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Land and oceans currently absorb 50% of the CO2 created by human activity. Trees and forests are a powerful force for climate mitigation.  As more forests are cleared for agriculture — mainly to grow soy, raise cattle, and produce palm oil — greenhouse gas emissions increase as a byproduct of nitrogen fertilizer and methane from cattle and sheep. Additionally, deforestation eliminates trees which are “breathing in” CO2 and “breathing out” moisture. Cattle ranching and soy bean farming in the Amazon, for example, account for 80% of deforestation there, and the raging fires during President Bolsonaro’s first year in office in 2019 are creating a climate, and a humanitarian, crisis. As deforestation has taken its toll, the Amazon has moved from carbon sink to a source of CO2, emitting more than it is able to absorb.

In the U.S., millions of acres of land have been opened to drilling and mining due to rollbacks by the Trump administration. A 2018 federal report found that about a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US come from fossil fuel extraction on federal land.  A timeline of Trump’s anti-public lands crusade is documented at Outside

In June 2020, data from the University of Maryland suggests that we lost a football field of primary forest every six seconds in 2019, making our loss 2.8% higher than the year before.

In September 2020, a new danger was reported. As trees grow faster in warmer conditions, taking up and storing more carbon dioxide as they grow, they also die faster. This grew out of a report published in the journal Science in May 2020 that human felling of trees had cut forest area by 12% since 1900.

And, then there is permafrost…how climate change will affect it and how it will affect climate change...




Reduction in Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)

Many stakeholders are concerned with the status of global forests and the effects of deforestation and forest degradation, for several reasons. Forests store the greatest amount of terrestrial carbon on Earth and play a significant…

U.S. Forest Carbon Data

The flux—or flow—of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is the dominant contributor to the observed warming trend in global temperatures.1Trees, however, store (sequester)CO2from the atmosphere, accruingsignificant stores of carbon over…

Exemplary Forestry

Exemplary Forestry is a forest management approach created by New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF) that prioritizes forests’ long-term health and outlines the highest standards of sustainability currently available to the region’s forest owners.

A platform for the trillion tree community

02/18/20 exists to connect, empower and mobilize a global reforestation community of millions, unleashing their potential to act at an unprecedented scale and speed, to ensure the conservation and restoration of one trillion trees within…

We plant trees for a better world. Help us children to save our future

It all started with a school presentation and today Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement with an ambitious goal: to fight the climate crisis by planting trees around the world.


We did it! But that doesn’t mean we’re done. Come back anytime you feel like planting a tree!

Natural climate solutions

Natural climate solutions, Results and Discussion

Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees

Ecosia is like any other search engine, with one major difference: we use our profits to plant trees.

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The prevention of deforestation and promotion of afforestation have often been cited as strategies to slow global warming. Deforestation releases CO2 to the atmosphere, which exerts a warming influence on Earth's climate. However, biophysical effects…

How Deforestation Affects Climate Change

The world loses more than 7,000 square meters of tree cover per second, according to the most recent year for which we have complete data.

Eden Reforestation Project

Eden Reforestation projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch was founded in 1996 to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. We partner with indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability…

Global Forest Watch

Forest Monitoring Designed for Action: Global Forest Watch offers the latest data, technology and tools that empower people everywhere to better protect forests.

Deforestation and Forest Degradation

WWF has been working to protect forests for more than 50 years and outlines here causes, impacts, what WWF is doing, and how you can help.

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Human Activities Are Drying Out the Amazon: NASA Study

A new NASA study shows that over the last 20 years, the atmosphere above the Amazon rainforest has been drying out, increasing the demand for water and leaving ecosystems vulnerable to fires and drought. It…

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It’s an intriguing premise: what if we could reduce the severity of global climate change by planting hundreds of billions of trees to remove excess carbon from our atmosphere? A recent study published in the…

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By Mitch Anderson   11/05/19  
It’s not often these days that there is good news about climate change. So when a recent study suggested that establishing a trillion new trees around the world could turn back the climate clock to…

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Amazon Rainforest Could be Two Years from Irreversible ‘Tipping Point’

If current deforestation rates in the Amazon rainforest continue, the forest could be two years away from the "tipping point" after which it will no longer...

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With 2020 fast approaching, countries, companies, and other stakeholders are taking stock of their climate commitments. As they consider ways to meet and enhance climate goals, interest in net zero emissions commitments and carbon removal…

The Secret Life of Trees

Kevin Griffin uses remote sensing to track the daily rhythms of trees. His work is helping to bring tree biology to life for students and the general public. ...

A Gift to the Future: Tree Mountain by Agnes Denes

Agnes Denes reminisces on creating "Tree Mountain-A Living Time Capsule—11,000 Trees, 11,000 People, 400 Years," a collaborative bioremediation artwork and a human-made virgin forest in Ylöjärvi, Finland. From conception to completion, the creation of “Tree…

U.S. Public Lands Chief Says His Positions On Climate, Immigrants Don’t Matter

Bureau of Land Management acting director William Perry Pendley repeatedly dodged questions at an environmental journalism conference. ...

