Commercial building owners and managers will invest an estimated $960 billion globally by 2023 on greening their existing built infrastructure. Major priority areas include more energy-efficient heating, solar, ventilation and air conditioning, windows, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and other key technologies. There are many benefits to a green commercial space: a healthier environment, and lower waste and utility costs. For companies leasing space in these buildings, recruitment and retention are improved, particularly among millennials, who would take a pay cut to work at an environmentally responsible company

The Bullitt Center in Seattle, Washington is certified as a “Living Building” and considered to be one of the greenest commercial buildings in the world. The building features net zero energy and water, composting toilets, toxic-free materials, FSC wood, and more.

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By Gemma Church
What’s more, the energy-efficient lighting systems are fitted throughout the building, including a particularly impressive LED installation on top of Tower 6 producing 340 shades of color and various patterns to illuminate the night sky.