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You can make a difference – every single day! 

We’ve got tons of ideas and tips to help you take action to protect the planet listed below. You’ll also find organizationsbooksmovies, and activities. Get inspired by young heroes like yourself, who are already making a big impact in the climate fight.   

For more ideas of ways you can help protect the environment and fight climate change, NASA’s Climate Kids and National Geographic Kids are great places to start. Nat Geo has a particularly good page on recycling.


Illustrations by Kathleen Founds


Get involved with an ORGANIZATION

Find an organization that brings together kids and families that care about our planet as much as you do. There is power in numbers!

Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots is a global movement of youth leading change in their communities. Want to make a positive impact? Join Roots & Shoots to address problems that matter to you – from your neighborhood to our shared planet.

NASA’s Climate Kids

NASA’s Climate Kids website brings climate science to life with fun games, interactive features and exciting articles.

Climate Action Families

Plant-For-The-Planet is an international youth-led organization that focuses on planting trees to combat climate change.

Plant-for-the-Planet’s 3-Point Plan to save our future:

  • Plant 1,000 billion trees by 2020
  • Leave fossil fuels in the ground (CO2-free by 2050)
  • Combat poverty with climate justice


Great storytelling, whether on the page or the screen, has an extraordinary power to educate, inspire and motivate.

Recently we heard about a teenager, Dylan D’Agate who, at the age of 16, decided to write a book about the dangers of algae blooms (sometimes known as the “red tide”). Monster in the Water  both teaches kids about the dangers of pesticides and pollutants and encourages them to take action. He became an “earth blogger” for the Sierra Club (one of many young environmentalists advocating for the planet).

Here is a list of a few of our other favorites for kids. For a more in-depth list, check out  Common Sense Media (movies) and The Huffington Post  (books).


Monster in the Water: Fighting Back Against Harmful Algal Blooms (2021)

Dylan DAgate and illustrated by Maria DeCerce
The children of Seaville get a nasty surprise when they go to the beach and find it closed. Is there a monster lurking in the water? The kids enlist the help of environmental scientist Professor…

The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution: 100 Ways to Build a Fossil-Free Future, Raise Empowered Kids, and Still Get a Good Night’s Sleep

By Mary Democker
“Relax,” writes author Mary DeMocker, “this isn’t another light bulb list. It’s not another overwhelming pile of parental ‘to dos’ designed to shrink your family’s carbon footprint through eco-superheroism.” Instead, DeMocker lays out a lively,…

Don’t Let Them Disappear (2019)

By Chelsea Clinton
From The Author Of The #1 New York Times Bestseller She Persisted Comes A Beautiful Book About The Animals Who Share Our Planet–And What We Can Do To Help Them Survive.

The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge (2010)

Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen
Like it or not, global warming is a hot topic, and it will affect the younger generation the most. So why not turn to the teacher kids like the most, Ms. Frizzle! Only the Friz…

The Lonely Polar Bear (2018)

Khoa Le
This sweet children's picture book presents a moving story, set in a fragile Arctic world threatened by global warming. A little polar bear wakes up alone after a furious storm, and finds himself all alone.…

The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World’s Coral Reefs: The Story of Ken Nedimyer and the Coral Restoration Foundation (2018)

Kate Messner and illustrated by Matthew Forsythe
All it takes is one: one coral gamete to start a colony, one person to make a difference, one idea to change the world. The ongoing efforts to save and rebuild the world's coral reefs—with…

Not for me, please!: I choose to act green (2018)

Maria Godsey and illustrated by Christoph J Kellner
Join Luke on his journey to protect what he loves with this engaging children's picture book about sustainability and acting green.  After noticing the damage caused to the environment and animals due to trash and waste,…

Green City: How One Community Survived a Tornado and Rebuilt for a Sustainable Future (2016)

Allan Drummond
In 2007, a tornado destroyed Greensburg, Kansas, and the residents were at a loss as to what to do next--they didn't want to rebuild if their small town would just be destroyed in another storm.…

Energy Island: How One Community Harnessed the Wind and Changed their World (2015)

Allan Drummond
Hold onto your hats! It's windy on the Danish island of Samsø. Meet the environmentally friendly people who now proudly call their home Energy Island. At a time when most countries are producing ever-increasing amounts…

Climate Change: Discover How It Impacts Spaceship Earth With 25 Projects (2015)

Joshua Sneideman, Erin Twamley and illustrated by Mike Crosier
For more than 200 years, scientists have been observing, measuring, and analyzing information about our planet’s climate. Studies show that the earth is in constant transition and humans have an effect on what happens. In Climate…

Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun: 22 Super-Charged Projects for Kids (2011)

Michael J. Caduto
Get charged up about energy! With more than 20 fun activities and experiments that will have children ages 8 to 12 enthusiastically engaged with making and using renewable energy, Michael J. Caduto takes a hands-on…

What Is Climate Change? (2018)

Gail Herman and illustrated by John Hinderlighter
The earth is definitely getting warmer. There's no argument about that, but who or what is the cause? And why has climate change become a political issue? Are humans at fault? Is this just a…

This is My Planet: The Kids’ Guide To Global Warming (2007)

Jan Thornhill
In This Is My Planet, Jan Thornhill gives young readers the tools they need to live their own lives more ecologically — and ultimately, to improve the life of the planet. The book takes a…

The Problem of the Hot World (2015)

Pan Benspar and illustrated by Dick Rink
Five forest friends notice they are in trouble. Their world is too hot. Plants and bees are disappearing and their beautiful trees are dying. Bear, fox, deer, mole, and owl set off on an action-packed…

