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How clean is the electricity you use?

Electricity is produced by many different sources of energy, including, but not limited to, wind, solar, nuclear, and fossil fuels. The type and amount of emissions produced depend on how electricity is generated in your region. Go here and type in your zip code (or select a region) to view your power profile.


Nitrogen dioxide exposure, health outcomes, and associated demographic disparities due to gas and propane combustion by U.S. stoves

By Yannai Kashtan and Others 05/03/24
Gas stoves are used in approximately 50 million U.S. homes (1) and millions more worldwide (2, 3). Gas and propane combustion in stoves emits hazardous air pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2), benzene (C6H6), carbon monoxide…
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Energy Department finalizes rule to phase out fossil fuels in federal buildings

By Nish Amarnath 04/29/24
In a push for net-zero emissions from federal facilities by 2045, the new rule mandates a 90% reduction in on-site fossil fuel use by 2029 and complete elimination after 2030.
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Is It Time for an Essential California Energy Code to Get a Climate Edit?

By Laura Klivans 04/11/24
Reducing gas use in buildings is tricky for lots of reasons. One of them is a California public utility code that you’ve probably never given much thought to. It’s referred to as the “obligation to…
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What your next water heater will look like

By Allyson Chiu 04/04/24
Starting in 2029, many electric water heaters on store shelves will have to use heat pump technology to comply with new energy efficiency standards released by the Department of Energy on Tuesday.
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Gas Industry Blocks Building Codes Meant To Make Going Electric Cheaper

By Alexander C. Kaufman 03/21/24
The natural gas industry pulled off an 11th-hour victory in its campaign to strip climate-friendly rules out of the latest update to the homebuilding guidelines used in most of the United States.
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Gas Industry Loses Bid To Block Green Building Codes

By Alexander C. Kaufman 03/05/24
The natural gas industry lost its initial bid to strip key climate-friendly measures out of national homebuilding guidelines, HuffPost has learned. The rules in the model building code will require new homes to come equipped…
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Cook faster, better, and safer without gas

Induction and conventional electric stoves are the best way to cook. They don’t burn fossil fuels or release toxic pollutants into your home and the environment.
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The 9th Circuit’s Ruling on Gas Bans Stinks. Here’s How We Decarbonize Buildings Anyway.

2023 was the year the gas stove debate was put on the front burner. Whether it was due to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) household energy efficiency reforms or the embarrassing, over-the-top response from Republicans…
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NYS lawmakers seek to end the 100-foot rule for natural gas hookups

By Michael Gormley 01/22/24
Gov. Kathy Hochul and key state lawmakers want to abolish a 43-year-old state law that requires utilities to routinely connect natural gas lines to most new industrial sites, businesses and homes in a practice they…
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Why people don’t have to pay anything for electricity in this Florida community

By Nicolas Rivero 01/06/24
In this Florida development, no one pays an electricity bill. It’s not because of subsidies, but by design: All of the 86 homes built or planned in Hunters Point, a residential development about an hour…
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Federal court won’t reconsider decision to overturn Berkeley, California, natural gas ban

By Ysabelle Kempe 01/02/24
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will not reconsider its decision to overturn Berkeley, California’s first-in-the-nation ban on natural gas hookups in new construction, according to a denial on Jan. 2.
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Electric Yard Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Whether mowing the lawn, taking care of leaves, or clearing a path in the snow, yard work is a year-round chore for many New Yorkers. The outdoor power equipment – lawn mowers, leaf blowers, snow…

Cook faster, better, and safer without gas

Induction and conventional electric stoves are the best way to cook. They don’t burn fossil fuels or release toxic pollutants into your home and the environment.

You don’t have to own your home to go electric! Here are three things for renters to do.

As a renter, it’s hard to fully electrify without your landlord’s help. But there are several things you can do on your own! Here are a few to get you started

Electricity Generation by State

Do you know where electricity comes from in your state? Depending on its location, energy can come from various sources, including nuclear, wind, and solar. There are also other power sources, like coal-powered energy in…

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners for all climates. Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from a cool space to a warm space, making the cool…

Clean Energy 101: Heat Pumps

Summer in the northern hemisphere is just a few weeks old, but temperature records have already toppled as heat waves baked regions from Scandinavia to Japan to the United States. The heat came early in…

Power Profiler

Electricity is produced by many different sources of energy, including, but not limited to, wind, solar, nuclear, and fossil fuels. The type and amount of emissions produced depend on how electricity is generated in your…


Electrifying Everything Everywhere All At Once Is Key Climate Wedge

By Michael Barnard   12/24/23  
In our future economy, any economic value chain that can go from wind turbines to wires to energy services without going through molecules will win. It will be vastly cheaper. It will be vastly lower…
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Read our top 10 electric hits for 2023!

