There are few forces as mighty as the power of the purse, and just as capital drives the actions of people and the movement of things, so can its absence. Investment can stand up a transnational corporation; a boycott, at least in theory, can take it down.

This axiom played out on a big stage in the spring of 2020 when JP Morgan Chase, which lent more than $195 billion to gas and oil companies over the previous three years, faced a revolt at its annual shareholder meeting. At the virtual meeting, 49.6 percent of shareholders voted to require Chase to produce a plan to align its business with the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement to hold an increase in global average temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and to pursue efforts to limit the rise to 1.5 degrees.

Shareholders also pressured the bank to remove from its board Lee Raymond, the former chief executive officer of ExxonMobil and a renowned climate change denier. That action followed sustained pressure by activists including Bill McKibben, who wrote in an April 2020 New York Times op-ed that Raymond led ExxonMobil while it “helped pioneer corporate efforts to create doubt about climate change” even when its own scientists knew the truth and the corporation was moving to protect its infrastructure from sea-level rise.

The year 2020 began with BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, announcing a dramatic shift toward prioritizing climate change in its investment strategies. It also began with the mayors of two world capitals — Bill de Blasio of New York and Sadiq Khan of London — urging their counterparts around the world to join them in divesting their municipalities’ pension funds from fossil fuel holdings. They presented “Divesting from Fossil Fuels, Investing in Our Future: A Toolkit for Cities,” a guide to divesting while increasing sustainable investments produced by C40, a network of megacities committed to addressing climate change.

On campuses around the world, students are demanding that their university divest from fossil fuels. Divest Ed offers training and strategy for student-led divestment campaigns. As of May, 2020, listed a total of 1,195 institutions and over 58,000 individuals representing more than $14 trillion in assets, which have begun or committed to a divestment from fossil fuels. 30% of those commitments came from faith-based organizations and 15% from educational institutions including Stanford, the University of California, the University of Hawaii, Georgetown, and most recently University of Vermont, to name a few in the United States.

Wall Street has collectively gotten the message, and today’s investors, millennials very much included, can choose from a number of mutual funds that emphasize sectors from low-carbon electricity and energy efficiency to copper, which is essential for wind- and solar-power infrastructure as well as electric-vehicle-charging stations.

What is fossil fuel divestment and why does it matter? | Keep it in the ground



Integrating Climate and Net-Zero Solutions Into Your Investment Process

Climate data and financial modeling capabilities across multiple asset classes Analytical tools for constructing, benchmarking and managing climate-aligned portfolios, setting net-zero targets and assessing impacts on valuations Portfolio- and enterprise-level monitoring, management and reporting of…

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These incredible results are made possible with help from you. Join us in our efforts to protect our communities, climate and environment from the risks associated with outdated, climate-polluting energy. We are strongest when we…

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Following the adoption of the Fossil Fuel Investment Principles by the Yale Board of Trustee in April 2021, the ACIR began its task of applying the Principles and recommending to the CCIR fossil fuel producers…

Global asset owners setting and reporting on ambitious interim targets for net-zero emissions by 2050

Founded in September 2019 at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit by Allianz, Caisse des Dépôts, La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), Folksam Group, PensionDanmark, and SwissRe, the Net-Zero Asset Owner…

BANK with your values!

Decarbonizing our financial sector is critical for climate progress. The five largest US consumer banks—Bank of America, Citi, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and TD Bank—funnel hundreds of billions of dollars annually into the oil,…

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Climate Action 100+ is an investor initiative to ensure the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change. The companies include 100 ‘systemically important emitters’, accounting for two-thirds of annual global…

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Harvard’s current pledge is radically insufficient. Students, faculty, and alumni lay out seven steps the university should take to align its endowment with a livable future.

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Enhancing Women’s Organizations’ Role In, and Access To, Climate Finance

Through a collaboration with Prospera, the International Network of Women’s Funds, who commissioned this vital work, WEDO researched and produced this report and accompanying summary documents on engaging women’s organizations, feminist advocates, and gender-related groups…

Make smart donations

Last summer, when we discussed how to make your climate change donations count, our reporting suggested that one of the most effective strategies is donating to political campaigns.

