The economic implications of climate change are vast. This section focuses solely on what will happen if we do nothing, and what will happen if we do something. Of course, there is a great deal in between as we work our way to a renewable future.

We are also looking to share opportunities to wield influence to encourage action – for individuals, communities, financial organizations (such as pension funds) and corporations, including insurance companies.

Within this section, you will find information on investing and divesting to facilitate a green economy.

And, on another financial note, you may well find information on sustainable products (like boxed water instead of plastic) from time to time.



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Climate Roadmap for U.S. Financial Regulation

The Biden Administration has taken office with an urgent climate mandate to act on climate and announced a “whole-of-government” approach in response.1 Because climate change threatens our financial system and, indeed, entire economy, the United…



With Biden, The Whole Climate Will Change

Ken Silverstein Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images 1/4/2021
During the Trump Administration, a dark cloud hung over the nation’s environmental movement and specifically any attempts to mitigate climate change. But the election of Joe Biden to the presidency will change that — certainly…