Everybody loves a good end-of-year highlights list! In the Land of Electrification, 2022 was the year of the big bills in Washington, and heat pump sales topping gas and oil for the first time in…
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California ends subsidies for buildings with natural gas hookups

By Wes Venteicher   12/15/23  
California’s utility regulator firmed up its stance against natural gas in buildings Thursday with a subsidy-ending vote.
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The ALL-ELECTRIC BUILDINGS LAW: What it means for you

The Assembly Majority is doing its part to protect New Yorkers and all communities from the harms of climate change. Most recently, within the state budget, we passed an all-electric buildings law. This is a…
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Plans to get an entire block off the natural gas system take shape in one California city

By Ysabelle Kempe   11/27/23  
Underfoot in our cities lies a mammoth network of pipelines, delivering natural gas to millions of homes and businesses. In one small California city, plans are afoot to pare back this system: Albany, in the…
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Drive electric with a better, faster, and cleaner vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more efficient than gas-powered cars and trucks and better for the environment, too. Buying an EV is a great first step on the path to electrifying everything!
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The Electric Revolution Is Coming for Your Lawn Mower

By Simone Foxman   11/20/23  
It’s a perennial annoyance ruining quiet weekends in US suburbia: The roar of the neighbor’s lawn mower, the whine of a trimmer, the howl of the leaf blower.
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How many Americans want an electric home?

By Jennifer Marlon and Others   11/16/23  
The shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind is already well underway. Solar panels and wind turbines are being installed to provide electricity. This electricity can be stored…
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Q&A: The pros and cons of electric lawn equipment

By Bridgett Ennis   11/06/23  
Maintaining a well-groomed lawn can be noisy, with gas-powered lawn mowers, string trimmers, and leaf blowers raising a racket.
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When science showed in the 1970s that gas stoves produced harmful indoor air pollution, the industry reached for tobacco’s PR playbook

By Jonathan Levy   11/03/23  
In 1976, beloved chef, cookbook author and television personality Julia Child returned to WGBH-TV’s studios in Boston for a new cooking show, “Julia Child & Company,” following her hit series “The French Chef.” Viewers probably…
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The Gasoline-Powered Leaf Blower as a Metaphor for Industrial Society

By Richard Heinberg   11/01/23  
Every Thursday our next-door neighbor hires a worker to use a leaf blower. This infernal machine drives me nuts. Rather than letting a pet peeve render me literally insane, I’ve decided to explore the leaf…
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Amid winter freezes, this state has found a new, budget-friendly way to heat its homes: ‘It sure is a whole lot cheaper’

By Laurelle Stelle   11/01/23  
In Maine, an association of dirty energy-based heating companies is campaigning against electric heat pumps — but residents are making the switch anyway, according to the Washington Post.
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New York Advocates Respond to Industry Lawsuit Against All-Electric Building Act

By Nydia Gutierrez   10/12/23  
Earlier today, fossil fuel companies, developers, and other industry groups filed a lawsuit against New York’s All-Electric Building Act. The Gas Free NY coalition, including Food & Water Watch, Earthjustice, New York Communities for Change,…
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We Throw Away A Lot of Energy Which Is Why Electrifying Everything Matter

By Michael Bernard   09/25/23  
First among the short list of climate actions that will work is electrify everything, but why? Why not insulation or renewable natural gas or wind turbines? To answer that, we’ll have to take a bit…
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Gov. Jared Polis orders state to phase out “loud, smelly, noisy” yard tools

By Shaun Boyd   09/14/23  
Gov. Jared Polis issued an executive order aimed at making Colorado greener, cleaner, and quieter. It requires the state - and state contractors - to phase out all gas-powered lawn and garden tools over the…
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California must mandate all-electric new buildings, local officials tell governor

By Ysabelle Kempe   09/12/23  
Twenty-six local government leaders in California — including those from San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose — are calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom, D, to urgently pursue statewide standards requiring new buildings to be…
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Industrial Heat Will Electrify