Fossil Free: 1000+ Divestment Commitments

See a full list of 1000+ Divestment commitments. Fossil Free is a global project sponsored by, demanding our local communities and institutions commit to: 1)A fast + just transition to 100% renewable energy for…

Fossil Free: Divestment

A full list of divestment commitments.


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Entelligent’s Smart Climate Data and Analytics are a “top down” climate scenario analytics platform of formulas, systems and indices that assess the climate risk of an investment portfolio and provide critical analytics at the individual…

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The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) is one of the world’s leading climate finance mechanisms. Founded in 2008, it represents one of the first global efforts to invest in a dedicated climate finance. The CIF emerged…


How a Republican effort punishes companies for climate action

By David Gelles and Hiroko Tabuchi  Photo: Kieran Dodds for The New York Times   05/27/22  
Legislators and their allies are running an aggressive campaign that uses public money and the law to pressure businesses they say are pushing “woke” causes.

People in US and UK face huge financial hit if fossil fuels lose value, study shows

By Damien Carrington  Photo: Martin Meissner , AP   05/26/22  
Individuals in rich countries face huge financial losses if climate action slashes the value of fossil fuel assets, a study shows, despite many oil and gas fields being in other countries.

Vanguard refuses to end new fossil fuel investments

By Chris Flood   05/26/22  
Chief executive Tim Buckley said the group, which manages $8.1tn for more than 30mn investors and is the largest investor in coal companies globally, was determined to safeguard its clients from climate risks but this…

Investors reject climate proposals targeting ExxonMobil, Chevron

By Maxine Joselow  Photo: Richard Drew/AP   05/26/22  
Nearly two-thirds of investors in ExxonMobil and Chevron on Wednesday rejected proposals for the oil giants to align their climate strategies with the Paris agreement.

Big Tech is pouring millions into the wrong climate solution at Davos

By Justine Calma  Photo: Dursun Aydemir , Getty Images   05/25/22  
Alphabet, Microsoft, and Salesforce today pledged $500 million to new climate tech that’s supposed to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to keep it from heating up the planet. It’s the latest move by…

3 ways to fix ESG ratings to meet investors’ expectations

By Tom Lyon  Photo: Maja Hitij/Getty Images   05/25/22  
ESG ratings agencies typically rate companies against others within their industry, so oil and gas companies are rated separately from automotive companies or technology companies. Exxon stacks up fairly well relative to others in the…

A feud over fossil fuel money

By Manuela Andreoni   05/24/22  
At Stanford University, the question is ringing loud. This month, hundreds of students, faculty members and alumni, in an open letter, called on the university’s new climate school to decline funding from fossil fuel companies.

Inaction on climate change could cost economy $178 trillion: Deloitte

By Deloitte   05/23/22  
Inaction on climate change could cost the economy $178 trillion over the next 50 years, or a 7.6 percent cut to gross domestic product (GDP) in 2070, a research report from Deloitte Center for Sustainable…

HSBC suspends head of responsible investing who called climate warnings ‘shrill’

By Kalyeena Makortoff  Photo: Joe Raedle , Getty Images   05/22/22  
HSBC has suspended a senior banker after he referred to climate crisis warnings as “unsubstantiated” and “shrill” during a conference speech that has since been denounced by the lender’s chief executive. Stuart Kirk, who has…

The Pushback on E.S.G. Investing

By Andrew Ros Sorkin and Others  Photo: Brandon Thibodeaux , New York Times   05/11/22  
While speaking about energy policy in Texas yesterday, former Vice President Mike Pence, a potential 2024 Republican presidential contender, said he wanted to “rein in” E.S.G., or investing based on environmental, social and governance principles.…

Global ESG standard-setting gains speed

By Jim Tyson  Photo: Justin Sullivan , Getty Images   05/05/22  
Regulators and other standard-setters worldwide are building a consensus behind uniform rules for gauging sustainability that could help CFOs generate credible ESG reports.