The War on Drugs Drives Deforestation

The cocaine trade and efforts to combat it, including the U.S.-led war on drugs, are helping to drive deforestation in Central America, new research shows.The findings,...

How Brazil can develop its rural economy, increase agricultural production and protect forests

The recent fires in the Amazon rainforest have raised the question: is it possible to have a new model of development in the region that reconciles forest protection with economic growth? The pressing threats of…

What the BLM Shake-Up Could Mean for Public Lands and Their Climate Impact

By Judy Fahys  Photo: Bureau of Land Management   10/08/19  
With a self-described Sagebrush Rebel in charge, moving nearly 300 Bureau of Land Management staff could give Western states more influence over federal land use.

Best use of drones ever? Planting a forest

By Starre Vartan   10/08/19  
I'm not a fan of drones — at least not when they interrupt an otherwise quiet scene when I'm out hiking — but this news may change my mind. Those nettlesome little buggers are finally…

Major Brands Source Palm Oil From Illegal Plantation Inside Orangutan Haven, Report

By Basten GokkonMajor consumer brands including Nestlé, Kellogg's and The Hershey Company have been getting some of their palm oil from an illegal plantation inside a...

BLM Moves to Allow Mining and Drilling on Lands Cut from Utah National Monument

By John Gilroy  Photo: Bob Wick   09/27/19  
The colorful hoodoos, slot canyons, cliffs, and plateaus of southern Utah’s panoramic canyon country attract visitors and researchers from across the globe. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, designated in 1996,  is known as the “Science Monument"…

Climate Activists Urge Corporations To ‘Give A S**t’ About Amazon Deforestation

Protests are targeting companies that haven't met their own pledges, demanding they "step up" in the climate change fight. ...

Nature ‘one of most effective ways’ of combatting climate change

By Inger Andersen   09/19/19  
World leaders will be gathering at the United Nations in New York next week at a Climate Action Summit convened by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Ms. Andersen will be there to promote the…

Are the Amazon Fires a Crime Against Humanity?

By Tara Smith Fires in the Brazilian Amazon have jumped 84 percent during President Jair Bolsonaro's first year in office and in July 2019 alone,...

Project Rondônia: On the Ground in Brazil’s Amazon Rain Forest

By Douglas Daly  Photo by Victor Moriyama   09/17/19  
The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical forest, spanning nine South American countries and housing 10 percent of the world’s living plant and animal species.

Deforestation Is Getting Worse, 5 Years After Countries and Companies Vowed to Stop It

By Georgina Gustin  Photo: Raphael Alves/AFP/Getty Images   09/13/19  
As fires in the Amazon draw attention to the problem, critics say big agribusinesses aren't doing enough to stop deforestation in their supply chains.

Public Land Gets Its Moment At The Climate Town Hall

2020 Democratic presidential candidates vow to make federal land part of the climate solution. ...

Ireland to Plant 440 Million Trees in 20 Years to Fight Climate Change

Ireland will plant 440 million trees by 2040 as part of its efforts to combat the climate crisis, The Irish Times reported Saturday.NoneThe government had already...

Brazil Announces 60-Day Ban on Clearing Land With Fire

Brazil's right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree Wednesday banning the use of fire to clear land in the Amazon rainforest for 60 days, CNN reported....

Mangroves, Climate Change And Hurricanes

By Brendan Rivers   08/29/19  
Climate change is extending the range of mangroves. The tropical trees are thriving farther north and south than ever before. Scientists say that's actually helping limit damage during hurricanes.

NASA’s ECOSTRESS Detects Amazon Fires from Space

if (typeof captions == 'undefined'){ var captions = []; } captions.push("ECOSTRESS imagery of fires burning in the Bolivian Amazon on Aug. 23, 2019. Red areas show regions hotter than the sensor was designed to measure…

Earth Institute Experts Discuss Fires in the Amazon Rainforest

As leaders in research on ecology, wildfires, and climate change, experts at the Earth Institute are leading the conversation over this environmental catastrophe. ...

Trump pushes to allow new logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

The policy shift would reverse a 2001 rule curbing development in the world’s largest temperate forest.

Protecting the Amazon Requires Changing Policy and Eating Less Beef

Global demand for beef is fueling the Amazon rainforest fires, and it will take a global solution to fix it. ...

How beef demand is accelerating the Amazon’s deforestation and climate peril

By Christopher Ingraham   08/27/19  
There are approximately 1.5 billion cows in the world, a population second only to humans among large mammals. They can be raised anywhere: from the Arctic to the equator, on prairies, in deserts and on…

Tree loss brings more warming as world heats

Photo: Massimo Rivenci on Unsplash   08/27/19  
Blazing forests cannot dampen climate change, tree loss will worsen it, and poorly nourished trees will make the next century more challenging. The post Tree loss brings more warming as world heats appeared first on…

The Horrifying Science of the Deforestation Fueling Amazon Fires

By Matt Simon  Photo by Dado Galdieri   08/23/19  
At the core of Brazil's out-of-control fires in the Amazon is deforestation. Here's how human meddling fundamentally transforms a rainforest.