By Michael Bernard   09/02/23  
A while ago I had the opportunity to sit down for 90 minutes with Dilip Chandrasekaran, engineer, materials science PhD, and SVP of industrial heat leader Kanthal. That firm has electric heat products and experts…
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Airports Will Need A Lot More Electricity When Aviation Is Electrified

By Michael Barnard   08/18/23  
Recently I published an assessment of whether a reasonably sized international airport, not Heathrow, Chicago, or Changi, but Edmonton YEG’s smaller one, could power all future aviation energy requirements with its 120 MW solar farm.…
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Landmark Washington gas ban survives legal challenge

By David Iaconangelo   08/08/23  
Gas utilities and homebuilder groups in Washington state are asking a district judge to dismiss their legal challenge to the first statewide mandate for electric heat pumps in new buildings — a move that could…
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New Jersey BPU advances building electrification over opposition from fossil fuel supporters

By Robert Walton   08/02/23  
New Jersey regulators at a July 26 open meeting approved a framework for utilities to submit building electrification plans, setting the stage for thousands of homes and businesses to install electric heat pumps.
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Grid Storage Of Electricity Will Continue To Be Dominated By Pumped Hydro

By Michael Barnard   07/31/23  
As the grid decarbonizes and everything electrifies over the coming decades, a key part of the end game is electricity storage. However, it’s not a prerequisite to getting started, otherwise we wouldn’t have been building…
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Oregon plans to install 500,000 new heat pumps by 2030. Who’s going to do the work?

By Kavya Balaraman   07/13/23  
Lawmakers in Oregon late last month passed legislation that adopts a goal for the state to have at least 500,000 new heat pumps in its residential and commercial buildings by 2030.
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Guess Who’s Been Paying to Block Green Energy. You Have.

By David Pomerantz   07/05/23  
To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we have to make two big transitions at once: First, we have to generate all of our electricity from clean sources, like wind turbines and solar panels,…
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The Race to Tesla-ify Heat Pumps

By Emily Pontecorvo   06/28/23  
Gleaming solar panels, soaring wind turbines, sleek electric cars. These are the Avengers of the climate technoverse, the most widely recognized symbols of the fight to kick fossil fuels and halt global warming. But the…
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Washington state hits the brakes on landmark gas ban

By David Iaconangelo   05/25/23  
The delay raises questions about whether additional cities will stand by their efforts to wind down natural gas use in buildings after a key federal court ruling.
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New Buildings in NY to be Electric, But the Job is Not Done

By Lauren Urbanek   05/22/23  
New buildings in New York will soon be on a pathway toward zero carbon emissions, thanks to recent action by lawmakers in the state. The All-Electric Building Act, adopted as part of the Fiscal Year…
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What the 9th Circuit decision means for the building electrification movement

Following the recent ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on the all-electric construction policy from Berkeley, CA – the first passed in the U.S. – here are some key points for local government…
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Insight Weekly: Utilities face headwinds; S&P 500 dividend hikes likely; dollar poised for rally

By Sarah Cottle   05/02/23  
In this edition of Insight Weekly, we take a close look at the earnings forecasts for global utilities in the first quarter of 2023. Analysts expect few US multi-utilities to report year-over-year earnings growth as…
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New York set to pass first statewide law banning gas in new construction

By Anna Phillips   04/27/23  
New York is on the cusp of becoming the first state in the nation to pass a law banning natural gas in most new buildings, according to a handshake agreement that Gov. Kathy Hochul (D)…
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A key part of America’s plan to slash carbon emissions:Plug in commercial kitchens.

By Nadja Popovich and Brad Plumer   04/14/23  
The United States still gets most of its energy by setting millions of tiny fires everywhere. Cars, trucks, homes and factories all burn fossil fuels in countless engines, furnaces and boilers, creating pollution that heats…
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N.Y. lawmakers near first gas ban for new buildings

By David Iaconangelo   03/16/23  
New York's Legislature could soon become the first in the country to ban natural gas in new buildings.
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A Gas Utility’s Astroturf Campaign Threatens Oregon’s First Electrification Ordinance

By Joseph Winters   03/07/23  
Last month, Eugene became the first city in Oregon to pass an ordinance requiring new residential buildings to be fossil fuel-free. But the policy may never go into effect — not if the natural gas…
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As heat pumps go mainstream, a big question: can they handle real cold?