The GOP’s New War On Divestment

By Donald Shaw  Photo: Martin Meissner , AP Photo   04/28/22  
Republican state and federal lawmakers, their campaign coffers filled with fossil fuel donations, are quietly building a nationwide effort to pass anti-divestment bills that would punish financial institutions that consider the climate crisis in their…

ESG: The Tidal Wave Hitting Businesses in 2022

By Dean Amhaus  Photo: Clay Banks   03/22/22  
A growing tidal wave hitting businesses can be summarized in three letters – ESG. The environmental, social and governance investing movement may not have fully grabbed the public’s attention – yet – but it is…

Democrats’ climate plan languishes, putting billions in private investment on hold

By Jeff Stein and Steven Mufson  Photo: Mason Trinca for The Washington Post   02/16/22  
The chief executive of a Portland area-based battery company believes his products could play a critical role in fighting climate change, storing the energy produced by wind and solar for hours instead of having it…

Climate investing ‘boycott bills’ flood state capitals

By Zack Colman and Jordan Wolman  Photo: Charlie Riedel , AP   02/15/22  
Texas, West Virginia and Oklahoma are among states moving to bar officials from dealing with businesses that are moving to ditch fossil fuels or considering climate change in their own investments. Those steps come as…

Europe’s biggest banks fund oil and gas firms despite net zero pledges

By Jasper Jolly  Photo: Rodger Bosch/AFP/Getty Images   02/14/22  
Europe’s biggest banks led by HSBC, Barclays and BNP Paribas have provided £24bn to oil and gas companies that are expanding production less than a year since pledging to target net zero carbon emissions, data…

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Invests in Promising Climate Change Solutions

Photo: Twelve   02/10/22  
Today, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) announced $44 million in funding to develop and scale promising technologies to help address climate change as part of an exploration of cutting-edge and emerging solutions, including carbon dioxide…

Divesting works: Study finds ditching fossil stocks lowers corporate footprints

By Rick Spence   02/09/22  
For the leaders of the divestment movement, which encourages institutional investors to sell off their shares in fossil fuel companies, winning isn’t everything. Eroding public support for the sector has been considered valuable work in…

Banking on our future

Photo: Ken Cedeno / Greenpeace   01/29/22  
We want to do something real to protect a livable planet. Money—especially the banks we keep it in—is crucial. Join our pledge.

Clean energy stocks are down but still have their spark

By Scott Patterson  Photo: Preston Jessee/WSJ   01/24/22  
Investors voice confidence that the market will remain healthy, seeing continuing growth amid shifting investor priorities

How NineDot Energy will use $100M to install distributed batteries in NYC

By Jeff St. John   01/21/22  
NineDot Energy has spent the past six years finding ways to work in New York City’s congested and ever-changing distributed-energy market, from analyzing the value of distributed solar to developing and selling megawatt-scale fuel-cell projects…

1 big thing: Wall Street blunts divestment momentum

By Ben Geman, Andrew Freedman  Photo: Megan Robinson/Axios   01/20/22  
Citigroup and BlackRock, two major financial players with far-reaching climate goals, took similar stances this week on divesting from fossil fuel companies. They're against it, at least for now, Andrew writes.

Next 1000 unicorns will be green energy innovators, says BlackRock CEO Larry Fink

By   01/19/22  
With the US witnessing a transition to a green economy, the next wave of successful startups will be those companies that will help make the carbon-free transition affordable, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said.

BlackRock’s Larry Fink tells fellow CEOs that businesses are not ‘climate police’

By Steven Mufson and Douglas MacMillan  Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP   01/18/22  
BlackRock’s Larry Fink defended his firm’s push to hold companies accountable for environmental and social progress after conservative lawmakers claimed the world’s largest asset manager is using its financial might to impose ideological beliefs on…

Energy Ended Up as a Good Bet Last Year. But Now What?

