Risky Chemicals, Study Finds

By Elena Shao   06/28/22  
The natural gas delivered to homes contains low concentrations of several chemicals linked to cancer, a new study found. Researchers also found inconsistent levels of odorants — substances that give natural gas its characteristic “rotten…

Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktops and Ranges

By Paul Hope   06/22/22  
Induction cooktops are a special type of electric cooktop that gets its power and precision from induction technology. This means it generates energy from an electromagnetic field below the glass cooktop surface, which then transfers…

In the market for a new stove? Consider Induction

Welcome to the future. Already popular in Europe and Australia, induction cooking is steadily winning over Americans as the latest and greatest in cooking technology. Efficient, precise and safe, cooking on induction stoves provides numerous…

Why I bought an induction stovetop — and what I wish I knew beforehand

By Kate Kozuch   05/16/22  
I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I bought an induction stovetop as part of my recent kitchen renovation. But it turns out there are a couple of things I wish…

Scared of Induction? It’s Going to Be OK

By Joe Ray   05/13/22  
People love cooking with gas, whether it's in a restaurant, where gas stoves are ubiquitous, or in home kitchens, where they range from extremely basic to quite tony. If you're looking for something that's considered…

Professional chefs tout the culinary — and environmental — advantages of induction stoves

Professional chefs tout the culinary — and environmental — advantages of induction stoves Comparing Canada's emissions to the rest of the G7 Readers share their experiences with electric vehicles

How Michelin 3-Star Chef Eric Ripert Designed His Own Home Kitchen

By Janice O'Leary   03/19/22  
At New York’s Michelin three-star Le Bernardin, that lone lobster claw sitting in a lime-green remoulade upon a sea of porcelain might seem the essence of simplicity, but because chef Eric Ripert is behind it,…

The Case for Induction Cooking

By Melissa Clark   03/17/22  
Robert Osborne grew anxious about dinner when his Brooklyn co-op board put the kibosh on a plan to move a gas line for his kitchen renovation. How could Mr. Osborne, a math teacher, cook his…

Did I Turn Off the Stove? Yes, but Maybe Not the Gas

By Raymond Zhong   01/27/22  
New research that finds gas stoves emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas, even when turned off and adds to the debate over electrifying homes. ...

Did I Turn Off the Stove? Yes, but Maybe Not the Gas

By Raymond Zhong   01/27/22  
Gas stoves leak significant amounts of methane when they are being ignited and even while they are turned off, according to a new report, adding to the growing debate over the effects of gas-powered appliances…

N.Y.C.’s Gas Ban Takes Fight Against Climate Change to the Kitchen

By Anne Barnard   12/15/21  
New York City will ban gas-powered heaters, stoves and water boilers in all new buildings, a move that will significantly affect real estate development and construction in the nation’s largest city and could influence how…

EPA Moves To Sharply Limit Potent Gases Used In Refrigerators And Air Conditioners

By The Associated Press   09/23/21  
In what officials call a key step to combat climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency is sharply limiting domestic production and use of hydrofluorocarbons, highly potent greenhouse gases commonly used in refrigerators and air conditioners.

The ‘Now You’re Cooking with Gas’ Marketing Never Stops

By Lloyd Alter   06/24/20  
We have been going on about the dangers and problems of cooking with natural gas for years, yet it seems to be almost impossible to separate people who cook a lot from their gas ranges.…