By Elena Shao   02/22/23  
Over the past decade, heat pumps have been steadily making their way into more American homes. There was a major milestone last year when they surpassed gas furnaces in annual sales by a wide margin.
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Heat Pumps are Winning

This is a big deal, folks. It shows that an electrical appliance is WINNING the race against a fossil-fuel based counterpart. Every time a household chooses to electrify another aspect of their life, Saul Griffith…
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California declared war on natural gas. Now the fight is going national

By Sammy Roth   02/09/23  
In July 2019, elected officials in the Bay Area city, a national leader in progressive politics and environmental protection, voted to ban gas hookups in most new homes. That meant no gas furnaces, boilers or…
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Does Your Home Have Backup Power? We Want to Hear From You.

By Peter Eavis   02/08/23  
Sales of generators and home batteries are up as people look to protect themselves from power outages, which are becoming more common....
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Electric vehicles can now power your home for three days

By Michael J. Coren   02/07/23  
When the power went out at Nate Graham’s New Mexico home last year, his family huddled around a fireplace in the cold and dark. Even the gas furnace was out, with no electricity for the…
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Heat pumps are defying Maine’s winters and oil industry pushback

By Anna Phillips   02/07/23  
The video starts with a Maine radio show host dressed in a bright red jumpsuit walking through the snow to a stranger’s door and delighting her with an offer of free heating oil. “My name’s…
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Heat Pumps are Winning!

This is a big deal, folks. It shows that an electrical appliance is WINNING the race against a fossil-fuel based counterpart. Every time a household chooses to electrify another aspect of their life, Saul Griffith…
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This Guide Can Help You Save Money and Fight Climate Change

By Nadja Popovich and Elena Shao   02/01/23  
Looking to make your home more energy-efficient, install solar panels or buy an electric car? You may be able to save thousands of dollars on climate-friendly purchases through federal tax credits and rebates.
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Can electric companies win the smart home?

By Jason Plautz   01/19/23  
NRG Energy Inc. wants to have a bigger presence in customers’ homes, but first, the power company has some convincing to do. Houston-based NRG announced plans in December to buy Vivint Smart Home Inc. for…
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May the Best Stove Win

By Jacob Stern   01/14/23  
Somehow, in a few short days, gas stoves have gone from a thing that some people cook with to, depending on your politics, either a child-poisoning death machine or a treasured piece of national patrimony.…
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US considers gas stove regulation

By Lloyd Alter   01/10/23  
The Consumer Product Safety Commission is concerned by the findings of a new study: 13% of childhood asthma cases are caused by gas stoves.
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3 ways to tap billions in new money to go green — starting this month

By Shannon Osaka   01/02/23  
Earlier this year, Congress passed the biggest climate bill in history — cloaked under the name the “Inflation Reduction Act.” But while economists say the bill may not reduce inflation very much, it could do…
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Cold Climate Heat Pumps Warm Homes on the Coldest Days

By Catherine Poslusny   01/02/23  
In the US, about 13% of total CO2 emissions come from heating residential and commercial buildings. Because so many buildings rely on natural gas and heating oil, significant opportunity for reducing heating emissions lies with…
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3 ways to tap billions in new money to go green — starting next month

By Shannon Osaka   12/29/22  
Earlier this year, Congress passed the biggest climate bill in history — cloaked under the name the “Inflation Reduction Act.” But while economists say the bill may not reduce inflation very much, it could do…
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How states and utilities can lower consumer bills and accelerate the clean energy transition

By Sara Baldwin and Others   12/15/22  
By acting now, state policymakers and utility regulators can put more consumers and communities on a path to long-term energy affordability and mitigate the impact of future energy price spikes.
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LA mandates all new buildings be all-electric in major milestone

By Josh Niland   12/15/22  
LA City Hall had previously adopted a similar ordinance for all its municipal buildings in 2020 and passed a ban on gas appliances along with a mandate for emissions-free new constructions at the end of…
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EPA proposes rule to cut HFC use, speed transition to efficient heating and cooling technologies

By Robert Walton   12/14/22  
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will propose a new rule to limit hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, in some products including refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump equipment, the agency announced Friday. The proposed rule will be…
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Biden administration to electrify buildings and clean up indoor air quality

By Lloyd Alter   12/12/22  
The White House announced that new and renovated federal buildings are getting off gas, with the intent to electrify 30% of all federal buildings by 2030. "As the country’s single largest energy consumer and building…
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