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Biden’s American Climate Corps is weak and won’t save us

By Nick Fuller Googins

The year is 1942. The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor. The Nazis have invaded Russia and declared war on America. President Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses the nation to make an important announcement: The White House is launching a drive to recruit 20,000 Americans to fight for our collective survival.


Biden’s new Climate Corps will train thousands of young people

By Maxine Joselow

President Biden on Wednesday announced an initiative to train more than 20,000 young people in skills crucial to combating climate change, such as installing solar panels, restoring coastal wetlands and retrofitting homes to be more energy-efficient. The American Climate Corps comes as Biden seeks to win over young voters, a critical constituency, before next year’s presidential election. Polls show that climate change is a top concern for young people, who are more likely than older generations to face raging wildfires, stronger storms and rising seas in their lifetimes.


US ‘university’ spreads climate lies and receives millions from rightwing donors

By Peter Stone

A rightwing media outlet promoting climate-crisis denialism and other “anti-woke” staples to young students and adults via social media has become a fundraising Goliath, raking in close to $200m from 2018 to 2022 with big checks from top conservative donors, tax records reveal. Founded in 2009 by the conservative talkshow host Dennis Prager, the eponymous Prager University Foundation is not an accredited education organization. But via online media its PragerU Kids division has become a key tool in spreading false claims to young people with short videos aimed at undercutting widely accepted science that climate crisis disasters are accelerating due, largely, to fossil-fuel usage.


Youth Activists Experience a Mental Toll From the Climate Crisis

By Bloomberg News

“I think so many of us have had to forfeit our youth because we feel an obligation to do this. A lot of us have missed out on things that others have had because we've made this choice — or have we made this choice? Because many people don't think it's a choice, especially with the gravity of the situation.” The mental health impacts of the climate crisis and the toll on young activists keeps Tori Tsui up at night. Her first book, ….


Idaho teens talk climate change at new summer camp

By Amanda Niess

Sunrise Movement Summer Camp is a free camp located in Illinois that teaches teenagers from around the country about climate change. While there, students build campaigns to address topics surrounding climate change and connect with like-minded individuals.


A new campus offering: Climate anxiety therapy

By Ta ' Leah Van Sistine

In early 2020, weeks before anxiety about another crisis roiled the globe, a small group of students gathered in a room at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for a counseling session on worry and grief related to global warming. For an hour, during the first such session at the institution, the students talked through fears and frustrations of a world impacted by climate change.


This 17-Year-Old Designed a Motor That Could Potentially Transform the Electric Car Industry

By Margaret Osborne

Robert Sansone is a natural born engineer. From animatronic hands to high-speed running boots and a go-kart that can reach speeds of more than 70 miles per hour, the Fort Pierce, Florida-based inventor estimates he’s completed at least 60 engineering projects in his spare time. And he’s only 17 years old.


In a New Orleans ward ravaged by climate change, leaders nurture the next generation

By Dayana Sarkisova

Arriving at Bayou Bienvenue, Arthur Johnson swings closed the door of his pickup truck and wipes the sweat across his brow.
“Says it feels like 108 today,” he murmurs.


Summer camp teaches kids about climate solutions

By YCC Team

This week, a group of young people are attending an overnight camp in Nevada County, California. They’ll sleep in cabins and spend time outside. But instead of traditional camp activities, these kids will focus on climate change.


Young Voters Are Fed Up With Their (Much) Older Leaders

By Maya King and Others

Alexandra Chadwick went to the polls in 2020 with the single goal of ousting Donald J. Trump. A 22-year-old first-time voter, she saw Joseph R. Biden Jr. as more of a safeguard than an inspiring political figure, someone who could stave off threats to abortion access, gun control and climate policy.