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1 in 6 Americans live in areas with significant wildfire risk

By John Muyskens, Andrew Ba Tran, Naema Ahmed and Anna Phillips Photo: Mapbox

When a wildfire tore through drought-stricken towns near Boulder, Colo., late last year, it reminded Americans that fire risk is changing. It didn’t matter that it was winter. It didn’t matter that many of the more than 1,000 homes and other structures lost sat in suburban subdivisions, not forested enclaves. The old rules no longer applied.


Oregon Adopts Strongest Worker Protections in U.S. Against Heat and Wildfire Smoke

To protect against extreme heat, employers must as of June 15 afford workers paid heat breaks when temperatures surpass 80 degrees F and must provide access to shade and drinking water, among other measures. To protect against wildfire smoke, employers must supply workers as of July 1 with N95 masks when air quality dips. Masks mandatory will be mandatory when smoke pollution reaches dangerous levels.


‘Potentially historic’ wildfire event threatens New Mexico, Southwest

By Matthew Cappucci & Jason Samenow Photo: Robert Browman , AP

Critical-to-extreme wildfire conditions are about to take hold of the southwestern United States and parts of Colorado, leading into what could be a lengthy, multiday and memorable outbreak of wildfires and/or wildfire conditions. Warm to locally scorching temperatures, bone-dry air and strong mountain gusts are set to overlap for several days, part of a summerlike weather pattern that comes without the chance of any meaningful rainfall.


‘Burning Down a Way of Life’: Wildfire Rips Through a Hispanic Bastion

By Simon Romero Photo: Adria Malcolm , The New York Times

“I left behind 25 goats, 50 rabbits, 10 chickens and two dogs,” said Mr. Martinez, 71, who escaped his home in the village of El Oro this week for an evacuee shelter. “I have no idea if my house is standing or if my animals are alive. I need to prepare for the possibility everything was wiped out.”


Smoke and sandstorm, seen from space

By Maggie Astor Photo: NOAA

A time-lapse image of smoke from wildfires in New Mexico and dust from a storm in Colorado illustrates the scope of Western catastrophe. The video is mesmerizing: As three whitish-gray geysers gush eastward from the mountains of New Mexico, a sheet of brown spills down from the north like swash on a beach.


New Mexico governor urges Biden to declare wildfires a disaster to free funds

Photo: Kevin Mohatt , Reuters

New Mexico’s governor on Tuesday asked President Joe Biden to declare a disaster as firefighters scrambled to clear brush, build fire lines and spray water to keep the largest blaze burning in the US from destroying more homes in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


Devouring the rainforest

By Terrence McCoy and Júlia Ledur Photo: Michael Ciaglo/Bloomberg News

Cattle ranching, responsible for the great majority of deforestation in the Amazon, is pushing the forest to the edge of what scientists warn could be a vast and irreversible dieback that claims much of the biome. Despite agreement that change is necessary to avert disaster, despite attempts at reform, despite the resources of Brazil’s federal government and powerful beef companies, the destruction continues.


Massive wildfires helped fuel global forest losses in 2021

By John Muyskens , Naema Ahmed and Others Photo: Salwan Georges , AP

Unprecedented wildfires raged across Russia in 2021, burning vast swaths of forest, sending smoke as far as the North Pole and unleashing astounding amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


A megafire raged for 3 months. No one’s on the hook for its emissions.

By Amanda Coletta , Chris Mooney & others Photo: Alana Paterson

Over nearly three months, it crossed a river, hopscotched containment lines and climbed sagebrush-covered hills, churning into the atmosphere an estimated 38 million tons of greenhouse gases — roughly a year’s worth of pollution from more than 8 million cars.


NCAR Fire forced evacuation of 8,000 homes in Boulder

By Nate Lynn

About 8,000 homes were ordered to evacuate due to a fast-moving wildfire burning in an open space near the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder on Saturday afternoon.