By J. Alex Tarquinio  Photo: Brandon Thibodeaux   01/14/22  
Energy companies defied the odds last year. Despite a pandemic and pressure to phase out fossil fuels to combat global warming, the share prices of major energy companies outshone the rest of the S&P 500.…

Most Agribusinesses and Banks Involved With ‘Forest Risk’ Commodities Are Falling Down on Deforestation

By Georgina Gustin  Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images   01/13/22  
Many of the world’s biggest banks, financial institutions and companies are not doing enough to stop deforestation, and in many cases are continuing to bankroll forest destruction, undermining efforts to stop a major driver of…

Global exodus from fossil fuel holdings tops 1,500 institutions

By Hiroko Matsumoto  Photo: Reuters   01/05/22  
More than 1,500 pension funds, universities and other organizations around the world have announced that they will divest from fossil fuel assets, doubling from five years earlier and underscoring the surge in sustainable investing.

Climate Justice Through Divestment

By Ray Levy Uyeda  Photo: Erik Mcgregor Via Getty Images   01/04/22  
In recent years, a growing movement to achieve climate justice has connected the root cause of climate change not just with greenhouse gases but also with a more entrenched, insidious foe: capitalism. The United States…

Big numbers – dollars and institutions – behind divestments from fossil fuels

By Kristen Pope   01/04/22  
The Global Fossil Fuel Divestment Commitments Database, maintained by two nonprofit divestiture advocacy groups, and, tracks institutions that have pledged to divest from fossil fuels fully, partially, or with regard to certain subsets,…

The EV Strategy at Ford Is Winning Buy-In from Investors

By Leone Kaye  Photo: Ford Motors   01/04/22  
While the automakers’ bold pledges to focus on manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) are so far generating more rhetoric than results, the shift at Ford appears to be strongly resonating with both drivers and investors.

Check out the best- and worst-performing clean energy funds of 2021

By Pippa Stevens  Photo: Kevork Djansezian , Getty Images   12/30/21  
Clean energy stocks came under pressure during 2021 as policy uncertainty, supply chain issues and concerns over stretched valuations weighed on the sector. But some areas within the renewable energy ecosystem still managed to not…

Climate tech investment more than triples, but is focused on solutions with just 20% of emission reduction potential: PwC study

Investment from venture capital and private equity is pouring into climate tech, reaching US$87.5bn over H2 2020 and H1 2021, with in excess of US$60bn coming in the first half of 2021 alone. This represents…

San Diego will stop investing in fossil fuel industry to avoid contradicting city climate goals

By David Garrick   11/30/21  
San Diego will soon join New York, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and many other cities that no longer invest their financial reserves in the fossil fuel industry because that contradicts municipal efforts to fight climate change.

U.S. will miss electric-vehicle targets without big investments in semiconductor manufacturing

By Jeanne Whalen  Photo: Leah Millis , Reuters   11/29/21  
The United States won’t meet the Biden administration’s goal of widespread electric-vehicle adoption without urgent investment in domestic semiconductor manufacturing, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said.

Report: Energy Storage as a Service Market Size Worth $2.7 Billion by 2028

By Emily Holbrook   11/29/21  
The global energy storage as a service market (ESaaS) size is expected to reach $2.7 billion by 2028, according to a new report by Grand View Research. It is expected to expand at a CAGR…

With first official ordinance, Mayor Wu divests Boston from fossil fuels

By Sabrina Shankman  Photo: David L. Ryan/Globe Staff   11/22/21  
Mayor Michelle Wu of Boston signed a measure to divest city funds from the fossil fuel industry on Monday, adding Boston to the small number of major US cities that have taken the step to…

WV Treasurer Moore Leads 15-State Coalition to Push Back Against Bank Boycotts of Traditional Energy Industries

“I’m proud to continue to stand with my colleagues against these attacks on our states’ coal, oil and natural gas industries,” Treasurer Moore said. “These industries – which are engaged in perfectly legal activities –…

