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The Judicial Branch of the federal government is responsible for interpreting and reviewing the country’s laws. The Supreme Court is the most powerful body of the Judicial Branch. About 8,000 cases are filed with the Supreme Court each year, but only about 80 are chosen to be heard and decided by the Court. The Supreme Court is the only court where the Justices make the decision whether or not to hear a case. Most often, a case makes it to the Supreme Court after the plaintiffs involved appeal the ruling of one of the US Courts of Appeal.

There are numerous cases weaving their way through the courts. Exxon Mobil, for example, is facing a wave of lawsuits driven in large part by revelations which began surfacing in 2015.  These revelations indicated that the climate crisis was not the result of blind error, or even willful ignorance, but rather calculated abuses of power.  Exxon had conducted scientific studies that showed the warming effect of carbon emissions and predicted the dire consequences of climate change, before spending millions on misinformation to derail regulation and solidify international dependence on fossil fuels. Massachusetts and New York have both sued Exxon for fraud.

Meanwhile, cities like San Francisco, New York City, Richmond and others have filed suits for damages from climate change against companies like Chevron, BP, Shell, and ConocoPhillips in addition to Exxon. Several high-profile cases challenging the expansion of oil pipelines are also being litigated.

And, then there is the landmark case of Juliana v. US, brought by 21 young people in 2015, which argues that the federal government’s duty to serve as a trustee of resources extends to the atmosphere, and that it had thus failed in that constitutional duty. A full and fascinating history of this litigation can be found here.

Just as many of these cases are winding their way through the courts, the makeup of the highest court in the land has changed dramatically. Following the death of renowned Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18, 2020, Trump filled her seat with Amy Coney Barrett on September 26th. Barrett promises to shift the court to the far right for decades to come and environmental organizations have already expressed concern that she will be favorable towards fossil fuel companies.

Most recently, on October 2, 2020, the Supreme Court agreed to review a Fourth Circuit ruling that a Baltimore suit — seeking to put energy giants like Chevron and ExxonMobil on the hook for climate related infrastructure damages — belonged in state court.

What Is the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government? | History



The Lawfarm Climatechange scorecard

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What’s the next outrage from an illegitimate Supreme Court?

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The Supreme Court on Thursday allowed the Biden administration, for now, to use a higher estimate for the societal cost of rising greenhouse gases when federal agencies draft regulations.

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United States Court of Appeals For the First Circuit


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Climate liability lawsuits from state and local governments against fossil fuel companies are creeping closer to a new Supreme Court showdown.

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The Biden administration and red states are dueling in multiple courts after a federal judge temporarily blocked use of the social cost of carbon.

Established Precedent, Bodily Autonomy No Longer Safe

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California Attorney General Investigates the Oil and Gas Industry’s Role in Plastic Pollution, Subpoenas Exxon

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GOP-led states ask Supreme Court to block key Biden climate accounting measure

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A group of Republican-led states on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to reinstate a court order blocking a key climate accounting measure put in place by the Biden administration amid a legal dispute with potentially…

States, environmental groups sue USPS over gas-powered trucks

By Zack Budryk   04/28/22  
Sixteen states and a coalition of environmental groups on Thursday announced a lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for its decision to upgrade the majority of its fleet with fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Court sides with Calif. cities in climate litigation fight

By Lesley Clark  Photo: Terry Chea , AP Photo   04/20/22  
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected arguments from the oil and gas industry to move the lawsuit to federal court. The ruling is the third win for local governments this year.

Suing over climate change: Taking fossil fuel companies to court

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Preparing a new greenhouse gas regulation for power plants is difficult until the Supreme Court rules on the scope of EPA’s authority, Administrator Michael Regan said Thursday.

Exxon cannot argue political motives as defense in climate suit – Mass. judge

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A Massachusetts judge on Tuesday barred Exxon Mobil Corp from arguing improper, political motives were behind the state's attorney general suing the oil company for allegedly misleading consumers and investors about its role in climate…

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There’s a strange story unfolding in Berkeley, Calif., right now. That may present as a tautology, but bear with me. This one provides a window into a problem that endangers us all.

Supreme Court hears case on EPA GHGs regulation

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Oral arguments held February 28 gave attorneys on both sides of West Virginia v. EPA, which concerns the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gasses, the chance to present their case before the Justices of the…

Republicans threaten EPA authority via SCOTUS while UN warns against inaction

By Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.)   02/28/22  
U.N. report finds nations not acting fast enough to protect populations from current and future climate threats, as the Supreme Court takes up case that threatens the EPA’s authority to regulate pollution

Supreme Court will hear biggest climate change case in a decade

By Coral Davenport  Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/Associated Press   02/27/22  
The court could handcuff President Biden’s climate change agenda — and restrict federal agencies from enacting new regulations governing health, workplace safety and more.

Supreme court case could restrict Biden’s effort to tackle climate crisis

By Oliver Milman  Photo: Clarence Holmes Photography/Alamy   02/24/22  
Court to hear West Virginia case that takes aim at EPA’s ability to issue strict rules to curb pollution from fossil fuel power stations.

