When information is complicated, as it often is in climate change, infographics have often succeeded in providing simple and direct ways of clarifying those facts visually by illustrating the message in a way that makes it more accessible, persuasive, and engaging than text alone. 

Some of our favorite infographics links are:
• In 2015, the Climate Reality Project explained that there were ten clear indicators that our climate is changing. Basic and perfect.
• The Solution Project decided to clarify how every one of the 50 states would get to 100% renewable by 2050. Amazing.
• Save On Energy animated an infographic demonstrating how a wind turbine works. Genius!
Carbon Brief has been tracking what the media picks up, what papers are cited and who the top ten authors are. Fascinating.
• If you want to explore the impact of climate change what better way to do it than through the infographics at Climate Impact on People.
• And, finally, there is a wealth of great climate change infographics on Pinterest.