The Divestment Movement’s Big Month

By John R. Platt  Photo: Ric Lander   11/16/21  
Investors, foundations, universities and governments pulled their assets from fossil fuel companies in record numbers in October.The decades-long push to get large investment funds to pull their money from destructive oil, gas and coal has…

Jigar Shah has a new strategy to boost climatetech through DOE loans

By Jeff St. John  Photo: Miljøstiftelsen   11/15/21  
Jigar Shah has spent his private-sector career working to bring once-unfinanceable long-shot clean technologies to multibillion-dollar commercial scale, from utility-scale solar at SunEdison to community solar, electric buses and other ​“sustainable infrastructure” projects at Generate…

Business Schools Respond to a Flood of Interest in E.S.G.

By Jenny Gross  Photo: Christopher Capozziello , The New York Times   11/14/21  
A decade ago, the hottest M.B.A. courses typically covered topics such as game theory, valuing securities and negotiating mergers. Today, some of the most popular classes are about climate finance, impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

Finance Must Combat Climate Change – or Else

By Bevis Longstreth and Connor Chung   11/09/21  
This summer, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its latest report and the scariest part is just how unsurprising its contents were. Avoiding the worst, the report made clear, is still possible, but only…

The uses and abuses of green finance

Photo: Getty Images   11/04/21  
Alas, the cop26 summit in Glasgow is shaping up to be a disappointment. The hope that emerging markets, which belch out much of the world’s greenhouse gases, would announce ambitious proposals is being dashed. The plans…

Bill Gates: Funding clean technology is the way to avoid climate disaster

By Bill Gates  Photo: Leon Neal/Getty   10/31/21  
Before the last major COP meeting, in Paris in 2015, innovation was barely on the climate agenda. This year in Glasgow it will take centre stage. Shifting the world’s focus to inventing clean technologies was…

This Movement Is Taking Money Away From Fossil Fuels, and It’s Working

By Bill McKibben  Photo: Robert Gumpert/Redux   10/26/21  
I remember the night in the autumn of 2012 when the first institution in the U.S. publicly committed to divest from fossil fuel. I was with a group of other climate activists in a big…

The United States remains the world’s most attractive market for renewables investment while India breaks into top five

By Eduard Sala de Vedruna and Indrayuth Mukherjee   10/22/21  
IHS Markit Global Renewables Markets Attractiveness Rankings, which tracks investment attractiveness for non-hydro renewables (offshore wind, onshore wind, and solar PV) saw the United States retain its spot as the most attractive market overall, as…

Aligning our investments and our values

By Darren Walker   10/18/21  
Eight years ago, the Ford Foundation’s trustees appointed me president, the honor of my life. I pledged, then, that we would reimagine the way we use all of our assets, physical and financial. I’ve long…

The Biden administration proposes reversing Trump-era rules on socially conscious investing.

By Tara Siegel Bernard  Photo: Jemal Countess , Getty Images   10/13/21  
Martin J. Walsh, the secretary of labor, said that the department consulted consumer groups, asset managers and others before writing the proposed rule, and that the change was considered necessary because the old one appeared…

Private sector investment in u.S. Offshore wind will soar to $109 billion by 2030

The Special Initiative on Offshore Wind is an independent project at the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and Environment that supports the advancement of offshore wind as part of a comprehensive solution to…

College formally announces plan to divest from fossil fuels

By Taylor Haber   10/08/21  
The College’s endowment will no longer be directly invested in fossil fuels and the Dartmouth Investment Office intends to allow its remaining public holdings in the sector to expire, according to an Oct. 8 announcement.

Nestlé, Campbell Soup ‘highly exposed’ to climate risks, investor group warns

By Chris Casey  Photo: Scott Olson via Getty Images   09/29/21  
Major food players including Nestlé, Campbell Soup, Nissin Foods, Ajinomoto and Kerry Group ranked among 50 large companies that are "highly exposed" to the physical effects of climate change relative to other businesses in the sectors…