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This is a broad section where you can focus on how climate change interacts with a specific sector that interests you particularly. As in the rest of this website, all of our information grows out of deeply informed reporting — to which we link.

TALKING CLIMATE Reports on the conversations that are taking place around climate change and global warming. It contains articles on climate misinformation and articles on how to discuss climate with deniers or suppliers of inaccurate information. It explores the reasons behind misinformation and the importance of accuracy.

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Explains what is occurring in each of the three branches of government in relation to climate change: legislation, executive, and judicial. This is where you can understand more deeply what Congress is enacting, what the Executive office powers are, and how the courts are functioning in regard to climate change.

HEALTH Includes information to help you absorb the implications of climate change on human health through the air you breath the food you eat and the water you drink and bathe in. Additionally, there is a section specifically dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic and its relationship to climate change.

POLITICS Covers local, national and international politics reporting on how politics are affected by climate change consequences, such as wildfires,  and how politics affect climate through policies enacted. Here is where you will find reporting on the Paris Agreement, for example and the critical nature of a global response.  

ENERGY Explores the pros and cons of our various energy sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewables. The rest of this section will follow the energy produced to its ultimate destination… in transportation, housing,  industry …. It is still under construction.

SCIENCE Lays out the facts as they relate to the effects of greenhouse gases on air, land, water and life on the Earth. This section is organized into multiple pages, such as  extreme weather and ocean warming, population and deforestation.

FOOD & AGRICULTURE Includes sustainable eating, restaurants, food waste, and a top 50 books list, along with comprehensive coverage of farming, fishing, and meat & dairy.

ECONOMICS Explores the impacts of industrial farming and fishing as well as regenerative farming. It covers sustainable eating, restaurants, and food waste. It contains a top 50 books list. 

COMMUNITIES Aims to both document how communities are being affected by climate change and by how they are responding — with mitigation and adaptation. Energy, infrastructure — both residential, commercial and municipal--, transportation, waste, and land & water issues are all addressed. Ultimately, this will be a section where roadmaps can be found as communities explore ways to educate and legislate.

CLIMATE JUSTICE Recognizes how climate change is also a justice issue, including a page focused on indigenous rights.

MIGRATION Reports on migrations and the reasons behind them -- as both people and animals— indeed all of life, even trees -- respond to the changes in their environments. 

STATES Is a massive section broken into dozens of pages with in-depth coverage of every state, including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico and often, municipalities within the states. Find news, plans to accelerate renewables, and key resources for each state.

SECURITY Sets forth the impacts on our security and why the US military calls climate change a “threat multiplier.”

NEW TECHNOLOGIES Shares the latest in technological advances aimed at solving the climate crisis.

FAITH Addresses the intersection of faith groups and climate action.