Boreal Forest Fires Could Release Deep Soil Carbon

Increasingly frequent and severe forest fires could burn generations-old carbon stored in the soils of boreal forests, according to results from the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) funded by NASA’s Earth Science Division. Releasing this previously…

13 Photos Explain What’s Going On In The Amazon And What You Can Do

By Kate Bubacz  Photo by Ueslei Marcelino   08/22/19  
They call it the "lungs of the planet. The vast Amazon rainforest, home to some of the most unusual plant and animal species on the planet, produces 20% of the world's oxygen and is crucial…

We’re barreling toward another Dust Bowl

By Erin Blakemore  Photo: NOAA George E. Marsh Album   08/19/19  
In 1935, the Dust Bowl came to Washington—and if we don't change our ways, it could come back. A new report from the UN climate committee warns that much of the world risks the kind of land…

How to Save a Rainforest: It’s All About Conflict Resolution

A new Earth Institute study offers practical lessons in the implementation of conflict sensitive conservation, a first outside of Africa. ...

4 ways to be smarter about land use to fight climate change

By Umair Irfan   08/09/19  
A new UN report highlights the way we can use land to respond and adapt to a rapidly warming world.

In-depth Q&A: The IPCC’s special report on climate change and land

This morning in Geneva, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its special report on climate change and land. The land provides the “food, feed, fibre, fuel and freshwater” without which human society and…

Future of Amazon deforestation data in doubt as research head sacked

Brazil’s Bolsonaro government, angered over rising Amazon deforestation statistics, has fired the head of INPE, Brazil’s highly regarded satellite monitoring program....

Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in 12 hours

By Sharif Paget and Helen Regan   07/30/19  
Ethiopia planted more than 353 million trees in 12 hours on Monday, which officials believe is a world record.

Farming a Forest

By Sarah Kennedy   07/29/19  
Lincoln Smith’s forested designs provide food, shade and carbon storage. On ten acres near Washington, D.C., Lincoln Smith grows food – but he does not plant in large tilled fields or tidy garden rows. He…

Under Brazil’s Far-Right Leader, Amazon Protections Slashed and Forests Fall

By Letícia Casado and Ernesto Londoño  Photo: Mauro Pimentel/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images   07/28/19  
The destruction of the Amazon rain forest in Brazil has increased rapidly since the nation’s new far-right president took over and his government scaled back efforts to fight illegal logging, ranching and mining.

Canada’s forgotten rainforest

Only 30 per cent of the world's primary forests are still intact. Deep in the interior of British Columbia, an ancient temperate rainforest that holds vast stores of carbon is being clear-cut as fast as…

Amazon Deforestation Rate Hits 3 Football Fields Per Minute, Date Confirms

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is being clear cut so rapidly — a rate of three football fields per minute — that it is approaching a...

When it comes to avoiding deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, new study reveals that federal and state agencies have had different outcomes

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences seeks to understand why forest protection efforts in the Brazilian Amazon differed in their impacts, across the region, with a focus on…

Stop Building a Spaceship to Mars and Just Plant Some Damn Trees

By Jackie Flynn Mogensen  Photo by borchee/Getty   07/24/19  
When it comes to climate change research, most studies bear bad news regarding the looming, very real threat of a warming planet and the resulting devastation that it will bring upon the Earth.

Exaggerating how much CO₂ can be absorbed by tree planting risks deterring crucial climate action

By Duncan McLaren   07/13/19  
Planting almost a billion hectares of trees worldwide is the “biggest and cheapest tool” for tackling climate change, according to a new study. The researchers claimed that reforestation could remove 205 gigatonnes of carbon from…

Planting a trillion trees could be the “most effective solution” to climate change, study says

By Sophie Lewis   07/08/19  
If a tree falls in a forest, will replanting it help curb global warming? Scientists say planting a trillion trees globally could be the single most effective way to fight climate change. According to a…

Want to Fight Climate Change? Plant 1 Trillion Trees.

By Laura Geggel  Photo: Shutterstock   07/05/19  
That may sound like a lot of trees, but the Earth has room for their gnarled bows and branches. In a new study that excluded cities and agricultural areas, researchers found that the planet has…

Stop Building a Spaceship to Mars and Just Plant Some Damn Trees

By Jackie Flynn Mogensen   07/04/19  
Researchers found that there’s room for an extra 900 million hectares of canopy cover.

Tree planting ‘has mind-blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis

Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amount of carbon dioxide Planting billions of trees across the world is by far the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis,…