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Petroleum Association of Wyoming vows to fight for state’s oil and gas industry

Photo by Jim Parkin
The Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) congratulated President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris Wednesday but vowed to fight for the state's oil and gas industry.

Bill would repeal Wyoming’s rules for home wind, solar power

By Associated Press
Wyoming lawmakers have advanced legislation that would change how the state regulates home-scale wind and solar power. The bill endorsed by a legislative committee Tuesday would repeal Wyoming's net-metering rules for how homeowners with their…

Carbon County maybe epicenter of wind turbine renewable energy?

By David Louis Photo by David Louis
Medicine Bow — For more than a decade, power companies throughout the Western states – including Texas which has the majority of wind investments of all states — have embraced the vision that the region…

Wyoming Ready To Take Advantage Of Massive Federal Carbon Capture Support

By Cooper MCKim
"We looked at Texas. We looked at North Dakota. We looked at Colorado, New Mexico... We homed in on Wyoming for a number of, I think, right reasons," said Steve Krimsky, senior vice President of…

Major Wyoming coal company suffers huge losses, plans to divest from thermal coal

By Camille Erickson Photo by Cayla Nimmo
Coal giant Arch Resources, Inc. plans to aggressively shrink thermal coal operations in the Powder River Basin, outlining a shift toward coking coal and steel production in an investor call on Thursday.

New solar generation research facility in the works near UW

By Camille Erickson Photo by Susan Montoya Bryan
A technology company envisions transforming the University of Wyoming into a beacon for solar energy innovation nationwide. The new firm, called 9H Energy Development LLC, has ambitious plans to create a solar generation research facility…

A little-known utility plan could have big implications on small towns in Wyoming

By Camille Erickson Photo by Cayla Nimmo
When Americans switch on their lights, less and less of that power is coming from coal. Fifteen years ago, thermal coal was responsible for generating 50% of the country’s electricity. Last year, coal’s contributions were…

New agency aims to build an energy strategy for Wyoming

By Camille Erickson Photo by Cayla Nimmo
The Wyoming Energy Authority is on the lookout for help developing its new and improved “energy strategy” for the state. As the newest governmental body to form here, the Wyoming Energy Authority is tasked with…

Wyoming’s ‘dark money’ coal campaign

By Andrew Graham Photo by Cayla Nimmo
At a Sep. 3 press conference, Gov. Mark Gordon introduced a nonprofit that’s been advocating for Wyoming’s coal industry for years: the Energy Policy Network. He announced a new contract with the group in which…

Energy Journal: Wyoming’s Public Service Commission finds utility’s plan deficient

By Camille Erickson Photo by Cayla Nimmo
Wyoming regulators deemed a utility’s plan for providing power to Wyoming ratepayers deficient on Thursday, when announcing the results of an investigation.