Update: Supreme Court to weigh EPA authority on greenhouse pollutants

By Lexi Smith   02/09/22  
The Supreme Court in late February is to hear West Virginia v. EPA, a case challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gasses as pollutants. This site in November explored best- and worst-case…

Federal court revokes oil and gas leases, citing climate change

By Lisa Friedman  Photo: Eric Gay/Associated Press   01/27/22  
A judge ruled that the Interior Department must consider the climate impacts of oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico before awarding leases.

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By Maxine Joselow  Photo: Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg News   01/25/22  
The Supreme Court ​​​​​​said yesterday that it would hear a challenge to the scope of the Clean Water Act, sparking concern from environmentalists that the high court could narrow the law's reach “in ways long…

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By Leehi Yona and David Cremins  Photo: Michael Nigro / Getty   01/12/22  
For too long, law firms have been given carte blanche for their contributions to the climate crisis: They lobby on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, file the paperwork necessary for carbon-emitting projects, and litigate…

Supreme Court to weigh EPA authority to regulate greenhouse pollutants

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U.S. Congress Adds Fresh Ammunition to Corporate Climate Fight

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Some leading U.S. corporations have been striving to reduce their carbon emissions, only to run up against obstacles posed by an economy that still depends heavily on fossil fuels. Now it appears they have gained…

Judge sides with Hoboken in climate lawsuit venue fight

By Alex Guillen  Photo: Tony Gutierrez , AP   09/08/21  
A federal judge in New Jersey ruled on Wednesday that the city of Hoboken's climate lawsuit against Exxon Mobil and other oil and gas companies should be sent back to state court, the latest in…

Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Rule Governing Water Pollution

By Coral Davenport  Photo: Amr Alfiky/The New York Times   09/01/21  
A federal judge on Monday struck down a Trump-era environmental rule that drastically limited federal restrictions against pollution of millions of streams, wetlands and marshes across the country. The Biden administration had already begun the…

Federal judge throws out Trump administration rule allowing the draining and filling of streams, marshes and wetlands

By Dino Grandoni and Brady Dennis  Photo: Salwan Georges/The Washington Post   08/31/21  
A federal judge Monday threw out a major Trump administration rule that scaled back federal protections for streams, marshes and wetlands across the United States, reversing one of the previous administration’s most significant environmental rollbacks.

As Biden urges global warming action, courts shape climate policy at home

By Dino Grandoni and Steven Mufson  Photo: Charles Mostoller , Bloomberg News   08/19/21  
At a time when President Biden is urging international leaders to address global warming quickly, court actions this week make it clear that the U.S. judiciary is shaping the United States’ climate trajectory as much…

IPCC report a ‘call to arms’ for climate science in courts, legal experts say

By Chloe Farand  Photo: Bart Hoogveld , Milieudfensie   08/12/21  
The findings of a major climate science report, backed by 195 governments, will strengthen the case of plaintiffs seeking to force governments and companies to take greater climate action, legal experts have told Climate Home…

Federal judge blocks Biden’s pause on new oil, gas leases

By Kevin McGill   06/16/21  
The Biden administration’s suspension of new oil and gas leases on federal land and water was blocked Tuesday by a federal judge in Louisiana who ordered that plans continue for lease sales that were delayed…

Supreme Court Gives Big Oil a Win in Climate Fight With Cities

By John Schwartz  Photo: Associated Press   05/17/21  
The Supreme Court handed a victory to fossil fuel companies on Monday in a major climate change case, but gave the industry far less than it had asked for.

U.S. state officials urge Garland to reverse Trump positions on climate deception cases

By Valerie Volcovici   04/06/21  
 The attorneys general of five U.S. states and the District of Columbia on Monday called on President Joe Biden’s Justice Department to withdraw legal briefs filed in support of fossil fuel companies in litigation during…

Court tosses Trump rule limiting emissions regulations

By Rachel Frazin   04/05/21  
A panel of federal appeals judges Washington, D.C., on Monday nixed a Trump administration rule that would have prevented the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from setting greenhouse gas limits on multiple polluting industries.

12 states sue Biden over ‘social cost’ calculation of greenhouse gases

By Rachel Frazin   03/08/21  
Twelve states are suing the Biden administration for trying to establish a "social cost" of greenhouse gases to use in agency rulemaking. In a lawsuit filed on Monday, the states argued that a January executive…

Judge throws out Trump rule limiting what science EPA can use

By Juliet Eilperin  Photo by Jabin Botsford   02/02/21  
A federal judge on Monday vacated the Trump administration rule limiting which scientific studies the Environmental Protection Agency can use in crafting public health protections, overturning one of the last major actions taken by the…

Court Voids a ‘Tortured’ Trump Climate Rollback

By Lisa Friedman  Photo by Scott Olson   01/19/21  
A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down the Trump administration’s plan to relax restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, paving the way for President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. to enact new and…