Comprehensive Charging for Any Fleet.

We’re leading the charge. Actually, we started it. You’d think after creating the world’s largest and most open EV charging network we’d be satisfied, but you’d be wrong. The way we see it, there’s still…

What Are The Different Levels Of Electric Vehicle Charging?

We’ve been refueling our cars with gasoline for more than a hundred years. There’s a few variants to choose from: regular, mid-grade or premium gasoline, or diesel. However, the refueling process is relatively straightforward, everybody…

Electrifying New York

Climate change poses an existential threat to a coastal city like ours, and poor air quality leads to over 1,000 deaths in our

What Is OCPP & Why Is It Important To The Future Of Electric Cars?

Electric vehicle charging stations are an emerging technology. As such, charging station site hosts and EV drivers are quickly learning all the various terminology and concepts. For example, J1772 at first glance may seem like…

In the Race to Scale EVs, New Entrants Push the Pedal on Ultra-Fast Charging Technology

With evermore dire reports from climate scientists on the relentless pace of climate change, the race to scale electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining speed. Utilities and start-ups are working feverishly to build fast-charging networks as automakers make major investments in EVs.…

We need gargantuan investment in EV charging stations. Where will the money come from?

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill that passed the Senate this week contains a small down payment on President Joe Biden’s promise to “win the EV market”: $5 billion in grants for states to deploy public electric vehicle…

Want an EV charger? Good luck finding one, study says

Nobody walks in LA, as the song goes. But if you do, there’s a decent chance in Los Angeles of finding a nearby electric-vehicle charging station . Wander the poorer neighborhoods of San Antonio, Chicago or…

Indiana Tests Technology to Charge EVs While They Move

Can you imagine driving an electric car that charges itself while in motion? Researchers with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Purdue University are testing a new type of concrete that may do just that.

DOE says new building codes to cut energy costs by $138B, but EV backers see failure to advance charging

Updated building codes would save U.S. homes and businesses $138 billion in energy costs over the next three decades, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) concluded on July 21. However, electric vehicle advocates see a missed opportunity…

Rush to Build EV Charging Stations Comes Without Promise of Profit

Regional alliances are emerging as utilities join with one another—and with charging-station builders and government agencies—to plan the thousands of charging stations needed to bridge the gaps between U.S. cities.


EV charging stations are annoying. Ford wants to fix them

By David Ferris  Photo: Praetorianphoto , Istock   01/04/22  
A man identifying himself as Matt F steered his electric Volvo to a charging plaza in North Platte, Neb. , last month to get a quick battery fill-up.At first everything was fine. Then something inexplicable…

The EV revolution’s next big roadblock: access to chargers

By Justine Calma  Photo: Drew Angerer , Getty Images   12/20/21  
Electric vehicles are set to play a critical role in our clean energy future, but in order for everyone to reap the benefits of EVs, they’ll need access to chargers.

White House unveils EV charging action plan, prepares network rollout guidance for cities, states

By Robert Walton  Photo: Chip Somodevilla , Getty Images   12/14/21  
The White House on Monday unveiled an “EV Charging Action Plan” that sketches out how federal agencies will coordinate on the development of a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers.

Major US utilities plan nationwide charging network, anticipating 22M EVs by 2030

By Robert Walton   12/08/21  
More than 50 utilities, primarily investor-owned power companies, have banded together to install electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging infrastructure along major U.S. highway corridors by the end of 2023, the National Electric Highway Coalition (NEHC) announced…

Shaping the future of fast-charging EV infrastructure

By Stefan Heldmann , Florian Nagele & Others   10/25/21  
In the past decade, electric vehicles (EVs) have gone from a rare sight on even the busiest road to an increasingly common, affordable option. In 2020, EV sales set new records that surpassed expectations, particularly…

Put some batteries on it

By Julian Spector   10/18/21  
Remember when we reported on how 5.2 million cargo trucks in North America could go electric with today’s technology? I flagged at the time that the annual power consumption of all those new electric trucks…

NYC unveils plan to build one of the largest electric vehicle charging networks in U.S.

By Erik Bascome  Photo: Erik Bascome   09/09/21  
Over the next decade, New York City will create one of the country’s largest electric vehicle charging networks in an effort to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Time shift: How to make EV charging as clean as possible

By Jeff St. John  Photo: Andrew Roberts   09/08/21  
Vic Shao, CEO of Amply, sees a couple of different ways that his company can help transit agencies and commercial fleet operators charge their electric vehicles with the lowest-carbon electricity possible.

28 U.S. House Democrats want $85 billion in EV charging infrastructure funding

By David Shepardson  Photo: Mohammad Khursheed   08/10/21  
A group of 28 U.S. House Democrats on Monday asked congressional leaders to back $85 billion in funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, a big jump over funding proposed in a bill before Congress. The…

New road signs direct drivers to charging stations

By Alyssa Hui  Photo: IDOT   07/13/21  
If you’re a driver of an electric vehicle, be on the lookout for new signs on the highway where you can refuel. In the last two weeks, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) installed 30…

Electrify America to double EV charging stations by 2025

By Matt Ott Ap  Photo: AP Photo/David Zalubowski   07/13/21  
Electrify America, an electric vehicle charging network funded with money paid by Volkswagen as punishment for its emissions cheating scandal, says it plans to more than double its number of charging stations throughout the United…

New Clarivate Report Identifies Battery Capacity And Charging Technologies As Key To Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption

By Clarivate   07/09/21  
Clarivate Plc (NYSE:CLVT), a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, today released a new report, The road ahead: sustainable vehicles today and in the future, that reveals the state of…

Op-Ed: What it will take to get electric cars into low-income communities?

By Britta Gross  Photo: Frederic J. Brown / AFP/Getty Images   07/08/21  
The California Energy Commission said in June that the state needs about 1.2 million electric vehicle chargers in public and shared private locations, such as office complexes and multi-unit dwellings, to meet its mandated goal…

Electric vehicle chargers will soon go up on street light poles in Kansas City

By YCC Team  Photo: Joy Ellsworth   06/23/21  
Many people who own an electric vehicle also own a home, so they can install a charger in their garage or driveway. But that’s usually not an option for people who rent. “If you are…

How Skeptics Will Be Persuaded To Drive Electric

By Brayden Gerrard  Photo: Joenomias   06/23/21  
Despite rising sales of electric vehicles, signs of hesitance remain. These barriers were made quite clear in a recent survey of US consumers by Morning Consult. First, the good news: interest in electric vehicles continued to…

The fastest way to get more people to buy electric vehicles

By Ella Nilsen  Photo: Caroline Brehman   06/04/21  
Whether the United States can get to net-zero emissions by 2050 hinges hugely on our love of cars: They’re the dominant mode of transportation in America — ridership on trains, buses, and other public transit…

Electric Cars Are Coming. How Long Until They Rule the Road?

By Brad Plumer, Nadja Popovich and Blacki Migliozzi   03/10/21  
Around the world, governments and automakers are focused on selling newer, cleaner electric vehicles as a key solution to climate change. Yet it could take years, if not decades, before the technology has a drastic…

Nissan to Build 500 EV Fast-Charge Stations in U.S. Within 18 Months

By Michael Graham Richard   02/18/21  
When Tesla Motors unveiled its Supercharger network of fast-charge stations for electric cars, I thought it was a great move on many levels: It'll be great for Tesla owners, allowing them to charge quickly and…

Electric Utility Investment in Truck and Bus Charging

Electric trucks and buses can help tackle climate emissions, reduce diesel pollution, and improve health outcomes in communities burdened by air pollution. However, their widespread deployment requires investing in the infrastructure for charging them.