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A new campus offering: Climate anxiety therapy

By Ta ' Leah Van Sistine Photo: Guang Lim, The Washington Post

In early 2020, weeks before anxiety about another crisis roiled the globe, a small group of students gathered in a room at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for a counseling session on worry and grief related to global warming. For an hour, during the first such session at the institution, the students talked through fears and frustrations of a world impacted by climate change.


This 17-Year-Old Designed a Motor That Could Potentially Transform the Electric Car Industry

By Margaret Osborne

Robert Sansone is a natural born engineer. From animatronic hands to high-speed running boots and a go-kart that can reach speeds of more than 70 miles per hour, the Fort Pierce, Florida-based inventor estimates he’s completed at least 60 engineering projects in his spare time. And he’s only 17 years old.


In a New Orleans ward ravaged by climate change, leaders nurture the next generation

By Dayana Sarkisova Photo: Bryan Tarnowski

Arriving at Bayou Bienvenue, Arthur Johnson swings closed the door of his pickup truck and wipes the sweat across his brow.
“Says it feels like 108 today,” he murmurs.


Summer camp teaches kids about climate solutions

By YCC Team

This week, a group of young people are attending an overnight camp in Nevada County, California. They’ll sleep in cabins and spend time outside. But instead of traditional camp activities, these kids will focus on climate change.


Young Voters Are Fed Up With Their (Much) Older Leaders

By Maya King and Others Photo: David Lawrence , The New York Times

Alexandra Chadwick went to the polls in 2020 with the single goal of ousting Donald J. Trump. A 22-year-old first-time voter, she saw Joseph R. Biden Jr. as more of a safeguard than an inspiring political figure, someone who could stave off threats to abortion access, gun control and climate policy.


Greening a home — and the next generation — in Wisconsin

By Kari Lydersen Photo: Current Electric

Most students in Advanced Placement courses spend months focused on getting ready for the AP test, which can yield college credit in high school. The high school students participated in a range of community environmental projects as part of a deep dive into the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Among other projects, they documented and helped publicize a Wisconsin couple’s green home renovation, and helped Wisconsin Citizen Utility Board (CUB) connect with Spanish-speaking residents about energy conservation and clean energy.


Young Activists Disrupt Bonn Climate Talks to Call for Plant Based Treaty

By Olivia Rosane

A group of young activists believe the answer is a global shift towards plant-based diets, and they are not afraid to make their voices heard. The campaigners disrupted a meeting at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, on Friday to call for a Plant Based Treaty…


Becoming inconvenient: youth activists disrupting the status quo

By Abbie Malloy

For nearly all of history, society has revolved around making life convenient for those in power. We consume their products, run their companies, and live our lives in ways that keep them comfortable. It’s easy, breezy, and consistent – for the old and wealthy, at least.


For Gen Z, Climate Change Is a Heavy Emotional Burden

By Richard Schiffman Photo: Laurene Becquart , Getty Images

People who have come of age in recent decades — millennials and members of Generation Z — have been exposed to a steady stream of alarming news about climate change and ecological destruction. And a growing body of evidence suggests that these worsening problems, and the failure to address them, are taking an emotional toll.


7 Ways to Manage Climate Anxiety

By Linnea Harris

Many people are already experiencing the effects of climate change. Eighty-five percent the global population has endured weather events made worse by rising temperatures, and more than 40% are highly vulnerable to climate change based on their location or situations, according to the IPCC report issued last August, citing inequality, socio-economic status, and colonialism as factors in the uneven distribution of these effects.