Climate Change In 2021

Climate Change in 2021

Climate Change in 2021

Dozens of billion-dollar weather disasters hit Earth in 2022

By Jeff Masters 01/30/23
The year was the second-costliest on record for drought. It also had three mega-disasters costing at least $20 billion, plus a heat wave that killed over 40,000 people in Europe.
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Overview of New York’s environmental victories of 2022

By Isabel Friedman and Rich Schrader 01/17/23
NRDC has been hard at work with our partners in New York State. New York has, for years, taken strong positions on climate, and the strides made this past year will continue this critical leadership.…
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How well do you know Biden’s environmental track record? Take our quiz

By John Muyskens, Brady Dennis and Juliet Eilperin 01/31/22
President Biden seized on climate change as a core priority when he took office, saying days after his inauguration, “We’ve already waited too long to deal with this climate crisis, and we can’t wait any…
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New renewable power plants are reducing U.S. electricity generation from natural gas

In our January Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), we forecast that rising electricity generation from renewable energy resources such as solar and wind will reduce generation from fossil fuel-fired power plants over the next two years.…
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State of the climate: How the world warmed in 2021

By Zeke Hausfather 01/17/22
The climate data for 2021 is now mostly in, and it has proved to be another noteworthy year across the oceans, atmosphere, cryosphere and surface temperature of the planet.
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2021 was world’s 6th-warmest year on record

After two consecutive years (2019 and 2020) that ranked among the top three warmest on record, Earth was a slightly cooler planet in 2021. But not by much.
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Ocean warmth sets record high in 2021 as a result of emissions

By Kasha Patel 01/11/22
A new analysis, published Tuesday in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, showed that oceans contained the most heat energy in 2021 since measurements began six decades ago — accelerating at a rate only possible…
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1 big thing: A banner year for billion-dollar disasters

By Ben German and Andrew Freedman 01/11/22
In 2021, the contiguous U.S. saw its second-highest number of billion-dollar weather and climate disasters on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Andrew writes.
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More than 40% of Americans live in counties hit by climate disasters in 2021

By Sarah Kaplan and Andrew Ba Tran 01/05/22
As climate-fueled extreme weather intensified last year, more than 80 percent of Americans experienced a heat wave. The impacts of fires and severe storms also spread.
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Grid energy storage surged in 2021, as we predicted

By Julian Spector 01/05/22
I love the holidays because they offer a chance to mingle with old friends and family members who don’t think about the clean energy transition every day. I get to ask questions like, ​“Does the…
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December Was Likely the Hottest on Record for the U.S.

By Brian Kahn 01/04/22
The weather wasn't just wild, it was also incredibly hot across large parts of the Lower 48, leading to what is likely a new national record.
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Top News of 2021

By Larry Pearl 01/04/22
The election of a Democratic president intent on addressing climate change through federal policy drove some of the biggest utility stories of the past year.
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Top 2021 climate realities demand a New Year’s resolution for our planet

By Jonathan Overpeck 01/04/22
When pondering resolutions for a new year, it can be helpful to review the year gone by. In the case of 2021, one of the most striking realizations is that we’ve clearly entered an era…
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TIME’s Top Climate Stories of 2021

By Ciara Nugent 01/03/22
It’s been an awfully long year for everyone—and that includes climate reporters. The world’s biggest story kept getting bigger in 2021, finding its way into every corner of our lives.
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Hey Ho It’s Hot Out Here

By Bill Mckibben 12/30/21
Which is to say, we’re seeing truly unimaginable weather events, clear evidence that “stopping global warming” is no longer on the menu, and that holding it to a level that allows civilizational continuity may be…
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Our Best Food System Solutions Stories of 2021

By The Civil Eats Editors 12/30/21
From the climate crisis to systemic racism to the never-ending pandemic, challenges abound, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But across the food system, people and communities are thinking creatively and acting boldly to address…
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