The Polar Bear’s Home: A Story About Global Warming (2008)

Lara Bergen and illustrated by Vincent Nguyen
Come along on an Arctic adventure with a little girl and her father and learn all about polar bears! This 8 x 8 storybook shows how global warming affects two baby polar bear cubs and…

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: Young Reader’s Edition (2015)

Michael Pollan
“What’s for dinner?” seemed like a simple question—until journalist and supermarket detective Michael Pollan delved behind the scenes. From fast food and big organic to small farms and old-fashioned hunting and gathering, this young readers’…

Love the Earth (2019)

Julian Lennon
Jump aboard the White Feather Flier, a magical plane that can go anywhere on Earth!  The final book in the New York Times bestselling trilogy, following Touch the Earth and Heal the Earth. by Julian…

The Lorax (1971)

Dr. Seuss
Long before “going green” was mainstream, Dr. Seuss’s Lorax spoke for the trees and warned of the dangers of disrespecting the environment. In this cautionary rhyming tale we learn of the Once-ler, who came across…

The EARTH Book (2010)

Todd Parr
With his signature blend of playfulness and sensitiviy, Todd Parr explores the important, timely subject of environmental protection and conservation in this eco-friendly picture book. Featuring a circular die-cut Earth on the cover, and printed…

Global Warming & Climate Change with Theodore (2018)

Ashley and Trent Harding
Global warming can be a difficult concept for children to understand. Theodore helps kids learn about the causes of global warming, climate change, the greenhouse effect and what we can do to help reduce the…

The Fog (2017)

Kyo Maclear and Illustrated by Kenard Pak
Warble is a small yellow warbler who lives on the beautiful island of Icyland, where he pursues his hobby of human watching. But on a warm day, a deep fog rolls in and obscures his…


You’re never too young to be a climate HERO. Just look at what kids like you are already doing all over the world. Need even more inspiration? Discover dozens of young eco-heroes fighting to make the earth a healthier, safer place at CNNAction for NatureYour Story, and The Guardian.


Human activities are the dominant cause of global warming, say Govt. researchers.


22 of the top 25 cities threatened by sea level rise are in Florida.


To tackle the
plastic waste problem,
recycled plastic is being
used to make roads.


It takes
for a plastic bottle
to degrade!



Climate politics have shifted, and that gives scientists and activists hope

By Karla Adam and Reis Thebault  Photo: Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images   10/31/21  
An aura of failure hung over the first United Nations climate status conference in Berlin in 1995. Not only were countries falling short of their commitments to curb emissions, but advocates were struggling to get…

John Kerry Is Bringing America Back Into the Climate Fight

The stakes are existential, but the debates at the Excelsior can seem pedantic; in one conference room, negotiators are tussling over the wording of how countries should submit new climate plans. On the roof, I…

Biden, other G-20 world leaders formally endorse groundbreaking global corporate minimum tax

By Jeff Stein  Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images   10/30/21  
The new global minimum tax of 15 percent aims to reverse the decades-long decline in tax rates on corporations across the world.

Fast facts about international views of climate change as Biden attends UN COP26 conference

By Carrie Blazina  Photo: Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images   10/29/21  
President Joe Biden is in Europe this weekend to attend COP26, a United Nations conference on climate change. The summit comes after a UN panel reported in August that urgent measures are needed to avoid…

World leaders head to Scotland for global climate talks. Here’s what you need to know

By Anna M. Phillips   10/28/21  
Some 30,000 heads of state, environmental activists, business leaders and journalists are expected to descend on Scotland on Sunday for a climate summit that comes as world leaders are running out of time to break…

China resists demands for more ambitious climate action with new pledge

By Zia Weise  Photo: Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images   10/28/21  
China has submitted a new climate action plan to the United Nations that formalized its previous commitments to reduce emissions but resisted demands for more ambitious action from Beijing.

China’s New Climate Pledge Changes Little, in Bad Omen for Global Talks

By Somini Sengupta  Photo: Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images   10/28/21  
China formalized the pledges its leader announced last year, but the country went no further, in an official update of its targets to fight climate change, which were submitted on Thursday with the United Nations…

A climate solution seems impossible without U.S. and China moving in sync.

By Chris Megerian and Alice Su   10/28/21  
Six years ago, an unprecedented level of cooperation between the United States and China laid the groundwork for the Paris climate accord, a milestone in the fight against global warming. But as final preparations are…

Pandemic Complicates Preparations for COP26 Climate Summit

By Somini Sengupta and Lisa Friedman  Photo: Andy Buchanan/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images   10/27/21  
In a few weeks, an estimated 20,000 ministers, activists and executives from nearly every country in the world are set to descend on Glasgow to hammer out how to make progress on climate change.

EU achieves 20-20-20 climate targets, 55 % emissions cut by 2030 reachable with more efforts and policies

The European Union (EU) achieved its three main climate and energy targets by 2020, according to a new European Environment Agency (EEA) assessment, published today. The 2030 target of a 55 % reduction in net…

The world needs to cut its emissions seven times as fast to hit climate goals, U.N. report finds

By Brady Dennis  Photo: Charlie Riedel/AP   10/26/21  
‘We’re just so far off track,’ says one co-author, noting that vague long-term promises and insufficient short-term plans overshadow signs of progress

The Rich World’s Promise of $100 Billion in Climate Aid Inches Forward

By Somini Sengupta  Photo: Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA, via Shutterstock   10/25/21  
Diplomats announced a plan to make good on an unkept promise of climate aid, a key point of tension in upcoming global climate talks.